New Cat and Rebellion in The Krain

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Added a new family member “Beans” to the house. Chick was looking to re-home a male puddy tat, as her Landlord caught her with him.

So, as of late Bob-the-Cat, aka “The Asshole” has been showing signs of I dunno, like loneliness? Hard to read a cat but it seemed like that he wanted to play a LOT more often than the dog was willing to and/or wanting to.

So, when I saw the re-homing message on next door, I took a chance. Seems to be working out so far as Beans seems really timid around the men-folk (Me and Sapper) but has no issue with the Doggo, Bob, nor Gretchen. He’s a big sumbitch too, a Bombay, compared to Bob Lil Manx Ass. In fact I forget just how small Bob is and the breed is compared to others.

Bob seems to be the one ‘in charge’ despite hitting above his weight so to speak. Beans is, when he does come over to me, a purr-machine… like LOVES his rubbinz. Hope long term it works out. The very fact that they’ve been ganging up on the Pittie, who has been exceptionally restrained and gentle shows that I think they’re (all three) well matched.

Eh. So yeah, we got that going on now.

Now, I have a new substack going up shortly. This one is going to be a “read half, pay for it all” and see if it rolls in any shekels ort not. It’s going to be a review of, all things, a Ukrainian Field Ration.

I realized I had one or two in my long-term DotMil chow pelican case… The outer envelope is long-gone as it was opened by customs on the way in, and to save space I tossed the three meals (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) into the box.

The meal-in-question is a Menu #6
Buckwheat soup with pork 
Peas with vegetables and beef
Barley porridge with beef 
Braised potatoes with vegetables and pork 
Canned meat (TUSHONKA)

Have to check out the Substack to follow up with that.

Now, let’s see. Other news, seems that the Columbian Mercs in the employ of the Krain have had it with their “Slavic Overlords”… turns out that working for Nazis as an Untermenchen, you get treated like an untermenchen.
The vidya is over at Simplicius’s page, Link HERE
About 3/4 of the way down.
The Krainians beat down a bunch of guys (Columbians) then sprayed their commander down with pepper spray? when he got pissed off about the whole thing…

Now, couple that that (((they))) have been fucking over the other ‘hired guns’ (That Syrian Dood) and let me tell you, t’ain’t looking good for the “Home Team” IMO.

Mercs historically have a habit of, once being fucked over by their employers, WILL find a way to fuck YOU (said-employer) over right back, and usually at a ten-fold level.

I wouldn’t bet a plugged nickel for Krainfeld’s ass at this point. Outside of possibly getting protection from the Mossad, even the GAE/AINO fuckers are not going to be willing to step up when the wheels come off…

The Columbians?
Oh Holy Hells. These fucking sub-literate Slavic fucks know not of whom they trifle with. Me? If –I- were the Commander of the Columbians? I’d have my boys stand down for a day or two… let them fuckers think they’re in charge and running the show.

Then have my boys get up at like 0230/0300 and go through the entirety of the Krainain Unit, Battalion, Company whatevz… and have them cut every. single. throat. of. every. Krainian. there.

Columbian Necktie style.
If it’s a Brigade sized element, then take out the entire command staff. Then, once done, either mount up and bail to the nearest safe border OR head right to the Russians and tell them “Órale ese… we just did you a solid… mind getting us back to our country?” Of course it’ll never happen BUT

Man it’d be fucking glorious to hear something like that.
Shit… Another aspect? I’d be getting word back to each and every cartel just exactly how the Krainians feel about the Columbians, and make sure that ANY and ALL booger-sugar sent that way has a goodly dose of cyanide mixed in from here on out.

Krainfeld’d be dead within a week IMO.
So that’s it for now,
More Later
Big Country

14 thoughts on “New Cat and Rebellion in The Krain”

  1. The Columbians will join the RF!
    Everything turns to sh1t with the usual suspects at the helm, ESFT.
    Ivan just keeps on rolling like a tank.
    Fun Trivia-The Third Reich advanced almost 400 miles into Russia during the first month of Barbarossa and POW captured were almost 950k.
    Sevastopol is where it started to stiffen for Ivan as the Jerrys had roll out the railgun from WW1 and use massive Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine (navy) bombardment.
    A bud had an Albino Cobra with red eyes for a pet before Red State cracked down.
    Feeding was always fun as it could be the last.

  2. I was reading today about talk of a limited draft here in the ussa. Can’t get any volunteers. I for one would volunteer the Mexicans that illegally jump the border. Might get a stream of those fuckers going south,just saying.

    1. When’s the national debt crisis gonna happen?
      Elephant in the room.
      Methinkz it’s gonna usher in the CBDC for total kontrol.

  3. is the new cat a working one or just something to keep BOB happy ?
    we have 11-12 outside feral cats here that we feed. but on the plus side, we have no mice, critters of any kind around here. the little fuckers kill everything they can. when cleaning up after the dog here also involves cleaning up mouse remains and “bits of birds” as well a few dead other critters.
    but pet food has gone up in price a lot in the last couple of years. and finding it at all was a problem there for a while. I try to keep at least a couple of months worth on the shelfs.
    tried a couple of different ration packs back in the 1970’s when training with “others” in Europe
    frog rations had some bad booze in them. it was best to drink it first before trying to eat the rest.
    German rations had some weird meat (?) paste in it- went hungry instead.
    brit rations where just bad. but nothing stood out with them that I remember.
    the thing I remember most was always bringing a smaller jar of Skippy peanut butter with me.
    that stuff was a life saver on more than one trip. because if nothing else, the rations always had some sort of “cracker” part in them. used to trade the “meat” part for more crackers.
    just wished peanut butter came in plastic jars back then instead of glass. had to keep it in the center of the ruck to keep it from breaking. even started using a old cookie can to keep cracker in too.
    saved my ass quite a few times back then.

  4. I guess you missed Assop’s latest. It would seem that Ukraine is once again kicking Ivans ass down the road to Moscow. We are all just too stupid to know it.

    Cool cat. Our female barn cat just passed. She left us with 2 Siamese kittens though. They are about 3 months old now. Hot mess those 2. Almost as cute as the family of 4 raccoons that come by about 3 times a week to check for scraps. We brought them inside. Bobby, Cindy and my mom has Marsha. We just gave Jan away to a new home. The neighbor up the road sold months ago. Left the adult male siamese (big old motherfer) and now he has found his way down here. New neighbor has dogs. He’s living under the deck now. I guess he can stay. Still won’t come to me but he will eventually.

    Have a good rest of the week!

  5. Canadian rat packs in the 80s were the most disgusting ‘food’ I ever consumed…particularly the Omelette. Fortified myself with Jerky, mixed nuts and cans of devilled ham.

  6. Two things:

    First, that SA country is Colombia, not Columbia (with an “o” not a “u”). (Yeah, I know – asshole grammar and spelling Nazi. Guilty as charged. So sue me.)

    Second, you say “even the GAE/AINO fuckers are not going to be willing to step up when the wheels come off…” You mean to actually protect Mr T-shirt? Much more likely that the CIA etc are setting up to whack the guy themselves. Because as Martyanov points out, when western media outlets like Politico start feigning concern about the Russians assassinating him, or letting on that western advisors are becoming disenchanted with his leadership, you just *know* there’s something cooking over on this side of the lake.

  7. Aesop is “Always RIGHT”. Remember that, Peons!! LOL

    A little discussion we had about the Ukraninan Proxy War AKA Russia is DOOMED per Aesop:

    Time will tell Aesop.

    Nobody starts a war (even a proxy one) with the idea they will lose and maybe be destroyed.

    The Meat of your post is this:

    What it does foretell is that as long as the West is resupplying Ukraine, Russian short-term prospects get bleaker by the month, and their long-term prospects died early last year. Their long-term future is as a shell of their former self, split up internally, their population gutted by war losses, refugee/draft-dodger flight, and the march of time.

    Do you think that Russia doesn’t KNOW this?

    They KNOW the USA is the source of their problems, even the “Unrest in the “stans” Color Revolution again?

    What is the final act of a doomed nuclear armed nation, Aesop?

    You might want to spend a bit of time with your “Treasured Family” as that time might be less than you think.

    Aesop said…

    “They KNOW the USA is the source of their problems, even the “Unrest in the “stans” Color Revolution again?”
    Utter horseshit. The stans aren’t Russian, and never were, and are ethnically, religiously, and culturally so inimically opposed to what Moscow wants as to make any outside influence superfluous. They’re tied now only by inertia, and it will take less than a mouse fart to get them to tell the Kremlin exactly where and how far up to pound their dreams of permanent empire.

    The final act of a doomed nuclear-armed nation has already been witnessed. They curl up and die, quietly. The post-Soviet security state ushered in after the fall of communism will go just like their Soviet predecessor, because they’re sociopaths, but not suicidal.

    Putin likes to rattle the nuclear saber, but the reality is apparent: if he reaches for that weapon outside of an actual Western nuclear attack on Russia, he’s going to suffer a Stalinesque “stroke” at the muzzle velocity of a Makarov behind the ear.

    NOW Peons, WE KNOW the REST of the STORY. Aesop says so!!

    The Russians will simply “CURL UP and DIE QUIETLY”

    I’d suggest that Aesop forgets a few “small details” like the Soviet Union was collapsing for Economic reasons, led by a Drunken “Leader” almost a bad as “Our” 81 Million Vote Sockpuppet AND PROMISED Western HELP to rebuild themselves.

    We of course LIED and sent many Kazeran Carpetbaggers to rape Russia.

    TODAY Not a useless Drunk “running” the now Russian Federation, their Economy is DOING BETTER than Ours selling their fuel for MORE than they sold it to the Germans. AND a US Phony President and various other “Leadership” PROMISING TO DESTROY RUSSIA.

    So, folks, do you THINK Aesop’s right and the Russians will “Curl up and DIE” OR will they use nuclear weapons when Mother Russia is defeated?

    1. I honestly don’t know what the crazy fuckin slavs will do, or the russians; and you don’t know either because the way they “think” and the way you think are worlds apart. What I do know, Mikey; is while the tiff between you and Aesop is always a hoot to read; if we want to read it – we’ll visit Aesop’s spot. I don’t visit over here at Big’s place to read you two clowns flinging shit. Both you and Aesop should stay in your fucking lane.

      1. LOL, like Aesop would allow such disagreement.

        Don’t like it Original Grandpa, don’t read it, ok?

        But back to the original post, What DO YOU think? Will Russia “Curl up and ide quietly” as per Aesop or not?

  8. Beans looks *just* like my old cat, Boris (his sister was Natasha). Cool cat. Looks like he just won the kitteh lottery.

    – Borepatch

  9. ….and make sure that ANY and ALL booger-sugar sent that way has a goodly dose of cyanide mixed in from here on out.

    If I may, Give it to them for Free. Everybody like free shit! Hahahaha.

    Thats what I’m talkin bout!!
    Thats why i stop by here.

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