Off For the Night

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Taking a night off, but for your pleasure, just How Utterly Fucked Up do you have to be to have David Fucking Hogg chime in on the side of the fucking Second Amendment?

When you lost the Hoggster, yer fucking toast man

As Hudson would say:

So more tomorrow
Big Country

12 thoughts on “Off For the Night”

  1. Eh, whaaaaa? That fucking little shit would shiv his grandma with a sharpened prison toothbrush – for a coke. I can’t imagine the depths he’d sink to for his gun control ‘holy crusade’.

    The tweet’s either a fake account or Hogg’s been doing some REALLY powerful LSD while using twitter, er, I mean ‘X’.

  2. well, it might be that they realize that this might be the reason why the right flips out.
    and go from voting and hoping to shooting the fuckers on sight. they have to know they are outnumbered. hell, there was a million background checks done last month.
    people are still buying guns. and it not the normal people either. it is people who never owned a gun before that are buying them. the brighter ones have realized that shit is fucked up in this country and the cops are not going to save them. kind of like bullies that realize that you are going to punch them back, they don’t like it. they know it is a step too far for most people to take laying down.

  3. Fun fact. Albuquerque had fairly flat murder rate until 2016. When the Soros financed new DA Raul Torrez took over. Then murder rates really took off. Jut like in every other Soros DA city / state. Most of the murders in Albuquerque are gang related. Just like in every other Soros DA city/state.

    Raul Torrez is now the NM state AG.

    Soros made his money by insider trading and money laundering using foreign exchange trading. A great place to do money laundering. Soros has long standing “business connections” with some very interesting people. Who just might need to launder lots of money. Many billions of dollars.

    By this stage its very obvious that Gascon the Soros DA in LA is actively working with the LA gangs. The Narcos and their local “associates. Gascon has always been a nasty bastard but recent events go way beyond greedy ambitious psycho fuck over everyone in his way stuff. He is working with the Nacros.

    So just like the good old days with the Mafia mayors. Like Nancy Pelosi’s father in Baltimore.

    Funny how the DA’s and other politicians who Soros paid for all seem to like gangs so much. And let them operate with impunity. Very much follow the money.

    Viva Nuevo Mexico. Viva Nuevo Partido Revolucionario Institucional. Los Partido Democrático

    (Fade out to the strains of La Curacha… )

      1. Ahh shit man are we doing post measuring now? Did someone get a fucking promotion? I didn’t see the advertisement for post inspector anywhere or I would have fucking applied oh yes I would have!!!

        How did this post rate?

  4. I don’t think ol’ Hudson makes it, only Ripley had the eye of the tiger stripe.
    Nuke from orbit just to be sure and the corporate asshole guy Paul Reiser who was actually a comedian by trade as the adviser at the alien spawn zone is up there with Omni Consumer Products.
    The Hoggy Hogg faux Lil’ Debbie logo photochop is an all-timer, the cupcake that is full of shit, classic.
    Love that video of the alert RF soldier hearing the drone coming and jumping down in bunker, just in time, opens hatch and it is a fiery inferno with embers raining down and his vehicle is damaged, an HQ strike behind the lines!

  5. I think that Hogg isn’t the only Gun-Grabbing Libtard who all of a sudden has an “Oh, Shit” moment about this ‘overreach’ by a commie governator. Most of the Sheriffs have disavowed any ‘Participation’ in the Ban, and there already has been at least one “Open Carry” Protest (sorry, didn’t keep the Link).

    Anyone that they Arrest for Open Carry has to be ‘Charged’, with what, exactly? How does a Magistrate accept the (((persecuting attorney))) saying that the ‘defendant’ committed a ‘Crime’, when their Actions were in compliance with the State Law and Constitution?
    Bridge too Far, anyone?

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