The Friday Afternoon Round Up

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Now, a whooole lotta interesting things to go over, some related, some not so much. More like a list of ‘things that caught my eye’ today and over the past few.

Call it the Friday Afternoon Round Up.

So, first off, found a guy recommended by Simplicius76 on his substack, namely Dr. Rob Campbell’s stack. Guy does a pretty good job, and is added to my ‘regular read’ list now. Link to it is HERE. He had a pretty good write up this A.M. and some pics and breakdowns vis-a-vis the whole Krainian Klownkar Show.

One of the things that caught my attention was a picture of Andreevka, a ville located just outside of Artyomovsk, AKA Bahkmut. The location that was broadcast far and wide as touting the Krainian Kounteroffensive as being “Great” and “Successful AF” as well as “Unstoppable“… the way they (The various Ministries of Lies and Propaganda) were spinning it up, this was a Major Coup and showed just how winning the Glorious Armed Farces of the Krain were doing against the Russian Orcs… that the “Stunning” and “Brave” farces of the Krainian DotMil ‘rescued’ the town from the Godless Invaders…

Included in the write up was a picture of the town…

With ‘wins’ like this, who needs a loss?
Mind you, this’s a Krainian Town
It did, however, positively SCREAM at me for a meme:

Appropriate Aye?
Figure the reason the Russians left was there was literally nothing left to fight over… even the rubble has rubble, and I’d say that is the very definition of “obliterated” i.e. erased… gone, done, el finito. Even Carthage wasn’t so thoroughly thrashed I’d reckon…

And then, over at Art Sido’s place, he did a nice write up on how Krainfeld was ‘spun’ by the Ministry of Lies and Propaganda when he addressed the UN… his poast is HERE. The TL;DR is that when they showed Krainfeld at the podium, they used old footage of the General Assembly listening earlier to Krainfeld do his “Putin is Hitler, give me shekels Goyim!” shtick… problem is you could tell that they used old footage ‘cos Krainfeld himself is in the Audience apparently listening to himself drone on!
Talk about ‘not sending your best/low effort retards’
IRL, the audience (which I found on PBS) was actually this:

Quite the difference Aye?
Looks like everyone is tired of that grifting lil fucker…
Jes’ Sayin’
And speaking of ‘not sending their best’…

Seems that Kumdumpster Karen AKA Kameltoe Hairyass, has been named the head of the new ‘White House Orifice (sarc) of Gun Violence Prevention’:

Well consider me relieved…

Seeings how every single thing that this fucktard touches goes completely and utterly sideways like a motherfucker as well as pear-shaped, I’d say it’s safe to say that we don’t have a hell of a lot to worry about… this broad is too stupid to even know which end of a weapon the bullets come out of, so I’d say this might be a good thing. I mean she’s doing such a bang up job on the Border amiright?

Then, back to the Krain for a moment. Seems that we might have an idea what Russia’s plan for the winter is, which looks like “Make them freeze to death in the fucking dark.”

According to multiple sources, they (the Russians) blew the ever-loving-shit out of a metric fuckton of Krainian power infrastructure over the past 48 hours… most of which is probably going to be non-recoverable.

“No Power/Heat For You!”
It’s looking grim for Krainfeld… he only went home with the consolation prize of 300mil as opposed to the ‘retirement’ level funds of 24 billion he was demanding. That’s barely enough for him and his wife to settle in back in Israel. Damned shame eh?

And lastly, again, in keeping with the whole ‘not sending our/their best:

According to the article HERE, 17 Geniuses got caught mailing and/or selling “Spice” also called “K2″… that fake synthetic Weed… now, not for nothing, I personally think it’s bullshit, as there’s drugs, and then there’s drugs. That shit is fake assed bullshit, no matter how you ‘class’ it… However, the South Koreans are hardcore when it comes to smuggling as well as illegal drugs. So, that essentially means those guys are toast.

Ahhh the DotMil of today… gotta love it.
As I’ve said before, and I’ll keep saying, Thank God I’m out.
So More Later
Big Country

10 thoughts on “The Friday Afternoon Round Up”

    1. And the internet shutdowns are the coldest.

      Given the number of institutional memory (aka retirements and such) we’ve lost in the grid power institutions, can we DO A COLD START of the Grid after a cyber shutdown?

      Got your own emergency power, water (grid runs that folks) ability to handle sewage (ditto) and such?

      Going to get spicier.

  1. Pinochet didn’t make enough communists fly…like termites, they’re back before you know it, in Chile and all over SA….

  2. “Make them freeze to death in the fucking dark.”

    Which is a smart strategy that doesn’t cost 1 drop of Russian blood.
    The Russians have realized that Krainfeld and his pals DGAF about the Ukrainians, they just want the grift and money laundering to keep going.
    What it will take is the Ukrainians as they sit there in the dark and cold while they draft pregnant women and grandmas and grandpas to say “FUCK THIS SHIT” and rise up and ice Krainfeld and pals and then sue for peace over the objections of Biden Joe and pals.

  3. I’m sorry but, what Ukraine infrastructure? I mean the valiant Russians destroyed it all last winter, didn’t they? Remember all those pictures of Ukraine from space? All the dark areas? Are you telling me that all those Kinzals, Kalibers, KH11 missiles were ineffective? Maybe they’ll get it right this time. Or maybe next winter. Who knows.

    1. Latin Traitor does your ass get dirty again after you finish your last post for the day?

      Do you have to wipe after visiting the toilet?

      Repairs Jackass, but they are running out of things they can repair. And it seems the rest of NATO is getting tired of field stripping their militaries and countries for more bits and parts to keep them running.

  4. It’s Rob Campbell here. I just wanted to thank you for recommending me. Also, do you know where Simplicius recommended me? I follow most of his stuff but can’t keep up with it all. I’ll give you a shout out on my next update. I’ve managed to get over the 400 subs mark so it’s time to thank people who have helped.

    1. No Problem Rob
      Can’t remember which update he mentioned you in, however, he mentions a LOT of folks LOL. So I added you on.

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