Finally Got My Patches Up and Displayed

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So over the years of being DotMil and a DotGov Contractor, I collected (much like all of y’all) a bunch of patches and whatnot. I also have a few posters and ‘things’ that I’ve gotten, the majority from Gretchen as gifts as well as the occasional out-of-the-blue ‘cool thing’ that Sapper finds while surfing the web.

In my case, a few weeks back, Gretchen found a BIG ziplock bag in one of the closets. Turns out it was my BIG bag of patches. I had shown you guys some of my patches that’d come out of the medium size bag… I mean it’s pretty funny when you have literally a multiplicity of bag(s) of patches floating around Aye? Well the BIG one was buried in the walk in closet at the back… I swear that must be the “Singularity” of the house there… ALL my missing shit seems to end up there…

Anyways, I finally got around to getting a ‘patch board’ which is about 3.5 feet by 2.5 feet… its a fuzzy-side of the velcro blanket essentially, with grommets. Found it on the ‘Zon HERE (and yeah, I get a ‘taste’ if one of y’all buy one). It came in a few days ago, so I went and dug out all the patches. I had to eliminate the duplicates, unless they were specifically different, I.E. the 101st and 1st Cav Patches, besides the Class A Color Patches, also have the Infrared Patches on the board as well…

Took a while but man, I personally love it.

And yeah, I have more, but some of them are on my Tactical EDC bag, on my briefcase, which is a 5.11 tac-laptop bag, and some are on my vast collection of hats.

The patches underneath all the nametapes are the Units I supported. 1st Armored, 94 ARCOM, 18th ABN Corps. 4th ID… the ‘usual suspects’ so to speak. The top middle are MY unit patches from the ones I served in, 101st, 7th ATC OPFOR, and 187th Infantry Brigade (Reserve).

Plus of course my 187th Regimental Combat Team patches.

Below that are my Affy Patches, which I showed you guys a ways back on the wordpress site. Then next to and underneath them, starts the Morale Patches and traded patches. That one with the Saint Christopher Cross, the Confederate “Stars n Bars”

I got BEFORE they had to stop selling them ‘cos “rayyyycism” and “reeeeasons” and sheeeeit. Not that anyone genuinely cared, but a couple of Nogs threw a fit, and the Chain of Command outlawed them. I got lucky and had bought it before the ban. The Kenny patch is funny b/c by the time I left, they had it up to “You sent me to Iraq 4 Times!”

Then the ‘other’ banned patch:

Again, another one that caused mad butt-hurt…

Now that lil Canadian Crown is interesting, in that I traded it from one of 4? I think Canadian Observers in Iraq.
As in there were four Canadians, in Iraq in total. Leastways that’s what they told me. Guys were winding down too and getting ready to leave, so we worked a trade, and I got that ‘un for the collection.

In the Morale patch arena, Sapper found and got me this one:

More truth in that than I care to think about…
After watching that video of the Fed questioning that guy at his front door, and then offering to pay him to be an informant… I mean really!?! It’s out there at multiple sites, but essentially, the Feds show up, never really state -why- they’re there, and then tell him that IF he’s got info on ‘suspicious people’ that they’re willing to pay him to give them up.

That right there is going to cause a WHOOOLE lot of problems in the very near future I think. Figuring that the current (mal)Administration is convinced that whytte sooperpreemiecycts are the #1 Terror Threat, and that the Feebles are out actively offering $$$ in a seriously fucked economy, that they’re going to get just what they asked for which is neighbors ratting out each other for cash, left and right.

Which is going to lead to the same exact problem(s) we had in Iraq and Afghanistan. Initially, like 75% of the ‘bad guys’ that got ‘turned in’ by neighbors or ‘other folks’ were people who the Narc either owed money to, or wanted their land, or had some other dispute with the guy who got snatched… Bunch of innocent guys caught up, for money, to ‘pad’ the number of ‘terrorists’ that the “Good Guys” (i.e. the DotMil) had caught…

Essentially people are going to start ‘making up shit’ in order to get that sweet, sweet filthy lucre, despite it destroying whomever they turn ins lives… and proving your innocent? Look at them poor fuckers from J6… what? almost 3 years for most of them, no trial, and the majority of them NOT what I’d call any sort of ‘real insurrectionist’… The whole of the J6 narrative stinks like Hillaroid’s unwashed coochie. Those people have no idea what a real insurrection looks like… not that we have to worry though…

Seems Sergey Lavarov just gave what -I- consider a ‘final warning’ to the US, as well as our GAE Minions… that we (our countries that is) haven’t been hit yet, and that the Russians are about to change that up a bit… I’m paraphrasing quite a bit, but essentially, the Russians now see the proxy war as a US Versus Them, and that it’s time to teach the US and it’s Minions a lesson in pain and suffering…

Not for nothing, but when you read that the United States has been involved in over 200 shooting war(s)/incidents/proxy “things” since like 1945, and Russia has been involved in 20 or less in the same time period, one has to ask

I’ll leave it at that. The next few days are going to be light as I get the surgery on Monday and I’m front-loading my work over the weekend so I don’t miss any hours, as I already burned out the vay-kay for this year…
So More Later
Big Country

13 thoughts on “Finally Got My Patches Up and Displayed”

  1. The best one on there is the HK patch!!! 😂👍

    If you start carrying an HK you will need a wardrobe to complete the look: a dirty tee shirt with food stains and sweat stains under the arm pits, that won’t fit over your beer gut! Camo shorts (worn even in winter) and -best of all – crocs!

    While pikers like Cederq and Jack end up on Fed watch lists… I operate with impunity by rocking this look! Why… the other day I was loitering outside Sobey’s and a Mountie pulled up, gave me a couple bucks, told me to go buy something to eat, and stop being a vagrant! 😊👍

    Gray man? A smelly shade of brown and a good HK pistol is much better in helping a fella disappear…

  2. Things are looking grim for old Zelenskyy and company, especially since they poked Poland in the eye and the Poles told those ungrateful assholes that they get no more weapons. This thing might be entering the end stages, hell the Ukes have to be running out of able bodied men to throw into the meatgrinder.

    1. One last mediocre grift as a condolence prize for tiny dancer. It’s like a farewell tour. We’ll pay for your room and flight, coke is on you, dont ever call me again, we are done. Aaaaaaand he’s gone. Ghosted like a fat one night stand.. Time to move on to the next bullshit maneuver, aka pandemic,collapse, cbdc,border invasion, did I leave anything out? Of course I did….fucking Aliens.

    2. So now they’re adding thousands of women, and reportedly fitting body armor for them..Despicable, and indicates total desperation…Russia’s in no hurry, but we are clearly entering the end stages of this NATO caused disaster….

  3. The Crown’s interesting. You were likely trading with a Warrant Officer – that’d be his rank insignia.

    Majors, after 2011 when we re-adopted the British rank insignias (as it was, pre-1968), also wear a crown, albeit a smaller one.

  4. I did 32 months in two tours US Army Iraq- a 17 and a 15 months. Mainly a Fobbit. I want that Kenny patch! Hook me up and OK if you get a taste. Better if it says Bastards than symbols.

  5. Deets on the second skull from the left of the clown world pepe patch? There’s a guy with a big mural of it painted on the side of his AO. I’ve been wondering where it’s from for a decade now.

  6. I made a patch board like this from an old picture frame I found. Put in all the patches I wore plus patches of the schools I attended: Infantry, Signal, etc. Then added my dad’s old Berlin Brigade and post office patches. He was humping mail when they wore the old Pony Express rider on their shoulder. I don’t like to show it off so I keep it in the basement with all of my other mementos. Many a night sitting there staring and remembering and wanting another shot.

  7. Not to nitpick, but The Army of Northern Virginia battle flag has the Saint Andrew’s Cross.

    Scotland Forever!!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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