Issues And the Reality of ‘Blooded’ Troops

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So commenter “Dan” seems to be ‘balls deep’ in the “Teh Russians are losing!” line of propaganda. In many comments he makes the case that “Russia ain’t shit”. OK… Based off that exact hypothesis, how do you say that?

Your own comment: “…the fact that Russia hasn’t rolled them up and finished this in the 18 months this shit show has been going on is elegant proof that Russia is and has long been a paper bear…” makes me exactly wonder where you’re getting your intel from? I mean me? I only have multiple connections (professional and personal) from ‘days gone by’ (also known to me as “the days of Wine and Roses”) who’ve been keeping me ‘in the loop’ for both personal, as well as professional courtesy, so I know which way I need to jump.

Which BTW, is what we in the real world called a ‘hint’… if this place, as well as the substack goes perma-dark, it means I headed to greener, safer pastures. Jes’ Sayin’.

The major problem, as I tried to outline yesterday, perhaps poorly, is that there are a NUMBER of people who, despite the world changing, cannot get past their own personal prejudices when it comes to Russia, and by extent, the Russian DotMil.

Hell, I grew up with the LAST of the “Cold Warrior” mindset… when I went to Bayonet training, we were told we were DICKs…
Dedicated Infantry Communist Killers. Old habits, it appears to ‘die hard’ so to speak.

I mean reality? Yeah… Faaaar too many people programmed for faaaar too many years, especially the fucking Boomers (and NO no boomer-defense comments will be allowed… insta-block, especially since this isn’t necessarily a negative) who were, as a whole, brainwashed into a “Hate/Kill a Commie For Mommie” from the get-go. Never met Aesop IRL, however, his railing against Russia stinks of Boomerism. Add on from what I know of when he served (1980s, early 80s), and yeah, Brainwashed Anti-Russian Marine… not normally a bad thing but these days? In light of our new reality? Best to tone it down IMO.

Mainly because for all the trash-talk going on, the reality is? Right now, despite the “cheerleading” going on, do you REALIZE what’s ACTUALLY HAPPENING!?!

All these ‘talking heads’…
All these ‘former DotMil’ experts…
All these ‘former Generals’ from all over…
Even worse? All these ‘foreign policy experts’?

Do you know the one thing that ALL OF THEM HAVE OVERLOOKED!?!

Let me fill you in dear reader.

It’s that no matter what, no matter how insignificant the interaction is, be it a firefight at a squad level, a minor Tank-on-Tank Battle in a minor village, or a larger fight between massed units, The Russians Have Gained Combat Experience That The West Can Only Dream Of.

The Russians are Fucking Blooded Now.

Even at the height of our US DotMil “War on Terror” we only had the smallest amount of troops who’d “seen the Elephant” as Kipling would call it. Active shooters so to speak… Not fucking many of them as I well know… These Russian kids/troops, the ones who have survived are the betters of those who didn’t. Consider my own commentary regarding this current conflict, let me tell you, a Grunt who’s lived this long is FAR better than his non-living predecessors… like as in “Who’s your Daddy?” better. Trained, Blooded, and Experienced.

Oh FML if I were still in….

Add on the fact that the folks out there keep using the Russian experiences in Affy, as well as the Georgian conflict, as well as Chechnya as examples of Russia getting their asses kicked. And they keep using them unironically. Tell you what, when you look at the US DotMil record, they need to sit down, and shut up.

OK, with turnabout being fair play, I’d call Korea (draw) Vietnam (loss) Lebanon (loss) Iran (Operation Eagle Claw, loss) Libya (50/50 win/loss) Grenada (win) Persian Gulf and Gulf War I (win but a lot of give and take) Panama (win) Bosnia (loss) Somalia (loss) Gulf War 2 Iraq and Afghanistan “Retards Strike Again” (Both Loses)

Overall, if you notice in the ‘win’ category of the US DotMil, it’s all penny-ante itty-bitty NON major-players involved. And no, don’t want to hear how Iraq was “…the 5th largest military evvvvar!!!” I was there, it’s a bunchabullshit. Numbers are great, but when the numbers are made up of ‘hastily recruited’ ground troops (“Join us or we shoot your children!”) you don’t get a DotMil worth a fuck all at all…

Nope, the US DotMil has not gone up against a peer rival since either Korea (the Joe Chinks) or since World War Two…(Japs and Krauts) your choice… either way, the thing that makes/has me somewhat nervous is the very fact that right now?

You couldn’t write a better script for the Russians to take every. single. country. in. Europe. right now. Think on it objectively.

LITERALLY The Germans, the Dutch, The Austrians, the Belgians, hell, everyone just ’emptied the cupboard’ to send everything to the Krainians. ALL the artillery, all the artillery shells, all of the spare tanks, parts and even the secondary reserve tanks. Every. One. Of. These. Morons. just opened up their borders IF Ivan is feeling really frisky.

And they have no ability to refill those deficits. Not only that, but by all accounts, even the “Great ‘Murican Arsenal of Democracy” is looking a mite burned out at this point…

In fact THAT is what worries me most, as more and more reports ‘slip out’ showing that the current Intel that the “Big Bois” like fucking Milli Vanilli are using, as well as ALL the intel services BESIDES some elements of the DIA and NRO are trying like fuck to point out that the Krainians are fucking over…done with… through… finished.. However, because the limpcock mouth breathing Pedophile we currently have as the primary stakeholder in this unreal shytteshow is still nominally “in charge” we ain’t going to see no changes.

‘Cos right now? Putin has, by my count a quarter of a million blooded, combat experienced troops available to him, whereas, we got the 69th Non-Binary Intersectional Dildo Brigade available as a foil…

Yeaaaaaah It doesn’t look good for the ‘home team’ IMO

God I hope someone puts a bullet or cruise missile in Krainfelds ass sooner, rather than later, this bloodbath needs to stop.
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  1. So I’m not military and I only have read here and SNAFU with a few military people comments here and there.
    What I see is after the Russians got their act together, they built defense lines and got their artilleries dialed in. The Ukes have beat their heads in, gaining less than they lost in the last push back against them. Nothing like ramming your head against a concrete wall waiting for it to collapse. What have they got, I mean WE got left to give them without starting WWIII? In the meantime, the Russians are plowing all of the Ukrainian country, except with cratered holes. I see the same as BCE, A bloodied army up against a totally expended remains of a whole country. Also the US Tranny’s are Not required to even be deployed so I guess we will not get to see them swing purses or slap fight.

  2. “Let me fill you in dear reader.”

    This made me kek so hard based on the others I’ve found from finding you BCE.

    Good honest take and I love how you give some carefully crafted inside information and insight from someone who’s been there and still has contacts. SNAFU indeed, but is there a new level we need to create? SCWFUBB? (Situation Clown World, Fucked Up Beyond Belief?) Finding and making tribes is hard and the time grows shorter every day. It quickly becomes a conundrum, pray and prepare as all of us are able, and do your best, it’s really the only choice.

    Regardless, I hope when it all goes silent I’ve already figured it out and heading to BO point A. God Bless the patriots and our frens, spicy times ahead indeed!

  3. Ivan doesn’t need to roll over Country 404. Good defense in depth and the dumbass Ukies under NATO overlords just throw themselves into the woodchipper.

    Also cannot help but think of how I’van owns the whole maskirovka thing.

    1. YOWZA! Could not have said it better….

      Hell–Wartime INDUSTRIAL CAPABILITY and COMPETENT and MOTIVATED WORKERS as the home team.

      Tough to beat–VERY TOUGH to beat these days when UK, USA, NATO soy-boys play video games in poppa’s basement, choke the chicken, and refuse even the most menial tasks, fna: “work.”

  4. Very well put. This is coming from one of those “boomers” who was in the “green water” navy (stationed with the USMC – Tanks) in the 80s.

    This is not the Russia we were training to fight in the 80s, politically nor militarily. Actually, when you look at where the US is, politically and socially vs Russia, we are definitely not the good guys here. And be damned the idiot who suggests that saying that is equal to treason in today’s clown-world.

    Bloggers like Aesop and the like-minded commenters are best ignored and blocked. Just like the leftist retards, there is no reasoning with them.

    1. Another take on Russia’s holding back, besides Macgregor’s and Ritter’s view that they are trying to avoid excessive civilian casualties and/or provoke a direct NATO response by just annihilating Ukraine post-haste: Based on late reports on Russian military buildups, *maybe* they’re just waiting until they think they’re ready for some serious payback on the West’s contributions to Russian casualties in the Kraine. Then, it’s gonna be like Clancy’s Red Storm Rising except we won’t have some asset in Iceland (or wherever, it’s been a while since I read the book, to heroically turn the tide).

      1. One of the better sources on the conflict noted that Russia had to completely redo their military. IIRC, something about it being a bunch of brigades for doing border type stuff, and against small competitors. Then they learned they had to go back to corp-sized organizations if they wanted to do ukraine style shit.

      2. Hell we couldn’t even do up a decent REFORGER with what we have nowadays. I was on the last
        official REFORGER in 1983,kinda hard to remember the exact year had a great time, drew our equipment in Belgium and road marched into Germany with 3rd of the 19th Field Artillery 5th ID outa Fort Polk LA.

    2. I’m a boomer 11 Bravo from War Zone C in Vietnam. The problem in this conflict is the same one in my war, the sandbox wars, etc. Strategy is being developed and pursued by pencil-necked imbeciles with advanced degrees and the common sense of a retarded amoeba. Lardass Nuland, for God’s sake!

  5. Yeah, all that materiel destruction… personnel destruction… and then the “blooded”… that’s what’s going to matter…. but… to all those commie hatin’ boomers:

    I’m all for killin’ a commie for mommie, but as far as I’m concerned, a commie is as a commie does… and theses days the ruskies don’t seem to be doin all that much commie… on the other hand, where *am* I seeing price controls, rent controls, redistribution of wealth? Hell one gov is talking about opening state run grocery stores (tax subsidized, no doubt, to drive all others out of biz)… Don’t need to go too far looking for commies.

    1. Word, Fido. The commies are right here. They have been here for years in our “Public Education System” brainwashing the youth of this corrupt, syphilitic-thinking country. Amerika ist verloren. Bleib ubrig.

    2. Don’t have to look far is *unfortunately* correct.

      That’s why: Local, local, local – as in, knowing your AO – is so vitally important.

      Santa had it right in that old holiday tune:

      “He’s making a list, and checking it twice.
      Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice….”

  6. You are spot on with your training assessment of the Russians. There is one thing you have yet to touch on tho, and that is logistics. You got it right about the old armor and mobile, no doubt. But Ivan has the advantage of having let us beat our heads against a wall while they sit back and laugh, much like toward the end of Stalingrad. The simply built supplies and troop levels to a point where they would win for certain, and attacked on two fronts, catching them in a pincer movement. Plus, the way the Russians deploy their supplies is different. They will have what they need on hand to destroy opposing forces quickly, having learned a thing or two from the first time they faced those tactics from Guderian. And one, final, point. They will not be hamstrung by candy assed politicians.

  7. 100% dead on BCE.
    Besides the military side of the equation, like I posted the other day Russia and China have realized that financially the US and EU are a financial house of cards with fiat currency backed by NOTHING.
    Originally after WWII, the U.S. dollar was backed and redeemable by lots of gold. In 1972 with the help of the Saudis, the dollar was decoupled from gold but was backed by oil (hence why we have been in the Middle East since then).
    But the recent defection of the Saudis to join BRICS was MASSIVE news that no one in this country covered or paid attention to. The dollar is now no longer backed by Saudi oil !!
    Meanwhile BRICS is about to launch their own currency backed by gold and oil.

    BRICS will soon take over as the reserve currency of the World and it will be GAME OVER for the US.
    No more printing money out of thin air. No more $15 billion aircraft carriers we can’t afford. No more printing money to have half the population getting a government check.
    Losing reserve currency status will make us like Great Britain in the long run, still a country but an “also ran” and the days of pissing money away will be over.

    1. The simple analysis of the problem: “with the help of the Saudis, the dollar was decoupled from gold but was backed by oil”

      A little fuller understanding: The dollar was decoupled by France and others exchanging exported dollars for gold because they believed the dollar was overvalues

      The rest of the story: LBJ’s expansion of spending for Vietnam, the Space Race and the welfare state had the country spending more than it made. The difference was printed and devalued the dollar. Other countries traded dollars for gold until the system broke.

  8. Well little Brother seeing as how I was in Big Green Machine back in the 70’s I guess that dates me. The one advantage us Boomers have? I can still remember what this country used to be in the 50’s before Kennedy got his brains blown out and everything went to shit.
    Frankly I am more concerned with the commies in this country.

  9. I look at it this way: We have enough commies here, why go looking for a fight with former commies 5000 miles away?

    The rest of the world would breath a sigh of relief if we returned to our isolationist ways, instead of running around sticking our fingers into every cookie jar around the world like we have been doing since the end of WWII.

    1. Wilson, top 5 worst presidents, with easily tyevlongest lasting and most comprehensive damage.

  10. True BCE.
    Remember though the west cannot allow this war to end. Too many elites would lose the basis of their power.
    Unless there’s another biggie being cooked up somewhere.
    But the location of Uke seems important…

  11. @ BCE

    Dang, friend, you are one smart son of a gun…. I’d buy you a cold one if I knew where to do it!
    The thing about the current WW3 in the making is that the western ruling class – the oligarchs – can’t let go of Ukraine because it is the keystone or so they believe, to preventing Russia from becoming master of the Eurasian landmass, a.k.a. the “World Island” as Halford MacKinder termed it more than a century ago. That long-dead Victorian Age Brit is still having an outsized effect on how the diplomats and the military brass think about geopolitics, never mind that the Age of Empire ended eons ago.

    Foreign policy realism, if it still existed inside Washington, D.C. and Brussels and London, would dictate that peace talks should begin pronto, and a negotiated end to the crisis take place. But the trouble is that foreign policy realism has gone extinct in the halls of power in the West.

    Like Adolf Hitler gone mad in his bunker and issuing orders to imaginary divisions of troops – our so-called “elites” are living in a fantasy world in which they are still kings of the world like it was 1960 – or even 1990. The idea of a multi-polar world is so utterly anathema to them, it is almost literally an allergy.

    Rumor has it that there is a furious and hotly-contested power-struggle going on behind the scenes right now within the deep-state national security community. Between whom, you ask? Proponents of getting the f- out of this war before someone presses the button for the nukes, versus the ones who are perfectly fine with artificial sunshine and Dr. Strangelove and all of that.

    I’m just a civilian pogue with his nose pressed against the glass trying to figure out what is going on, but that’s the scuttlebutt I’ve heard. Scary stuff.

    And as long as we’re discussing scary things, the Russians and the Chinese, regardless of what you think about them – hate ’em, love ’em or someplace in-between – have something in recent history that we do not: An intimate familiarity with total war waged upon their soil. Both nations as recently as the Second World War lost millions upon millions of people killed and millions more wounded or maimed for life and that doesn’t even count the ones who just lost their homes and livelihoods.

    In other words, they’re willing to absorb losses in order to win that would positively break the U.S. and break the West. For this reason, they can’t be bullied and they can’t be intimidated like all of those “small nations” we have fought for so many years. The power brokers in the West seem to think that they’re bluffing, but they’re not. They’re dead-serious and willing to go all the way.

    By the way, sleep tight tonight, OK? (Nightmares inbound in 3,2, 1…)

  12. Big feller, the difference between the clown nurse ( and this Dan guy ) and bloggers such as yourself, you know what you know, and you know what you don’t know. And you are constantly checking on that shit you think you know so something doesn’t change without you knowing it.

    There was a song ” Little Miss Can’t be Wrong” that perfectly describes nursie. His ego cannot allow even the notion he might have his “facts” or his interpretation of said facts wrong. That just isn’t possible.

    Whereas you and like bloggers, the reader can tell you get it, that in the fog of any war, you had better be a little less cocksure about your intel mate, a lot less. Shit it this empire of lies it’s pretty fucking hard to be sure about anything. Well unless you’re a nurse I guess- thems mighty credentials by cracky uh huh.

  13. the problem with most of the clowns in charge as it seems to me is, they “think” this country can fight a war like WW2 all over again ? what I do not understand is how ?
    we no longer have the trained workforce, the factories or even the machines/tools to do it.
    don’t they understand what the rust belt is or rather WAS ?
    and that does not even account for the status of the military today, standards ? what standards ?
    besides, who is going to fight this war ? the normal guys that did most of the fighting in the past want nothing to do with the “new green machine” and I don’t blame them either !
    then too, the people wanting the war NEVER go and fight themselves now, do they ?
    no, I think the dollar will fall and with it. most of the gov’t/clown world plans will as well.
    used to be a saying back in the 1970’s. we would kick ass for 3 days, then be stuck somewhere
    without food, ammo or gas. from what I hear these days, we might not last 3 days.
    so, no. old Vlad doesn’t have to do a thing. the clowns in charge are killing what is left of this country all by themselves with the stupid and insane shit they are doing everyday.

    1. That just reminded me. In the early 70’s I was production manager for a large industrial parts manufacturer for all large equipment companies. We had this huge old broaching machine that the old guy that used to operate it said was used in WWII. Needless to say, management would not let anyone train to use it. One day years later I got a frantic call to see the owner. The US govt. was willing to pay huge money for “product” run on that machine. Hiding my laughter and smile I said: “Sorry. No one was trained to operate it and you sold it for scrap.”

      1. my buddy used to run a scrap yard back in the 1970-90’s. you would not believe than sheer
        amount of old machine tools that went for scrap back then. lathes, mills and shapers
        and all of the tooling that went with it all. all sold as scrap metal.
        I did save a few machines myself, for myself. kind of weird buying a lathe for 40 cents per pound. some even cheaper than that. we don’t really make machine tools here anymore.
        when I grew up in philly, there used to be a machine shop like every 2 blocks or so.
        now ? try to find one. and the clowns in charge think they can turn on the tap and everything will flow again like it did in the 1940’s ? there are no factories left like there ONCE was in this country, they are gone. and if we work very hard for the next 40-50 years. we might get close to that again. but I do have my doubts about that part.
        there is very little left of that America left anymore. it all got sold overseas as scrap metal

    2. Dave said: “the people wanting the war NEVER go and fight themselves now, do they “.

      NO, they don’t and never have but in the past let their sons fight.

      Before and during WWI, Rudyard Kipling was a big time Imperialist and war hawk (a neocon of his time).
      Well of course HE wouldn’t go fight but he wanted his only son to. Unfortunately the kid had horrible eye sight and the military rejected. him. So Rudyard used his connections and got the kid commissioned in the Irish Guards as a butter bar at age 17.
      At the Battle of Loos he led his men over the top of the trench and was killed. His death haunted his father but still didn’t stop his BS war mongering ways.

      I think these war mongering SOBs should be all handed a rifle and sent to the front lines if they love war so much !

  14. Yes, outsourcing and switching to Just-in-time production (Hello, McKinsey) was a really great idea – NOT.

    We Germans had about 500.000 West and 190.000 East soldiers but because of the fall and re-unification our forces were thrown away. Now we are at 1920 levels (Army of 1920 + Freikorps).
    Ammunition situation: 2-3 days fighting and then we need 6 months to refill.
    Tanks, planes, etc: if 20% are ready to use and combat ready we have a great day. Which we havent since 1995 or so.
    Our bunkers were sold to the public or destroyed, because we are surrounded by friends. That was the big mantra after 1990.
    Our emergency food supply (about 6 months worth) shipped to Africa.

    Our ancesters must be rotating inside their graves.
    We are importing millions of “people from Africa” that cant be assimilated. And our Greens dont want them to assimilate.
    I think, if our ancestors would see the Germany of today, they would have made sure, that when the Allies entered Germany the entire country would been just one single graveyard. Not one German left alive.
    It is better for a short period pain then to suffer pain for ages.

  15. The days of America the World Policeman is done, well, staggering towards the last drunken pratfall.

    Rome and many other empires of history fell to currency debasement (The Money Printer go BURRRR) AND foolish wasteful wars that never needed fighting.

    Money backed by nothing makes us the Empire of DEBT. Over the short run the momentum of previous glory and Military might can keep it going BUT Afghanistan, totally BOGUS Banana Republic “Selections” of a doddering Meat Sack and Worldwide notice that we STEAL YOUR ASSETS by “Sanctions” and such BS makes us a nuclear armed drunk staggering and falling down the stairway of History.

    But then again History is but a record of Human stupidity writ large.

    Kill a Commie for Mommie isn’t a bad thing as protecting the family IS the Basis of a Society. But old Boomers (Yeah, I’m one too) don’t want to look around and ask themselves “Hans, are we the Baddies”? Democrat controlled Zones in America is far more commie than Russia and Canada seems hellbent to beat us to the “Glorious Socialist Paradise”

    Pretty soon that meme that the F in Socialism means Food (I.E. for the Dan’s among us AIN’T NO F, so NO FOOD) will become abundantly clear.

    Putin knows this. He just needs to outlast us as not to get His country Nuked in a deep state driven madman’s rage.

    Sun Tzu knew about this:

    An Evil Leader will burn down his own country to rule over the ashes.

    Protect your family and trusted friends. The America we grew up in is going to be looking like 1984 crossed with Mogadishu.

    1. Hold all calls folks, we have a winner.
      I’m a boomer as well. I come from a military family. Dad was in Korea at 17 in the Army then joined the AF and went to Vietnam. Came home and we went to Whiteman were he was a Minute man launch officer. My bro was SF 7th group. I was AF crew chief on F4’s. So yea, I was indoctrinated that the evil Russians were at our doorstep 24/7. Got that shit spoon fed to me around the card table on base housing for many a moon. “Stemming the tide of aggressive communism” and all that shit. Guys like us got played. However, as said above, we grew up in an awesome time and I am thankful for that.
      We are done as a nation, both morally and financially. The bottom awaits and then hopefully if the right people come out on top of the shitshow we can build start over with a better perspective using the ORIGINAL constitution as a blueprint.
      I will take Col. McGregor’s opinion on the outcome of the Rus/Ukie goatfuck before anyone else’s. Out of all the info that I have absorbed on the subject he seems to have the most experience in the theater. The only time I happen to read Aesops bullshit anymore is when he shows up here, but he seems to be channeling Zelensky these days.

      1. Roger that, Skipperdaddy. F-105/f-102 crew chief, ’69-’73. I’m still all in on kill a commie for mommy, but they ain’t Russian.
        Where ever I am when the shit goes down, that’s probably where it will end. Instead of running and gunning, I’m more like a tank with a track blown off. Hopefully, I’ll be somewhere that I can load mags, or fix guns (armorer, small arms Cal. Guard ’83-“86), or some useful support. We’ll see.

  16. Yeah all the radical liberal communist fags popped off during the sixties and seventies to stop the Vietnam war, but now…crickets. Why? Commander poopy pants child sniffer pursuviant aka barry husein soteroe and biggest mikey are running the antifa burn loot murder coons

  17. I have thoughts:
    1. In any peer-level contest, target #1 is enemy domestic infrastructure. Grid, comms, fuel pipelines, refineries, transport (air, ship / ports, rail, truck). All of it runs on software, and all of the software is pre-hacked, chips backdoored, etc. What do you think the rooms /buildings full of military hackers have been doing for the past 25 years? Within 24 hours of a peer-level conflict, nothing civilian will work. Nothing. 2023 ==> 1850. Transport: zero. Banking: zero. Warehousing and trucking: zero. Grid: zero. Water: existing pressure from water towers, if any. Fuel: stocks on hand, tank farms, hard but not impossible to access.
    2. 1 above means resupply = zero, training and reinforcememt = zero. What’s the infantry gonna eat, shoot, move, communicate? Answer: nothing. Take and hold territory? Lolz. Infantry is irrelevant in a modern peer contest. Infantry is relevant in my neighborhood. See 5 below.
    3. There are two types of ships at sea: submarines, and targets. A shockingly sudden and ugly contest will quickly play out on, but mostly under, the high seas. Everyone’s stealthy until they launch…anything. The seas are a killing field.
    4. Some military systems will over time be recovered from, or proven resistant to, the crashes induced by 1 above. How long will these last? How will they be prioritized? Guarding politicians and rich people bolt holes?
    5. Mil age males infiltrated domestically (invited and paid to be here?) get activated, and no one has time to think about a peer level contest? What peer level contest?

  18. The Standard Grain guy has repeatedly said he is sick of hearing about Ukraine. I’m thinking that the amount of “PAY Attention to THIS” the media is putting down is as much a coverup of what is going on in our real world. When we all sit down to do our taxes the reality is going to hit hard. I expect a bunch of people who were taking vacations during ‘life was good with Trump’ and are now broke AF will suddenly understand why there’s so much ammo going to the taxman’s swat teams.

    Speaking of blooded troops a pair in a stolen car gave a retirement present to a boomer cop in Las Vegas. Crickets from the media. Another blooded blood spent two weeks showing the weakness of the state with an escape and evasion drill.

    It’s going to be a long winter….I need to do more firewood.

  19. Caesar crossed the Rubicon with only one Legion, the 13th, but they were battle hardened troops…Pompeii had several legions of un-blooded recent recruits..Pompeii, an experienced General, left Rome to avoid battle…

  20. Clearly – from the boomers above… there is more than just Boomerism going on here BCE. You look at guys like MacGregor and Ritter, or any number of our esteemed stubfarts here in the comments… some of us see EXACTLY what’s going on – and who is responsible. Counting out the geriatric boomers – I don’t think this thing is age driven. Something else is at work and I think it is just pure, unadulterated zealotry mixed with a generous helping of stupidity. Lots of younger people are falling for this shite too.

    Aesop is a wonderful case in point. If you disagree with him – it’s because you’re stupid or evil, probably both. If you dare question him it’s heresy and anathema and he loses his mind. We see this with all the Current Things – especially Covid. Speaking of which – our esteemed Special Olympian has written some scholarly epistles on how masks actually work … as one-way virus filters, HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!!

    Simply put, our problem lie largely with stupidity and psychopathy – and unfortunately that spans all the age demographics.

  21. I see 3 general types of anti-Russian sentiment: 1) the leftover cold war Boomer mindset;2) the neocons who hate Russia for kicking them out and “ruining” their precious bolshevism; & 3) the leftists who hate, hate, hate the Russians for abandoning communism. A lot of overlap between these groups and the supporters of the Russia Russia Russia hoaxes as well . Hating and killing commies is still awesome, but they aren’t in Moscow anymore, they are mostly in DC, Brussels, and Beijing.

    1. The Bolshevik brainwashing is so deep in the US, most folks can’t wrap their heads around the fact we’ve been infiltrated since the 1880’s here, their unions are accepted as good for the workers and their destruction of our education system is a complete success for our current state of idiocy.
      Mass denial of reality and complacency are now killing us.

  22. I’m also a late 70’s/early 80’s boomer submariner. Spent lots of time underway tracking and following Soviet missile submarines. They were the “enemy” and while we at the time had a significant technological advantage we still respected their capabilities.
    That being said, I have been telling people for years that Russia is not an enemy of the United States. The sooner that all of those who are still fighting the Cold War and longing for a hot one with Russia die or expelled from influencing foreign policy the safer we as a people get.
    We have real enemies inside the wire who are more intent on destroying us than the Russian leaders.

    1. 80’s, 90’s, Early 2000 Ship Driver here. I remember partying with the Rooskies in Panang, Malaysia late 89 during an “International” event. There was no hate then and certainly no hate after the USSR went tango uniform. Pulled into Vlad and China in the early 90’s. No hate.

    1. Doubt it, known both Aesop and Dave in PA online for years. Sour Grapes to BBQ Pulled Pork in qualities. One will discuss, one cannot have doubt in HIS TEMPLE (of his mind).

      But good snipe hunter act.

      1. thanks for that. I just a simple poor boy that retired to the hills of pa.
        never thought of myself as smart either. but I do know which way is up.
        and I am always learning something new to me. got to know a couple of Russians back in the late 1970’s (west berlin) guess what? they are a lot like us. they have no clue why they are
        to hate us (??) most of them just want to live life and be left alone to get by.
        I think the reason behind the Russian hate now is because they not letting others come in and rob them blind anymore. I think it is greed that makes them the way they are.
        seems like Vlad out a stop to the stealing over there and that is why they (neocons ) hate his ass. but again, what do I know ?

  23. ALCON,

    I spent some time at OP Alpha, Fulda along the fenced and mined border of the former DDR. My paternal grandparents were Russian LEGAL immigrants not ILLEGAL invaders (you know them as politically correct “migrants”).

    The Russian Federation didn’t spend 20 years of losing American youth blood and treasure in the insignificant Afghanistan/Iraq/Somalia debacle(s) like FUSA did (Do not forget the 58,000+ American dead in Vietnam).

    The Russian Federation hasn’t been inviting, encouraging, welcoming and funding the foreign invasion of our once, sovereign borders.

    The Russian Federation has not forced FUSA to give and continue to give, hundreds of billions of FUSA debtbucks to the insignificant shithole known as Ukraine. In the meantime ignoring American Citizens. Especially those who are Patriotic, Christian and Caucasian.

    The Russian Federation did not dismember what was left of our armed forces by throwing out thousands of trained and combat-experienced GIs for protecting themselves from the poisoned inoculation fedgov “developed” courtesy the Scam Virus known as COVID-19.

    The Russian Federation did not shove homosexuals, transexuals, carpet munchers and a host of assorted perverts down the throats of Traditional and Patriotic Americans within our armed forces, schools, universities and communities.

    The Russian Federation did not install traitor biden and a host of domestic communists led by the former, unqualified and illegitimate “POTUS” ie., Barry Barak Hussein Soetoro-Obama with a coordinated and falsified national election.

    The enemy to what remains of this once, great Nation, is not Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation.

    The enemy is within our no longer existing, former sovereign borders. The enemy to what is left of FUSA, are the communists ensconsed within the confines of Washington District of Criminals and it’s conglomerate of Marxist, three-letter agencies with their wealth of Amerikan traitors. Headquartered in the White House.

    In closing just one small snippet of advice….know where armories, reserve centers and Coast Guard stations are located. These government facilities are filled with automatic weapons, sniper rifles and a host of crew-served weapons AND Night-Vision Devices galore.

    IAW the United States Constitution organize and gun up to defend your loved ones and your cherished beliefs.

    “We The People….”

    1. also where the DHS has building. there is a stockpile of weapons and ammo inside them.
      know a guy who retired a few years ago from them. he told me you wouldn’t believe what
      they have stored inside there. the place looks like a prison really with all of the barb wire and
      a guard at the gate. but it is a DHS building. and it is loaded to the rooftop with goodies
      according to him.

  24. “ All these ‘talking heads’…
    All these ‘former DotMil’ experts…
    All these ‘former Generals’ from all over…
    Even worse? All these ‘foreign policy experts’?”

    They’re all grifters, both sides. If their livelihoods depend on the people seeing/reading/hearing/commenting and some reposting it. Most people haven’t figured that out yet. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all just shut it down as if an emp went off

  25. Commies. America won The Second War to Kill Whypipple by giving Lend Lease to Uncle Joe, right? Since the Advent of Marxist, Compulsory Public Schools, America has grafted all ten planks of The Communist Manifesto onto The American Way of Life. Right? Currently, if you tried to make Americans live under Freedom, by gutting those Commie planks, 80 percent would be calling for your scalp, right?
    Putin may not be a friend, though; hasn’t his holding back caused the death of most Ukrainian men between 14 and 88? Aren’t God’s Co-Pilots seeking new digs? Same people who ran “Russia” as the USSR?

  26. I’d like to know why there are 30k survey flights conducted state side and down unda….What are ‘they’ looking at/for? If ya wanna know who’s winnin, just compare Moscow with any western city and it becomes clear.

  27. I don’t believe it’s limited to one generation when it comes to that attitude toward the Russians. I have a neighbor who is a relatively young Iraq Vet, who is very into the “Russia sucks, their Army sucks and their weapons suck.”

    The guy gets angry when I point out that even with the huge number of weapons we pour into the war, the Ukes are losing. He’s convinced that Russia is losing and has had far more casualties than the Ukes have.

    I don’t have all that much contact with large numbers of people out here in the middle of nowhere, but he must be getting his “information” from others who think the way he does. I doubt that he reads Aesop. LOL He’s more likely to read the socialist sites.

  28. Good writeup. Our rulers seem deranged enough to believe own agitprop about Russia. “Putin is scavenging washing machines for parts! About to be deposed! ‘Kraine is winning!” Recipe for uncontrolled escalation. Nucflash, baby.

    On Aesop, he’s so good on so much. But love of argument and ’80s big hair mindset leads him into error on ‘Kraine and masks. His latest maskaholicism came out as Steve Kirsch updated “Why masks are ineffective against Covid in a community setting and here are the studies”:

  29. We’ll know Vlad is feeling some pressure when he turns loose assets already in place in the West to help FBI, DHS and like traitors in their respective nations to make some false flag White Supremacy domestic terrorist incidents. Biden starts rounding up vets with bad social credit scores and stuff gets real.

  30. “Nope, the US DotMil has not gone up against a peer rival since either Korea (the Joe Chinks) or since World War Two…(Japs and Krauts) your choice… either way, the thing that makes/has me somewhat nervous is the very fact that right now?”

    Where the Ivans are concerned, we’d be remiss to overlook how they shouldered more than their fair share of the burden when it came to dealing with the Krauts. I’d go so far as to say that, were it not for the fact that Ivans hated the Krauts only slightly more than they feared Stalin and his commisars, hence why they fought so hard, we in the west may well be speaking German by now.

    The Russians are by no means strangers to hardships the way we in the West are. We ignore this at our peril.

    1. JL,

      I have a reference book somewhere giving the percentages of Third Reich troop casualties and where. What I have never forgotten is this statistic:

      84.9% of ALL German casualties were incurred on the Eastern Front courtesy the Red Army.

      So much for the American propaganda that USA troops were instrumental in defeating the troops of Hitler’s Third Reich.

  31. I may have seen the same book you’re referencing.

    Reading about the battles in places like Kursk, Smolensk, and of course Stalingrad, and how hard the Red Army fought and how much they sacrificed throughout the Eastern Front campaign is enough to convince me of the resolve of a people like the Russians. They’re certainly not to be trifled with.

  32. Answer me this question… What is Russia’s goal in this conflict? How much of that goal have they accomplished? What are their costs in achieving that goal? How far are they from “wrapping up” this little adventure of theirs? All relevant questions. My statement that Russia is a paper bear is valid and relevant. If they had been the massive threat NATO had been fearing for decades this would have been over and done with in a month…if.

    I have also stated that while Russia AIN’T winning neither is Ukraine. But Ukraine isn’t trying to defeat Russia. Just make them give up and go away. Huge difference. So far this entire fiasco has been a circle jerk of death, destruction and incompetence on the part of Russia. And while in no way is Ukraine the “good guys” they have been pretty successful in keeping the enemy from succeeding. As I stated originally. There are no winners in this thing. Just losers.

    As for invaluable “combat experience”. It would seem the majority of the experience the Russians are gaining is on HOW TO DIE. My statement that Russia is not and apparently never was the threat they were thought to be is valid. Whether or not the US is at this point capable of being the force it was thirty years ago is a totally separate issue.

    Regarding the involvement of NATO and the fact that a number of high powered Americans have been involved in Ukraine to get rich…different issue. Related but not really a part of the issue with military successes of failures.

    1. Dan maybe you should go to the Open Source data. Putin put out at the very beginning of the Special Operation exactly Russia’s goals. Unlike Aesop’s ongoing “Look they are retreating (or not advancing), 2 weeks to take Kiev and such” that that was never the plan.

      Creating a meatgrinder was the main part of demilitarizing and de-Nazification of Ukraine.

      And frankly he’s doing an excellent job at it.

      You might also start questioning the casualties the Russian’s are “Suffering” so far from 3rd party sources it seems the western media is reversing the actual on the ground stats.

      If you look around, you might notice while there are many times a day Ukrainian propaganda reports about their successes, no real failures (basics of Propaganda 101) AND NO RUSSIAN Reports, just “Opinion Puff Pieces “ABOUT Russian reports (Also Propaganda 101).

      But also remember when the Sock Puppet of the USA and many Senators put out, they intend to “Destroy Russia” call them war criminals and STEAL their assets under color of law (AKA Sanctions) as well as massive anti-Russian behavior all around.

      Don’t be surprised the Russians DO think this isn’t a tiny war but a war for the Survival of Mother Russia.

      BTW, Dan going to open source you *might* want to see exactly Putin has been saying WHEN HE will Use Nuclear Weapons. So far, our “Awesome Leadership” (need I add a sarc tag here) has been operating on that “The ole dog we’ve been throwing rocks at hasn’t bit us YET”.

      Putin is a Russian Patriot and frankly the MODERATE in their government keeping HIS Nuke them all madmen under control. He doesn’t want Mother Russia nuked and knows like Afghanistan military games (2nd Place) and frankly the rest of our military adventures since WW2 against 3rd world nations without effective Air Defense and no nukes we are a failing nation.

      Putin is a complex man, a KGB man who knows more about our counties activities than we know of Russia. He sees our money printer goes BUUURRRR and legalized theft under color of law aka Sanctions has pushed Russia and the Non-western world to work together to DE-Throne King Dollar and then with a Weimar Germany 2.0 economy OUR Ability to Bribe half the world will STOP.

      Oh, We don’t bribe? Tell that to the Iranians recent return of hostages for billions….

      The first false flag nuke will be the seeds of hundreds of real Russian nukes deployed. Russians don’t do pity pat.

      As a history buff I’ve been fascinated by the fall of Rome and Weimar Germany’s economic collapse. Never figured I’d SEE them in Real Time with Wi-Fi.

      REAL TROUBLE is coming.

      Protect your family and trusted friends. More important than Military Sports ball and such.

      1. “demilitarizing and de-Nazification”

        When has that ever happened? In a world war focused on destroying a country, firebombing cities, murdering and raping sprees, starvation, the men thrown in camps and millions left to die, everyone brainwashed and the country rebuilt to emasculate them. The only people left with power were traitors. So even if you can ‘denazify’ a jewish run country, as absurd as that is, how is Russia accomplishing this?

        “a war for the Survival of Mother Russia.”
        then why don’t they act like it?

        *Shoigu shrug*

  33. Did they ever quit calling the popup targets Ivan?

    I’m not buying any of this shit from either side. I’m not buying the numbers, whether official or estimates rounded to the 100k, but does it really matter? No one in power gives a fuck how many guys die as long as the right people still own the right companies, the right towns. I looked at a map the other day and compared it to a map from exactly a year before. I’m not seeing a big win here. Russia lost ground, maybe they don’t care . But what goals have they achieved? What WERE their goals? Real goals, not denazification or prole shit like that.

    The Kremlin is copying the west down to the WEF-style language. They want covid and clotshots and ai and biometrics and their CBDC and sustainable everything else except the tranny fag shit. They are arresting people for saying they’re not fighting the war to win. They’re not taking Kiev anytime soon, no matter what we wish would have happened. They’re certainly not taking Europe. If you can’t muster up a puppet government for a shithole like Ukraine, how would you control the whole continent?

    They want to play ball. My guess: the winners and losers will be decided at a negotiating table by the jew advisors making their deals with their brothers and cousins on the other side. Like Versailles. And someone is going to get stabbed in the back. I have a feeling that is the real reason Wagner got bumped off.

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