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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Life is ok… just busy-busy
Eye Surgery for my cataract(s) is coming up on like the 25th, so I’m positively inundated with appointments, all of which require the whole “let’s dilate the ever living hell out of his eyes!” which leaves me less-than-able to write.

Seems I’m sensitive to the juice they use.
Of course I am.
So, it’s being done by the VA

Hopefully it’ll be better than this…
Jes’ Sayin’
In reality, I’ve got my choice(s) of lenses, long, mid and multi… ScouterGreg said the Mid to Multi is the way to go. I have to have both done it seems as my vision is such absolute shytte int he left eye that if I don’t get both done, I’ll be all ‘out of balance’… there’s a specific term but essentially, on top of needing glasses, I’d need (if only the right gets done) some sort of contact lens on top of the glasses on the left, until they get this finished.

So More Later, sporadic poasting to follow
Big Country

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  1. that shit will leave you blind for at least a good 4-5 hours if not more.
    you not the only one who hates that shit.

  2. Glad to hear from you. I was wondering if those Ice Age MRE’s finally killed ya ๐Ÿ™‚

    From what I’ve learned halo issues can be a problem with implanted lenses. Single script lenses give the best clear vision and both should be the same to avoid dizziness (not all get that issue, but most do). Some folks get dizziness from multi-focal IOL. I know I don’t use “Progressive” lenses but old school bifocal lenses as that defined line helps me see movement better.

    I used mid range shooting glasses because it makes both pistol and rifle sights easy to use. When I NEED IOL lenses I plan on mid range. Even then I would wear shooting glasses for eye protection.

    Single Lense IOL means you have to wear glasses for distance, but personally I find my shooting glasses great for computer use, shooting and even driving when I forget to change them.

    Would be awesome if your eye doctor was a hunter.

  3. I had distance vision lenses installed. I see FAR AWAY!, I’m talking targets, navigation markers, etc. I am 20/15 on the right and 2025 on the left. I need readers for close in work… Been ten years, I love it!

  4. Good luck, sir! Had my left eye done a few years back… Injuries and stupidity caught up with me, so… Hoping yours goes as well.

  5. Do some research on that one big guy while you have the chance…SIL had mid range installed and has issues…could see her computer but not much else. Wife just had distance installed in both eyes and loves it. Could get by with readers from the dollar store but got some script ones…sounded like multi focal had potential for problems..Doctor was a fan of single focus distance…most functional with fewest issues.

  6. I had both eyes done back in 2021 because I was developing cataracts. I was far sighted and wore glasses from age 7. I am now 70. I got tri-focals somewhere around age 50. Doing my homework, a common remark was that people who got single prescription lenses had the clearest vision, as opposed to multi-focal. I got the distance prescription Toric lenses (also corrects astigmatism). Could not be happier. I can see the iron sights (especially the rear) on my lever guns again! It is simply a gift to be able to go about my day without having to wear glasses. Like the song, I can actually wear a pair of cheap sun glasses.

    For close work and fine print, I just use $10 readers from Wally World. I have several pair now. The strong ones work great for working up close on small gun parts. I do get a tiny bit of an odd reflection/refraction from traffic lights at night, but nothing that I would even consider annoying. Driving at night is no problem. Likely you have your own sources, but if you are looking to pick someone’s brain about this, give me a holler.

    1. I faced the choice of IOL decision last year and went with Vivity torics in both eyes. This is an extended depth of field lens and they worked superbly for me. Unless I’m trying to read the fine print on pill bottle I’m glasses free at all distances. After 40 years of using contact lenses and glasses it is life changing. You will be amazed at how colors pop after getting cataracts removed. Word of caution, the surgeon you choose is even more important than then IOLs. Lots of options depending on lifestyle. I almost went with a multi-focal but the halos at night can be bad. Good luck!

  7. Mongo,
    The Multifocal is the way to go, it can also correct for astigmatism. The only downside (besides price) is that I do need reading glasses. I was nearsighted for forty years, now, I am farsighted.

  8. I have a regular lens in one eye and the toric lens in the other (astigmatism) and corrected for distance, and agree with RHT447 to correct for distance and wear cheaters for close work. I use +1’s for computer work that’s a little over arms length and +3 for reading especially fine print. I have a half halo in the left eye only and it’s mostly from LED lights in really dark places.

  9. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

    Are you looking into the Riddick option?

    Years ago when Lasik was a thing, my buddy got his left set up for office work and his right eye set for shooting, as he was an avid hunter.

  10. Had the distant option, with bifocals for astig , final distant sharpening and close in. Plus a barrier. A friend with bifocals has to tilt his head back to shoot pistol, needs the bifocal line higher.

  11. Back when I first needed glasses/contact lenses, my opthalmologist (bless his infinite wisdom) prescribed long vision for one eye and shorter vision for the other, giving me what my optometrist called “the holy grail” of vision, meaning one set of glasses for both close and distance vision. No bifocals necessary for me.

  12. My father had far sighted lenses implanted, and he played hell trying to do his hobby stuff, as it was all up close. His recommendation is to keep the near sightedness of far sightedness, whatever you currently have. Good luck!


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