But Will He Have Three Names? Place Your Bets!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well that didn’t take long.
As everyone has been sort of ‘fence sitting’ regarding the whole wind up to World War Three, and the obvious exhaustion that everyone has had with, well, just about everything these days, we get what appears to be a ragin’ Whytteman with an AR pattern rifle, shooting up a small town in Maine of all places.

Now, I’m going to be very curious as to WHO his victims are.
Dude in Question BTW:

According to reports, he started in a bowling alley.
Then he went to a place called “Schemengee’s” which is a bar I guess.
Then, after cappin’ a bunch of folks, he ended up at a Wally World Distribution Center.

No word on casualties.

That being said, I’m going to be watching. Something a LOT of folks aren’t aware of, but Lewiston Maine is home to a very large population of Somalis. After the whole “Black Hawk Down” thing, a BUNCH of “Skinnies” migrated to Lewiston, due to low housing costs, and an exceptionally decent welfare system. Before the big migration, Lewiston was best known as a post-industrial revolution Mill Town that was pretty much done, with the exception of its colleges. Bates being the best known… and just to state it, Bates? To paraphrase Obi-wan:

“You will never find a more wretched hive of liberalism  and feminism. We must be cautious.”

True Fucking That.

One of the cutest and brightest chicks I knew who was two years older than me in High School went to Bates… and yeah, I had a mad crush on her as did the majority of guys back then… to say she came back ‘changed’ qualifies as “understatement of the century”… A true shame that one…

So, lets watch the fun unfold.
I’m betting three-names, and that he kil’t a lot of Skinnies.
With an AR.

Which means we get the “Mass Shooter Trifecta”

Whytteboi, Race-Based, and an Evil ‘Needs to be Banned” AR.

Only thing better is IF he leaves a manifesto going off on Trannies, Fags and Blaqs. Bonus points when they ‘discover’ Third Reich Material’ or some other stupid shit.

Any takers?
So More Later
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36 thoughts on “But Will He Have Three Names? Place Your Bets!!!”

  1. Dude I knew you’d be on this story fast. As I write, this went down an hour or 2 ago. Just saw it and went here for some truths. My BIG question… how did those security cam photos get released to media SO SO fast? Like it was planned or something. Curious, that.

    1. Didn’t even think of that… no shit… -usually- it takes a while before that gets released… warrants, etcetcetc… Not only that, but such a nice photo too Amiright?

      1. yeah, about that bit. it takes a least a day before pictures are out. but here inside of 2 hours ?
        smells to me and a lot of others as well.
        doesn’t matter anyway. they going to try like hell to disarm us anyway they can .
        I stop trusting the “news” a long time ago .
        still, stay frosty as it seems like they want to do “something”

  2. New Hampshire State police had to load a helicopter as Maine only has fixed wing. They are working the road to Lisbon Maine in the direction of his hometown, Bowdoin. Scanner suggests the NHSP copter has to have commo relayed back and forth to the dispatch by a ground unit.

    – He has family in that town from digging around on the Internet.

    -Guy appears to be Army who was due to ETS with his 20 if the Fakebook account is real.
    =Other shooters not ruled out yet as there are multiple description profiles.

    1. Update 22:45 EST

      Dismounted manhunt appears to be underway in the vic of Lisbon/Lisbon Falls. Police Dispatch relayed an order for the local Lisbon cops to fall back to the trailhead and leave the cordon and search to the State Police. It would appear that the State and Local cops do not have compatible commo.

  3. Last I heard is that the perp in question was recently a 2 week resident of a local mental facility, which should have made him a Prohibited Person under federal law.

    I’m going to be very selective on what sites I visit tomorrow, the shitstorm that will be coming from this will be epic.

  4. Update 23:15 Hrs EST
    -Radio chatter coming less frequently. NHSP copter traffic still being relayed through dispatch. -The area of interest is bordered by some large river obstacles and some housing developments.
    – Local civilians have offered NVD’s to the dispatch.
    -At least 22 fatalities . Wounded are around 60.
    – Boston area provided at least 2 medivac flights for wounded. Those pilots checked in and out of the AO with the dispatch on the air with patient loads of 4 each.
    -Off duty regional cop who knows the suspect personally made himself available to the incident response officers.
    -vehicle movement on the local roads is being controlled through the dispatch in advance, suggesting roadblocks.

    1. “Off duty regional cop who knows the suspect personally made himself available to the incident response officers“

      Huh, known to law enforcement

      Hopefully no white victims

      1. Yeah. The way it came across the radio was that an off duty officer who knows the subject personally was available if some need arose, suggesting negotiation if cornered or something. The duty location reported was over an hour’s drive from the area of the shooting and the subject’s home. Conjecture would be that they may know each other loosely through the USAR.
        As to the prior knowledge, WMTW Portland is reporting that he is a SFC in the USAR and is a POL distribution specialist. I don’t recall such an MOS, but a SFC would at least be leading a large section in the battalion field trains and not pumping gas at the fuel point. It also seems odd that a logistician would be a designated marksmanship instructor as is being reported. The 3-304th Infantry should have plenty of 11B E-7’s to conduct weapons training for internal and external personnel.
        It seems to be the case that his mental problems started last summer on a training mission to Camp Smith New York (NYARNG), to instruct West Point Cadets. He was flagged by his own command as unstable and hauled off to the post hospital at USMA for evaluation. Looks like ball got dropped there with respect to reporting his mental episode to law enforcement in the state of Maine. His 2 weeks involuntary mental evaluation would neatly square with a reserve units 2 weeks Annual Training. After that they probably just cut him loose. His alleged threat at the time was to shoot up his unit’s HQ, whether he meant the Armory itself or the HHC wherever it happened to be at the time of the threat (Camp Smith) is an open question. I would bet there are a lot of audit trails being erased at HHC 3-304th INF and Keller Army Community Hospital USMA.
        None of this explains why he would take it out on a blue collar bar and grill and bowling alley in a small Maine city.

  5. I’ve heard that the “immigrant community” in Maine has had some challenges with regards to gaining full acceptance for the cultural enrichment that they offer. One wonders if this fellow might be expressing his lack of appreciation for the strength in diversity and vibrancy that has come to the area.

    We may never know…

  6. Been awhile since the anti-gunners got uppity. Just before that, it was the heebs and the camel fuckers. And before them, the fags and trannies. Every swinging dick asshole out there wants their fucking piece, it seems. I guess we were due…

  7. I noticed the nose, early life?
    Will the false flag psyop card ever wear out?
    Maine passed Constitutional Carry way back in 2015, enjoy Con-Carry while you still can if you live in a state that recognizes it.
    Still laughing at the Mike Johnson is going to save us and the first thing he does is ballwash the “most sacred ally” evarz.
    His son is a black trans.
    This society is way too stupid to exist and will be put out of misery.
    I picked a good week to start sniffing glue again. (s/)

  8. He’s been described in the Daily Mail as ‘Robert Card, a 40-year-old US Army reserve firearms instructor who was sectioned this summer for mental health reasons’.

  9. The guy in the photo has a very MENA look to him. Watch the news disappear if he turns out to be from Palestine/Syria.

  10. Reports coming out say he has a pedo problem and was a registered sex offender. Two divorces and an abusive history with a restraining order. Was baker acted recently. Digital history implies a more shit-lib attitude as opposed to a maga bent. Pictures are hard to make out but doesn’t it look like it might be a pistol caliber carbine? My guess? Too much press about unarmed Israelis getting offed that supported our gun culture so unleash a kraken to try to get the message back on track. It won’t get any traction. We ain’t giving up anything no matter how many brain washed stooges they encourage.

  11. Sen. John Kennedy included an amendment in the latest financial rape spending bill to preserve the 2a rights of vets deemed mentally unfit to manage their benefits.

    Same day, alleged vet with alleged mental issues goes postal with all the trimmings we’ve come to expect (cept for the third name, but I’m sure that’s coming).

    They got the playbook on rails.

    Pretty sure if these asshats wanted to ban playing corn hole (whypeepol like it and the name is problematic for teh gheys) they’d have “Forrest Bedford Lynch” leave his run down single wide and mag dump into a “dark” neighborhood bar that doesn’t have corn hole tournaments with a $10k Daniel Defense rig within hours.

  12. I love the smell of MK Ultra in the morning. It smells like conspiracy. And communists. And globalist parasites.

    1. Word. The Deep State needed another distraction from their failed “Take the next jab” and other propaganda gaffs. Too bad none of the victims had a CW. It could have ended with the shooter assuming room temperature before more innocents were slaughtered. Life is a vale of tears. Bleib ubrig.

  13. 10/26 Update 09:29

    NHSP copter back in the air and focused intently on an area to the Northeast of Lewiston near the village of Monmouth. This is about 15 Miles from the last search area where the car was ditched last night, and is across the Kennebec County line.

    – All of Androscoggin County where this started is under lockdown.
    – Subject or someone else seems to have deleted the Facebook account.
    – High degree of panic going on statewide with business shutting down UFN despite being an hour or more away by automobile.

  14. Not seeing NHSP but there’s a Bell 206, registered to Helicopters Inc, doing loops @ 2k feet, just south east of downtown. Looks like it came up from Boston.

    1. NHSP landed at the Auburn/Lewiston Municipal Airport around 1030 AM. Have not seen it since. There have been a steady parade of commercial helo’s coming up from the Boston area all morning. They went to the locations of the major events and circled around a lot. I would presume these were leased by TV media. None of the Boston area TV media maintain dedicated traffic or news copters any longer. At least one of these flights has been doing some more involved flying in the general area, as if looking for something. Could be nothing or maybe Maine State Police have leased another chopper to relieve the NHSP. The MSP airwing is fixed wing prop monoplanes only, which I have not seen. The NHSP airwing has all the FLIR and IR bells and whistles, plus they are vastly experienced in lost hiker search and rescue in the nearby White Mountains. It didn’t seem to help last night, he clearly eluded the dragnet and the search has gone cold.

  15. New heli on station, N61HL, registered to Tiny Bubbles Aviation. Judging from the flight pattern, I don’t think they’ve got this guy dialed in. I wonder how bad they want him. When that clown went awol from prison down in PA they had 3 birds in the air almost the whole time. This guy only warrants one?

    1. That’s because he was just up the road from Sleepy Joe’s Delaware home .Less than a 15 minute drive.

  16. Within the last hour reports of subject being surrounded in his home in Bowdoin and shots fired. The “rental” helicopter was circling overhead and has since left the scene on a southerly course. Looks like he tried to sneak back home and they were watching for that.

    1. Live TV broadcast from behind the police roadblock down the road confirm the helo left but that seem unaware of any shooting.

  17. Looks like his manifesto was written by AI. It tries to portray him as a White Supremacist but uses ‘non white people’ instead of really offensive words a real Klucker would use. It doth glow.

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