Down And Out

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Somehow slipped a disc in the back (again).
Can’t sit in the chair to do my usual rant…. been about 3 years since I flamed my spine this badly. You know you’re in pain when you eat 4 times the normal dose of Oxy and it doesn’t do shit…
a couple of humorous memes and greentexts to fill in til hopefully tomorrow. Shit hurt so bad I had to cut early from Glorious People’s Tractor Factory as I can’t sit in the orifice chair.

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10 thoughts on “Down And Out”

  1. yeah, that does suck. hope you feel better. I try to stay at 1.5 of the dose and if it real bad.
    slap on a lidocaine patch or 3. they say I can use up to 3 at any given time.
    found out early on with pain meds, I had to get religion about it and stick to it.
    otherwise you end up running out !! and that really sucks. did it once and never again.
    the real bitch or problem with it us there is no way to get any relief when it acts up like that.
    I have a lot of cold bags that stay in the freezer for just in case. if it just as bad in the am.
    get your ass to the VA and get knocked out or something.
    the last thing you need is your back driving you insane with pain..

  2. The greatest ally evarz killed Rachel Corey with one of those dozers.
    A bud who had a botched spinal tap used to take 20 vicos a day and once broke his leg just to get some more.
    Saw the most badass spider over there once, as big as an ashtray with brilliant green natural camo.
    I waved and it went on its way, get down get back up.
    Bolsheviks are subhuman vermin.

  3. You’re not alone with the back pain, I’ve been trying to get an epidural/cortisone injection in my lumbar for months now.

    The medical system has become about money, they want x-rays (which show exactly nothing) before the insurance will allow an MRI (had one recently but hey that doesn’t pay the bills) By the time my December 12th date with Michigan spine and pain comes around I may just say fuck it and live with the pain. Up all night, that’s why this comment comes at 3 AM. Hang in there, find a hot tub if you can. Oh if your pain med has acetaminophen take NAC to help your liver, it works so well the FDA has been trying to ban it.
    That’s our government in action: Ban anything OTC that will help a person so they are forced to the white coat butchery.

  4. Take half your dose of vico and then 400mg of ibuprofen. Vico is narcotic and tylenol. Ibuprofen is an nsaid. The three of them flood different receptors in the spinal column and provide better relief than just the vico alone. That is how pain meds work, by flooding pain receptors in the spine and blocking the pain impulse. So instead of blocking two you are blocking three. When you talk to your VA doc try to get your order changed to vicoprofen. It works better for bone related pain.

  5. If you haven’t tried an inversion table consider it. It can help many of the symptoms of back pain even if only temporarily.

    And that last pic is definitely “takin out the trash”.

  6. I’d rather have the pain than to get stuck on that dope again. It a miracle any of us made it out alive, literally.

  7. My older brother (59) just had L2-L3 disk replacement surgery. It sounds radical, but it actually worked. He could barely walk before the surgery, and now he’s back riding a bicycle.

  8. I have had an inversion table for 3 years, changed my life. I was never bad enough to resort to painkillers, and you might be too big for one.
    The pleasure/pain of a disc snapping back into place…totally worth it.

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