Helping Out One of Ours and An Update on A Krainian Klown

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I got this from Wirecutter’s place, seems the guy who runs The Daily Gator is in need of some assistance. Per Wirecutter:

“If you can see your way to join me in donating a few bucks to help out a fellow Patriot, I know it will be appreciated. Times are tough and it sounds like Doug could use a helping hand.”

And per Doug:

My name is Doug, and my mother has decided to cease her dialysis treatments. I have been her caregiver for four years, since my dad passed away in 2019. I have not worked since 2019 because mom has needed full time care, which I have provided in our home and we have been living on her Social Security benefits.

When she passes away, her benefits will cease, and I will very soon run out of money to live on. I was just beginning to apply for Medicare and Disability for me, so, it will be a few weeks before I can begin supporting myself. Our bank account is low, and the final expenses will likely deplete it entirely.

Frankly, I need some help, and would be grateful for any help you can give.

God bless and thank you very much

Doug Hagin

Now his GoFundMe is HERE
As I well know from experience, every lil bit helps, especially when family is involved. So, there it is.

So, the Krainian Klown that I referenced in the lede?

Seems our favorite ‘Murican Born Crazy As Fuck Wannba-Whammenz, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, who used to be a dude named Michael John Cirillo, well… besides being a fucking full bore psychopath, some new news that may or may not be related to It’s suspension from being the Krainian English Speaking Spokesthing has surfaced:

That’s about right
Nothing these days phases me, nor surprises me.
It makes sense however, as most of the fucking loons are known for having exceptionally dangerous sexual practices. Getting the HIV? Par for the course IMO. Deviants gonna deviate I suppose…

Now, as far as the rest of this weekend, or at least -today- I spent it cleaning up and painting some footlockers. About a month ago, Gretch was surfing the Fecesbook marketplace, and found a couple of old army footlockers for sale. An anniversary gift… been together 7 years at the end of August… Mind you, she didn’t tell me… just up and bought ’em. I was mad surprised and she told me she only paid $50 for the two. They’re in great shape too! The only problem with them was someone had done a shit-job of painting them. Like covered up the original stenciling that was common to them…

I did manage to clean off a dataplate and date one of them:

Post war… like RIGHT after WW2… these were from the Korean War timeframe. Made in 1946. I know this as there was a old label on it stating that it was “Locker #2 of 5” and the destination was Sasebo Air Base in Japan… I unfortunately couldn’t save the label as it fell apart to itty bitty pieces when I tried to remove it… that being said…
Cool huh?
So the paint job sucked… it was all nasty and fucked, and as much as I wanted to try to clean them up to the original, I just ran out of patience, and broke out the rattle can(s) and hit them both. Now the OD I’m using is period-correct, Color Number 33070 Early WWII Flat Olive Drab…

The only issue I have with it is Rapco paint takes forever to dry, and it’s sort of -thin- which means it takes a number of coats to get it done right. Personally, I think they came out OK:

Only thing that does suck is they’re both missing the internal trays. Sucks in that they’re not complete, BUT… I’m using them to store spare tactical gear… like they’re both full the hell up. Who knew I had so much shit? I got more pouches in ALL colors than I care to admit…

Anyways, the latches on them are intact, as well as the internal hinges, the lock hasp, everything. The one on the bottom is missing the dataplate, and otherwise, they’re both perfect. All the rivets are good, as well as the metal banding.

Funny that when I looked on eBay, like WOW again!

$175 plus $75 for shipping???
With a broken/missing right hasp?
Maybe I should sell these?
Hard to call it… the problem is the shipping… these things are heavy even when empty. “Stout” is the word that comes leaping to mind. That and Wifey might get upset that I I sold her anniversary gift.

So tomorrow, I have to do almost a full day of work, as when I tried to log in, I got the ‘system maintenance’ messages… I should have known. The IT Commissar always does his ‘stuff’ on the weekends… ah well…

So More Later
Big Country

10 thoughts on “Helping Out One of Ours and An Update on A Krainian Klown”

  1. I know it may be tempting to sell those to make some cash.


    1. The Wifey got them for you.
    2. They were $25 each man. Keep and enjoy.

      1. sell them as a last resort only. as said above, wifey got them for YOU. as hard up as I may have been in the past (a couple of times) I never sold a gift. some of my shit I really hated to part with, but never a gift. I going to send the walking dead to my brother, he is a big trekie
        fan from way back. that and planet of the apes ? how anyone can watch them more than once is beyond me. so, enjoy them. they don’t make stuff like that anymore.

  2. Found my father in law’s footlocker in their attic when he passed. Had a bunch of his photos and movies from Korea (his first war) and Vietnam (his second). Perfect shape with the tray. My brother in law gave it a new home, and is digitizing the photos.

  3. I have my father’s two footlockers from the Korean War (’53) and they look exactly like yours. He shipped out to Pusan (now called Busan) from Seattle and returned through San Francisco. My dad was ROTC in college, trained at Camp Drum (now Fort Drum), in Watertown, NY, served as a 1st Lt. and had the criticlly important job of running the largest liquor warehouse in-theater. He had his own security detail and a Jeep–to run booze. I still have a booklet that was given to soldiers shipping out, explaining what to expect onboard ship. I also have a politically incorrect “commemorative certificate,” given to some soldiers who made the voyage.

    The footlockers hold a lot of stuff but also take up a lot of room. I’ve been hanging on to them, just because. After me, there’s no one left to inherit the footlockers.

  4. Keep them.

    You will not find better unless you spend a kidney. The quality from back then is excellent plus epic cool factor. Plus a well thought gift from the wifey. To have a woman that thoughtfull in 2020s is damn rare – dis respectful to sell wothout her explicet OK

    Sell one if you have to, but keep one ’till the day you leave this Earth

  5. > Now his GoFundMe is HERE

    Sigh. When will people learn?

    I don’t give money via GoFu**Me.

    Tell him to set up with GiveSendGo

    1. I completely agree… found that out when I helped out Mike Hendrix… hence why when we needed help with Addy (that war ain’t over BTW) we went thru GSG.

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