Almost Friday and I Feel Like Crap

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OMG… been sick AF today… visited Dad at the Rehab Facility… lots of sick folks there so’s I’ma ka-thunkin’ that I might have picked up a bug. ANOTHER Reason I don’t go to the hospital unless I’m shooting blood from the orifices… odds are I’m going to catch something there that I didn’t start with.

Otherwise, doing ok, outside of the terminally runny node that makes me look like Hunter Biden after a bump or three, and the achey bod factor. No fever or anything, just feeling shitty ya know?

So on the other front(s) out there, did the “breakfast” on the Krainian MRE. That’s for the Substack over the weekend maybe, depends on when I can finish with the pics and eatin’. Tell you what, a “24 Hour Ration”… no kidding. LOT of food in one of them thar thingies.

Not paying any attention to the Cheeto Jeebus being indicted/arrested/jailed whatever. As far as I’m concerned, OrangeManBad had his fucking chance to do the ‘Spike Lee’ (do the right thing) and he didn’t. Not only that, but he left a lot of well meaning idjits in a sling regarding the J6 Witchhunt who’re still paying for his betrayal. I mean the fact he didn’t leave a blanket pardon for anyone who showed up, but pardoned what appeared to be a hell of a lot of small-hat-big-nosed criminals at his (((son in law’s))) request, I got nothing for his grifting ass.

In fact One of those that he pardoned for scamming and stealing money from folks has been arrested again for doing the same exact type of sleazy shit he was pardoned for the first time. Seems Eliyahu “Eli” Weinstein got busted with 4 others for doing another Ponzi Scheme that was worth $35 million. Not only that, but he hid assest that were supposed to be used to pay back the first group that were stupid enough to be taken in by him… Jews are gonna Jew I guess.

And I do not want to hear the whole “…but he was just one…” yadda yadda. Are you kidding me? I mean talk about a ethnic group as clueless and utterly incapable of self reflection or introspection as can be. As bad as the blaqs as a whole.

Never a clue as to “why do people eventually get tired of us and decide to kill us/chase us/run us off/out of a city/country/area?” Nope, it’s always “They’re jealous of us” or “We’re just better/smarter/quicker than ‘x’ group” rather than realizing that their inherent tribal nature of fucking over ANYONE and EVERYONE who isn’t part of their tribal structure is a target to be exploited. The very weaponization of groups like the ADL and the SPLC to insure that no criticism, however valid can be levied at them, just goes to show how fucked up things are…

Yep. I grow weary of it all.
Oh so weary.
Like Sam Bankman-Fried… That fucking scumfuck who stole billions and directly and provably laundered the money through the Krain, and right back to the very politicos who’re now ordering the “Just-Us” Department to cut him loose.

Ain’t no way we’re getting out of this alive.
Only thing that warms my heart is none of them are either.
So More Later, I gotta get some sleep
Big Country

7 thoughts on “Almost Friday and I Feel Like Crap”

  1. Everyone in the world can see what a steaming third world turd the Kwanstain is now with Trump’s multiple kangaroo court cases.
    What is it up to NYC, District of Cesspool, the glorious people’s republic of Georgia, and watch that Savannah port for CCP landing.
    The judge is an obammy rump ranger who has handed out sentences larger than recommended and the Sammy Bankman-Fraud gave around $5 million to Brandon.
    Hang tough like New Kids on the Block, the weekend is coming.
    Carry on.

  2. Juden gonna Juden. Trump spent most of his last year pandering to blacks and Jews and ignoring the MAGA hat wearing Whites who voted him into office and them was baffled at losing the “election”. He is just a carnival act at this point, fun to watch as long as you don’t get too close.

  3. Whole chicken soup, add some veggies and cool off (Do NOT cook Kimchee) with some kimchee.

    Have a lot of damp paper towels to blow your nose on. Tissues don’t cut it.

    Sleep, no booze and you’ll feel better soon.

    Used this many times for the creeping crud and those “I wanna DIE” bugs.

    Get better old warrior, we still have a mission or three left.

  4. While sick, we tend to focus on the symptoms instead of the cause.
    If I was me, I might:
    * shift my diet away from petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides.
    * avoid those rancid seed oils — sunflower safflower soy, and all the rest.
    * eliminate all forms and sources of soy.
    * shift toward pastured organic meat, eggs, chicken, turkey.
    * never touch farmed sea ‘food’ without gloves — salmon tilapia shrimp.
    * unless you are a baby cow, eliminate dairy.
    And I would wait on consuming Genetic Modification organisms and gates lab-grown ‘meat’ until a few generations of human test-subjects prove the concept.
    Simultaneous, I would build my immune system lurking in my gut:
    * plenty of probiotics and pre-biotics.
    * lots of living fermented food — sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, cod-liver.
    At the grocery, living fermented food is in the cold-case.
    They have zero vinegar.

  5. Do you have any horse paste on hand?
    Or can Gretchen get you some, at the local Tractor Supply (or ordered online from Jeffer’s Pet) ??

    I’m telling you, the IVM knocks the block off whatever ails you, and it doesn’t have to be The Coof.

    Acquire some and create a stash, post-haste.

    Take it for 3 days consecutively, then 1x per week as preventative.

    Thank me later.

  6. And on an unrelated topic, not for nothin’, but the Jeffers website even used (correctly!!) a PLURAL POSSESSIVE APOSTROPHE on their website!!

    Now that right there is a group of people (wypipo) that I want to do business with.

    Jes Sayin’.

  7. I hear you, BUT—It’s not going to change my mind. I believe that Trump did all that he could and if we can ever overcome this color revolution, he’ll do everything possible (and then some) to make it right.

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