Let’s Go Brandon!!! (Seriously… Not a Joke)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Oh Holy Hells!

Brandon Herrera is running for CONgress.
Texas apparently… for District 23 as a strict constitutionalist.

Boy… this’s gonna be great.
He’s one of the few guntoobers I -really- dig. My only complaint is that I didn’t think of his shtick first. Couple of weeks? months? ago he testified before Matt Gaetz against the ATF. Considering his line of work as a Manufacturer/Class III guy? The record of the ATF being…. shall we say… demonstratively retaliatory towards anyone who doesn’t fall into the regime line?

Balls of Adamantium man, purely.

You just know the “Usual Suspects” are going to come crawling out of the woodwork to -try anything- to knock him down… that being said though, the very fact of his Media Presence might hold off unless there’s something particularly egregious out there…

That and he owns machine guns and has a FA-FO attitude.
Yeah, not wanting to be the first guy in the stack if they decide to fuck with him.
Nevermind he’s got like ALL the other guntoobers out there having his back.

So that’s the news for that.
Other things:
Got another ad from PSA:

$260 and change?
For a full rifle (provided you got a spare charging handle and BCG)
OF COURSE this happens when I’m broke-as-a-joke amiright?

So… International “Stuff”
As Predicted by myself and a lot of others, The Krainian Kokaine Klown Show is nearing it’s end-run. The disastrous “counter-offensive” (which was utterly hopeless to begin with) combined with a noticeable turn via the Ministry of Lies and Propaganda and it’s organs on the outcome looking rather dim it’s pretty obvious that shit is about to go south in a Major Way.
The overwhelming evidence such as articles like this:

Yeah, the Wall Street Cage-Liner did an article where they discussed the “exceptionally high number of amputees” in the Kraine…

Now realizing that when they say the numbers are “comparable to World War One” you have to realize and keep in mind that was a HUNDRED YEARS AGO

As even Aesop would tell you and agree with me on this, Battlefield Medicine has “come a long way baby” and it ain’t like it used to be… So, given that they have -as many- peg-legs and arms missing as WW-1 now, and considering how many folks probably didn’t get their shit removed due to modern improvements, That means there’s a metric fuckton MOAR of casualties compared to the “Good Old Days”

Hell the Graveyard(s) in Kiev?

Fucking Full Man… they’ve taken to stacking three stiffs in a single grave as they literally ain’t got the space anymore. Some chick on “X” was calling them out on it… she’s a Krainian who’s Grandpa died, natural causes from what the translation said… he was old-old, a Vet from “The Great Patriotic War” and when they went to plant him in the family plot, they were told “No way Jose, graveyard is full man”

Needless to say she was righteously pissed
No Idea if the NAZI SBU came after her, but judging that the little Kokaine Fiend is about 4 Steps ahead of the US on the “Tyrrano-meter” I’d say yeah, she’s “off to Gulag traitor!”

Speaking of Krainfeld… Lots of rumors of rumors of the Russians looking to ‘off him’… which is utterly hilarious as he’s the best ally that Putin has. God knows he (Vladimir) don’t want someone competent in there… best to keep Mister “Probably Smells Like Phys-Ed” (seriously, doesn’t he have moar than that one outfit?) at arms length, and let him fuck up until the US offs him a’la “Paging President Ngo Dinh Diem, General Minh would like a word with you and your brother…”

Yeah, you’re a friend to the US
Until you’re not

All them stories of “Russia wants to kill Krainfeld” is just that. Stories. Made up by self-stroking egotists in the State Department and CIA who think they’re “Oh so clever”

Now, other things, bit controversial. I was on Gab last night while working on the Ukrainian MRE Substack (tomorrow, I swear it’ll be up tomorrow)… The uploading of the pictures was taking a while so I was bouncing back and forth.

Sumdood commented on a poast with this as the opener:
(Link HERE)

“Halper: Zelensky might be sending a signal by declaring Ukraine to be the next Israel

Journalist Katie Halper said it is unclear what Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky means by declaring that Ukraine will be the new Israel.”

Now, he (specifically @radkowski… just followed him, he’s got some good poasts). He then went into the how Krainfeld might be trying to ‘model’ The Kraine after the war (if there is a Kraine left IMO) after Israel… namely a highly militarized country surrounded by enemies…

On reading this, I thought of something I’ve been swirling around in Ye Olde Cortex. I mean really… just why in the fuck would he be talking about making the Kraine into “Greater Israel”? Now, my thoughts: This is not so far fetched as one may/may not imagine. Roll with me on this.

The issue is (and I know, having lived in the Middle East for 12+years) is the Jews land is finally ‘wearing out’ i.e. not capable of supporting agriculture in the country. Israel is done soil wise.

No amount of magic dirt (literally!) or chemicals/fertilizer is going to ‘bring back’ an area that LITERALLY has been farmed/cultivated/exploited over the past what? 3000 +/- years (and I’m including the ay-rabs in this maths just for Shits and Giggles)

The CIA Worldbook and the Google say only 17.56 percent of all of Israel is arable land at this point.

Point blank, if they keep growing, (demographically speaking) outside of ¡Genociding! anyone who isn’t “of the tribe” (i.e. the Jordanians, the Palestinians etc) and if food imports stop, the Jews die as there is no way for them to provide for themselves.

Hence, the annihilation of the majority of the 16-50 year old Krainians. Krainian chicks are, lets face it, Hot AF. Killing off the breeding males, emigrating all the hebes in, win-win (per usual) for the Juden.
Go Figure…. maybe I’m ‘off’ but I don’t think so… it -feels right-
Especially when I see things like this:

FAAAAR too many vidyas out there, of prime ‘breeding stock’ Hawt AF Krainian females prancing, dancing and gettin’ their “groove thang on” with the guys who’re either too connected or too rich to get ‘conscripted’… if you call being clubbed over the head while riding you bike home, stuffed in a truck and shipped to the front lines ‘conscription’.

Back in the day it was called getting “Shanghaied”

The DotNavy, specifically the Brit Navy would either get you drunk as a skunk or do the ‘club over the head’ thing and when you woke up “You’re in the Navy now laddie!” with all the fixin’s to include and not limited to, Rum Sodomy and the Lash.

So who’s to say there isn’t a “Grand(er) Plan” behind all this manipulation in the Kraine. I mean every. single. person. involved at the highest levels are of the tribe. Cookies Nuland, her Husband, Krainfeld himself, ALLLLL of Krainfelds “Top Men” and man what a cast of characters. Some have even posited this’s the grand attempt to just kill off as many Christian Slavs (i.e. Brother War) in revenge for the Jews being driven out of the Rus areas back in the day…

I just write it…
Up to you to Decide.
More Later Y’all. Jeopardy Time
Big Country

35 thoughts on “Let’s Go Brandon!!! (Seriously… Not a Joke)”

  1. As far as the AK guy, man did we miss the boat on starting a guntube channel back in the early days. These dudes get free ammo and guns and people pay them to show memes and shoot. WTF was I doing in college?

    1. I kid you not, I came to this same conclusion a couple of weeks ago while wondering why and how Zelensky could continue having tens of thousands sent to their deaths in wave after wave of mindless assaults against such brilliantly deployed Russian defenses. It dawned on me that they want as many Christians killed as possible so Ukraine can import Jews from Israel, steal the land, and create a new WEF controlled region with all the 15 minute cities they can make.

      1. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

        A couple things though:

        The “Hebes” were all wiped out by the Romans. Masada was pretty muchly it. Dunzo, gone, dead as the dodo. Might as well call myself an “Atlantean,” since that would be the same thing. There is no such thing as an “Ethnic Judean” (or “Jew”). Total obfuscation and distraction.

        Now, a bit of history (and an explanation why this tribe of “Sea Peoples” aka the “Phoenicians” hate on Russia so hard). Back in the day (around 650 or so), a marauding band of these Phonies (you did know we get the word “Phony” aka “Fake and Ghey” from Phonecians, right?) were functioning as bandits and highway robbers. The neighboring countries, finally getting tired of the bullshit, told them “you need some moral guidance, pick a religion. You have three options, Christianity, Islam, or Torah-ism (not “Judeasim,” since Judea had been extinct for about 650 years).”

        They picked Torah-ism, for no other reason than their neighbors were either Christian (Western and Eastern borders) or Muslim (Southern border).

        These were the “Khazars,” a Turkic (i.e. “Caucasian”) people. They continued to pillage, burn, and loot, until a king of the Kievan Rus (decendent of the Vikings who came down the Volga River around this time) put a stop to it by nearly wiping them out. Dude’s name was Sviatoslav the First. He was not thorough, and some of the Khazars survived.

        And have held a grudge to this day.

        So, a bit of background. It is virtually guaranteed that they are “ethnically cleansing” their once and future homeland in order to “triumphantly return” to a region full of dead men and live women.

        Pure evil, but this is the Game of Empires that has been played for much longer than most people comprehend.

        1. Exactly, 1776. That is why whenever anyone (usually a deluded-by-christianity) White person says that I’m an “Anti-semite” for criticizing “god’s chosen people”(tm) I have to try and explain this whole issue, that the Khazar-tribe Rats are NOT “Semites”, a.k.a. Sand-Niggers/Dune Coons.

          Quick way to Punk one of (((them))) if you are confronted – ask the ‘jew’, “Did your Parents/Grandparents speak ‘yiddish’ or Arabic/Aramaic?” Inevitably, they will reply, “they spoke yiddish because they were jewish”. Busted. “yiddish” is a bastard language from east/central Europe (you know, like the Borderlands, a.k.a the ‘Kraine).

          FWIW, All of the actual Semites I know from Sandland, Christians and Muslims, all speak Arabic – and they look NOTHING like the hook-nosed, bald-spotted, khazari inbreds. The bald spot and the Nose are signs of Inbreeding- one of the Genetic Studies articles I’ve seen about (((them))) points to evidence that after Sviatoslav the First and the Rus got Done with them, only around 550 Breeding Females survived.
          “Missed It by That Much”.

          1. Gryphon,

            X-ring on the cold bore shot my brother.

            Glad this is becoming a bit more “widely known.” The obfuscation, bafflegarble, and other associated Tomfoolery surrounding this “hat-swapping entheusiast” Crime Syndicate just boggles the imagination. It makes me happy that the whisper of truth is starting to raise its voice. They are the “shape shifters” warned about in Navajo mythos. Skinwalkers. *spit*

            Winter is coming, and your presence on our Northern Marches is deeply appreciated.

        2. Spot on 1776. The Kosher Nostra are trying to put the old Khazaria band back together. I did a wee post in May ’22 on this.

          Clif High called them historically the ‘Name Stealers’. They are still name changers today.

          The ‘Judean’ cult is passed on currently by the maternal bloodline. If the inner circle that has used the ‘Judeans’ as a cloak (like Mao’s revolutionary fish swimming in a supportive sea) do go this route then the Torah will be dropped like the cloak it always was. The mask will finally slip.

          Without the use of nukes Russia will impose its will on Europe and NATO has nothing to counter them – despite neo-con wet dreams.

          The golden rule was always – never march overland to Russia. They will park their troops in your capital cities. I would trust our Slavic brothers quicker than our current ‘overlords’ in Europe.

          In a funny way Trump’s 4 year pause in ‘the plan’ has fuc***d their plans in the ass. Putin got sufficient time to prepare for the current war.

          The plan for the Kosher Nostra can no longer work. Israhell can no longer work as their supportive big daddy can’t project Empire any more on serious opposition – think of the F35 thunder brick.

          In addition Russia will dominate the rump of Ukraine that remains after this. Just like the original Khazaria LOL

          1. Chucky,

            Thanks for the attaboy.

            You clearly have done the digging too. A couple more little “bits” that are now entering the collective awareness (after about a dozen years), “newks” are pretty much deprecated as being another “fake and ghey” (“Phony”) hoax. Look at the major ((players)) in the whole “Manahatto project” (Manhattan was grifted off the previous owners for a handful of glass beads…just like the naturally occurring “Trinitite” glass beads were used as part of the grift).

            ((“Opie”)) was (among other things) a Commie, but mostly a grifter and an actor. A scientist? Nope, no more so than “One Cup” ((Einstain)). Vox Day finally got the memo, and reposted the work of Mathis (who, regardless of anything negative you can say about him, is right more than not). The hilarious part is that Putin absolutely knows that “nukes” don’t work, and is cleaning “Zato’s” clock conventionally.

            Mathis’ posts on the “Phoenician Navy” are worth reading, and it demonstrates that this scam, con, and grift are much older than most people realize.

            And Russia has saved America’s azzes several times (back in 1864 in particular, when “Perfidious Albion” was all set to use the “Civil War” as an opportunity to re-take it’s wayward colonies. Russia sent a flotilla to New York harbor and fucked that up).

            Ask yourself who is supporting GloboPedo (and the general degeneracy), and who is fighting it. That alone determines where your brothers stand, and who your enemies are. “Tel-a-Lie” is the “Gayest City in the World.”

            Nuff’ said. And can’t stop the signal!


            “Death Object: Exploding the Nuclear Weapons Hoax” By: Akio Nakatani (full text .pdf):

            Vox Day on the “Manhattan Project Psy-Op:”


  2. Jeopardy time looks like John Cleese of Monty Python fame. As for your Greater Israel theory, I don’t put anything past (((the Tribe))).

      1. You’re right. Haven’t thought about him for years. Don’t remember any of his album covers.

  3. “Halper: Zelensky might be sending a signal by declaring Ukraine to be the next Israel”

    Cool. Who gets to be the new Iraq or Iran? There’s always a list of neighbors that want to irradiate the Heebs.

  4. You mention only 18% of Israel being arable. A large part of this is the water situation. They have been using up so much ground water that the aquifer can’t keep up. Water leaching in from the Med is still saline, even miles inland – and they were talking about this problem when I was there thirty years ago. Gotta be a lot worse now.

    Of course if they do decamp to the Kraine, what does that leave behind for the Arabs? (Silly question…)

    1. Water? No problem at all. Just pick up the phone and tell the good Ole USA that “Your Greatest Ally” needs about $20 billion for a desalination plant. We wouldn’t do it for California but for Israel? Chump change.

  5. BC,
    I have no doubts this could be true…after all there is an epic struggle for who controls money, food, resources…and who has nothing, eats bugs, etc. I think the part that is confusing and makes it hard to put one’s finger on are the sheer number of agendas…some obviously opposing….crazy mindfuck…psychologically….none of it seems to be good for “We the People”, the kinda folks who stand opposed to strange mindfuckery and weird as sickos that want to talk to kids about gender and sexuality…yeah, I’m thinking maybe some of TPTB are looking to maybe divvy things up a little different….there’s GONNA be some ugly shit…masks are gonna come off….they don’t even pretend anymore….whole buncha folks gonna get the short end of the stick….it really does look like they’re moving towards a lot more boots on necks…just saying…

    – Tim

  6. Zelensky’s “Greater Israel” comment was from a coked-up live stream he did in early April 2022. It’s what got me digging on it, and was how I found “Heavenly Jerusalem.” Yes, they are planning on relocating 6 million Israelis there, plus a bunch of “Jewish” millionaires from around the globe. The first batch showed up in like 2017. That’s why I’ve been calling it a depopulation operation for over a year now. The Israelis have been importing tons of wheat/spelt from Ukraine for several years. The five oblasts in their “Heavenly Jerusalem” project account for about 35% of Ukraine’s total output.

    https://fitzinfo [dot] net/forum/topic/chabads-khazarian-heavenly-jerusalem-project/

    https://rumble [dot] com/vyn6ol-project-heavenly-jerusalem-do-you-know-why-the-war-in-ukraine-broke-out.html

    1. I watched it on bitchute.
      Five minutes.
      * War in the Ukraine kills the males, leaving destitute females.
      6m squatters in Palestine move to the Ukraine.
      Do you feel played.
      Do you feel used.

  7. They have in the last 10 years become the world leader in desalination systems. They’re taking the desert back.

    Of course, the environmentalists are bitching about this, both the release of the salts from the process and destroying ‘fragile desert lands’ by growing stuff there using water.

    Plans are to start filling the Dead Sea back up to proper levels within 10 years.

  8. Slow burn to the big show of WWIII and Ivan considers the Krainians as brothers.
    What if Zelensky is actually working against FUSA as we drain supplies, even if they are damn near vintage/relic/curio or static display pieces.
    It only gets worse isn’t just a meme regarding das Brandon as billions have been going to the Taliban and CCP.
    Just saw the $5000 tax on AR’s headline at aggregator, that has been in a drawer somewhere just waiting for the right Long March comrade like McHealthcarez.
    Charging up hills with the Waffenboomers probably will be more like lone wolf and up to each individual, with no rendezvous or resupply in sight, they intend to make living conditions unbearable on the road to the dictatorshit of the proletariat.
    Check out the oligarch with the Greater Jersualem project regarding South Ukraine, there is even a bikini clad babe to distract.
    I have the viddy somewhere, search produces nothing, imagine that.
    Those strawberry showgirls for the oligarchs not poor dumb Arkady.

  9. RTB here in FL has A2 uppers now for a hunard bucks. MMC armory in Utah also has them, so my inbox says.
    Enterprising people can put a foundry stamp on the right side next to the rear site base. “H” is a good one.

    That is all.

    (And, FFS put a GD A2 butstock on it and the right handguard and front sight post with a bayonet mount–no one operates a collapsed phucking stock and everyone wants a pointy thingy in the front)

  10. 6 million israelis moving to a land already filled with nazis,… the jokes write themselves

  11. I hope Brandon doesn’t pull a Crenshaw. That one-eyed trouser snake sold out the minute he hit DC.

    1. That’s the handle we around here call that little coked up “leader” of the Ukraine. Zelenski or howeverthefuck you spell it. I call him “Krainfeld” as he’s jewish, and a former comedian like Jerry Seinfeld, so, ergo: Krainfeld

    2. Dammit… had to retype it… Krainfeld is the name that we call Zelenski or whateverthefuck his name is… like Jerry Seinfeld, he’s jewish and a former comedian, ergo “Krainfeld”

  12. Suspicions confirmed: Just do a Google search on “Ukraine The New Israel”

    Jewish Exponent
    https://www.jewishexponent.com › zelensky-ukraine-…
    Apr 6, 2022 — Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s Jewish president, said his country will look more like Israel, a democracy on constant military alert, than like …

    Zelenskyy Says Post-war Ukraine Will Emulate Israel, Won’ …
    https://www.haaretz.com › World News › Europe
    Apr 5, 2022 — Ukraine will become a “’big Israel’ with its own face,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared on Tuesday, indicating that his …

    About 45,500,000 results (0.80 seconds)

    Zelenskyy says wants Ukraine to become a ‘big Israel’
    Al Jazeera
    https://www.aljazeera.com › news › zelenskyy-says-wa…
    Apr 5, 2022 — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said he wants his country to become a “’big Israel’ with its own face” after the Russian …

    Zelenskyy wants Ukraine to be ‘a big Israel.’ Here’s a road …
    Atlantic Council
    https://www.atlanticcouncil.org › blogs › new-atlanticist
    Apr 6, 2022 — Zelenskyy wants Ukraine to be ‘a big Israel.’ Here’s a road map. Speaking to reporters this week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy …

    Zelensky and NATO Plan to Transform Post-War Ukraine …
    Toward Freedom
    https://towardfreedom.org › story › archives › europe
    Oct 3, 2022 — Immediately following his declaration that Ukraine would soon become “a big Israel,” Washington’s former ambassador to Tel Aviv, Daniel B.

  13. Why not be the first contemporary blogger-man to express himself without constantly and casually swearing? I mean, Dude, do you really think constantly using the word “fuck” makes you more convincing?

  14. Brandon H will do good in congress, he’ll talk them to death. His vids are damn near unwatchable due to his blathering on. As for Ukraine? It’ll be over soon enough and then we’ll know.

  15. Problem with the math of “more amputees than WWI, therefore casualties must be YUUUUUUUUGEEEE!!!”:

    They have more amputees now, because in WWI, most amputees simply died.
    Shitty surgery, no antibiotics, no transfusions, and boom-to-bed times measured in days, not minutes. They have more amputees now precisely because of improvements in medicine, especially battlefield medicine and trauma surgery.

    We have the same problem here: the VA is clogged now with guys who survived in Nam and three Gulf Wars, who would have been KIA or DOW in WWI, WWII, or Korea.
    Good for them, but extrapolating GWOT numbers of anything based on what survived and comparing them to WWI casualties is like looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

    Without reliable actual numbers from either side, this is reading tea leaves based on an artist’s third-hand sketch. Machts nichts.

    Just saying.

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