Lazy Tonight, But W/Vidyas! And The Krainian Kon

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Got me a feed now on Telegram? Graph? Dunno. War Porn Essentially. Makes me HELLA HAPPY that I got oot whilst the getting was good.

War? These Days?
Oh. My. God.
First Vidya is another for-real Kamikaze Tank.
Remember the first one I poasted up? The T-55 “Obsolete to the Point of Uselessness” I believe some folks would have us believe… until Ivan packed one with a couple of tons of their version of Super HE (think Octal and the like… really big boom for the buck stuff) and set it towards a Krainian Hard Point. Hell… Grins N Giggles, Replay Time ‘cos it, Lord Forgive Me, give me the giggles, especially that Ivan got the Krainians to self-immolate via RPG…

Yeah, that left a Mark.
As well as This New One here:

Very similar outcome…
Now, the other vidya is a MAJOR reason -why- I’m glad to be ‘out’ and NOT running around in the woods doing this shit anymore. The vid is of what appears to be a Krainian Squad of Infantry, humping. The vid (3 separate shot/angles/drones) show the new(ish) Russian Sudnyi Den’ (Judgement Day) i.e. “Terminator” Drones on what appears to be a ‘swarm attack’

3 Drones
First one takes out what appears to be a heavily laden guy near ‘Tail End Charlie’… the footage cuts out as the drone smokes him.
Second drone goes for a guy, looks like a machine gunner, who tries to run the hell off foe some cover… doesn’t look like he made it…
Third drone comes in, there’s smoke, pieces parts from the first two (drone pieces and guy parts), and the third zeros in on a guy behind a tree.
3 Separate Guys
3 Drones operating independently
Looks to me like 3 KIA… which scares the hell out of me. According to some of the intel I got on these, these are semi-intelligent drones… meaning they actively look for targets that’re pre-programmed in their RAM/ROM/EPROM or whatever their itty-bitty silicone brains are… in this case, looks like the three had “Man Marching with Rifle/Pack” as it’s targeting parameters.

That’s some serious SkyNet shit right there.

And as far as I know? The US? I knew our Drone Guys in Affy… the Highly Paid Civilian Contractors who trained and did the maintenance on them high end toys? As far as I know, outside of the CIA/Chair Farce “Predator” (now called the “Reaper” drones,) our armed drones are ONLY those models, armed with with Hellfire Missiles, which also BTW cost $150,000.00 a round…

Whereas the Russians got ‘swarm attack intelligent flying bombs’ which I’m sure cost faaaaaar less than the Hellfire. Odds are they build/buy probably 100-200 of them Judgement Day jobbers for the cost of one Hellfire.

No surprise. It’s all a scam and a grift.
OH… Which BTW, Another Krainfeldian Kon-Artiste Level Grift-O-Rama was found out. I got this a while ago, but as you all know, busy, work, Dad, MY MomUnit, Gretchen and the Cats and Dog, all living together… Total Chaos!!!! Sorry couldn’t resist… but for real
This Video… I can honestly say I’m surprised/not surprised:

Some Syrian Merc went to the Krain, enticed by the cash he could make for a term fighting the Russians. As Syria has their own localized issues, and in some cases, the ability to go out and fuck with Ivan in the Krain for cash seems like a good idea…

He did a 3 month tour, survived, got paid off and went home. He had enough to get a motorcycle, so he went to buy one, cash in hand. They (the Dealership) called the cops on him, ‘cos it seems the Krainians paid him in bogus US Dollars.
Fuckin’ WOW man.
Like… wow… I don’t want to say “sterotypical” buuuuuuuuuut…
Counterfeit Cash. No wonder there’s been a significant slack off in calls for Mercs. Just Why in the hell would you go and fight for someone who literally is going to fuck you over… and it’s not like they need to fuck over this poor bastard… currently, reports are that the Krainian DotGov  foreign exchange reserves have reached a record high of nearly $39 billion thanks to financial support from Western partners… i.e. OUR tax dollars that they are hording like a motherfucker.

Like it’s really going to hurt to pay off this Syrian Kid his 3 months of Salary… my understanding is DotMil Trained guys who signed up for the Legion made between $820 USD to $2750 USD per month… so let’s just for funsies sakes say this guy was making $1000 a month.

They fucked him over for $3k.

Wow… that right there… well… it sez it all donnit now?
So… Yeeeeeeah
Looking Better and Better that I Stayed the Fuck Home Aye?
More Later
Big Country

9 thoughts on “Lazy Tonight, But W/Vidyas! And The Krainian Kon”

  1. yeah. served with a older NCO back in the 101st in the 1970’s. he always told us the “Company clowns”
    paid very well UNTIL they didn’t. and never trust a SOB from STATE. and always have a way out.
    about the drone warfare shit. it scares the shit out of me. Uke land is for the most part wide open.
    good tank country, and it seems like good long range whatever country too. glad I am in the woods/hills of PA. lots of trees here. our shit is so over priced it not even funny anymore.
    the Russians have always gotten more “bang” for their buck than we ever did on military hardware/toys
    even if their drones cost them 5-10 grand a pop, they still waging war a lot cheaper than we could.
    I wonder if they got the “chips” from China ? the chinks have done a lot with drones in the past 20 years or so now. and as you said, that is one hell of a blast wave too.
    the Germans came up with the Goliath remote toy in WW2 and we know the Russians got a lot of them after kicking their ass. I would guess the “tanks” used are a updated version of it ?
    makes sense to me. get a old tank, stuff with a lot of boom and drive it to the ones you want dead.
    either way, this is not going to end well.

    1. You can get all of the chips you need for lower end CPUs, especially the mobile variety, from all of the e-waste the West throws out.

      Inside that Broadcom (USA) or MediaTek (PRC) square chip is an ARM processor with a clock rate that puts it well within this century rather than the one before it. The PRC sells all of the glue discretes on rolls for surface mount, or if you still want to DIY it all the way, you could start by lifting all of the solid state stuff and big tantalum surface mount caps, including the solid-state caps for lower voltage power filtering.

      Those mobile phone and other e-waste chips also come with such things as built-in USB and pins for serial I/O, the kinds of things you need to run controllers for things that go boom.

      Once that’s done, throw the scraps to some enterprising kids who will make the remains completely unidentifiable as they pull the gold off the circuit boards, and they may yet have a very dirty hobby that pays.

      Why use the most state-of-the-art top-grade shit when you’re going to blow it up?

      The US used to be resourceful like this, but these days it spends $700 on gaskets and $58k on trash cans.

      And yes, the land of Kraineland is flat and fertile, but it might not have been.

      Seems Ivan blew up a consignment of DU-laden armaments within a depot that could have been spraying the stuff all over Kraineland, making a lot less of it fertile and possibly also not quite as flat. The nuke count spiked, but not too badly, and then everyone forgot about it since what was left blended in with the rain numbers.

      Also it seems that Kraineland competes with Europe and the USA when it comes to all of that fertile agricultural output, so perhaps some incredibly cynical people figured out an N>2 birds with K=1 stones strategy where they keep the war fed while starving agriculture and making sure long-term it and the broader economy can’t regrow.

      There are people just that cynical in Whitehall.

      One thing about Ivan’s electronics reuse depots: the circuit board reveals so far indicate that Ivan doesn’t like insulation displacing connectors or ribbon cables.

      Every wire’s soldered to a pad and those pads are held down by another wire across them that holds them under tension, with the connectors they’re feeding not merely stuck fast with red threadlocker, but actually painted with the stuff. They use DB-9 and DB-25 connectors with shields for what is very likely not just serial data.

      It’s the main thing to the build quality that’s so 1970s that the 1970s called and asked for Fairchild and NatSemi to come back. 🙂

      A bit of a surprise also that came from analysing one of the Russia 1 vids: building that stuff is the responsibility of individual techs with solder stations and nimble fingers. When it comes to this stuff, at least as the vid showed, the West is also fighting possibly hot blonde chick techs who work patriotically for Mother Russia.

      And so this checks: der Totaler Krieg has also been Ivan’s strategy, so why not employ everyone from the kids who play with remote control vehicles to the chicks with good eyes and good fingers?

      RAM is also super cheap for these drones when the West gives it away 2+ GB at a whack with every thrown out mobile phone that heads Ivan’s way, and as for NAND flash, how much do you really need to hold the pattern matching data for the drones?

      As for the drone war, why not just weaponise everything at the malls that Ivan took over, the ones that now hold … oh, yeah, wait for it … the manufacturing centres for the drones?

      Apparently Ivan repurposes Tech Turkeys and makes Thanksgiving meals out of them.

  2. Hrrrrrmmmmmm. The drone warfare vid looks VERY hinky to me. Although we’d need technical confirmation from experts like General Aesop and Peter Grant (why is everyone suddenly so antisemitic these days!?!?)… I am going to call bullshit on it.

    Just looking at it, it flies like an airframe no larger than 5”. Might be as small as 3”. Look how close the front rotors are to each other. Near as I am able to tell, the larger “hobby” drones, capable of dropping ordnance – Welp…they are dropping 200~300g “submunitions”. Your outhouse NATO hand grenade is something like 600~700g. Essentially the stuff carried by the small drones are fire crackers, maybe flash bangs at best. Yes, we’ve all seen the videos where they supposedly drop them down the open hatch of a tank and supposedly kill everyone inside…but I have seen them dropped right beside the squaddies on the field and they often get up and get moving after they “explode”. Or they contemptuously kick them away before they go off.

    These little guys in this vid will have even less payload capacity. I strongly doubt the little guys can carry the electronics required for AI target recognition, much less the sensors for them. Sheesh… look at the vid quality – that’s right up there with the my $100.00 Runcams on the toys I build. Sorry guys…but that one is either a prank or a psyop of some kind. 😂

  3. Pretty sure when you did the overview of the acres of armor in storage depots and reconditioning of T-55 and other tanks I thought the union of Russian armor, Chinese electronics manufacturing and Iranian unmanned vehicle control would lead to T-72s running around like Panther mine-sweepers but a lot more deadly.

    Should have figured low-tech would be easier, just packing it to the gills with Tannerite and letting the Uke ATF shoot those old dogs.

    Guess the remote auto-loading T-72s will have to wait until they have better targetting systems and better targets heading east through the Fulda Gap.

    LOL. Splodey-tanks, semi-autonomous drone swarms, AP and AT cluster-arty, unstoppable missiles, all tied together fairly loosely right now. Now would be the time to research and perfect microwave and EMP devices that fry shit at distance while leaving the family jewels operable… or letting terminal people like those fully vaxxed and boosted trigger them.

  4. Still waiting for a viddy of the marker anti-tank robot.
    Ivan may be playing it close to the vest.
    A small tracked vehicle that is well armed for its size.
    Another reason to stay away?
    Male on male rape in the dot mil up 25% since Year Zero under bathhouse Barry.
    Just saw a comments thread about a draft being proposed by some CPUSA (D) comrade for the laugh of the day.
    Moscow by winter, Beijing by spring. Si se puede!

  5. I think Filthie is right – I’ve seen quite a few Vids of ‘Drones’ that didn’t look quite ‘real’ and the ones where the Drone supposedly drops a “Grenade down the Hatch” especially so. The Drones that have been Most Effective for Ivan are the Kalashnikov “Zala” X-Wing ones… really, a Cruise Missile, as they can be Launched to Coordinates, but with a Camera and Remote Control System that lets an Operator Select and Fly to a Target. I think 5 or 8 Kg. of Bang, and they will take out a Tank or SPG when they Hit on Top.
    Ivan has Drone Jammers, hand-held and Truck-Mounted, so the ukrops haven’t had much success with whatever Drones (and even those big ‘Storm Shadow’ Cruise Missiles). Moscow AD has them, along with Pantsir S-1 AA Trucks.

  6. What impresses me as much as anything is the recce drones taking the vids #1 & 2 above. Steady as a rock in the air, and remarkable zoom capabilities (very wide field to serious close-ups). THAT sort of real-time situation-on-the-ground reconnaissance gives the side having it a massive leg up. You can call in whatever you want if you are able to locate and identify your targets. (And of course, they are cheap like borscht, so Ivan can have thousands of them available if needed, unlike Reapers etc.)

    Agree totally – the modern battlefield is not on my tourism bucket list.

  7. The Armenian war from a couple of years ago was a preview of this shit show.

    Writ large.

    The drone terror attackes in Moscow are going to be a real problem. Eventually one of thise is going to kill some kids and well… who rembers the response to the Chechians taking over the school.

  8. $2700 per month is less than McDonalds pays. Nasty work but generally less being shot at in Micky D’s.

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