The Kraine and The Fall of Civilization as a Sideshow

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Monday… shit… Monday again

Yeah, tired, the house is a mess, and I didn’t get shit done this weekend. I did manage to see a few vidyas and stories about the Kraine… pretty much despite the near-constant cheerleading, they’re now going to start drafting folks up to 70 Years of Age.

So much winning!

Word is they –finally– made it to the Surovkin Line…
Mind you, the first line of the MLR (Main Line of Resistance). It’s fo’ sho’ not looking good for the home team…

Yep, an oldie but a goodie…

Then, when you get to total incomprehensibility we have that gem above from the “Institute of War” as part of a series of explaining just -how- the Krainian Klown Show under Krainfeld could have been worse… and/or is getting better…

Trying to translate the statement above is like enough to cause a brain bleed in normal folks… Essentially, and distilling it down:

“Putin is telling the Russian military to win, to give the
false impression that the Russian military is winning,
despite all of the money and weapons the West sent to


That’ll work, no worries.

Everything I read, everything I see personally tells me not only are we in for a Train Smash Wreck of epic proportion, we are, for the most part going to be utterly incapable of recovering from it quickly.

SOME Areas might do well, but man, the fact is, our education system is shot… our political system is shot… we are, by MY measure, ONE serious catastrophe away from being utterly fucked.

I’m GenX

The -majority- of my G-G-G-G-Generation has been in ‘stand-by mode’ for like our entire adulthood. If you weren’t “hardwired into the system” via money, Elite Connections (Haaavard and the like, Skull and Bones anyone?) or family connections, you had to make it on your own. The majority of jobs I was, (stress the word was) qualified for usually had a Boomer or Late-Boomer in the managerial position, (that I was -more- than qualified for) and had ZERO interest in retiring, or mentoring -anyone- who could be a ‘potential threat’ to them.

Go on Reddit, cesspool as it is, and find story after story of folks talking about older generations who tenaciously cling to their positions, and/or intentionally sabotage an up and comer. I mean fuck, one of the greatest and most obvious cases out there is the Untied Staaz Senate and CONgress…

The few ‘new blood’ folks out there?
Occasional Cortex? Miss Motorboat Titties herself?
Hand picked because she’s a fucking moron.
No threat at all to the Status Quo.
In fact, not only is she a threat to the “Establishment”, she’s programable like a blow-up fuck-doll. Give her the ‘latest thing’ and she spews out whatever mentally retarded shit they want broadcasted.

The you have one of my own personal Bane…
“The Zioclops”, Dan Crenshaw….
You’d think a Navy SEAL would have some integrity.

Guess fucking not.

And another personal ‘bee in my bonnet’… my former classmate and bully, Maura Fucking Healy who I purely know is going to be going “national” IF we survive to the next major political race… IF and only IF we manage to make it to 2028, just fucking watch… You can say you heard it here first… she’s The Governer of Mass, a Haaaaavard Graduate and full blown anti-male BullDyke. She used to (along with the majority of my former classmates) bully the fuck out of me… (yeah, I was the class nerd) She’s currently running Massachusetts into the ground, and I know that somewhere, somehow, someone has her bruited as “Presidential Material”

I mean she has ALL the ‘boxes’ either checked or licked as it is…

So yeah, We’re done here…

Besides the fact that now that the Boomers ARE all ‘clocking out’, and GenX, well… we for the most part, there weren’t that many of us to begin with… Once read somewhere GenX is the smallest of all the demographics out there ‘cos between “the pill” and abortion coming out, our numbers t’weren’t that large to begin with.

That and as far as I can tell, we were the last really educated generation. EVERYTHING went to hell in a handbasket… and a LOT of it was GenX’s fault as WE became the teachers/educators… it’s OUR fault for

A) being lazy (why put anything into a dead end job?)
B) being indifferent (a hallmark of GenX) and
C) being told “this is the way it’s going to be” by ‘higher-higher’ and of course, just following orders…

Ans as far as “A)” is concerned, let me tell you, from first hand experience. I was on the “Art Teacher Track” in college post-Gulf One… and DeadDad and MomUnit wanted me to be doing the whole ‘becoming a Special Ed teacher’… The place I did my student teaching, well according to the Higher-Higher there, they loved me as did the students. However:

The offer on the table was less than what a PV2 made in basic training (1992). Like 11k. On a One Year, Non-Renewable Contract INDEFINATELY.

Like nigga please.

You want me, to work up to 12 hour days, and have to deal with Special Needs/Ed kids? (God bless them, I had like 9 Downs Syndrome Students… they were AWESOME but tiring as fuck) For essentially $250 a fucking week and have ZERO prospects at tenure?

The only reason motherfuckers become teachers is tenure.

So, I said “fuck that noise” and joined BACK into the Green Machine.

And now that the folks who, I dunno, actually know and can do Math and Equations without a computer or calculator are retiring by the boatload, leaving the Apathetic Don’t Give a Fuck GenXers to –try– and deal with the shitshow, as well as the Millennials, some of whom are worth a shit, but the majority of whom are even in worse positions educationally speaking, to try and keep the fucking wheels on this out-of-control festering shytteshow. We have no engineers… Nor ANY in the pipeline. STEM is DEAD due to current day politics…

Nuh Uh.

Ain’t fucking happening.
Much like the battery in a Negros smoke alarm, and to quote a guy from a shooting a few ago “That nigga dead yo!”
Just like our society.
It just hasn’t had the good grace to fall over yet

So grab the popcorn, this’s going to get really interesting shortly.
More Later
Big Country

14 thoughts on “The Kraine and The Fall of Civilization as a Sideshow”

  1. Dead on BCE.
    Go into any technical space, IT, power company, engineering, etc and look at who is doing most of the work. Hint every one of them have grey hair.
    At my shop there are handful of people under 45 and frankly they are mostly “muh diversity” hires and worthless.
    Once the Gen Xers retire, this country is in deep shit. WHO is going to do these jobs and get stuff done ?
    Yes, illegals from central america can do construction and unskilled labor but what about the highly skilled technical jobs ?
    Every time we try to hire a younger person they are lazy, want to be spoon fed everything and just don’t care or want to work. They usually either quit or are fired unless they are “muh diversity” then they are put on a team, given joe jobs (that they usually screw up) and just float along.

    Yes indeed in about 10 – 15 years this country is going to be in DEEP SHIT when the Gen Xers are done and retire.

  2. “EVERYTHING went to hell in a handbasket… and a LOT of it was GenX’s fault…”

    Love you like a brother, man, buuuuuuuuut…fuck that noise. No way in hell am I taking any responsibility for this mess, which was really caused by the selfish and entitled boomer dickheads who were too busy taking and taking, looking out for numero uno.

    “Live for today, who gives a damn about tomorrow” was their mantra. If the Gen Xers like us, and the millennials and everyone else to follow are also guilty of this, where’d we learn it from?

    1. JL, you make a good point in that Gen Xers are now mostly on Middle and Lower Management but the BIG bosses still running stuff are all 65+ ie Late Boomers.
      Boomers have held onto their top jobs like Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi, even as they are lowering them into their crypt they still want to keep their jobs !

      We had a Boomer Sr VP at my company who is 70 and even after having a stroke he didn’t want to retire. They finally forced him to retire and he was mad about it.
      I don’t get why–he had TONS of money, what’s the point ?

      1. Jimmy, Because so much of their definition of who they are is the job. He’s the senior VP not Bob, if he retires he looses that title and he defines himself by the title. Even among his peers at country club, its what your title is that matters.

  3. The root cause goes back before the boomers gentlemen. I point you at the Frankfurt School and their hijacking of the American educational system starting back in the 30s when they arrived at Columbia. Hard communists to the bone they got traction and ensured the TEACHERS of the boomers were all hard left and started the corruption process. Too much history there to recap, but note that the Frankfurt School people were the loosers of the internecine war between the various communist factions in Russia. Said war won by the leninists. They have held a grudge ever since and the current generation are the folks behind the war in the Ukraine. Look up the neocons’ family histories…

  4. I made the Boomer demographic by 6 months and I agree, BC. Vox Day talks about smothering us with a pillow… and looking around at my fellow boomers, it’s hard to blame him sometimes. (Although when he finally grows up and gets old, the millennials will be coming for him with a wood chipper! 😂)

    One of the diseases boomer North Americans have is this idea that wealth=happiness. It’s one they often passed on to the kids. As the black sheep son of affluent white boomer greed heads… I saw them for what they were in my 20s and they hated me ever since. I listened instead to my Depression Era grandmother. She got us started saving and prepping in our 20s. As more money came in, we saved more and stacked more. My first wave boomer parents, with their sprawling house, vacation home in Arizona and behemoth RV laughed at us. Now they’re old, cranky and miserable and threatening to cut me out of their will… and I just laugh. They sold their souls for all that shit, I am not selling mine.

    Take joy in little things. Celebrate little victories as if they are big ones. Dodge bullets, don’t catch them. Embrace minimalism and forge your own happiness. If you do that, no one can take it away from you. I am not rich and wealthy… but I’m free. It’s enough.

  5. Any monkey can run an AK. Any idiot with neon hair and a head full of Marxism can throw a firebomb.

    Destruction, poverty and starvation is easy. Most of history points that out. Africa is a posterchild of that.

    Our own countries future history can be seen in REAL TIME in South Africa now.

    Building things takes teamwork of motivated and educated men to do. Demoralize, demonize and kill them off welp there goes the LIGHTS and shit.

    Throwing blame is pretty much masturbation. Bad and good folks show up in every generation.

    Protect your family and trusted friends. Going to get real pretty soon as the light go out.

    Me and mine are going to go dark for a while when they do as light attract moths and two legged rats.

    1. “Throwing blame is pretty much masturbation. Bad and good folks show up in every generation.”

      Ain’t that the fucking truth. Me? 70 years old and retired. Boomer Central here. Six years in the Army 71-77. Came home to a country full of fuckers who made it clear they hated me for serving. It was the “Greatest Generation” in charge back then. Lived in poverty for too many years before getting a degree, then more years of near poverty before landing my first decent job in the mid 90’s.

      Today I have a small off grid, solar powered, house in the middle of nowhere.

      I’m doing OK now, on my Social Security, only because I was able to sell a house (that I finally bought in the mid 90’s) at enough of a profit to buy 40 acres of cheap land and now have no rent or mortgage to pay.

      I have two younger sisters who are not old enough to retire yet, so I would assume they qualify as Gen-X. Both of them have done nothing but live off of the system and of course the inheritance they got when my mother died. She (greatest generation) cut the three of us who were the oldest out of her will and left it all to the two youngest.

      So, yeah, I was almost 40 by the time I was able to buy my first house and then only because wife #1 was a nurse and her income was enough to get the mortgage.

      I get fucking tired of people telling me about how easy the “boomers” all had it. That doesn’t even begin to apply to all.

      Good and bad, greedy and poor, are spread across all generations.

      1. I get it. You’re probably seeing all this ‘boomer hate’ and thinking, “aw shit, I was born in the same time frame, making me a boomer. These young fucks are ganging up on me!”

        Not necessarily. I realize that ‘not all boomers’ are to blame. But, honestly…think about what it was like back then. You served in the military. You served overseas. You said yourself that many of these people hated you for serving.

        Did you ever take a really good, hard look at the people around you back then? Were the things you did more or less the same as what your peers and others in your general age group – those being the boomers – did? I’d say there were FAR more people back then doing drugs, getting VD, and generally being the complete opposite of what you might call a benefit to society. I know for a fact that’s the case because pretty much the entirety of my family from that boomer generation were exactly those kinds of assholes – including my parents, to an extent. They were arrogant, selfish, opinionated, entitled, and cruel. They only cared about what they could take for themselves and God help anyone who got in the way of that. Most of the kids who followed (save for a few) were more or less the same, having learned their lessons from their folks. This is more or less the norm with pretty much all the people I grew up around too.

        There are good reasons people hate on the boomers, but if you didn’t run with that crowd or think that way back then, then why feel like any of this is on you?

  6. Working retail, 2005ish this was, small store big chain men’s shoes. Young boy was in picking up everything and setting it down wrong. After watching this for the fifth item and dad saying nothing I asked the boy to stop moving things he was just making work for us. Well. Dad goes off on me, never coming here again and so on (good I’m thinking, commission be damned). I look up and there is grandpa across the room glaring at me. And I think, him, right there, is the start of this shit. Well maybe longer but great granddad probably was taking a dirt nap. Three generations minimum not knowing the prime lesson – if it isn’t yours keep your hands off. Got mine wacked a couple of times learning it too. Probably other uncivilized habits too. White too. Me? Boomer.

  7. You’re not wrong. I had to teach myself fractions and decimals almost twenty years after public school. Not that I learned them in the institution. What really got me motivated to do it was cutting out television and video games. After that I to know how to make stuff and why everything worked like it did. I wish the plug had been pulled in all the electronics a lot earlier in life. Bread and circuses are a real thing.

  8. Big,
    A couple-three weeks ago, you discussed ‘major changes’ on October 4, 2023.
    Any hints?

  9. About the whole STEM thing, don’t sell all the Gen XYZ’s down the pike just yet. Yes there are fewer of them which is a problem but take a look at whom is keeping U.S. tech industry going, us old engineers that started with slide rulers (the first scientific calculator showed up in affordable price points when in my 3rd year of EE school) we are all retired or about to. The young uns that really want to be in the field are there and not all are coddled little shits.
    The techy gen whatsits are now about 50% middle America and 50% OTM’s, mostly asiatics. The question is whether they are all Americans first or not. Funny how people new to this country as legal immigrants seem to have a far better grasp on what is going down, same as most of the pre Obungles
    We all make our way through this life as best we can, some like a pinball and some on a greased slide (greased by connections, daddy’s bucks etc.) and bro, most of us busted ass working bouncing our way through the whole shebang. Yeah, did the chalkboard thing a bit, busted my brain on the higher end of math, not a natural,had to grind through it. But put me in an electronics lab or a machine shop hands on and we be happy as a pig in mud (even if I can’t see the damned modern SMT components without 30X magnification).

    A very long time ago I did swear to defend the constitution, don’t ever recall any occasion where that was rescinded. So here we are, old farts with failing eyes but lots of know how, praying the ballot box still has some life in it, seeing as as the other boxes are not near as civilized.

  10. Just an observation from the inside of stem education. First the engineering kids I instruct on how to be an engineer are like the first batch from 30 years ago. Smart and motivated! Thing is the only Sr. students getting interviewed or job offers are the girl and the Asian. The rest of white kids got crickets going on. These are high GPA kids who can learn to do the job. I hope they get the chance. BTW I’m a retired late Boomer.


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