A Gran Ole Time Around The House Again

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Got us a Fire-Headed Nookular Gran running up and around this place for the weekend… as stated by the majority of us who’ve dealt with hyper-kinetic-5 year olds “Just where do they get that energy from, and how do we harness it?”

Far be it from me to wonder… OMG… picked her up, got her to the house and >Trumpet Flourish TAAA-Daaah!< “Annnnnd she’s off!” Both cats came out for lovin’s and immediately the Sausage Princess dragged her for a walk and a poop. Poop for the doggo, leastways I -hope- only the doggo dropped, there have been shall we say awkward convos in the past when she was in her “Lets get nekkid and run around the neighborhood” at three…

So, as far as the usual bidness, I ordered me up some coffee as I had to wait til payday. Then I went over to Aesop’s place and found a meme that I think was intended for those of us who’ve been watching the Kraine situation:

He referenced the “…shit flinging poo-monkeys” which I dunno if I per se qualify but the thing of it is this, and this’s the part that I think he’s failing to grasp.

Right now, by ALL Sources, EVERYONE from Emperor Poopypants to the tardoes in Not-So-Great-Britainstan have pretty much acknowledged that the Krainians got their collective heads positively handed to them since the kickoff of the Kounteroffensive, To the point they can’t even field a complete combat Brigade. Out of 12 Challenger 2s delivered, they lost Two of Three that were committed to battle. And they were committed because they were absolutely out of anything else. In fact, the Brits were almost adamant that, after the embarrassing failure(s) of the Leo 2s in toe-to-toe fighting, they didn’t want their precious Challenger 2s to suffer the same ignominy.

Bad for business eh wot?

Thing that Aesop is running on, is that he seems to think that we expect the Russians to keep trying to take territory… that the HUUUGE gaaainz they (the Krainians) made in the summer of 22 were due to the “outmoded, inept and worthless conscripted Russian Army” running away. Since then, that’s been proven to be a fantasy story cooked up by the various Ministries of Propaganda and Lies pushing the story that the Krainians were on the march, and it was only a matter of time until they “drove the Orcs” out.

Thing is, now reading actual after action reports, the Russians engaged in a layered tactical withdrawal, and once in place, hardened the fucking Areas to the point that now? Why move forward when the enemy is oh-so-determined to break themselves on your defensive teeth? Sit back, shift fire, shell the fuck out of them, give ground when appropriate, and let them grind themselves to dust against a layered defense that makes the Siegfried Line look like a minor speed bump.

“Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance” Sun Tzu

I’d say the Russians have that down…

“Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack.” Sun Tzu (again)

And considering both quotes are, IMO dead on, the unbelievable arrogance and stupidity of the Krainians, combined with the unyielding defense that the Russians have set up, per the meme from yesterday regarding the “gaaaainz” that the Kounteroffensive have made?

Yeah… need a magnifying glass…
I mean not for nothing, they are trying however, the current SMO units are going to be rotating at the end of this month. 240,000 troops being relieved in place. Now normally, a rotation like that is done piecemeal, as some of the inbound units haven’t been fully ‘blooded’ yet, and the chances of enemy action to disrupt shit is high during these changeovers.

The fact that Russia is open about it tells me that they’re not especially worried about the Krainians anymore, leastways as a ground effective cohesive combine arms force. Plus the fact that they just started fielding the new FAB-1500 glide bomb.

That there is a FAB-500. Essentially, Ivan took an old 500 pounder ‘dumb bomb’ (think of the bombs falling out of WW2 Bombers and such) and strapped a wing-and-guidance package to it. Turned it into a guided glide bomb. Problem with them is that the primary launch vehicle has been the Mig-31.

Problem is a Mig-31 needs a hella-long runway to take off from. It was designed to be a Mach 3 Interceptor. So because of this, every time one took off from a Russian Airfield, the US DotMil on-station AWACs would let the Krainians know hostiles “packing heat” were inbound.

So, as with everything else that Ivan has done in this war, namely “adapt, improvise, and overcome” they took an even BIGGER dumb bomb running at 1500 kilos and tweaked a new strap on guidance-and-glide package that didn’t need to go on the Mig-31. In this case, not one, but TWO of the FAB-1500s can be mounted on the Su-34.

Now, unlike the Mig-31, the Sukhoi Su-34 can take off from shorter, improvised runways. Which means a hell of a lot less warning for the Krainians, as well as three times the explosive on impact as instead of a 500 kilo/pound the FAB-1500 is well, 1500 kilos or pounds… not sure but three times the ka-boomy-boom.

So why then would we not be expecting Ivan to sit back and wait? They literally have all the time in the world, unless you get your “news” like a mid-wit normie-tard who watches CNN 24-7. Russia for the first time ever beat Germany in the top five GDP Producing countries worldwide. That right there sez something…

All the Russians have to do is watch the morons exsanguinate themselves on the offense. Just short of a full division or three of reinforced ground troops being injected from the Euros or, God help us, US DotMil and the accompanying aviation assets, the Krainians are out of men, out of tanks, and almost out of time.
Y’all Have to excuse me, but I gotta put the Gran to Bed now.

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23 thoughts on “A Gran Ole Time Around The House Again”

  1. Aesop lost the plot on the SMO from the get go. I got tired of his ‘Tard Takes about a week in and have barely been back tho he used to be a daily Must Read. It amazes me how some otherwise brilliant people can fail to see things right in front of them – the wife used to listen to a guy named Poseidon. He was great on mass migration, Euroscepticism etc, went ALL IN on the vaxx and masking. Makes it hard sometimes. I’m genuinely curious when “the penny will drop” (as Aesop likes to say) and hopefully he doesn’t spiral and goes back to being readable.

    1. Nurse Ratchet is running two, not one, absurd scenarios concurrently in case there was ANYONE left who hasn’t realized he is a bloviating fool who is never, ever, wrong about anything.
      He was wrong about the coof from the jump, and even now he is desperately trying to convince everyone: No gawddamn it I was right, I am right, MASKS work. Long boring posts filled with weasel words, twisted logic, and of course the non-stop calling out everyone stupid. Masks work, we just didn’t do it right. Chicken wire fences will stop flying insects, we just don’t use them right. Communism works, we just have never done it right.
      And of course the “Kraine nonsense he pens is embarrassing, may as well watch CNN for the same “insights” he has.

      It’s just a blog to laugh at now, worth maybe a couple of seconds a day.

    2. Far be it for me to defend him – but Aesop makes a common mistake I see in a lot of the older stubfarts. They stake out a position, then seek out the evidence on the innernet to support it. “There’s my evidence and home work you shit flinging pooh monkeys- read it and weep!” Peter Grant and the older guys do it too; they think they’ve proved their point; but all they proved is that there’s other idiots on the internet that agree with them and are as stupid as they are. It’s kinda sad actually. Now the idiot is proving that Covid masks actually work. He’s got all kinds of evidence for that too.

      That’s not how fact checking works. You have to read the stuff you like AND the stuff you don’t. You have to treat all the info the same. For some reason the older and stupider ya get… the harder this is to do… I think it’s because proper fact checking can also debunk assumptions and preconceived notions you’ve had for years. It takes real intellectual integrity to handle that.

      But whadda I know. Some guys are just assholes too. I troll them for sport if I’m so inclined, or ignore them.

  2. looks like a much cheaper version of the jdam package that costs a few 10 thousands bucks.
    I bet Ivan can hook one up for maybe 5-10 grand a pop compared to god knows how much for
    the over priced jdam or whatever they call it package.
    50 to 0ne, they have whole warehouses of weapons they have yet to use.
    where, we are looting our main stockpile to the point that the cupboard is almost bare.

    1. JDAM kits are not all that expensive, I want to say about 13k a pop in 2010 prices. Not a lot too them, as they are just a bomb tail fin unit with built in GPS guidance that can move the fins, and some strakes. We have a version of the winged JDAM too, called the Small Diameter Bomb. It has switchblade wings and is a 250lb bomb, similar to the discontinued 250lb MK81 low drag GP bomb.

  3. Several credible sources report the Russians just had an amphibious class landing ship and a Kilo class Sub destroyed by cruise missiles from Ukraine. Not exactly the work of a defeated military. As stated before…Ukraine simply cannot defeat Russia. But it’s become exquisitely obvious that Russia can’t conquer Ukraine. It’s now a long protracted bloody mexican stand off. No winners. Just losers.

    1. Yes, it is exactly the defeat of Ukraine. Ukraine needs a huge breakthrough and have lost 60k to 70k just trying to get close enough to kill Russians. No serious gains and all of it low lands surrounded by hills topped with Russians. Without progress, and soon, Ukraine will have lost it’s third complete army. Now they are talking about drafting men over 60 and women under 60 and the mentally disturbed, that says they are running out of warm bodies.

      Now what did the attack on a landing ship and a submarine in drydock do to advance the breakthrough? It is a “Big” propaganda victory for the west but you can’t win a war with lies! And if Ukraine was winning, why would they need a propaganda victory?

      1. Yeah, those Cruise Missile Attacks are just Propaganda jobs – and seldom mentioned is that for every one that ‘gets through’ the Air Defense Network downs at least a dozen more, often with Electronic Warfare Systems. There was Video of a Pantzir ADA Truck (Tactical Short-Range Missiles/Autocannon) taking down one of those ‘Storm Shadow’ Missiles, because they were tied in to Sector AD Radar that Tasked them a Target that the Truck’s own Radar couldn’t have spotted in time to Fire.

        As BCE points out, any and all Attacks the “Ukrops” make are Planned and Guided by FUSSA AWACS planes. How long before the Bear splashes one of them, like they already have done to a few of the expensive ISR Drones.

    2. British Storm shadow missiles guided by American Aircraft. Even MSN bragged about that Dan.

      High tech terrorism blasted out daily by every propaganda media known is propaganda. Painful like a bitch slap across the nose by a “Mean Girl” until you get tired of restraining yourself and punch out the SENDERS of the High-Tech toys.

      Meanwhile the social and economies of America’s lapdog the British says they are being advised to not use heat in their homes this winter and their own Generals warn English ability to sustain a war is crippled by bare cupboards. OH, and SEND BACK every Ukranian Refugee for service on the battlelines.

      American social0economics, well let’s see if you buy gasoline, buy food or pay for housing inflation running in the double digits, a ex-president and even the media admits the most popular candidate for the next election getting lawfare’ and “Article 14’d to prevent from being on the ballot (PROTECT OUR Democracy) and a fake president and crackhead son getting a soft soap “Investigation”.

      No wonder Putin regards the USA as a madman running around with a nuclear axe and is waiting for the self-induced cardiac to drop the madman.

    3. Speaking of MSN bragging about direct American support:


      But but but as AESOP SAYS were NOT directly in this war.

      I wonder just how much of the Greenies stopping oil and natural gas is like the watermelon. Green on the outside, red on the inside. Almost like we’re trying to cripple ourselves meanwhile shipping off more weapons per day than we can build or scrounge from South Korea and our rapidly depleting worldwide war stockpiles.

      Dan, I hope you’ve prepared to keep you and yours warm and safe when the American GIMMIE DATS come running in with DOJ Support to feed and care for “Undocumented Citizens”.

      Coming soon a major push to force more No-ID mail in voting with a fake COVID or such emergency. Got to save “OUR Democracy. Fall of Rome 2.0 but with Wi-Fi. Keep cheering about the Military sports ball like the once Roman Citizens in the Colosseum Bread and Circuses.

  4. I think the problem here is a lot of ex military, especially in the commenting class interpret Russia through the old cold war dogma and american military tactics.

    Fact is, they don’t want Ukraine, never did. They don’t want Europe. They were clear what they wanted and what they will do. They took the Ethnic Russian parts, and don’t give two shits about the rest. It’s all an exercise in slaughtering the UK army and busting up all their shit, which is what they’ve been doing.

    I think a Russian soldier said it best when asked about the ‘high quality’ hardware NATO was sending over: “Meh…they’ll burn like all the rest”. And so they do.

    1. Pretty hard to crow about ‘muh gainz!’ when you’ve lost over 20K more souls in a few months than the US did in all of Vietnam.

      They’ve lost nearly half a million men, not counting crippled for life.

      That ain’t winning.

      1. “They’ve lost nearly half a million men, not counting crippled for life.
        That ain’t winning.”

        Not winning for ethnic Ukrainians, no. But someone is winning big time. Dead Slavs on both sides in yet another brother war. Massive graft, clandestine arms sales, and money laundering opportunities. Human trafficking (and very very likely organ harvesting) is easy to hide in the chaos of millions of refugees. Blonde, blue-eyed females and children are much more valuable than those from say, Haiti or the Congo. (And there will be better matches with Ukrainian “donors” than with the usual victims from the more melaninated parts of the world.)

        But who could be winning here? That’s the head scratcher. It’s a stumper, a puzzlement, a mystery wrapped in an enigma and shoved up the ass of a turkey (the traditional holiday Tur-nig-stry) to be sure. If only we could put a name to the whos….

    1. Matt – We can only hope. There are several “Studies” done by his very own ‘CDC’ that showed the Face-Diapers were useless in ‘protecting from’ or ‘preventing transmission of’ pretty much any Disease, never mind Viruses that are 10,000 times Smaller than the Gaps in the Masks.

  5. Funny thing is even “Gamer Guy” whose job on the RU state TV channel is to give the daily “we are advancing on all fronts everywhere just like its August 1941” seems to be far less gung-ho than you are. And he’s the fat fucker paid by the Kremlin to lie through his teeth.

    The British Army does tactical fighting retreats. The Russian Army does not. The Brits lose battles but win wars. The Russians win a few battles and lose wars. But occasionally they are on the winning side. WW2. Napoleonic Wars etc. They lost pretty much everywhere else. Small wars of genocide don’t count. Like in the Caucuses, the ‘stans and Siberia. Russians are very good at small wars of genocide. Lots of practice.

    So yesterdays “battlefront update” was the same rehash with the same maps with same description of “RU successes” Gamer Guy (and the other guy who does these reports) has been giving since the last great “RU victory” – Bakhmut at the end of May. Captured after a literally snails pace RU offensive over nine plus months at immense cost.

    Pure Groundhog day stuff. Except every day on RU state TV it is exactly the same fucking story and the same fucking maps and the same fucking video of those same five fucking Leopard tanks. Jeez it would drive a sane person to drink. No wonder Russians all die from alcohol poisoning and liver failure by the age of 56.

    Gamer Guys daily organ-grinder monkey dance starts around 8:20 in..


    So no sign of the promised huge gains in the RU summer offensive made so loudly in April (and on Victory Day) by the talking heads on the very same programme. This was suppose to be the RU “Final Glorious Victory” offensive this summer you know. The Vistula Front in 1945. With RU tanks rolling down the promenade in Odessa. Very Eisenstein.

    To Berlin, Komrades… Well you know what I mean.

    So the RU is still not winning and the UA is still not losing.

    And Biden is still totally fucking senile.

    Still don’t see what you see. Even in the most ultra nationalist RU propaganda. And there is plenty of that on RU TV. Some days wall to wall Julius Streicherov level stuff. Kill all khokols. Kill all psheks. You know, all the usual Russian love and peace and understanding. Fucking hippies. Those Russians. Charles Manson hippies.

  6. @ Michael
    Yes, the “Send them back” is also here in the news. They even say that it costs about USD 9.000 to get an exemption from the draft in Ukraine.
    But this corruption was discovered and now Ukraine wants them all back.
    They even say, that it is a crime and they will make arrest warrants per Interpol and demand they send them back.

    That will be fun.
    Germany took a lot of Ukrainians to prevent them from being massacred by Putin and now they are EVIl draft dodger that must be send back

    IRONY: The greens in the german government are on the one side those who scream “WAR!” but on the other side they are the main supporters of monuments to remember draft dodgers. (Ok, they mean draft dodgers during WWII, but only german ones.). I wonder how they will be able to reconcile those two opposite positions.

    1. The incongruity of protecting migrants (and venerating historical draft dodgers) at all costs, versus sending back every Ukrainian expat they can turn up, to be ground into meat chunks on the battlefield back home, will be no problem for them to reconcile whatsoever. How many times do we have to witness the absolute lack of cognitive dissonance these fucking people are capable of, to keep wasting our time pointing out fresh, new examples of their “blatant hypocrisy”, when they neither recognize or experience the existence of any such thing? Besides, sean hannity has a patent on that schtick, it’s what he’s done every night on TV for years now. And what problems has he solved in doing so? Yeah.

      These people are shameless liars and unprincipled whores. The only solution to their practice of talking out of both sides of their mouths concurrently, and yet avoiding all accountability for it, is to force accountability on them, in ways most painful.

      Talking about it is useless, everyone who isn’t an asshole figured it out a long time ago. Making those who do it, and keep getting away with it, suffer real consequences for doing so is the way forward.

  7. Anyone who, for a fraction of a second, believed that paper or cloth masks would provide protection from a virus is a blithering idiot. And, any and all of you who tried to force, coerce, or cajole anyone into wearing one needs to be executed in the most brutal way possible. It’s that simple. I hate you with the white-hot passion of a million suns, and I will never forgive or forget the tyranny that you imposed on me/us.

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