Krainian Kowardice and The Komplete Katastrophic Klose Out

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A-Polly-Olly-Geez for being ‘out’ another day AWOL. Turns out I’m not just ‘sensitive’ to the eyeball ‘roids, I’m full on allergic. Woke up yesterday looking like I had DiFi’s Blown Out Eyeball… like demonically possessed much BCE? Painful too.

So off to the Eyeball Emergency Room (the VA has one specifically here for these things, who knew?) which I guess this is normal/not normal, but common enough that they handled it nicely and quickly. No damage on the permanent side, but man, when you want to take a Leatherman out and rip the eye from the socket because of pain/itching? Maaaaaan… Add on this was straining the ‘for better or for worse’ with my bride as she was getting pissed with the docs ‘not getting it right the first time’… not that I blame her, as she had to haul my blind ass around in the car… I mean as much fun as it might be to try and ‘Use the Force’ and do a ‘Stevie Wonder’ methinks the fuzz might have something else to say about that.

That and I owe on the car… it’d be one thing if I had a beater “Hate Tank” but unfortunately It’s a ‘new car’ that I owe on. Remind me to tell y’all about the “Hate Tank” at some point…

On to ‘Da News’ as it were.
Been surfing a LOT of vidyas on the Krain.
GOD what an absolute shitshow.
Seems that the conscripts still haven’t ‘gotten it’

“Guys? Guys!!! I’m not dead yet!!!!”

Not sure who I feel worse for
1st Wounded Dude who they all were carrying or 2nd Wounded Dude who got hit after the round boiled in and they left behind when they hotfooted out of there.

To be very point fucking blank honest, that’s about as fucked up and cowardly an act I’ve even seen in my life… I mean I can understand that when the round hit, maybe 1st Wounded Dude took more shrapnel and/or was dead… I mean when they unceremoniously dumped his ass off the stretcher he sure as fuck wasn’t moving…

The shitty part is that as they move towards 2nd Wounded Dude (who’s flailing around, probably screaming his lungs out… if you enlarge you can see his left? leg is like totally fucked, all floppy and shit) they suddenly drop the stretcher, and dip. Now there’s no sign of any more incoming, leastways in that narrow field of view, but as them two dudes do the “bugout boogie” I don’t see anything that should have stopped them from helping their friend…

Any wonder why I ‘lean in’ on the casualty numbers being as high as I think they might be? With MEDEVAC like that, who needs friends? 400k KIA might be far lower IMO.

And then, another sure fire takeaway the wheels are coming off:

Which is different how?
But Krainfeld has reassured us
That should be enough amiright?


….And the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den wanted to give what? 24 MOAR Billion Dollars to these fucking thieves?

Guess Joe wanted to pad his retarded… errr retirement a bit more before he leaves the scene.

Which is exactly what this entire thing is all about. “The Grift™” Incorporated. I mean besides the Dissolute Scumbag Son, how many others kids were involved? John Kerry’s for one, Pelosi “The Gin Hag”, hell Mittens Fucking Fake Mormon Romney’s kids have all been hustling and shuffling that foreign aid back to the family coffers for years. This war just made it faster and easier.

Hence why it’s never going to end.
Not until Vlad decides he’s done and pops these assholes.
I’m just highly surprised he hasn’t let the kompromat that he’s got to have on all these fuckers loose. I mean The Gin Hag, as well as every. single. other. DotGov fucktard, to include the now good Senator DeadFi, has been on the Cartel payrolls since Christ was a Corporal. If -I- were Vlad? At this rate? I’d let the Krainians finish smashing themselves to dust on the defense, and as the full on Election season starts… July-August of next year, start then on the final march to Kiev, and when NATO and the rest of the Winken Blinken Stupid and Nod folks start squawking, drop ALL the dirt on ALL the politicians in the US everywhere and let nature take its course.

I mean at that point some of the shit out quote “Betters” unquote have been doing? Even Joe Normie might actually take up pitchforks and torches and go and burn out/hang the bastards, with Law “Enforcement” sitting it out, as they ain’t paid enough to die…

Jes’ Sayin’

So that’s it for today
More Later
Big Country

21 thoughts on “Krainian Kowardice and The Komplete Katastrophic Klose Out”

  1. Dude with your eye problem as the latest snafu, you might ought not let any doc near ya. For real. Muthers might be tryin to kill you or disable. Think about it bc.

  2. Who said old mate was their friend? He could have been the Nationalist enforcer who shoots any conscript wanting to surrender. Or may have been some “mercenary” / NATO guy. Heck. Who says they were Ukranians at all. Maybe they were NATO’s finest

  3. Gas? Little drone gets a little vial of VX and the guys suddenly registered “gas, gas, gas” could explain the buddy ditch. Syria broke out better dieing through chemistry and the response was….”Nope we didn’t see that.” ? Between the bio-labs and nuclear junk laying around there’s a lot of nasty to spice things up with. Already got a WW1 artillery and trench game on….. wouldn’t gas fit right in.

  4. So who is this Reznikov guy anyway? Lessee, Early Life and Education, uh huh. Professional Life, hmmm te tum tum, uh huh. […] Personal Life, amateur film maker, uh huh, and … goddamnit! Every Single Time.

    What. The. Fuck. Pre-war population of 40k out of 44 million. What are the odds of President, Prime Minister, Defense Minister, AND the billionaire oligarch behind the President? God damn. (Sorry, G-d damn.)

      1. Ya know it’s funny, because, you try really hard not to fall into mental traps and stuff like that, it’s easy to do, so you really have to kind of work at it.
        But, nope, not occasionally, not sometimes, not frequently, or better than half.


        And yet people get upset that you make the observation? Or is that you pointed it out that upsets them?

  5. It is always said that they have “evidence” that shows how evil etc our rulers are.
    But they dont show it.
    So, I think they are just controlled opposition, dancing to the same tune as our rulers.

    Just imagine Vlad would support some revolutionaries in Germany / USA that want to make an independent state, just like NATO supported Kosovo.

    I really want to see the face of german chancellor Scholz when some russian dudes show up in Saxonia and help some Germans set up the independent state of Free Saxonia, complete with a russian division to protect them.
    But unfortunately it wont happen.

    1. Why am I thinking of Boogadishu the capital of the free state of Appalachistan?

  6. Ukrainian defense minister twitter snip is fake. Opinions and summaries meld OK without this kind of false reference. Consider spending a little extra effort to identify the source, then a simple credibility check.

    1. Better yet, why don’t you dig deep, supply the identity of the source and a credibility check to refute Big thesis instead of a leftist’s bent tool standard of “SOURCE?!” Fuck, Every Single Time… so predictable and tiring.

  7. Bruh–get those headlights in A+, 5 Star rating asap. Eyeballs ain’t nuthin’ to fool with. Even if ya have to–go outside VA. Find the best and go with him/her–put the bill on the CCs. Like ‘Lenny’ my eyeball Doc told me years ago:

    “Next to life itself–eyesight is the most precious.”

    When things go ‘sporty,’ (and they will) you’ll need the ole Mk1 eyeball for iron sights, NV, and optics.


    1. yeah, if the VA doc is iffy, go outside the system ! did that myself with Urology. the VA guy is a
      dot head clown. after 5 minutes with him, I would rather see a vet to work on me than him.
      thank god there was a great old guy around to “handle” the problem. it is worth the bucks
      to get someone who knows what they are doing and will do things the way you would like them too. there are some things in life it best not to take any chances on.
      and what is a beater/hate tank ? is that like a older ride you keep just in case like ?
      rethinking keeping my old 1994 4runner, needs a new/rebuilt engine. body and everything else is like brand new almost. I thinking it might be cheaper to rebuild it instead of getting some other car/truck/problem that might cost even more. anyway, stay healthy.
      still praying for you guys up here. you are going to need your eyes in good shape as it will be getting right sporty here soon enough I think. this is not going to last much longer I think.

      1. I think a beater/hate Tank is what we in rural Mississippi called a Towncar. It was good enough to get you to Town and back. Not much else.

        1. USA for MOD, Hate Tank, Mk 1 , all good GenX know of M.O.D…….

          Band: M.O.D. (Method Of Destruction)
          Country Of Origin: U.S.A.
          Album: U.S.A. For M.O.D.
          Track: 23
          Genre: Thrash Metal/Hardcore/Crossover
          Year: 1987


          Billy Milano-Vocals
          Tim McMurtrie-Guitars
          Keith Davis-Drums
          Ken Ballone-Bass


          The love boat! THE HATE TAAANK!

          When you see it coming
          The shit runs down your leg
          A rumble of disaster
          It’s much too late to beg
          You didn’t heed its warning
          As it’s parked on top of your house
          Your baby’s crushed to pulp
          You’re cornered you cry out

          The Hate Tank
          The Hate Tank
          The Hate Tank
          The Hate Tank

          Its treads are stained with blood
          Of victims who had pride
          Some thought they’d defy it
          All of them have died
          Destruction in its wake
          The mangled corpses rot
          If you think you’ll survive… NOT!

          The Hate Tank
          The Hate Tank
          The Hate Tank
          The Hate Tank

          Here it comes, you better start running
          Here it comes, you better start running

          The armored shell coroded
          From blood that now is dry
          Markings left to signify
          The deaths of many lives
          Through many years of silence
          Breaks a horrifying sound
          You turn to look in disbelief
          He’s come to hunt you down

          The Hate Tank
          The Hate Tank
          The Hate Tank
          Hate Taaaaaank!

  8. Why don’t they have any rifles with them? Could it be that the guy they left behind was Sgt. Retard and they were looking to frag him anyways? Maybe they had a big old party when they made it back because Sgt. Retard would no longer be around to exercise his retard privilege?

    This is all such a shame 400,000 Ukrainian people killed and NATO just refuses to negotiate. They want everyone dead.

  9. “…drop ALL the dirt on ALL the politicians in the US everywhere and let nature take its course.”

    How many divisions does Nature control?
    There is more than enough evidence now, more evidence won’t change anything. Who would do the changing? There is no one on our side in a position of power such that they could kick something off (e.g., governor, general in command of troops, etc.), and grassroots peasant rebellions rarely happen. When they do, they get curb-stomped hard and brutal.

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