So Much Winning! All the Winning They Can Handle!

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Latest word out of the Kraine via both sides is that casualty figures since June are positively abysmal. As I wrote up before, there have been (for the numbers involved) minor gaaaiinz by the AFU on a few fronts.

Of course the various Ministries of Propaganda and Lies have been spinning that out like one of Phil’s metal chip-making deee-vices in his garage… how many RPMs does one of them lathes spin up to again?

Per the article, which I won’t link because trash and total fantasy doesn’t get played here, not to that extent… but per the article : “Blinken said at a press conference in Ukraine that he is seeing “real progress” in the counteroffensive operation. “Ukrainian forces have taken back more than 50 percent of the territory seized by Russian forces since February of 2022,” he said.” (bold mine)

Nigga say what!?!
You know, back when I was in the Army, and even as a Contractor, we were subject to a LOT of drug tests…
Guess if you’re “High Enough” in the food chain, you’re exempt from the Meatgazer Brigade… (see what I did there?)
Let’s look at the map from CNN of all places:

Them itty bitty blue ‘spots’?
Yepper… that’s what they’ve ‘taken’ and even then, like Blinken’s grasp of reality, it’s tenuous as fuck all. The counter-offensive has become a bit of a joke, or would be if it wasn’t so fucking tragic on how many lives are being lost.

To put it in perspective, the US lost 58000 DotMil and ‘others’ in ten years in Vietnam. According to some sources, the AFU lost 67000 since June of this year alone.

In fact, the ‘need for bodies’ is so bad, as I mentioned, the word out in the German newspaper Das Bilt is reporting that Germany has over 163,000 Krainian men of military age who may be dragged back to serve as cannon fodder for the
Krainian army. That’s a lot of bodies for the meatgrinder…

Poland is also beginning to extradite Krainian males eligible for or liable for military service who have been in Poland since the kickoff of the shitshow in question. Unlike the Krauts, the Poles are supposedly focusing on those who have entered the country illegally or have committed crimes, such as assisting illegal immigration, because they do not want such shitbags living in Poland ‘on the dole’. Word is also Krainian Kars (identified by their license plates) are being vandalized at an increasing rate, primarily because well, Poles man.

See, the Poles and Krainians, despite the face-to-face kissy-kissy their various politicos have made, they have traditionally hated each other. West Kraine used to be part of Poland, and they’d like it back, thank you very much. In fact that’s part of what’s been ‘floated’ (like the turd that it is) is that WHEN now (no longer IF) that the Kraine gets disassembled, that the Poles will take on Western Kraine as a ‘protectorate’. Otherwise? The Poles want them i’gnint fucking assholes to go back the fuck home…

Its not just limited to Poland and Krautsville either… seems the Ole Motherland Eire is getting in on the act:

Looks like ol’ Ihor is well and truly fucked.

Truthfully, I can’t ever remember a time where a country at war officially requested the extradition of college/military aged folks back to the homeland for a War…

I mean Canada opened up and hid the draft dodgers during Nam… I did a goolag search and got bupkis using “has any country at war officially requested the extradition of college/military aged men before?” so I think this might be a modern ‘first’

It did tell me that the Krainians have also asked Belarus to send back about 60+/- guys, but the Belarusians told ’em to piss up a rope.
Good on them.
What this note tells me that when you need to forcibly bring home your men, shit is well and truly and utterly sideways as fuck.

This ENTIRE WAR at this point? It’s a losing prospect .
Already has been.
Ain’t going to be any winners, especially in the Kraine, no matter what others are saying. And it’s also starting to show in that public polls are turning against further funding. Only 9% of Germans are still behind continuing the slaughter… here in the states supposedly the polls say 43%, but these are the same polls that ALSO say 40% of Americans think that Poopypants is doing a good job as (p)Resident…

To be honest, I’d say we, as in The US, is rapidly approaching the endgame. We’re fucking broke and the world knows it, our “leadershit” is either permanently compromised/bought off/fucking retarded, and the Average Normie is even waking up… just look at the reaction to the soon-to-be Ex-Governor of New Mex-hee-co, Queen “Karen” Luzer-Cockgobbler and her utterly insane power grab. Putin has the advantages, plus time, and as I pointed out the other day, he only needs to let the Krainian DotMil keep ‘crashing uselessly at the gates’ and it’ll all be over by June of next year.
Barring any false flag/black swan events.
BTW: Keep an Eye on the 23rd of this Month
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As I am so fond of saying
Grab the Popcorn
Shit’s getting waaaay more entertaining.
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19 thoughts on “So Much Winning! All the Winning They Can Handle!”

  1. Know how I know that the Krainian thing is over? General Aesop rote up a multipage diatribe on masks and is no longer harping about the Russians losing. Going to be a long fall.


    1. Ah the poor general, jumping from one preposterous position to the next. Let me see, how can I possibly top siding with Droolin’ Joe, Soros and the motherWEFers??

      I know, I’ll write 3-4 insanely long posts re-informing everyone how stupid they are, how masks really really do work, honest injuns.

      Poor guy- his readership is down to jamokes who just want a laugh at the most inflated ego in blog world.

  2. That map is similar to the map of the German objectives for Operation Citadel in 43. Log blue arrows showing where the tanks were supposed to end up, teeny blue areas showing what was actually taken.

    Taking on a Second World power is a tot different from fighting Arabs or African and Latin American dictators with no Air Support (Talking to some Limey sailors from the Hermes in 84 I understand the Falklands were a near run thing. Had an exocet hit the carrier, Thatcher would have been sunk at home. The U.S.was helping the Brits like they are the Ukrainians now.)

    What’s going on on the 23rd? I have big dinner plans.

    1. Falklands was in 1982. At the time, the British had no big deck carriers with fixed wing aircraft. The carriers they did have were STOL types that we would call Amphibious Assault ships or light carriers. They did have the Harrier Jets, and they performed well, but they did not have air superiority over the islands for most of the war. They put some of the Harriers VTOL jets on a container ship as an improvised carrier, and even that was hit if I recall correctly. While a Nimitz type carrier or two and some F-14’s with Phoenix missiles might have gone a long way at that time, they are completely obsolete as capital ships now.
      What the Brits did have in spades was fighting soldiers with guts and determination. Once ashore, they completely routed the Argentinians. I don’t think they have very many of those types available now.

      1. yes, they did. did some cross training with the Brits back in the late 1970’s, tough bastards.
        and after the Flaklands dustup there was a few after action lectures at CGSC in 1983-4
        sat in one one for sure back then. one big thing was the supply side and the problems they had with it. from what I heard, we gave a bit more help than what was reported in the papers
        didn’t hear a lot about that part though. just that they where very grateful for the help (?)

  3. Ukraine never had a chance to “defeat Russia”. What they have done and continue to do so is to BLEED Russia. Of course they are getting a ton of help from the US, NATO to do this. But the fact that Russia hasn’t rolled them up and finished this in the 18 months this shit show has been going on is elegant proof that Russia is and has long been a paper bear. Relevant on the world stage ONLY because they have a ton of nuclear warhead. How this ends nobody knows. But it has shown that Russia isn’t the world power they pretend to be.

    1. Dan I hear you but the Russians are no “paper tiger”.
      Do you believe that if the U.S. intervened militarily today (and it stayed conventional) that we could beat the Russians ?
      Frankly I do not. Our military is a shadow of its former self and most of our weapons are either obsolete or garbage that was more about padding the defense contractor’s wallets rather than making quality weapons.
      The mainly Southern and Midwestern men that formed the back bone of the military forever have all said “to hell with that”. Are the transexuals, gays, women and woke soy boys in the military now going to go toe to toe with boys from Siberia and win ?

      Does our country and leaders have the will or guts to lose 100s of thousands or even millions of troops fighting this war ? Would the citizens make the sacrifice financially and in blood to win ?

      It is the U.S. who is the “paper tiger” and that fact sadly is soon going to be shown for all to see I’m afraid.

      1. I agree Jim. Russia is just different. Her power is and always has been in defending her land in the heart of the Eurasian landmass. Only fools would go there with conquest in mind. They trade land for time and they never stop fighting. When Ukraine/Nato is exhausted like the Germans and French in the distant past, the Russian way of war as they practice it within and near their borders will be shown to be superior.
        What America was good at and the Russians never were was expeditionary warfare. As a great naval power, and later a great air power too, America could expend a lot of energy fighting on the other side of the planet against enemies big and small. Russia’s carrier operations off of Syria a few years ago were an example of them trying to imitate the American way of war. It was unnecessary and not effective at all. They lost 2 planes in landing accidents and never mounted an attack from the carrier itself, they had to put the airwing ashore to do that. The casual observer might assume that this proves that Russia is weak. It only proves that they are bad at expeditionary carrier operations.
        As to this notion some have about “rolling up” sizable modern military forces on a vast front with tank armies, all I can say is that the current ISR and anti-armor dominance of the battlefield applies to everyone, and an American tank army will burn in the same conditions just like everyone else.

  4. “What this note tells me that when you need to forcibly bring home your men, shit is well and truly and utterly sideways as fuck.”

    Might as well be a death sentence. If these guys weren’t motivated enough to stick around and fight in the first place out of a nonexistent sense of ‘patriotism’, there’s no fucking way they’d be interested in fighting a war they don’t give a shit about at gunpoint.

    FWIW, the Ukes that got the fuck out of dodge in the first place were the smarter ones anyway. Ukraine has been a hot mess for decades, since at least the fall of the USSR. There is no fixing that place. No matter who wins the conflict, the average Ukranian is guaranteed to lose – and they know it. That’s why they di di mau’ed the fuck outta there in the first place.

    1. Yeah, the date of that Irish letter is early July too, only a month into the Somme on the Dnieper Offensive. I find it appalling that Neutral Ireland would stoop to this. They have fallen quite far under globalist attack just like everyone else has.
      It is an indicator of extreme desperation. These men, if they can be caught, will not fight and it is a waste of effort chasing them around the globe. In a more reasonable country they would be stripped of citizenship and property and that would be about it.

      1. Minor Correction (not to be a pedant) but the date is Euro Style 7/9/2023 is 9/7/2023 ‘Murican style… Date, Month, Then Year is the Common Euro Thang

      2. Isn’t it funny that if we want to extradite a murderer who faces the death penalty, these countries whine and cry and drag their feet on extradition because “they are facing death”.

        If they extradite these Ukrainians who bailed to avoid being drafted, it is a for sure death sentence when they are sent to the front. They are saying that newbie Ukrainian troops when sent to the front barely last a day before being badly wounded or killed. Sounds so much like WWI that it’s eerie.

    2. That’s what blows me away. These guys virtue signal the warm and fuzzies about refugees fleeing their homelands torn by war, famine, pestilence… and now they do this? And yet… boat loads of noggers from Africa and the third world come flooding in by the boatload… and “oh – they’re refugees!!!! We must take them in? Oh – by the way, do you have any extra property or space in your own home to take some…?”

      All these leftist/liberal birds are coming home to roost – and the perch is going to collapse under them.

  5. 9/23/23 significance?
    In the 1980s UK did not actively deport Iranians recalled to fight in Iran/Iraq war…but suddenly Ireland will send these guys back to essentially a death sentence….

  6. The Irish sent British Army and US AWOL’s back across the border during WW2 as well. No extradition back then. Anyone picked up in southern Ireland that did not have the right papers (or relatives who could hide them) were dropped off at the nearest border post were there just happened to be a MP party waiting for them. The Irish did not want them sneaking back across the border anytime soon.

    In the UK at least during WW2 if you did not have a serious medical condition or worked in an exempt profession you were either conscripted, sent down the coal mines or sent to prison. Conscientious objectors were conscripted but put in non fighting positions. Those who were “difficult” ended up as ambulance drivers, stretcher bearers etc, at the front. Dont turn up where you were supposed to be then it was automatic AWOL and usually prison for a while when caught. Then straight in to a very nasty part of the army.

    So nothing new about what UA is doing.

    France used to be just as nasty to those who did not turn up for their 12 months conscription in the army once they turned 18. Knew a Canadian guy from Montreal with a French mother who was grabbed off the street while visiting relatives in France and sent immediately to boot camp. His mother had once gotten him a French passport when he was 6 years old and had never renewed it. But this is France…

    He was able to escape from the French army boot camp and flee the country and when I knew him he was hiding out in a third country until he could be sure that Canada would not extradite him back to France if he returned home to Canada. Canada regularly sent French people back to France to serve out their time in the army. This was back in the 1980’s.

    Its the SN at the moment in France (kind of Peace Corp like crap) but they could change back to the old mandatory military conscription system at the stroke of a pen. Just like with Selective Service in the US.

    So yeah, they do things differently in other countries.

  7. The 23rd when they gonna break the news of the training accidents to account for the dead guys in the latest Kinzhal strike?

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