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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Appreciate all the advice on the len(s) for the Eyeballs. Have to see what shakes out as I get closer. Been too busy making up for 1/2 day off yesterday from People’s Glorious Tractor Factory. In fact today, I got call from Premier!

Never a good thing normally, but seems it was, as he wanted to chat about some issues that have cropped up in production. The conversation went well, but is always a bit nervous-making to speak to the Premier… leave me to speak to the Commissars please. Production has ramped up in a major way, and I’m sort of floundering a wee bit, and sort of melted down on another coworker… nothing that could get me fired or anything… just a “OMG!!! Cut. me. some. slack.”

Enough about work. In the Eternal Struggle of “Always Needing MOAR Bux” I managed to snag an associate slot for I watch the guy who owns it/made it on YouTube who runs a pretty good channel. Seems that a bunch of associates decided to fuck with his business, namely other less-seen YouTubers who signed up for being associates, and then after four fucking days they went on “X” and p[ut the guy on blast for his politics…

Coached of course in a way that it was a blatant attempt to get him AND his company cancelled while ALSO trying to gain ‘clout’. Buch of other limp-wrist spineless jellyfags immediately cancelled their associations as well. And of course the Leftist Commiemob jumped in as well…

So when he announced that there were openings, and his quote: “I don’t care what your politics are!” I took him at his word. Signed up/Applied, and Gave him my link to El Bloggo Nasty, and waited.

As you can see in the right side, I was approved, as well as for my custom 10% off your first purchase using the Name The Jew NTJ code… My ‘cut’ of the vig is 5% of all sales made using my code(s)… I mean why not? Every. Fucking. Dime. Counts. these days, as if y’all don’t already know it. If you do try it, let me know in the comments if it’s good or not… I’ve seen some reviews that say it is, and I have to wait til payday to take advantage of my own discount Aye?



My personal favorite?

Just Wow… especially when you see things like this:

Again, so much winning.

They did however ‘put points on the board’ today…

Today the “Big News” has been that the Krainians –did– hit the port in Sevastopol. Word is a dry docked Sub got taken out, and a dry docked Landing Craft (one of their BIG ones) got damaged, although the extent hasn’t been called out yet.

By their own admittance, they used the Brit Storm Shadow Cruise Missiles in a BIG strike… that the orders and Intel (Satellite and whatnot) was allll coordinated by the NATO generals, as these 70-80iq Krainians just do not have the capability and or capacity to do a mission like this without NATO. Hell, even the Storm Shadows were given to them by the Brits. All of which leads me to My Current Question:

How much longer is Putin going to hold off on hitting the sourcing of these expensive ‘toys’ that’ve been supplied? I mean the Russians have been diligent in hitting Logistics Hubs when they get the Intel, and a lot of equipment (that which hasn’t been stolen/grifted by the Krainians) hasn’t made it to the front… In fact, as an example, I saw this and commented on Gab today:

Not sure where it was taken but correct me if I’m wrong, but the newly painted crosses on there are Krainian Armor markings?
If so, there’s scraping the ‘bottom of the barrel’
And then there’s this.
That Frens, is a Panzer 38(t) Model. Originally made and designed by the Czechoslovakians, and when the Germans took over them, they kept using and making them. Link to the history is HERE

I am NOT going to say that they are digging up museum pieces, but maaan, even by my standards that shit IS a pure-dee Museum Piece. Made in 1938? Whew, they’re getting really desperate if in fact that is the case. So back to the original issue:

How much longer is VodkaManBad going to put up and keep allowing the Brits to keep this charade up? I mean if –I– was in charge? The factory that the Storm Shadows are produced at would suffer a calamitous on-purpose accident or a cruise missile strike. At this point he knows that the current NWO/GAE morons are literally going to let this continue… as in “the beatings will continue until morale improves” sort of shit… up til the last Krainian as it is…

And considering I’m re-evaluating just how stupid the average Krainian seems to be at this point… Dense doesn’t even start to cover it. I unfortunately had a few run-ins with some ‘Gopnik Krainians’ quite a few years ago, and no, they ain’t ‘sending their best’.

Especially in light of that mentally ill tranny they got as the English spokesthing… Link to the story is HERE and ‘it’ looks like a deranged version of the Church Lady, albeit with a ‘Karen’ wig…

I mean FFS Mr. Putin, will you please just end it all at this point? Take out London, Kiev, DC, anything… just shut this shit down ok?

Sorry but man, the longer this goes on, the less patience I have for all ‘teh stooopid’… Drop the Bomb man, End it now.

More Later
Big Country

28 thoughts on “New Stuff and Same as it Ever Was”

  1. What a delight it’s been over the last year, watching the world get its money’s worth out of this farce of a conflict.

    Zelensky can’t get the Saddam/bin Laden/Ghadaffi/anyone-else-who-does-business-with-the-western-MIC treatment quick enough…for everyone’s sakes.

  2. Did you notice Putin and Kim Jong Un hanging out this week ?
    Maybe JUST maybe the Russians like the Chinese are playing the “long game”.
    The US and NATO have depleted their supplies and weaponry to almost nothing.
    Now imagine that the Chinese are planning to take over Taiwan ?
    What is the U.S. going to fight them with– spitballs ?
    Also what if the Russians and allies start moving West, what is NATO going to fight them with ?

    1. Better yet, krazy kim rolls out his 40 million starving mad raving lunatics south over the dmz, at the same time chy-na decides it wants more oceanfront chip manufacturers.
      3 fronts? No F-ing way…

    2. “Now imagine that the Chinese are planning to take over Taiwan ?”

      Seems less likely by the day no matter what kind of provocations the pedophiles, sociopaths and mass murderers in D.C. try to gin up.

      Quote from link below: “……… there is an assumption that the Taiwanese are going to fight, and there is just zero basis for that. There is no data to support that theory.

      The KMT would immediately seize control of the military and the civilian government and declare a collaboration government, and probably just outright declare reunification.

      This entire war is a nonstarter.”

  3. Yeah, well, the fall of Rome was a process a long 700 year process, we’re damn sure not going to make it anywhere near that number. But it won’t happen overnight either.
    The motherWEFers have painted themselves into a corner, they thought they had it all lined up, new robotics, quantum computing, and AI in hand so now- now we can kill 7/8 of these useless eaters who we used to need for mundane shit.
    The chemtrails, the pesticided/low nutrient mass-produced food, the fluorinated water, drugs drugs drugs, endless wars, queering of everything, etc etc ad nauseum. Still, not enough dead, not enough sterilized ( global sperm count, all animals, down 50% ).
    My guess is that all the old rothschilds, soros, etc wanted to see their handiwork before their andrenochrome-extended lives finally ended. They hate humanity.
    Then Trump upsets the applecart in 2016, can you imagine where we would be if that evil whore won? Game over most likely. But now they have to contend with a humanity slowly ( SO fucking slowly- sheesh ) waking to their hidden true history, and who these motherWEFers really are.

    So to my point- we all wish this shit would end tomorrow, come what may. Let’s have our battle for humanity and the survivors can pick up the pieces. But unfortunately I think we are in for a long pretty horrible slog, so we need to buck up and be mentally prepared it.
    But yeah, how long will Putin ( and his rabid war-mongers, the West doesn’t have a monopoly on that ) hold off on the real enemy?
    My one thought is that he knows the neocons WANT that, to start a larger conflict to hide the coming financial crash; I’m not sure how much longer they can hold that off.

  4. Wait. So you are pushing coffee that you haven’t even fucking tasted for $$$? Bro I can’t fucking take it anymore. At least try the fucking shit first. How the fuck you gonna sell us something and you haven’t tried it to see how it is? Oh I know taste is subjective. Hahahahaha! Whatever. That’s bullshit and I’m calling it out. Big bro I love ya man but shit dude, the blogs are going to shit fast as fuck these days. Everyone with a hand in the cookie jar, ex military peddling their useless wares for cash and skillz training, fake ass books, fake ass patriots opening “stores” to sell you shit, fake ass coffee companies, lying ass career .gov retirees, lying ass bloggers, the list goes on and on.

    This one is for Area Ocho since his weak ass won’t post shit he don’t like just like Aeslop. Bitch you defaulted on your home loan, bragged about your fucking 40k bonus payout and then you fucking act like you are going to shit on your tenants of 4 years that kept your house in order because they finally found the American dream of home ownership and now you gotta find new super awesome renters. You MIGHT let them out a month early talking about their CONTRACT. Fuck you bitch. You are a fucking dick. And they are probably white too as I don’t see you renting out to a couple niggers. Shitting on your own people ain’t cool man. I’m guessing Gen x with a jealous axe to grind. And I’m guessing you inherited the house from your parents. Something just screams inheritance!!! Anyway your a fag and your blog sucks. Censor what you don’t like while crying out in pain. Maybe your a Jew.

    And while I’m on a roll…. Aeslop you fucking queer. I called it. Shifted that narrative over from Ukraine to COVID as soon as you saw it was over. You’re another fag and your blog is nothing but Boomer faggotry at it’s finest. Fuck you dude.

    Hell I might start a fucking blog myself. Get me a tip jar. Talk about some stuff I know. Tell some jokes. Show some naked fat guys so Glen will possibly leave Gab and come back. I miss you Glen. ; )
    Ok maybe not the tip jar. But if I did have a tip jar I would use the money to do some cool stuff for my readers. Give aways and shit like that. Fun stuff man. All this doom and gloom is becoming pure faggotry.

    Work calls. 4 tons of clean river rock going in along with 3 yards of premium hardwood mulch. Next week we painting garage doors. Life is fucking great! Thank God for the cooler weather in Okla. Have a good weekend everyone. Don’t forget what Tfat said. 300 million gotta go baby!

    1. “Hell I might start a fucking blog myself. Get me a tip jar. Talk about some stuff I know. Tell some jokes.”

      Spare yourself the grief. Seriously. Blogging can be cathartic, but it is ultimately toxic to yourself – especially with this sort of subject matter.

      “All this doom and gloom is becoming pure faggotry.”

      You just said it right here ^. It’s ALL fucking bullshit meant to make the fudds and boomerwaffen whack off and feel like badasses while they envision running around in cammie jammies with bottom shelf AR15s and chinesium baofengs when TEOTWAWKI or whatever gay acronym it is nowadays. How do I know this? Because when the dreaded ‘New World Order’ came a-knocking and made their move, a good chunk of these folks complied. They rolled up their sleeves and did what they were told, then rationalized it with some lame excuse. They’re all 100% full of shit.

      No, man….your time’s better spent in the meatspace doing things you actually enjoy. Go fishing. Get laid. Hit the range. Enjoy the company of people you actually like over BBQ and fine ale.

      If ‘End Times’ are well and truly around the corner, you may as well have a good go of it while you can. It ain’t like any of us are changing anything.

      1. Yes to meatspace. Yes to finding joy in the fallen world.

        But I doubt we are so special that the end times would visit us in the throes of our current year hubris. All the world is vanity. None less than the need to make our time in fleshsacks more special than the eons before.

        Nah. It’s a slow grinding decay of a People and civilization suiciding. Nevertheless, the above applies.

        The fake and gay is ever present. And yet in this diaspora in both physical and e-faggotry, the imperfect and fallible blogosphere is still something better than nothing. I have converted one or two e-dots into real life brothers. In that, I am grateful.

        So buy a shirt on the way out. The little things add up. You never know the seeds you plant.

    2. As long as BC’s new cohorts in crime are Our Guys, I wouldn’t sweat it. I am STILL pissed as hell at those jewish faggots at Black Rifle Coffee when they finked on gun control. Fuck those guys with a chainsaw – I’ll even start it for them. When it comes to coffee… I will drink whatever’s in the jerry can if you are pouring, as long as you’re the right colour and not retarded. I’m okay with Folgers or the other cheap brands and don’t get snooty about coffee at all. If it’s black and will float a horseshoe… its all good.

      Whenever an abrasive retard is called for, my ol’ buddy Aesop ALWAYS delivers! Yes, he dropped the war in the Kraine like a hot potato! Now he’s learning us all how Covid masks akshually work and why we are all stupid for not using them. His homework is there too – he cites any number of other stubfarts that are as retarded as he is, HAR HAR HAR HAR!!! The guy is awesome! How does he do it? He’s supposedly a medico and should know better… is he an affirmative action winner? A token retard filling out a diversity quota? We can only speculate! HAR HAR HAR 🙂

      I’m conflicted about Dive Medic too. We don’t see eye to eye and I don’t need another retard to pick on – Aesop is all the punching bag I need. Lotta the other tards like him so whadda I know? When we disagree he has ammo for his arguments and ya gotta respect that. I think Arthur Sido is an up and coming dissident star… Peter Grant is a boomerfag that doesn’t see colour and thinks the jews are our friends – can’t be bothered fighting with him either. Phil, Cederq and Wirecutter are awesome of course. I still gotta check out some of those others on the blogroll.

      JL sucks. “fudds and boomerwaffen whack off and feel like badasses while they envision running around in cammie jammies with bottom shelf AR15s and chinesium baofengs when TEOTWAWKI or whatever gay acronym it is nowadays…”


      Hey!!! I was gonna buy one a those!!! My research indicates that other than chinese quality and user unfriendliness… Baofeng’s would make a good starter unit for beginners…? Why do you object to them JL? What would you recommend to the stubfart wanting to dabble in comms? Hmppfpfpfpfffff. Maybe I am an old retarded boomerfart… but I’d never pretend to be anything else. I am doing well if I am not being a public nuisance.

      To all you younger punks out there… for the record… I didn’t want any of this new world order crap for you either. God bless you guys. When I spoke my mind about this shite I got cancelled. 20 years ago I was screaming bloody blue murder about the faggotry, saying that if they let the queers out, the pedos would be next. Today everyone is wondering why the queers went nuts and sided with the pedos. Being old is not a crime. Being young is not your fault. Being stupid is the crime that we need to step on. But… again… whadda I know?

      Have a great weekend you bums.

    3. No wonder you banned so often Hedge, The Dude and other screen names.

      With any luck Big Country ban hammers you also.

  5. Early partt of the war the Germans used that all white cross on their vics.

    Which is what inspired the Ukies to do it too.
    I figure that 38T is just in a private collection being transported for sale.


  6. If the Russians really wanted to hit back they could blow up a natgas re-gassification plant. When the ship comes in there is slightly more boom than Hiroshima. And say “There go the Americans again, just like NordStream.”
    But what the goal is, first and last is to end dollar dominance. Without giving the crazies any excuse to launch missiles. As such, a long slow slide down the waste chute without obvious shoves is what is called for.
    Much of Russian military power is based on being able to deny others the ability to project power. Imagine F-16’s and F-35’s flying a no fly zone patrol over Ukraine amidst all those S300 and S400 systems. We would run out of planes and pilots and money before they ran out of missiles.
    These big strikes take up inordinate planning staff resources, see the 6 – 8 week intervals, and don’t change the results of the SMO. Real discipline is Remembering that you ARE there to drain the swamp when up to your ***in alligators.
    Job one is end dollar dominance, primary first task is destroy Europe’s economy to accelerate collapse of US banks.

  7. Attention Big Country. Please advise. Am an American with no military experience, but I do have common sense. Hear complaints that million of armed Americans are doing nothing against the ongoing take over by the you know who Communists and “there are no political solutions.)

    That’s true, but are there military solutions? A military has leaders and a chain of command, not to mention a plan and someone on point.
    What’s the solution? Petition or draft the elected Sheriffs to deputize all fit males and issue battle rifles and training?
    Please write about this problem and possible solutions. Thank you.

    1. Don’t you worry, the shit is approaching the fan !
      I know.. I know that you have heard this same stuff for 25 years, so what’s different NOW ?

      What’s different now is thanks to the morons running the West with their sanctions and heavy handed BS, most of the other countries of the World have had enough and have joined BRICS.
      BRICS is working on having their own gold backed (and oil with most Opec countries members) currency and will soon be the NEW reserve currency of the World.
      Now what does this mean for the U.S. ??


      The dollar is backed by NOTHING… Fort Knox is empty with worthless gold colored tungsten bars.
      When we want to buy anything from another country, they will demand gold, oil or something tangible not worthless dollars. So, how are we gonna buy all of the stuff from China or oil from the Middle East ?
      We’re NOT. Also like Great Britain at the end of WWII when THEY lost reserve currency status, it starts mattering what the government spends money on and you can’t run deficits because you are no longer creating the money out of thin air.

      Tough tough times are ahead when this happens (Ron Paul tried to warn us 20 years ago). If you rely on a government check, you may be screwed. The good news is that all of the activists and “progressives” indirectly are supported by government funds or NGOs run by Soros and others and they will get hit hard. The crappy thing is that as the ship goes down, many innocent hard working folks will be effected too.
      Please research BRICS and what is going on because the U.S. media purposely doesn’t cover it but foreign media does. It is one of the most important things happening and few Americans see the avalanche coming.

  8. I am asking myself, why Putin doesnt turn Europe into a warzone WITHOUT starting WWIII?

    I think it is easy.

    Remember a few years back when two muslims in Paris ran away from the police, ended up in a powerstation and were fried?
    Big commotion and burning Balieus (suburbs).

    What if Putin would send two Spetznas teams to France.
    First one disguised as cops, second as muslims.
    They commit such mayhem like a tit for tat.
    Voila, Paris and then France is burning.

    Because of how many muslims there are, he could do the same in England, Belgium and Germany.

    And then he could get some popcorn, lay back and enjoy the show.

    1. Holy shit! And I thoughtI was evil!!! Alex…that would TOTALLY work. Rinse and repeat with the blacks in America…and the west is mired in civil war.

      The dissidents, patriots and other disgruntled groups should put a pin in that one and keep it handy…

  9. The mean girls of the faculty lounge will be in Moscow by the winter and Beijing by spring, they have that statute of the girl by the bull and hashtags for the glorious victory.
    The twelve time zones with a gas station economy has prepared for WWIII for over a decade while we get pronouns.
    1000 years of glorious indispensable victories are just beginning under Brandon, the most popular and bestest preezy of the steezy evarz!
    Si se puede, forward, yes we can.

  10. You seem to have attracted the attention of a few “jerks”. Fuck ’em.
    Putin is a Rational Realist. He doesn’t care what the “optics” look like. He’s going to keep on letting the other side make mistakes while not interrupting us. Putin has patience, won’t get stupid rushed into something. Someone a long time ago pointed out that Russians don’t take a shit without a plan. Russia can afford to lose some gear, they have lots more and are making metric shit tons more of it. Russia really is playing multi dimensional chess, while the West is guessing, mixed with wishful hoping. Occasionally they’ll land a lucky one. Blind squirrel, nuts, you know. AND I wouldn’t be surprised if a Decision Making Center or Logistical Supply Center or two are vaporized in the near future, or not. Patience, grasshopper.

    1. It turns out after WW2 ,Stalin had always kept one-third of his total forces in reserves against the German invasion. So, do the arithmetic in the current situation and realize why Putin really isn’t concerned about any Ukrainian “counteroffensive”. It’s a Russian thing, right?

  11. Just tried to order the coffee using the link. It goes OK but does not accept the code.
    If I order it anyway, do you still get the cut (no code)?

  12. Big Country–did you hear that the Cocaine-Cowboy (Zelensky) is going to mobilize all women in Ukraine now? WTF! I really mean it WTF!!!! What is the world going to do without Ukrainian Hookers? Fuk-me! A world without Ukrainian hookers is just not a world worth living in. Just the thought that the hot-as-“F” (in your terms BTW) women getting blown to smithereens by Russian ISR is uncomprhendable. And now there is a surplus of these women seeing that their men are getting turned in to pink-mist via Kornet ATGMs by the boatload, I say bring them all here. The local Hustler poker club down the street from me could use some better looking ‘Hustler-sluts’ to schlep drinks And how will Las Vegas continue on without Ukrainian hooker room service merely a phone call away. Talk about a crime against humanity–just like Jennifer Connelly’s breast reduction, another crime against humanity. I say bring up that surgeon on charges in the Hague. Anyways keep it coming–I live for your comments (not really), but your shite if quite interesting.

  13. Interesting, it accepted the code after telling me it was not accepted. Does not show up until you have paid on checkout. All is good. Was going to order 5 lb but scaled down to 12 OZ to try it first.
    Next round will be bulk if this turns out to be good quality.
    Carry on

  14. Just got a “promotion” (read: shit-ton more responsibility and a minuscule raise), so if I can scrape up the funds, I might have to try that dark roast whole bean. I like my coffee as dark black as my soul. I want it so strong that my dick hits me in the eye when I take the first sip. I want to live for a year after my heart stops just off the pure caffeine in my system.

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