Back Again. Happy Friday Evvabody! Plus True Lies.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
@#$%^&* Pinkeye man. In the ONE eye (left) that didn’t have any issues. The cataract in the right eye made it damned near impossible to see period. fucking. dot. The VA has been, on the eye issue less than helpful in that they now insist that I come in to get ‘checked out’ by their folks.

Problem is, the VA here eye clinic here is retardedly backed-up appointment wise. I went through the VACCN Program, the Community Care Network (CCN) to get the appointment initially which was “OK N/P” Now? Since it’s going to cost? “Uhhhhh we can get you in in 18 months.”

Uhhhhh no motherfuckers. This’s my dominant shooting eye. I can’t see my red dot on my weapon(s). If the SHTF, I need to see ASAP.

Sooooo now I’m looking at having to use the work Insurance (I did get the vision plan as it’s the only affordable part of the health plan these days, and I do like the ability to get new glasses when needed. I’m just not sure what the OOP is going to be, which means watch out, possible raffle/fundraiser inbound.

Let me know in the comments what y’all may dig. I got the “Battery Holder” Claymores, and also the Matryoshka KGB dolly I used in the substack. Plus another one that’s the Russian Leadership from Lenin at the Center to Yeltsin. Those were from my time stationed in Germany after the Wall came down. Like I said, let me know. I may even do a weapon or so…

Now… True Lies.
“While our work isn’t finished, Bidenomics is already delivering for the American people.” ( LINK)


That’s my “Amazon Saved for Later” list…
Some of it is ‘stuff’ Gretchen was looking at, others from when I had saved it and just plain forgotten about it.
Yeah, we ALL have a list like this
Look at the amounts on the increases (if you can, I believe click to embiggen works)

In the past, to my malfunctioning memory) the increases were $0.25 here n’ there… this time? The majority of ‘stuff’ has increased across the board by $2.00 or moar fiatbux. The roof racks I was looking at for the car? $5.00.

Some will say “Well BC, it’s inflation.”
No fuckin’ Duh!!!
It’s just that the spin and lies that keeps coming out from Sodom on the Potomac… Those brain-fucking-dead ‘corpses in suits’ in DC are going to be utterly shocked when the next “Insurrection” that may or may not happen is of the “Frankenstein Torches, Pitchforks, and Rifles” sort instead of the “orderly unarmed variety”

In fact IMO, the very panicky reaction to the J6 “Insurrection-Which-Wasn’t” (which is how it should be referred to, not this “J6” bullshit… quick aside, by r/ourguys calling it the ‘J6’ thing, it’s going along with their definition, which we should never, ever do, here endth the spiel) but the “IWW” reaction, or I should say overreaction?

I can only imagine how they’d react to a genuinely pissed off heavily armed mob of say 50,000 people who show up, and don’t stop no matter what casualties taken… like overwhelming human-wave assaults like the Japanese did in 1942 on Guadalcanal… reason I say this is we now know with a certainty that OUR fake and gay DotMil doesn’t have the ability or stones to stand up to that sort of thing.

Those Marines back then were faaaar the superiors of the now-neutered 69th Intersectional Non-Binary Dildo Brigade(s) that the Leviathan can call up to guard them…and even then? We already know they don’t even trust those guys.
How do we know this?
The very fact that alllllll them Nasty Guard folks that were there to insure the installation of the Current Illegitimate Regime? That of the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den?

They never issued nor allowed any of the troops ammunition.

Only O-3s and above had rounds for their pistols. I > think < they had some rounds, but it was all locked up and kept far away from the line doggies. Can’t risk a MAGA-Turret Gunner with his M240 deciding that “he’s had enough of this shit” and ending the whole farce right then and there. (looking at you Grimmy)

Happiness is a Belt Fed Machine Gun I swear….
Ride the Lightning gang if given the chance…
That’s what spare barrels are for.

True story:
I melted the cover off of my M249 SAW (5.56mm) heat shield and blew the chrome out of the barrel back in the day. In fact the plastic on the heat shield caught fire as it slagged into the barrel. What had happened was we’d signed for a utterly retarded amount of ammo for our Fall Field Exercise… “Use it or Lose it” indeed. SO much ammo… makes me smile to this day… so much that we had to shoot it all the fuck up. We’re talking tons here… each gunner got TWO TOW missiles each to fire… those were at the time running about $15,000.00 a throw, which in 1996 fiatbux was the cost of a really nice car EACH.

You can’t even imagine how much .50cal, belted 5.56mm, 40mm Belted (for the MK-19s) we had… Literally, I have a picture of my crew that I need to scan and put up here of them loading what was like a 60 foot long single belt of Ma Deuce ‘food’ into a BIG MK-19 can… it looks like those old pictures of the guys loading the wing ammo-sponsons on a P-51 Mustang with .50… 3-4 guys, a looooooong ass belt, being ‘layered’ into the can. Took 2 guys to manhandle it up onto the roof when it came time to shoot it all off.

Me? I had a 20 foot long belt of SAW ammo, which I subsequently used to chop down a small tree downrange. My TC/Section Leader fucking loved that. Like for real… he was cheering the whole time and when that tree went over? OMG…

Anyways, back to ‘stuff’
Don’t know if it’s still going on, but the great gun sales have gotten even lower. Don’t know if it’s still valid but PSA (Palmetto State) had this:

A mid-length AR for $280!?!
With Magpul Furniture?
If’n I wasn’t stone broke I’d buy two.
I mean I have two spare BCGs for backups anyways. With the $30 transfer fee at GunGirls? Free shipping???? Holy Hells! Even with shipping, figure a little over six bills for two ARs? (And just as an FYI, I personally prefer the mid-length gas system and use that as my primary weapon)

Good Lord, that’s giving them away

Then in Entertainment news:
As predicted by Enty, Lizzo the Hippo is going completely under the bus, after which said-bus will be going into the shop for a complete suspension rebuild. Them shocks and springs are never going to be recoverable after running that fat blaq pile of lard over. ONLY reason I mention this is that

A) Enty from “Crazy Day and Nights” called this months ago which is why I consider him a must-read for Intel. Link is HERE he’s 5 out of 5 on the scale and because he also dabbles in Poly-Ticks as most fuckwad Poly-Ticians are now interchangeable with celebutards, you can sometimes mine some intel nuggets. That and

B) This Meme:

If you get it, you do, and sorry about the keyboard(s)
So More Later
Big Country

19 thoughts on “Back Again. Happy Friday Evvabody! Plus True Lies.”

  1. Cataracts are regular insurance,, not the vision plan, need to see ophthalmology, have your non VA PCP refer you..

  2. Glad you’re back dude. PSA is like the Sears and Roebuck Christmas catalog for kids.

  3. Christie Crème will go on tour with Lizzo and open for Ariana Grande at the Taco Bell arena!
    Enjoy the circus circus until the flotilla opens up and the boomers parked off the coasts erase a blue hive or two.
    OBrandon is out to burn it all down better forever as Bathhouse Barry, SoroSatan and Val Jarr cheer by the people’s champagne fountain.
    Got my cataract out a few years back and it was wild as they gave me some fentanyl and some shot to reduce blood pressure as it was the fat ass buffet days.
    No need for glasses anymore and the shooting improved big time!
    Try an alternate source if the VA is jerkin’ ya, some states have healthcare for residents if you qualify and just about everyone does under Brandonomics.
    The Germans had the Ultra potato masher grenade with one stick for a five pack, that needs to come back.
    This just in from Putin-all the shrubs and weeds are belong to us.

    1. Sorry Earl, but the only “boomers” parked off the coast are the ones listening to Jimmy Buffet and pretending that “this is fine.”

      Vox Day finally got the memo, and he realized that “newks” are fake, gay, retarded, and fraudulent:

      Again, repeat after me “it’s all conventional, it’s all conventional, it’s all conventional.”

      I (and several others) have been beating our heads against a brick wall for the last….what, 11 years? Trying to tell people that “nuclear weapons” are nothing more than a grift and con (trillions of unacountable bucks that go towards hookers and blow for the usual suspects). Remember that those involved in the “Manhattan Project” (named after an island that was conned from natives using a handful of….-Glass Beads!!!-) were of a particular “fraternal order.” Oppenheimer was a con mad, a fraud, a grifter. Einstain was barely functional, and borderline retarded. Nikola Tesla had to be removed from the equation, since he would have easily seen through the hoax.

      Pay. Attention.

      I’ve posted this book (for free, in full) about five times now. FFS, read it!

      Or don’t, but don’t count on “cleansing nuclear fire” to solve all the problems. There’s no easy way.

  4. I want that .22 Gatling gun that just came out. I saw that OyTubing fag (22 Plinkster) running one and now I’m insane with envy! What hoot!

    Are those AR’s Milspec, BC? How’d they hold up against a mid-tier gun like say, a Bushmaster?

    1. I did a writeup a long time ago… think I have to again. ALL of the ‘basic ARs’ ALL OF THEM have the SAME. EXACT. METALLURGY.
      The biggest price point differential is in the ‘smaller items’ and barrels. Daniel Defense Barrels are cold hammer forged barrels (which IMO they charge FAR too much for) which increases the longevity. Thing is, depending on the mission, MilSpec (which is what almost every. single. AR. out. there. is.) is just fine. The chrome lined barrels? Those were made specifically not for longevity, as it was a REQUIREMENT for the Navy for rust-proofing in the barrel, as the Squids ain’t known for their individual weapons maintenance. BCGs? Unless the bolt is Carpenter Steel (much harder) almost every. single. baseline. BCG out there are all. the. same.

      It’s why I get pissed at certain Guntoobers who shit on the PSA stuff w/out mentioning the mad kickbacks they get from places like DD and other companies. I’ll do another writeup AGAIN as too many think that anything other than a High End Rifle is going to not be worth it… I mean which would you rather in an Apocalypse? A single $2098 DDM4-V7 or 6-7 PSA Mid Length “Poor ARs”? The ability to arm just me OR a squad of frens and fam? I know what I’d opt for. And if it was JUST ME? I’d rather have spares than that ONE fucking failure point… As Commander Zero sez: “One is None” and ONE DDM4-V7 with a say, broken firing pin? Congrats on a $2100 doorstop…
      Jes’ Sayin’

      1. I thought all knowledgeable AR owners had a few spare parts: lower kit less grip,,spring kit,bolt at least a firing pin and a broken case extractor stashed with their cleaning kit. Just in case Private Murphy shows up, just sayin.

        1. You should see MY spare parts kit… Gretch gets pissed ‘cos it’s literally a Harbor-Fright BIG “small parts bin” with 3 layers completely packed with spares…LMAO

  5. You aren’t trying at ARs until you can equip a squad all by yourself.

    With rifles that have no S/N on the side. 3d printer goes brrrrrrr.

  6. you’re misinformed about the j6 ammo situation. the ng’s were issued ammo, and pelosi tried to insist on belt-fed ammo for the 240’s, a direct violation of law. she wanted tanks and everything. it got down to a screaming match punctuated with drawn pistols. after a certain virginia guard officer stood his ground, she retaliated by denying them any ammo at all, so said individual requisitioned 50k rounds from his personal stash. yeah, and he has much more. meanwhile the ammo allocated by dod for the op took a missing and nobody wanted to answer questions. the virginia bg in charge popped off one of them “title (whatever) investigations”, i can’t remember the numbers anymore. the kind when there’s war crimes n such on the table. solid brass balls on those guys, i love those guys. the bg surprised me, i always thought he was political, but he stood up. FOLLOW ME!

    1. Corrected… fat fingered ‘cos the brain is stuck on 45 with all the Nuke anniversaries I think. That and I’m a fat-fingered fucker here.. worst is when I’m typing and accidentally hit ‘capslock’ when doing the ‘a’ with my big dickbeaters and have to delete and retype entire sections… I’m Mr. Two-Fingers and one thumb when I type… still do 40-50 wpm so that’s not bad IMO

  7. “… the ‘Frankenstein Torches, Pitchforks, and Rifles’ sort …”

    A hydraulic guillotine, that’s where it’s at.

    “Powered by Detroit Steel and the Spirit of the French Revolution.”

    With a titanium nitride coated blade, you can slice and dice Enemies of the Revolution all day without having to change blades.

    Combine with the strength and power of Detroit Steel, and it’s right proper chop fucking chop, innit?

    The ATF doesn’t regulate farm equipment, that there’s a Halal-grade cow head separator, wouldn’t know anything about any other uses, Agent Smegpot. 🙂

  8. I bought some sketchy quality AR kits during the post-Sandy Hoax panic buying spree, as you bought what you could find, when you found it.

    The one that I do not regret whatsoever is the PSA MOE kit. It had a FN barrel and Magpul furniture like the kit pictured. Now, I believe PSA is making everything from raw materials in one door and finished product out the other. There are some factory tour videos out there on the Tubes (if they haven’t been censored) a while back showing just how much attention to detail they pay to their products. Anyone talking shit about PSA is just trying to justify what they spent on their DD or Noveske in their mind.

    Now, if they’d just get that H&R branded AR15A1 line running full tilt so I can get mine….

    1. Yeah bro… little known factoid: Those FN Barrels? Every. Single. DotMil. M4/16 made in the past ten years is FN.
      I had 3 or 4 of them? All tragically lost in a boating accident some years ago I’m afraid… Le Sigh

  9. Welcome back indeed. Hope the eyeballs get squared away right quick – they’re handy things to have.

    Coupla tings… First, I enjoyed the story about hosing off all that ammo and taking out the tree. And believe me, if I had been in your place I’d have done the same thing – and I’d have had a hard-on I couldn’t SEE around while doing it. But that little story is a wee tiny symptom of why the US is screwed financially.

    The key here is that “use it or lose it” bit. I spent 20+ years in the Canuck Chair Force, and we had the same bullshit – pinch pennies Mar-Dec, then spend everything you have by the end of the FY or your budget is cut since you didn’t need all this last year’s money – only on a muuuuuuch smaller scale. And that refusal of the system to appreciate and reward frugality is part of why the US is $31T in debt. And why the US can spend $870B per year on the DoD, while the Rooskies spend 10% of that – and they actually have gear that works. The profit margins for the MIC don’t enter into it there, and I suspect the Kremlin actually appreciates commanders who can come in under budget and still turn out combat-ready units.

    (Which is just one reason why if things really go pear-shaped over there and it turns into a Russia-NATO slug-fest, my money is on the Bear.)

    Again, not criticizing you at all for having had the sort of fun I envy. Just commenting on the system’s in-built fuck-up.

    Item second – I didn’t get the banana joke so I did a quick search to see what I could find. Jeeeeesusss Kee-rist!! This civilization is just SO desperately in need of an enema – you just don’t know where to start.

    1. Appreciate it LotF. COMPLETELY agree vis-a-vis the budget shytte. When I got injured a couple of years later, they stashed me in the S4 shop (Supply/Logistics) as I was the Battalion thief…. errr. scrounge. (A book worth of shytte there that’d make a HILARIOUS Movie but no one would believe.) End of budgetary year THAT year, we ended up (which was cool AF as the S4 NCO was cooler than pissed ice cubes in December) he authorized us to buy every. single. joe. (E-5 and below) a brand new Gerber Multitool ($50 fiatbux in 1998 as I recall…) i.e. real money When the CSM found out he went into rage-beast mode but OMFG did my boss shut him right the fuck down… in fact I need to poast about him… No bullshit… try a Former Delta Operator (no bullshit!) who went into Supply ‘cos his wife was afraid he wouldn’t have ‘marketable job skillz’ post Army… Not kidding.

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