These Guys Got The Memo

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Soooo seems that ‘newly released vidya’ of the T-72 Tank taking on an entire Krainian Klown Kolumn and utterly Killing it “old school” was actually from two months ago.

The Interview with them was just done and released. They didn’t even know about what an uproar their actions had, until Shoigu hisself showed up to give them their awards

Seems that “Laska” – the tank commander, “Lionya” – the tank gunner, and “Monolith” – the driver/mechanic were awarded with the equivalent of the Medal… In the Soviet Days it was “Hero of the Soviet Union”.

After action reports that they were critical in repulsing what turned into a non-stop shit show of a Krainian Assault, and ended up being a game changer. The Interview (which I screen shotted, well, best to sum it up in what “Laska” said:

“We Died Yesterday”

It twigged in my mind, as the translation apps are sometimes a bit wonky, when it hit me:

Talk about dead-nuts on Aye?
Not sure if that’s what he meant, but hey, they faced undeniably bad and overwhelming odds and kicked the ever loving fuck out of at least a heavy Mech Platoon, to include at the final count 2 x T-64M models, and 8 MRAPs…

So… when the time comes, don’t question the “What” of it.
Do what you trained to do.
As we were taught back in the day, the “Rule of The LGOPs” comes into play… that is “Little Groups of Paratroopers”
After the demise of the best Airborne plan, a most terrifying effect occurs on the battlefield.  This effect is known as the rule of the LGOPs.  This is, in its purest form, small groups of pissed-off 19 year old American paratroopers.  They are well-trained, armed to the teeth and lack serious adult supervision.  They collectively remember the Commander’s intent as “March to the sound of the guns and kill anyone who is not dressed like you…” or something like that.  Happily they go about the day’s work…..

Damned straight.
Question not the Commander’s Intent after the fact
Just go out and lay as much hurt on the Enemy as Humanly Possible.
THAT therein, lies the way to Victory.

And on that note, we got Gran#1 Again, as she’s starting school on Monday (so soon!)… Kindergarden no less (OMFG I’m old! old! old!) and we won’t see her for a few weeks whilst the transition is ongoing. So More Later
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  1. They too are mortal though I heard some of these guys were shot in the back by coworkers indiscriminately firing into the Church.

  2. Hrrrrmmmmm. Looks like even my good buddy, General Aesop – got the memo too! HAR HAR HAR! At least he and the grillers and normies are FINALLY past “the Russians are all drunks! Their equipment is all junk!!! They’re running out of ammo!!!!!” Now they have to face the loss that they assured us could never happen. 😂👍

    Of course now he’s seething and trying to cope: “They’ve destroyed half their military!!! Putler will get killed by his own people any day now!!! There’s no help coming for him this time!!!!”


    The Russian economy is now on a war footing. The tanks and vehicles destroyed in the Kraine so far are being replaced with the latest and greatest hardware. The Russian war machine is ramped up and running 24/7/365. Putler does indeed have enemies and if he gets potted, he is likely going to be replaced by a hardliner that will not only flatten the Kraine, he’ll take out Poland and Lithuania and NATO will have Russian tanks and missiles on the German border. Fortunately Putin has the Russian people with him. Idiots like Biden, Lindsay Graham and Aesop are free to FAFO…AGAIN, I suppose. These neocon peckerheads never learn. You’d think they’d have seen the pattern by now… but the limitations of IQ are what they are.

    BC I am worried about “help” for Russia. Contrary to our California nurse and xis glee club…I REALLY don’t like the partnerships I see shaping up with the BRIC nations. They’ve all pretty much told Biden to sod off, and if they establish their own reserve currency and peg it to gold… AND cut the US, the jews and Globohomo out of their trade arrangements… things will get very, very dire for us. But… in their boat, that is exactly what I would do. Saudi Arabia did exactly that when Biden tried to bum a few million barrels of oil off them.

    I’ve been right about almost everything that has transpired with this war so far. I really hope I am wrong about the aftermath that is sure to follow…

    Well I hope that little one of yours runs you ragged! Be thankful for her, and hold her close.

    1. I’m of the same mind…But honestly, I can’t understand how intelligent people like Aesop and Greg Cochran could possibly think that Ukraine even had a chance in a war with Russia…Russian track record in existential wars being 1.000, having superior armament and numbers, and not relying on a bunch of neo-nazis and child traffickers to fight the war….

  3. If you think the US MSM broadcast nothing but lying bullshit you really should watch RU state media. Raising lying bullshit to a whole new level. Its a very Russian thing. The Eastern Europeans in the Cold War days were never that gullible.

    And the siloviki bloggers and social media “journalists” are even bigger bullshit merchants. They are all siloviki. There are no independent RU social media sources. Anyone on VK etc? Wait till I stop laughing. Non Russian platform a/c’s? They work for the RU TLA’s. Every last one of them.

    All the independent RU social media guys are in jail, fled the country, or were tortured to death. There is even a daily morning show on Channel 1, Анти Фейк, thats only job is to keep the RU social media in line. What this weeks propaganda narrative is. Its both laughably amateurish and deeply sinister all at the same time. Presented by a guy from the kinda Russian TV equivalent of Sesame Street. But with pet animals. Its just like the good old days in the Soviet Union – go off message (whatever this weeks message might be ) – and bad things happen to you. Fast.

    There are a whole bunch of OS Intel twitter feeds that have been around for years that do a great job of tearing apart RU propaganda stories. You will need google translate to read most of them. So those tank “heros”? I can guarantee about as fake as John Kerry’s war record. You should see all the medals Kadyrov’s TikTok Brigade gave themselves. For firing rounds into empty buildings far from the frontline. That was top story for two days in a row on RU state TV news. Heros of the Motherland.

    Here is one stat that say’s it all. About 90% of the “frontline fighting” UA video looks fairly genuine. More than 90% of “frontline fighting” RU video is shot nowhere near the front line. Just look at what the RU guys are wearing. No colors showing anywhere its a fake. Except for the Donbass colonial cannon fodder of course. RU does not give a fuck about who kills them. Plus uniform / equipment etc in the RU videos rarely matches the “story”. As for the RU false flag videos just look at the boots. The “UA guys” committing the “atrocities” always seem to be wearing RU Spetsnaz boots. Usually GRU issue.

    I just found a whole bunch of Soviet Life magazines from the 1970’s and 1980’s online. Which was a Soviet glossy propaganda magazine that we read back then for a good laugh. I think I’ll go read some good old fashioned propaganda. When almost everyone on both sides knew the other side was lying. About pretty much everything.

    The West was lying about how formidable an enemy the Soviet Union was. The Soviets lied about what a Socialist Paradise it was. Then the truth came out in the 1990’s and the depth of the lies of both sides was revealed. The Soviet Union was a Potemkin military power with a Potemkin economy and most of its people lived in utter squalor. But Lockheed, General Dynamics, Rockwell etc sure did well out of all those Soviet lies. For many decades. Very well indeed.

    Nothing changes.

    1. LOL like anybody tells the truth today.

      What did Winston Churchill say about a bodyguard of lies?

      Glad to know someone is here to “Protect Us” from the Ukraine is losing narrative. Good Word Comrade.

      Have to give you credit you’re not throwing homosexual slurs about “sucking Putin’s Junk” like a marine nurse blogger I know.

    2. Your understanding of change, as you describe it, apparently having frozen into a stereotype from 40 years ago…
      But a little comic relief is always welcome…

    3. Even the propaganda conflicts with the narrative they put out. If you watch the western MSM and Uke channels, you will see brave Ukes in clean uniforms walking around in the ruins and claiming victory. Sometimes you will even see them shooting, but never see what they are shooting at. Often their recycled vids are actually re-branded Russian vids, where they claim that the tanks getting smoked are Russian… when they are actually Ukranian. The lie is apparent when you see the piles of junked and scrapped western hardware.

      For their part – the Russkies poast stuff that will literally turn your stomach. You’ll see the stacked Uke corpses and dirty, disheveled fighters laughing and joshing about it. And unfortunately… you can’t hid the fact that the Ukes are getting wasted in no man’s land. Our propagandists feature obscure talking heads like retired officers, faggy journalists, and outright liars that can’t be trusted to tell the time of day. It only underscores the need for the grillers and normies to take the time to learn how to use Alt Media and Alt Tech and do their own fact checking. But if some internet idiots want to pretend that the US is winning this war after losing in Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan… I suppose there is no harm in it. The good news is that the new woke American military can no longer recruit and retain qualified personnel. Today America’s enemies are entirely domestic when you get right down to it… and so it goes even more so for the other western allies like Canada, fwance, Germany and Britain. Unless we get those idiots under control or remove them… we are all going to lose these pointless and costly wars they insist on starting.

  4. Ahhh Kindergarten. I remember those days about 10 years ago now. She will be driving with a full license in a few months. Starting 10th grade next Wed. It goes fast man. Enjoy these early days as you well know. And if you haven’t been there… the girls are the worst. Especially from 12 onward. I would go ahead and get your AA membership started. Shit what am I saying? I started a weed farm when she turned 12 lmao.

    1. The most important thing for girls is to know that they are the most important thing in Dad’s heart.

  5. I think we are wasting our attention on the symptoms… while ignoring the cause.
    My perpetual fall-back is:
    * who benefits, follow the money.
    * Who benefits from diverting our attention from their genocide of Palestine people.
    * Who benefits from the collapse of the European-American-chinesium economy (singular, because they are connected).
    * Who benefits from diverting hundreds of foreign-aid billions into building a wall around and securing their illegal occupation of Palestine.
    * Who benefits from hollowing the American military into a disgraceful dysfunctional shell.
    * Speaking of disgraceful dysfunctional shell, who benefits from the current residents of TheWhiteHouse™ and their goofball appointees.
    * Who benefits from focusing our attention on plastic add-ons to AR pistols.
    I could go on, listing each Urgent! Happening-Soon! item in the media.
    * greta thunberg, nancy pelosiberg, gavin newsumberg, hunter bidenberg, scott weinerberg, feinsteinberg, trumpberg, CIAberg, IRSberg, etceteraberg.
    And who benefits from all the ‘hidden’ clues pointing at those usual tiny-hat big-nose suspects?
    Would they happen to rhyme with ‘curry’?

  6. AFTER they kill TRUMP,you will get your hearts desire,KAMALA HARRIS AND BARACK OBAMA..and those two will completely destroy whats left of your banana republic,No there won’t be many survivors in america after the bricks nations are done hauling away everything you had..AND your constitution will be thrown in the nearest trash can..BY YOUR BELOVED HERO”S,your police and military who are nothing but cheap,LOW IQ, whores for money.BUT none of you can cry about anything,YOU had a chance to save your country, but like the trash you are,YOU LIED TO GOD then sold your women and children to the highest bidder…….

    1. …low IQ whores for money…
      Don’t forget that now they might also be foreign-born non-citizens.
      Good times.
      As to our friends in 404 and Z-land, them today – us tomorrow.
      Good luck, everyone.

  7. Bro, my oldest Granddaughter starts her sophomore year of COLLEGE this month….

  8. Anyone figure out Prigozhin (sp?) yet??
    Apparently, he’s alive and well, and so’s Shoigu.
    His (ex) troops are still there, and a significant threat to Kyiv.
    Was it all a ruse to get them into Belarus?
    Seeeeems like it. Surprised me though.
    What does the average Russian think of the “coup?” It’s hard to tell…

    1. There’s a lot going on with that and we will probably never truly understand the ins and outs of it. MacGregor opines that Prighozen is the Russian equivalent of a General Patton or perhaps MacArther – he is a true warrior and fiercely critical of his superiors when he thinks they are making mistakes. He wanted to crush the Ukes, put an end to the war and get on with it. I think MacGregor is right; but could be missing a key part – although the new Russia is entirely different from the old Soviet regime – some things are still much the same. Prighozien is just an old, much loved warrior and patriot that doesn’t fit into the new paradigm setting up in Russia today. Today’s Russian warriors are much more restrained than the old Soviet ones. If the old regime still held power – I suspect that the Ukes would have been pounded into their footprints by now, possibly Poland and Lithuania as well. There WOULD be Russian tanks, planes and boots in the Kraine by now, and they’d be daring the Biden regime to get stupid about it and escalating the living chit out of this thing, casualties be damned. And – the casualties on both sides would be enourmous. But Putin wants a deal, and he wants Russia to have a seat at the table of the international players. He does NOT want to destroy the Ukranians if he can possibly avoid it. Unfortunately, no one is taking Putin seriously or even listening to him.

      People forget that Russian culture is fiercely patriarchal. Age and experience are held in high regard, and they look at age much differently than we do. In Russian culture, old Stubfarts like myself and perhaps our esteemed blog host would be considered younger middle aged men. Younger men, say in their 30’s or maybe even early 40’s – are considered to be “boys”. Men in their late 60s and 70s are considered “mature” enough to hold top leadership positions. I strongly suspect that if our blog host were a Russian… he’d probably still be in the military in a senior capacity and might even be considered for further promotion… who can say? Contrasting that with the American military, such men are getting boiled off and run out on a rail – to be replaced by low IQ vibrants, women and political hacks and flunkies. It is much the same in all the western militaries today and they have the recruitment numbers to show for it. Personally I think this is the heart of the problem and the reason we are currently losing the conflict. One only need to watch the antics of General Milley and Patreus to see that the problems with the military and Globohomo empire start at the very top – and beyond them, the current batch of morons, perverts and freaks that they take orders from in Washington. You can’t run an effective military with guys like that. They see the Russians as fools, drunks and thugs… or cartoon Cold War villains as Aesop does. We are truly fucking around in the ‘Kraine, and those of us with IQ’s are finding out… the hard way. The Usual Suspects are not…which is why we really need to sit down, take a long hard look at ourselves and our adversaries. As long as shitlibs, perverts and morons have a say in military affairs… we are done like dinner. And now those idiots are yapping about possible war with China…

      But whadda I know? The Russians are as fascinating as they are formidable, and I could be full of chit as usual.

  9. One warrior to another, I’m throwing the horns.

    Dan Daley, Gunny Basilone and Audie Murphy are smiling from Valhalla on those guys.

    Fuck the Ukrainians.

    1. Yeah! How dare those eeeeeeevil Ukrainians invade peace loving Mother Russia.

  10. America had it’s own civil war, back in the 1860’s. We fought each other, with both sides getting some backing from foreign governments. The south in particular, since they were mostly an agriculture base economy, and other nations, France in particular needed them for their trade goods.
    Just imagine if during the American civil war, while the Union troops poured down into the south, a fact that I have never supported, by the way, a group of other rich nations decided that the Union was in fact nothing but a bunch of socialists, or whatever other bad thing that you could come up with. And that group of nations sent the Confederate side all the best weapons, the ammo, the latest generation of guns, which were rapidly being developed at the time, by the way. And it let the civil war extend far longer than it did.
    The numbers killed during the civil war were somewhere around 600,000 from both wounds and sickness. Extend the war by another 2 years, and the total likely would have doubled. Doesn’t anyone see that is the exact same thing that we are doing by arming the Ukraine? Sure it sounds like the humane thing to do. Just like it seemed like the right thing to do to send troops into North Korea to halt communism. Just like it seemed like a wonderful thing to do at the time to get involved in southeast Asia, and send over 2 million of our military troops to Vietnam.
    Or wait, I know, how about a 20 year war in Afghanistan, fighting for what, no one actually knows. Oh wait again, I know. Afghanistan has Lithium and other rare earths found there. Come to think of it, we went into Iraq also. We said we were looking for weapons of mass destruction. I don’t recall finding any, but I do know that Dick Cheney, formerly of Halliburton, was hot to get us into Iraq. Halliburton was a great patriotic company, doing most of the logistics for Allied military in Iraq. Notice I never once mentioned the word oil. Oops, my mistake.
    I have pretty much given up on the government in America. We have two parties, but in reality there is little difference between the two. The last president that we had since I have been alive, me being born in 1960, who was worth anything, was Ike Eisenhower. He had his faults, of course, but he hit the nail on the head with his farewell address. In it he cautioned against the Military-Industrial complex. Many do not know it, but he also cautioned against deficit spending, and the federal government funding scientific research, creating a scientific technological elite who controlled public policy.
    I used to say that America could not afford to be the world’s policeman. I now must say that America no longer has the morality to be the world’s policeman. It is time for us to clean up our own mess, before we continue to poke our nose into anyone else’s business. At least learn to support our friends before we try to support the enemy of my enemy.

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