Drones and The New Substack is Up Finally!

Gotta admit, it’s pretty cool. I’ll be doing a more thorough breakdown tomorrow as I’m toast from finishing the stack.

The most interesting thing here in the video is the explosive that they strap to that thing is a cut-down RPG warhead. The red tape on the front is to keep the EFP (explosive force penetrator) inside, along with the boom-boom mix. The way it’s wired up?

Wow… NOW I see how they’ve been getting them smaller drones to take out light armor.

Glen Filthie, you might want to re-think your opinion on these things… Jes’ Sayin’ That payload is a section of a PG-7S RPG.

You can make out the 7C above, and “C” in Russian is an “S”
The red circle is the section in question:

Eliminate the front fuse, take the ass-end off, and you have a nice, light effective (as seen in the video) Anti-Armor Flying EFP.
God I love it when I nail something like that.
So, the Substack….
That’s up BTW.
‘Bout fukkin time Aye?
Sorry about that gang… life and all that…
The link is HERE
So More Later
Big Country

20 thoughts on “Drones and The New Substack is Up Finally!”

  1. I think you linked the wrong YT video, I have the Brian Herrera “Im running for congress” video.

  2. well, it does have me wondering about radio detection gear now. like how to they back track it ?
    and it looks like they using off the shelf stuff to pull this off too. so, we see a 2-3 man crew setup and deploy a anti armor drone for what maybe 3 grand ? I really like the fact they used zip ties to hold it all together. makes a person rethink all of the kids that play with RC planes and drones now, doesn’t it?

  3. Read that a mortar shell is also used and the Putinator upped the drone production after the night vision goggles factory went up in smoke.
    Muscovites laugh at some turd rate terror campaign after surviving the NSDAP and Leningrad was under siege and cut off for several years.
    Krushchev helped save Stalingrad with backbone and morale as is depicted in the sniperkrieg Enemy At the Gates.

  4. We need to define our terms of the original disagreement and then discuss what we know about the drone with guys that understand modern military explosives. I know my way around drones, but I only know enough about explosives to be dangerous. Feel free to check my homework. Commentary by the Usual Suspects, retards and stubfarts, however – will be ignored.

    My original differences with ordnance experts like General Aesop and Peter Grant was that small hobby drones could not drop meaningful payloads on adversaries. I build these things from scratch (it’s not hard) and I know what they can do. Essentially I remain correct. The hobby drones cannot lift or drop anything more than maybe 200~300 grams. For perspective, the outhouse NATO baseball grenade you and your squaddies play with weighs approx. 670 grams. That’s about the same weight as 50 loaded 5.56 rounds in a Dillon Tupperware cartridge box. I used it to approximate the same weight of a grenade… and my large hobby drone wouldn’t lift it. It wasn’t even close.

    We’ve since learned the Russians and Ukes are occasionally dropping some kind of Russian submunition from cluster bombs. In effect, these things are little more than flash bangs weighing just under 300 grams. No, they will not bust bunkers or tanks, and contrary to Aesop and Peter Grant… they are seldom lethal on even soft targets. I saw several that fell almost directly on top of the Russians and inflicted no damage whatsoever. If one got dropped into your tank it would probably ring your gong and leave you disoriented…but the tank itself would not even notice it.

    A thing to remember about hobby drones: if you see one, it’s operator will almost certainly be within line of sight. It’s 50/50 that he’s within easy rifle range too. Just some food for thought.

    I dunno what’s up with calling them suicide drones. The drones doing big damage are big machines. The laws of physics will not be violated; if you want to lob a big payload – you will need a big airframe. Simple as that. The bigger drones are better thought of as bargain basement cruise missiles. The stuff doing REAL damage are heavy lift machines, employing military grade control and sensor suites and flight controllers. They are a different animal altogether with a price tag and capability beyond cheap hobby drones.

    Having said all that the question before us is this: are these weapons “game changers”? I personally don’t know. Judging by the way the idiots have misjudged just about everything else in this war… I have my doubts. Consider: if we could win wars and inflict massive damage with mere hobby drones, General Aesop, The Bayou Renaissance Man, and Joe Biden would be posing for hero pics in Moscow right now. As it is… the last Uke battalions are deserting or surrendering as we speak. Drones are fragile in the field, do not like dust, mud, water or all the other things you squaddies take for granted, and from my perspective, the value of these weapons have been hyped beyond any sense of reason. Even with the big drones available to the Ukes, they have gotten the stuffing beaten out of them, mostly from guns and artillery.

    Yes… if I drop a thousand fire crackers on you, eventually one will fall down the back of your shorts, or into your open mouth while you’re sleeping and snoring. But in the real world… even the big ones are missing their targets by miles, or falling in residential areas, or are duds altogether. Remember – your first gen Patriots only hit 67% of the time…and even they are light years ahead of the junk being lobbed around in the ‘Kraine.

    Properly discussing the ins and outs of this issue would probably take two hours…but when you are dealing with cabbages with attention spans measured in minutes… it’s easy to let sensationalism and hype run away with you. It is no coincidence that the same people blithering about a Ukrainian victory are also outgassing about drones. As of now my personal opinion is that the surveillance capabilities of the drone are its star abilities. Dropping shithouse improvised explosives? Not so much.

    You need to do a scholarly podcast on this issue! I will be happy to star as your technical guest – at very reasonable rates! 😉👍

    1. Well… I watched the vid, BC… and I’m REALLY tempted to call BS on it. Humour me, if you would… after all, we DO live in an age where we can no longer trust anything we see. (Peter Grant and Aesop were fooled by goofy CG animations). My question to you, is this: how hard would it be to put a fake warhead on it? Are you sure those munitions are the real deal? How much would that weigh?

      This thing stinks to high heaven. Dipole antennas on the goggles? Getting 4-7 km range…? Pull my other finger. I don’t think so. For the long range stuff typically the guys are on the lower freqs (2.4 GHz and below) and use pagoda and patch antennas with switching algorithms on the goggles. They are in turn run off ground stations with amplifiers and high gain Yagi antennas. The radio controller antenna looked like a piece of clothesline… and the picture quality looked like the shithouse 5.8 GHz stuff you see on my old beloved Crapcopters. All that static was caused by the trees. I don’t like the drone itself either…those are racing props and medium range kv motors, not lifting motors. The battery looked like a 3000 mAh or slightly smaller, which would severely cut into your payload capacity.

      What did we actually see here? Welp… I saw the drone take off and fly away. I saw a very grainy vid from the drone and I couldn’t even identify what vehicle it supposedly attacked, or whose side it was on. Finally, I don’t know what the aftermath was. Did they destroy the tank? I am saying the odds on this being legit are 70/30 against. Maybe more.

      What is your thought, BC? Or your squaddies? Do you guys have access to an explosive munition that weighs 1- 2 pounds (max) … that can take out a tank?

      I think Ivan put a prop warhead on a shithouse surveillance drone and put on a puppet show for the retards and stubfarts. But…whadda I know?

      That was a great poast!

  5. Calling BS. Drones that small can be blown away in a semi-stiff wind. There’s no way it has enough power to do this. Warhead, camera, battery and the video (videogame) shows it flying really fast. Sorry, but, no.

  6. The explosive filler in modern hand grenades is about 50 grams of RDX. That is surrounded by prefragmented wire, and is lethal to a 5m radius. Hollow charges are mostly….hollow. The metal liner and the explosive, stripped out of an RPG7 which was made to be African & Arab entry level enthusiast-proof, won’t weigh much. A pound of modern explosive tech will be bad juju especially on the roof of a tank, or flying through your bunker firing slit and making friends with your atgm. Let’s see drone bodies made of polymer bonded explosive. The dropped munitions look like 3D printed casings, and I’ve seen more than one dropped off the same drone in those videos. The smoke off those explosions is very white, and the Rooskies like adding aluminium to their RDX mixes; go research Torpex and Minol and compare the TNT equivalent. Perhaps they’re using even sexier stuff like octol or petn. One thing is for sure, I’m glad I’m not under these things and sure don’t want to be. Now those lancets are shiny kit…

    1. Exactly. The ass end of the PG-7S section they use is a fiberglass mix. Total weight of a COMPLETE RPG-7 round, the PG-7S model that they are using WITH ALL THE PARTS is 4.3 pounds in total.

      The section in question, after ALL the bits have been stripped down comes in at about about a half 1/2 of a pound.

      The copper plate weighs in at about a little less than 4oz, which is enough. It’s 66mm in diameter +/- (might be 64 as it has to fit in the sleeve).

      The RDX explosive filler (mixed with either boron or aluminum) is about 2.5oz of Modified RDX which is 1.7x more powerful than ‘regular RDX’ which has a 27000fps explosive force, and the boron/aluminum acts as a multiplier.

      The fuse and sleeve take up the rest, at about 4oz as well.
      Any questions?
      Pretty sure that even that drone could handle an 8.3oz package, and maaaan you do not want to be on the receiving end of an RDX EFP.
      I know of what I speak.

  7. So, what does that RPG Charge Weigh? 2, 3+ Pounds? I’d agree with Glen, it looks like an awfully small quad-copter to be able to Pick it Up and Fly a few Clicks… Buuutt, What If that’s a Mil-Spec, purpose-built Drone that has High-Output Batteries and Motors that are about Melting by the Time it is at the end of its Range? Glen’s COTS Drones are Not (for liability reasons) designed for that, as they are Reusable. But like any other “Cruise Missile” (or Intercontinental War- Rocket for that matter) the Airframe and Propulsion System get Blown Up anyway, so Maximum possible Performance is the Rule.

    1. see my comment breaking it down… Le Sigh… Ima gonna have to get technical and break it down like Barney for everyone

      1. Think of your technical breakdown as a power point for interested hobby types. I’m interested to see what you have to say. I’m not a drone guy, but have been RFing for 30 plus years.

        I saw “6500” on the battery on the ground (mAh?), but it looked like a log. How did that little drone lift it? Maybe this vid was an “artists misconception” i.e. we aren’t showing you what we are doing, but here’s a rough idea with some toys and a stick. GF knows his drones, you know your bang stuff. I know a bit about RF and DFing. Gonna be a good poast…. When you have some spare time… 😉

      2. Yup…. our beloved Canadian brethren need drawings. I ate all my crayons a long time ago, it’s mostly up to you. Master Filthie, stubfart extraordinaire, the heaviest part of an EFP type RPG munition is the rocket body, that is threaded onto the back of the warhead. The cone on the front is mostly there for aerodynamics and to hold a *mostly* idiot proof impact detonator, that has been removed. Big Country is right, the EFP assembly is a proven design, and the casing around it isn’t very heavy, and brutally effective. Penetrator coming through your roof is bad, terminal juju. Even a mobility kill with halfway competent heavy mortar men or arty monkeys around is bad, bad news. This is just one of the gazillion ways that good ol’ dirt cheap RPG rounds can be used absolutely not as intended by the manufacturer, and the Russians have been learning from the Fun with Jihad folks just like we did

        1. Yeah, somneone pointed out in the comments the Manufacture Date on the round was 1976…
          Old Stock man… the US is mostly –out– of it’s ‘old stock… my time in Iraq? Initially the Ma Deuce ammo? .50 with headstamps from Frankfort Arsenal dated 1917… same with the shit we were issued to ‘fire up’ in that afore-mentioned “big shewtin’ “… hell, the newest TOW2-B round I ever fired was dated 1974 for D.O.M.
          Sop unlike ‘others’ out there, the Russians are just getting to the mid-70’s Ammo, all the while making a fuckton more with re-vamped factories… Go figure…

          1. back in 1998, my buddy’s dad passed on. he got his dad’s old cabin up in the hills.
            in 2002-3 he was doing some repair to it and found a false wall. behind it was a lot of canned food and ammo. a lot of the 30/06 ammo was dated 1918. it fired off just fine.
            kind of funny seeing a 6 oz. can of tuna though ? maybe mid-early 1960 ?
            ammo will last a long time. this ammo was in cardboard boxes in a old ammo can.
            and Ivan has always stocked up on ammo and weapons. unlike us, they like to keep and store their stuff for a rainy day. we sell our stuff off for scrap or give it away to some 3rd. world shithole country. and after watching the one vid, drones and R/C models have come a long way from what little I knew about them. damn.

  8. Looks like the target was already burning.

    My limited play with drones has been with ones that could barely carry their own weight, let alone anything extra. That one looked like one of those.

  9. For those who talk about huge drones required to do anything, let me offer the US Army’s switchblade drone. Note the distance it can be controlled from, and it weighs all of 5 lbs.

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