It’s All A Bit Blurry But Getting Better

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Yesterday at oh-dark Early
Not allowed food or, even worse, no Monster OR Coffee.

Grouchy and Touchy don’t even begin to cover it.

The surgery went exceptionally well. The eyes are BOTH doing well, but the focal points are continually trying to adjust as I’ve ALWAYS had glasses since 4th Grade. So one minute shit is good, then not, then good again. Doc today in the follow up said it’d be about two weeks til the noggin and eyeballs get fully re-synched.

The other member of the “sick lazy and lame” Penis, is doing well too. Despite me being all fucked up after surgery yesterday, Gretchen, with my guidance was able to uncath his lil wee-wee. He’s still passing blood (as anyone would) but not so much as to be unusual. He’s also very affectionate towards us. Per commenter KMS who is a Vet-Doc, I ordered the recommended de-stress thingy for the household. Until it gets here I’m keeping the “Let’s get ready to rumble” twosome separated for now. In fact Kudos to all of you magnificent Bastards and Females who helped out. Via a contribution, or advice or email, I thank you all.

Gretchen is purely thrilled the lil dick is going to be around for a while.

I know, I know, chocloate, but he only had a few licks and he has been through the kitty-wringer over the past week or so.
Penis sees/smells -any- ice cream of any flavor and man, he’s your ‘bestie’ right then and there. I keep on Gretch about NOT doing that so she only lets him get a taste and that’s it.

Speaking of ‘a lil blurry’

Anyone heard if the Israelis are going into Gaza or not? I heard as of now it was a Hard NO. Did someone finally have a ‘lightbulb moment’ and realize that they’d get their collective heads handed to them?

I mean they have only 300 Merkavas to roll in with.
And essentially the bare minimum of the usually ubiquitous artillery that they usually rely so heavily on. They emptied out their 155mm stocks to us to let Krainfeld waste it…

ONLY 300 tanks? That’s like ALL of their available/operational Heavies that they have from my understanding. That’s not a lot of ‘stuff’ for the type of fight they’re looking at. Urban Combat grinds up men and machines at a horrific rate. When Russia rolled into Grozny in the First Chechen War, they lost, according to accurate After Action Reports, over 400 tanks taken out during the fight. The Izzys only have 300 in total to start with. That’d be two weeks of losses in June for the Krainians.

Jes’ Sayin’

As I was saying tho, The First Chechen War ran from December of 1994 until March of 1995 under very similar circumstances against a very similar enemy i.e. a determined Radical Fundamentalist Islamic Army/Militia.

And, to be very honest, I see a lot of parallels with some of the problems the Israeli Defense Force share with the Russians of the time. Under trained, under funded, resting a lot on ‘reputation’ with out a lot of substance to back it up…

Add on a LOT of the vidya footage I’ve been watching with a critical eye. I saw a LOT of PG-7R warheads on the RPG-7s the Haj were running around with:

In the Pic above, that’s Item #5. The PG-7R is a tandem warhead. 105mm at it’s widest, the PG-7R tandem warhead HEAT round was adopted in 1988 in an effort to defeat explosive reactive armor (ERA)

ERA are those lil ‘boxes’ stacked alllllll over the exterior on most modern armored vehicles. An example of a IDF M-60 with it is here:

Now the way ERA works is inside that box is a –very thin- layer of explosive. When the first charge hits, it punches through the first thinner layer of the box, and the first smol charge blows and causes the ERA liner to blow OUT AWAY from the main armor.

The bottom arrows on the figure above shows the direction of the blow-back so to speak… a better .gif to show:

Not to be overly-repetitive, but it works is that it has two warheads… a tandem. The idea of the tandem warhead is that it has a small shaped charge (the smol lil bulb on the end of the warhead) on the end of an extender ahead of the main shaped charge.

After the smol charge detonates the ERA brick, the main charge “follows on” to punch through the main armor of the tank. The PG-7R warhead also has the ability to cut a hole through chain-link, slat-armor, or appliqué armor, allowing the main charge to hit the main armor. The PG-7R can penetrate 600mm of armor, 1.5m of reinforced concrete and masonry, and 2.7m of earth and logs. Reactive armor is -supposed- to be very effective, however word coming back from the Krain? Well YMMV according to some.

Personal experience(s) with Reactive Armor is that it can get ‘grumpy’ after having been BBq’d. Besides Graves Registration being on my speed dial for the unfortunate times when I found pieces-parts of dudes usually overlooked in the heat of Evvac, I kept EOD right with the GR kids ‘cos burned up ERA? Yeah… you don’t want to be fucking around with it. “Grumpy Explosives” are right up there with “Phil and CederQ without Coffee”. I stayed the fuck away until they checked it out and told me we were good to go.

So, anyways, seems Hamas has plenty of them double-charged Bang-Sticks. That would mean bad things WHEN, not if they (the Izzy Merkavas) get toe-to-toe in an Urban Environment.

Add on that because the Izzys turned the majority of the Cities in Gaza into rubble, it’d be a Middle Eastern Replay of ‘Der Rattenkreig’ which is what Stalingrad got to be known as by the Krauts. Stalingrad by all reports was an absolute nightmare where people were literally fighting room-to-room over inches of territory. A good example of this was Pavlov’s House as it became known to be.

21 Russian Soldiers held out in a corner apartment against a huge number of German assaults over a 58 day period. The Head Cheese of the Rooskies, Vasily Chuikov, the overall commanding general of the Soviet forces in Stalingrad, later joked that “…the Germans lost more men trying to take Pavlov’s House than they did taking Paris.”

Now, change that to Gaza, and you start to see why the Izzys might be having second, third or even fourth thought about going in balls to the wall. Considering that the IDF has traditionally been exceptionally casualty adverse, it makes sense. The problematic thing now is the whole “Face Saving” thing… initially, the Izzys shouted down from the rooftops that they were “all in” on ¡Genociding! the Palestinians and finish this shytte ‘once and for all’ and well now? About that…

That’s part of the reason -I- (and a few other guys I know and have spoken with who’re far better at this than I) thought that they’d drop a smol nook-bomb. They –might- have been able to pull it off initially when the whole “dead beheaded babies” story broke. The outrage then was white-hot worldwide. Now?


In fact, in my own opinion for all that that’s worth, I’d say that the Izzys and their backers have “jumped the shark.” As seen by this doozy of a headline:

Link to the utter retardation HERE

If you can’t read it, seems that Alicia Keys was asked on Instagram “What would u (sic) do if you weren’t afraid of anything???
Tell me your truth….”

Pretty innocuous and truthfully vacuous per what I expect of ‘todays yoof’

Keys came back and said “I’ve had my eyes on paragliding…”

Guess what?
Wanting to go paragliding now is Anti-Semitic!!!
‘Cos shortly after, the group StopAntisemitism lit her the fuck up on Twatter with the following:

As the Critical Drinker would oft say in situations like this:

Any wonder why oh-so-many Normies are getting tired of the constant 24-7 harangue by a certain Smol-Hat-Big-Nose group? I mean what the actual fuck? Because Hamas used Paragliders in a raid (BTW, I think that was genius and I’ll go into that some other time) so the Hamas kids used a Paraglider, so any and all mentions of it in the public sphere needs to be considered Anti-Semitic? And that all mentioners of it need to be dragged?

Shark Status: Jumped… not just Jumped, but the Jumper in Question is now full-on in Orbit, last seen headed to Jupiter.

That Shark was jumped so fucking hard the Ocean Floor directly under the Shark that it now has a fucking 50 meter deep –dent– in it now.

The Fonz couldn’t have jumped it any better nor any harder.

Jes’ Sayin’

Of course Alicia done went and fucked up:

She engaged with these fucking lunatics, thereby giving them the legitimacy they oh so desperately crave.

Me? If it was me?

I would have been like:
“The Members of Hamas like breathing (for now).
I like breathing too.
Does that mean I too, am an Anti-Semite by your definition?”

And now all the rest of the Twattersphere, the very definition of a cesspool of low IQ mouthbreathers are continuing to fight over this…

To me, the response by the clowns running “StopAntisemitism” as over-the-top as it is, is a desperate attempt to remain and have the situation at hand, remain relevant. A LOT of the blame of the “Oh well, it’s over, moving on…” attitude of the 90 second Normie Attention Span was created and put in action by the very people and groups who now want us to pay attention and slavishly devote ourselves to them and their cause 24-7-365, as well as get ready for a much larger, dirtier and possibly hellish Foreign Overseas War.

One that we, as a country, cannot possibly do anything in except have OUR children come home in bodybags for a supposed “Ally” that, as far as I’m looking at it, ain’t been nothing but a giant Grifting Thieving Back Stabbing drain of our money and resources for the past 75 years.

Prove me wrong.

It’s all out there, and for even mentioning it, I’m an eeeee-vil Anti-Semite by their definitions. Fine. What-Evz.

Answer me this One Question:

If you can’t read it: “Is there a monument to American Armed Forces in Israel?”
Short Answer: NO.

So then, I had to go to Wiki for this because Goolag sent me there when I asked “How many Holocaust Monuments are there in the United States?”

Short Answer: a LOT.

Going to Wiki, according to them, we have
Two Online Only Virtual Memorials
83 Memorials/Museums dedicated to the Holocaust.
In the United Staatz alone.

What the fuck.

Germany only has 47 Memorials and Museums.
What the fuck!?!

In fact the link I went to on ALL the Monuments and Museums/Memorials that are apparently nationally sponsored is HERE and the screenshot thusly:

One that stood out from ALL of the above?

My garage is bigger than Suriname from my understanding (/sarc)
What in the Ever Living Five Rings of Hades does Suriname to do with the Holocaust, never mind having a Memorial to it???? Unless that was one of the ‘other’ places that the displaced Third Reich escapees settled, and maybe they built it as a reminder to ‘do better’ the next time around maybe?

Ah well… ’tis to laugh.
It’s all we can do, that and grab the popcorn.
ESPECIALLY when they Re-Activate the Draft for this shytte.

The Millennial Meltdowns when they announce the draft will make Chernobyl look like a misfired M-80 Firecracker.

So more later

Big Country

21 thoughts on “It’s All A Bit Blurry But Getting Better”

  1. Glad everything *seems* to be getting better for you and kitty.

    On another note, I appreciate you posting that selfie. Now when I get a Viagra boner that lasts longer than 4 hours I don’t need to look at a picture of Hillary to get soft.

    1. Okay, that’s it!!! Fuck BOTH a you guys!!!

      But if worst comes to worst…I’m calling dibs on BC’s scalp if he should pass away. Errrrr… is there anything left of your liver, BC?

      Heal fast you guys.

  2. If the Israelis had the balls to solve the problem permanently; line up all of their c130s, load them with massive fuel air bombs, fly wing tip to wing tip over Gaza and BOOM.
    Problem permanently solved, follow on with bulldozers and plenty of new beach front land for development and no IDF casualties.

    I know people will say that’s monstrous but by doing what they are planning to do, MORE people will be killed. All war is frigging horrible and monstrous and either do what it takes to win and solve the problem permanently or don’t go to war period.

    This kind of half ass politician led way of waging wars is why we haven’t won a war since WWII.

    1. Zizactly Right dude… this ‘half-steppin’ is what caused us sooooo much grief in, oh, I dunno, every. single. worthless. fucking. conflict. we’ve been in since 1945? ESPECIALLY in light of the particular group that’s currently the “Target Of The Day”… these people remember when Uncle Ali got cheated in a Goat-Trade by that Bastard Abdullah back in 1121 A.D..
      And whenever they get the chance, they (Ali’s Clan) either rob/rape/kill a member of Abdullah’s fam just because.
      Because fuck those goat cheating motherfuckers.

      Fuckers have NO CONCEPT except blood feud.
      In fact, IMO The Hatfields/McCoys?
      Pikers compared to the Arab idea of Feudin’
      Unless -somneone-… ANYONE goes ab-so-fucking-balls-out-lootly Full Retard, this shit will never end.

      1. BigCountry the problem as I see it (and I’m in the not my monkey’s clan) is the USA needs to get the fuck out of business of fighting Israels wars for them.

        OUR Boarder security is nonexistent, waaaayyy too many military aged males from “interesting places” like the middle east and such have been brought over on the taxpayer’s dime.

        Seems the nations around Israel have CLEARLY said Fuck NO to our diplomatic efforts to take back the Palestinian refugees.

        And wanna BET China Joe will offer to bring those poor suffering Palestinians INTO our country as Refugees (OH the Irony the Marines will have to shuttle them into transports and protect them).

        After all isn’t the FBI’s stated goals to prevent MAGA Terrorists from doing harm to OUR Democracy, not protecting us from Hamas and Burn Loot Murder?

        We be screwed by our own “elected” government. Prove me wrong, my tables over there with a BIG pot of coffee ready.

        A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.
        Marcus Tullius Cicero

      2. The Middle East near as I can tell INVENTED the concept of blood feud.

        Not our ((rats)), not our trap. I don’t rightly see it ending well.

    2. It’s not a question of balls fellas. Nor will you ever see nukes either. Pull back and look at the big picture:

      The world is changing. Not only are the armies of the west clapped out, the BRICS are getting stronger everyday. Those guys aren’t stupid either. They know that a LOT of their animosity with the US stems from jewish influence. Globohomo is essentially an extension of the Jewish mob. Other global power players are rising, and they have scores of their own to settle with the tribe. The world is uniting against America and Isreal. I believe that any permanent end to the Palestinkian Problem will immediately be followed by a Final Solution to the jews. The balance of power is no longer what it was. It’s going to get worse too…

        1. The level of stupidity in here is astonishing as we have been seeing all over as of lately but a few get it once in a while.

    3. “We” didn’t win WWII.

      (((They))) won it. We killed our European brothers so that (((they))) could molest our children.

  3. a)
    I am considering paragliding as a hobby.
    But my interest has zero-zero-zero to do with TheHolocaust™…
    … hypothetically if TheHolocaust© happened.
    I wasn’t anyplace near that neck of the woods, so anything I see about TheHolocaust® is Second-Hand Information, and Second-Hand Information is inevitably inherently suspect.
    Apparently, the squatters in Palestine grifted at least two trillion American tax-dollars.
    What can we show for our investment?
    Well, let’s see…
    …that ‘Bar’ gal DiCaprio was boinking, but not having any conversation with, because air-head ditz…
    … clarinets…
    …oh, and bagels?
    USS Liberty.
    Plus several hundred Brits executed in the months prior to ‘recognization’ by TheUnitedNations™ of the zionist regime.
    Six Million! incinerated in gas-fired ovens…
    … during the time the German people were frantically searching for fuel sources in North Afrika?
    Seems legit.
    I guess you could call me ‘sitting on the fence’ about the squatters in Palestine invading Palestine to continue their decades-long genocide of Palestinians?
    With nothing much accomplished on their goal of Arab extermination, should I wonder about their sincerity and question their skills?

    1. For what it is worth. (See BC’s Header) The Romans were POed at the Jews and decided to call them Palestinians. The original Philistines were wiped out about King Solomon’s time. There never was a country called Palestine. WWII Jews were listed by Great Britain on their papers as from Palestine.

      1. You should probably look at some old maps if you think there was never a country called, “Palestine”. As recently as 1947, there were National Geographic maps showing it.

  4. There is a Holocaust memorial in Peoria, Illannoys. Its in the Grand Prairie Shopping mall. Glass containers full of buttons.


  5. Reactivate the draft….for this? Pass the popcorn, diet soda and of course PIZZA! Then watch the libtards heads just stop working….utter freeze up when they realize….hey you voted for this

  6. Here’s a conspiracy theory for discussion: This whole thing was planned in advance by the Global Masterb@ters. Hamas does their terror thing, Isntreal blusters and threatens to go Old Testament on the Paleotinians, everyone nearby refuses the Paleos, Europe doesn’t want them, so the US “volunteers” to take all of them into Conus, where they’ll be conveniently settled in red/conservative parts of the country. Say, 15 million Paleos brought to the US, where they’re resettled, with the condition that they register to vote as Dems.

    Isntreal, Jordan, Egypt and some others get rid of their 72 Virginian luving maniacs, Catholic charities(to name just one organization) gets a huge payout, and the Dems have another voting block that will support them almost as much as the dindus(the ragheads ARE more intelligent than the dindus, I have to admit).

    What am I missing, here? I do have caveats, but I don’t want to turn this into a 5,000 word screed.

  7. My enemas enema is my fren…Muslims dont have gay faggotry parades, so there’s that! Guess who does and promotes it in the west?!

  8. Another question about (((them))) doing an Invasion into areas that have been Blasted into Rubble is, How Many Armored Bulldozers are available to clear a path for the Tanks, and how long do said Dozers stay in one Piece and Running, given that even a Single-Stage AT Rocket takes one Out. (Saves shekels on Ammo, too)

  9. That will be the day any of my children die for Globohomo. I will personally die to prevent any of the .Gov’s press gangs getting anywhere near my kids. That is DEFINITELY my red fuckin line.

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