A Winner, Other Things and a Zioclops POS Confirmation

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Good News first, down to 314. Been vacillating between that and 319 (5 pound diff) on what appears to be the daily. My VA Dietician is happy, so at least I got that going on.

BTW Publick Service Announcement: If you’re a Vet who’s got a rating, you can get an initial 3 month free membership to the YMCA. You have to get a referral to the VA ‘Whole Health Program’ (which I got today) and then get scheduled for the hour-long either virtual or in person brief, and then go from there… I got the referral and no shit, less than 15 minutes later a guy called and scheduled me for the virtual session next week.

3 months worth of a membership to start, and then they go from there. Now the YMCA for me? The reason I’m excited is three words: Olympic Size Pool. Part of my major weight loss in Iraq was because I was able to go and swim 2 hours a day. One hour in the AM, then an hour after work. Laps. Lots and lots of laps. Best. Exercise. Ever. In Iraq the Aussies were mad crazy about pools, and they refurbed a pool on VBC… had literally containers full of pool repair and maintenance equipment shipped over so they’d have a pool… God love the Diggers man. So because of this, I was swimming in Saddam’s personal pool…

Loved that place…
It was also an in-country R&R location and there were quite a few nubiles running around in bikinis on occasion, but I was married at the time dammit…

Then… we had a winner on the Hate Tank Reference. Delta Mike got the reference to “The Hate Tank” which was a thrash song we used to listen to back in the day by M.O.D.

Used to listen to some seriously hardcore music back in the day… in fact I still do, ‘cos truthfully I -still- prefer a lot of it from the bullshit that’s out there these days… Give me some Manowar or Suicidal Tendencies…

So, the story. Back in the day post Gulf One, my bro and I were ensconced in a shitty trailer in the foothills of the White Mountains. We used to have to road trip down to Salem in the People’s Socialist Republic of Taxachusetts (yeah that Salem) to meet up with another friend-of-a-friend who had the best ‘shmokable consumables’ that just weren’t available in NH, as NH has been, believe it or not, one of the most Anti-Weed states ever.

So one of the guys who lived in the apartment with “our Weed Guy” as we called him was a seriously asocial Misfit-loving motherfucker… and when I say he was a Misfit lover, he was both a misfit personally (think Goth/Punk with a serious attitude problem) but also a lover of the Band, The Misfits.

Great band BTW and Glenn Danzig? Oh holy Hells YES!

This guy? He tended to wear all black, as well as a long black leather duster, and did his hair up like Jerry Only (3rd from the left above) in what’s called a ‘devilock’. Dude also did the black fingernail paint, white base on the face, eye makeup and a “what the fuck are you looking at asshole?” attitude. You get the idea…

Now, he was -always- friendly to us, the friendly neighborhood War Vets, that and -I-, despite the Yuppie/Preppie look that I wore, knew and dug the music, which sort of blew his mind. Yeah, I tended to wear a lot of Rugby Shirts, khaki pants, and Deckies… also called ‘boat shoes’… what can I say? Grew up in a boating New England Brahmin level family, talking thru the clenched toofuses and all… LaCrosse was a staple too

You know you’re a New England Preppie when the catalogs are all from North Face, Lands End and LL Bean in the household. In fact, I for the life of me couldn’t remember LL Bean and had to call MomUnit, who remembered after a second.

Anyway, despite my ‘normie-for-the-time’ Preppie clothing, it worked. Didn’t have a hassle with these guys. Dude and I used to compare notes on what band was better, and wondering if Glenn was ever ‘going to get the band back together?’ and if so, in what form? Yeah… like I said, I dig and knew the music. Now beside his look, his car? OMFG. He had a (I think) it was a 1962 Cadillac Coupe DeVille.

It was definitely a late 50’s early 60’s Caddy.
Now, this t’weren’t no normal Caddy.
Nope… it was a beater… Rusted out in many spots, with bare sheet metal crudely riveted to the body panels…some of that even gray from age. The paint (black of course) was all faded and possibly even spray painted in spots to cover some of the damage… dents ALL over, as if a maniac with a ball-peen hammer had gone to work on it. The windows were tinted out blackout-tint… and then the grill.

Let me tell you… the grill? Somewhere he’d gotten a hold (at a junkyard he told me) of a couple of old chrome bumpers, which he cut up with I think was an angle grinder, fashioned the pieces into crude teeth of all fucking things, and then welded said teeth to the front of the car… on the bumper itself and whatnot… might have even had some welded crudely to the hood… either way, the effect was kind of -unnerving- especially if you were a pedestrian. The chrome got all rusty on the edges fucking teeth over time too, adding to the effect. Then he did something similar on the fins in the back… he made them higher with rough cut and welded/riveted sheet steel, painted them black and added a “Hate Tank” logo on both, as well as across the windscreen. I wish I had gotten a pic back in the day…

Thing was a Frankenstein Monster of a Vehicle.
When he turned it over, it sounded like a garbage disposal that has a BIG metal spoon stuck down inside it. Couldn’t tell if that was intentional or what… great heaps of black smoke would positively pour out the ass end like a destroyer laying a smoke screen for the Marines in the Pacific prior to an invasion… It also had a Killer sound system… probably worth more than the whole damned car. He’d blare the thrash metal at nosebleed levels when tooling around. He didn’t get hassled too much by the local fuzz as I -think- he had family on the force, but never copped to it, pardon the pun.

Good Times, Good Times.

So. That is the story of “The Hate Tank”. No idea whatever became of dude or the car, but man, the old-school stoners back in Salem probably remember him to this day. It’s hard to forget a Legend like that.

Now, current day:

As I like to say, “This’s my surprised face.”
The article is a bit old (Jan 22) however someone felt the need to dig it up. I think because the stench of the revelations of DeadFi’s obscenely huuuuuge estate and the fact that her daughters are now fighting over it. If you want to puke in your mouth a bit, the link to the Zioclopic Sellout is HERE. To boil down the TL;DR is that besides ‘everyone is doing it’ that this’s the only way to make sure that:

“If you want only millionaires and billionaires to run for Congress, then keep making sure we can’t raise our pay,” he added. “Just keep in mind that no one will run for Congress because you have no way to better yourself.”  

Uh… so in order to keep only the rich from running for orifice, you yourself need the ability to become rich by cheating?

What sort of twisted pretzel logic is that?
Fucking Navy, that’s for damned sure. They should make sure they got all the shrapnel out of his squash when he lost his eye… that sort of ‘logic’ makes me think that someone missed a piece…

Jes’ Sayin’

Then yeah, the aforementioned DeadFi File? Try like upwards of 180 million shmackers at stake. 102 Million Plus in Real Estate, and a 67 Million private Jet. Now, granted her dead second Hubby was Richard Blum who cashed in back in February of 2022 was rich AF supposedly, THIS money is strictly HER money.

I.E. NOT tiered or tied to her DeadHubs.

Seems DeadHubs, although we’re told he was a “billionaire” court documents are showing his net worth was faaaar less… possibly even less then DeadFi’s. And it too was being fought over by the daughters and dead old (now dead) Mumsie. The media has been selling and spinning faster than a Samsung Washer on “Spin” to make it seem that ALL the shekels are because of DeadHubs.

Problem is, the will for that fucking guy (DeadHubs) is still being fought over. It was in Probate, and may NOW get settled. The fight was between DeadFi and the daughters, and what with DeadFi being a ‘good Senator’ now, that’ll only make the cat-fight that much more entertaining. The fact that they’re (the Media) so desperate to make it sound like the shekels she had came from her “billionaire Hubs” is funny IMO. Can’t let the Proles know she was stealin’ and dealin’ the whole fucking time she was in the Senate now can we?

Now there are 3 step daughters, I.E DeadHubs kids, and one BioKid that he had with DeadFi. THIS one seems to be the one who’s the most ‘grabby’ of them, as she was the one who propped up Mommy Dearest and took full legal control when Mumsie lost her mind and bladder control, but still kept her voating in the Senate despite her expiration date being long past.

Yeah… tells you ALLLLLL you need to know about her
Every. Single. Time. comes leaping to mind as well…

I mean jeez. Nice work if you can get it… palatial estates in Hawaii, Sprawling Ranches in Colorado, and a Gulfstream G650, that used sells for $62,000,000. All on a Senatyorial salary.

And people wonder why Rome fell?

Welcome to the New Rome, same as the Old Rome

‘Cept with less Orgies and no Togas.
Unless you count Tinder.

Any wonder even Joe Normie is fed-the-fuck up? I mean it’s horribly gratuitous at this point. We’re paying for everything. The fucking illegals, who get a reported $800 per person when they claim ‘asylum’ and a ticket to a city-of-their-choice, the niggers who burn down their own houses when they riot (then rebuilt using OUR fucking money) and continually cry that WE ‘don’ do enuff!’… the funds that are OBVIOUSLY going to their ‘pet projects’ like the Kraine, which at this point, I’ve lost track of how many Billions we’ve thrown there like kindling on a bonfire, which I’m sure that a HUUUUGE portion is coming back to the states in laundered fashion. Campaign donations via Sam Bankman-Fried anyone? BTW: Odds of him getting ANY time?

Yeah… that’s what I thought.

Anyone ask YOU if YOU wanted YOUR tax ducats spent in such a fashion? I sure as fuck haven’t been. So much for a “Representative Republic” Aye?

I mean let’s face it.
The “System” is fucked.
They know it, and revel in it.
We know it, and suck it up, as long as no one fucks with us unnecessarily. And that right there is where it stands, and will continue to stand.Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None”

And those in charge know it

As long as the majority of folks are willing to sit back, and continue to take the crumbs offered via Ye Olde Boob Toob, the EBT cards keep working, and we are still armed, they’re content to keep looting the Treasury down to the Last Sestertii.

The ‘still armed’ thing is where the dreams of “Total and Absolute Control” go out the window for them. They’ve tried, oh Lord Knows they’ve tried on multiple occasions and the majority of people, no matter -how bad- their Sad Wind-Up Toys act, nor how many people died, there just is no way in fuck
to safely and comprehensively ban guns.

I mean they can ban them, but does anyone want to do the math on noncompliance? I mean you only have to look at the magazine issue when they banned them in California… “Turn ’em in” and all the owners were like “Meh… whatever…” Same with Bump Stocks… hell every. single. order. to turn in some form or part or piece of now-outlawed weapons? The compliance rates are almost in the negative.

In fact one of those compliance rates that I personally laugh at is the National Firearms Act of 1934 which outlawed allll sorts of formerly legal toys. Funny how in the midst of a full on depression and shortly AFTER the Bonus Army rout in 1932, and the failure of all the ideas to alleviate the ‘common mans issues’ during the Depression? The massacre all of the other demonstratively HUIGE failures of the FedGov of the time? That fucking fat Communist FDR outlawed DotMil grade fully automatic weapons early in ’34 as he probably -knew- it was only a matter of time before someone said “Enough is fucking enough.” Got me a hunch he knew what might be coming his way at the rate his retardation was going so he had to insure no one had machine guns…HOWEVER

Despite the NFA, how many guys came back from WW2 with a ‘duffelbag gun’? You see it a lot in the ‘gun turn-in for $$$’ where usually you have a relative who inherited Granpappy’s BAR that he smuggled back home and turned in for a fucking gift card, or in the case of a year or two ago?

Someone turned in a pristine StG-44.

Seems Pappy done brought it home, and his Grandkids, being the good little Libtardians that they are, turned it into I think Fresno PD or some other shitty municipality. Made National News as it was a low serial number, in perfect shape, and had all the ‘whistles and bells’ (mags and pouches and whatnot) that Pappy had taken off the dead Kraut. A very rare weapon to say the least.

Seems the argument came from a few Historians who were on hand for just an instance such as this. The fucktard Fuzz were all like “It’s gonna go thru the grinder either way, historic or not!!!” until cooler and wiser heads prevailed, and it ended up going to a Museum.

I know of at least two Vets that I knew growing up. One Korean War vet, another was a Nam vet… no idea if they’re still kicking, BUT
I do know that before I was 12 years old, I knew how to load BOTH an M-60 Light Machine Gun, as well as the M1919A3 Machine Gun in .30-06… Got to fire the M1919 too… fucking cool AF BTW. That and set up a M18A1 Claymore Landmine…
In fact, looking back at the pictures from that particular party where I lern’t how to set up the Claymore, I know realize in my old age, that fucker was probably live as it wasn’t a M33 training Claymore. Those are made of blue plastic, and the one “Uncle Fred” had me playing with veeeeerrry carefully was the regular green plastic.

Remembering just how Bugfuck Cray-Cray (in a good way) “Uncle Fred” was (God Rest Him) I now realize that that was more than likely live, and IF I had fucked up while setting it up, MomUnit would have been pissed as it would have taken out a goodly portion of the kitchen, as well as the living room.

Great Times and Great Memories.

But yeah, nothing on the news over the years, as you normally hear that “…during the firearm turn in today, a person showed up with an “X” and everyone collectively sharts theyselves and I’m sure a belt fed Machine Gun from either Korea or Nam would have definitely made the news.

Hell, another instance was when they practically shit over a spent AT-4 rocket tube being turned in. Even I had an issue when at one point I had CPS here doing a health and welfare check when we had Addy (God I miss her).

One of the “Inspectors” (more like Inquisitionist) almost melted the fuck down over MY Claymore:

For those with bad vision like Cederq, the side sez:

It’s a trailer hitch cover that I took the trailer hitch mount off of, ‘cos I don’t have a vehicle with a Trailer hitch anymore.
You’d have thought I had a real mine on the wall the way this idiot was acting… Finally when I took it off the wall and showed the back was hollow and one piece did she finally relent. Thank you Media Hype for ‘pumping up the scare’ every. single. time.

Fucking media
<Le Sigh>
And when do we get to clean THAT particular bedpan of people?
Not soon enough apparently.

So, yeah, tis to laugh.
All we can do at this point is drive on. Do the “Nancy Reagan” and “just say NO” In fact, that’d be a great t-shirt… a pic of ol’ Nan from back in the day, and just have the pic of her, and the phrase “Just say NO” on the front… Let everyone guess what the Hell you’re saying “NO” to amiright?

So More Later
I’m Big Country

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  1. I guessing the chinks pay very well for what she was selling. like us out.
    and people wonder why I say “I wish old Vlad would just drop a nuke on DC” too.
    if he hit DC and got the assholes in Davis, I bet 80% of the world’s problems would just go away.
    sometimes I wonder if there is anyone on the up and up down in that shithole.

    1. Just one family in all of Sodom and Gomora and even after they were rescued by God’s servants the wife disobeyed and STILL Looked back to the destruction and died.

      God is just, anybody worth saving would be elsewhere when the big one dropped.

      But I suspect America is under God’s Judgement in the same way Judah was described in Isaiah Chapter 3. Read it and ask yourself if we are doing the exact same stuff. Note well verse 10. God is just.

  2. Oh I got the reference BCE, but I didn’t think to poast and answer, had the song stuck in my head all nite which is fine…

    Such a great album that prolly never could be made today (but should be). Whenever I meet someone called Nick, or hear the name fer that matter, “Don’t talk to me, TALK TO NICK, TALK TO NICK! Why does it always have to be me…. ” runs through my head. AND of course the classic A.I.D.S “That’s what you get when you fuck a man’s hairy assssss”. Billy M, the original SGT. D fer sher!

    Keep up the grate poasts!

    1. Haha, I feel like a minor celebrity getting a mention by BC! 100% agree on A.I.D.S., killer intro riff that drives me wild, then the hilarious (and apt) lyrics that get me grinning. Good stuff!
      Delta Mike

  3. I think we may actually be seing the end if business as usual in the house. That might be a giid thing, but I fear it will get worse before it gets better.

    Also watch below…
    Wow, just wow.

    There is no moral justification for gun control. The crime and thugs out with out bail is deliberate.



  4. Why y’all picking on me? Hell son, I have 20/15 vision corrected… do you?

    Hey! I called you today. Have a question. How do you dazzle cctv lenses? I have a damn nosy landlord with cameras in the hallway and want to fuck with her, without it being obvious showing on the camera taking a baseball bat to them. I seem to recall using ultra violet LEDs or some such shit.

    1. Ultraviolet LEDs will blind the fuckers. All they will record is a huuuugggeeee ball of light. The trick is to find a battery that won’t fry the bulb. Once you dazzle them spray paint them and be done.
      Ahhhh toys left over from the Nam. Good times. I hear it is hard to mail back parts these days.

      1. I thought it was IR LEDs that would blind a CCTV.
        Been thinking of making up a hatband of IR LEDs to fuck with all the snoop cameras out there.
        Been looking to see if there are IR LED strips, like with the white & colored LED strips. So far, no luck.
        Been debating whether to have them on all the time (constant battery drain) or improv some sort of blinky-blinky set up? Just have to build & test….eventually….someday.
        Anyway…..it all comes down to time & material.
        ANd I have little enough of either.

          1. TY. It’s been a few years since I last tried to look for an IR LED strip, but the notion has always been in the back of my noggin.

    2. If you want to be subtle PAM cooking spray or hair spray. Just figure out what way it looks and come up the blind side and spray as you work around it.

  5. Oh, and anyone who’s BTDT, and with more than one brain cell to rub together (which leaves out 99% of the LibTards), knows that an M18, even if real, is perfectly safe as long as you don’t see wires coming out of the top.

    Oh, and I’d like to see the top half of the poster over the M18 (if possible). TIA.

  6. I had a 1976 k30 that my grandad gave me that I drove through high school. Everyone called it the hate tank. I drove that truck until around 92 when working 16 hour nights for a month I fell asleep on the way home and hit a concrete culvert on the way home.

  7. Crenshaw’s got two big demerits against him – not a 5326 (he was a cake eater, for crying out loud) – and I was still shitting BUD/S chow when he was born. He is a product of the generation – not the Teams.

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