MaxxPro Fail and Bio What!?!

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Well, per Sputnik, the word is that that Charging Russian Tanker? Got him 9 out of 10 Maxxpros on that particular assault. Link is HERE and there’s follow up pics somewhere out there that I found, I think it was on the Hindustan Times where they had the Russian ‘mop up crew’ shooting vidyas of the carnage. Per the quote : “MOSCOW (Sputnik) – A Ukrainian battalion, trained in the West and equipped for the counteroffensive, has lost nine out of 10 available US-made MaxxPro armored vehicles and lost most of its troops, with only 10 servicepeople of the unit remaining at the forefront, a American daily reported on Sunday, citing a Ukrainian soldier.”

No surprise to me.

I’ve ridden in them big uncomfortable fuckers.
GREAT for surviving an EFP… an explosive force penetrator.

The weapon of choice by the Haj.

The copper plates were supposedly manufactured and imported by the Iranians. Reason being that they (the copper plates themselves) had to be -perfect- in thickness, density, and sizing to perform ‘the best’ for cutting into a vehicle… specifically through the armor.

The Maxxpro however, was not and is not designed for what the Krainians are using them for, which is a glorified Battle Taxi. WAAAAY too fucking tall… try 9 Feet tall with the turret. Hell, as we’ve seen now, I don’t think there’s a Battle-Cab out there that –is– designed or built well enough to survive that sort of action. The video showed the Kraians, even after losing the Heavies, the 2 T-64s they had, they kept going, which resulted in a wipeout.

Not a good plan/look.
No idea where they’re going to go from here.
I do see LOTS of weirdness happening in general.
Obozo’s chef “drowned” in 8 feet of water. Then his Messiahship was seen on the golf course looking all battered and shit, black eye, wrapped fingers, and no one bats an eye.

I’m suuuuure it’s nothing.

Then, the whole “Secret Chinese Bio-Lab in an Abandoned Building” thing…


Yep… nothing to see here… just a lab, and illegal Bio-War Lab, run by ‘unknown Chinese folks’… with some of the ‘stuff’ having been “…detected at least 20 potentially infectious agents, including coronavirus, HIV, hepatitis and herpes, according to a Health and Human Services letter dated June 6.”

Mind you we’re just now finding out about this.
It’s now August.
And it was because a Code Enforcement Officer got curious…
Man… yeah… shit like that gets Ye Olde Hackles up.

So Strange Days indeed. Times like this? Keep your head on a swivel per usual. Inventory and rotate the food(s). Been doing that here witht he canned stuff… what with using the Chicken that’s overdue (June 2022) but ‘serviceable’… killer is the prices are soooo off the chart as I had to have bought them at least in June of 2020… the cans are usually marked for a 2-3 year best by date, and in that 2-3 years?

Replacing the double pack of canned chicken cost an additional $3.20. I may end up letting the best by date go a while longer… all of it is stored indoors, in the temperature controlled indoor pantry… as long as they’re not bulging, I may just keep some of it a while longer… YMMV.

Check your mags and Ammo as well. I’ve instituted a once every two week check/lube/rotation. Can’t hurt. Otherwise, best to keep on keeping on.
So More Later
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19 thoughts on “MaxxPro Fail and Bio What!?!”

  1. They are grabbing conscripts off the streets in Ukraine and tossing them into obsolete and/or unsuitable vehicles only to feed them to the Russians, and while they run into a buzzsaw in the south, gaining no ground, Russia has been poking at them in the northeast with Wagner conveniently sitting just across the border in Belarus.

    Better spin up the plane to get Zelenskyy safely to his tribal homeland in Israel.

  2. back in the 1990’s , a buddy of mine was working on his dad’s vacation cabin in the hills.
    found a false wall with a lot of canned food and ammo there. (?) anyway, he made tuna fish for lunch.
    not bad on whole wheat bread and whatever. things was the tuna can out of 6 OZ. cans (?)
    I don’t remember 6 OZ. cans of tuna and I am pushing 70 now. and does anyone remember 3 pound cans of coffee ? not much of the canned food went bad. no dented cans. nothing smelled bad either.
    he dad worked for Budd back in the day when they where still making stuff here.
    so, it seems like canned food does last a bit longer than the” best by date”
    BTW, all of the canned ammo worked and shot just fine. we just wonder where he got it canned at ?
    and there was a few spam cans of 45 ACP and 30/06 ammo from WW2 there as well.
    canned chicken here is about 11 bucks per 4 cans. up from 7 bucks before old Joe bullshit.
    and the local brand Weis tastes and looks better than Tyson and Hormel . it’s cheaper too.
    started cooking with canned food to find out what tastes best with what a few years ago.
    might sound weird, but it has shown me that making good tasting meals can be done with just canned
    food. plus some spices added. some of my canned meals came out great.
    so, you might as well try to make a meal or 2 out of just stuff in cans while you can.

    1. Yes Dave, 3 lb cans of coffee were pretty common in the 60s and 70s. Folgers, Maxwell House – all the usual American brand suspects did sell the huge 48 cans in grocery stores, mostly for office use.
      While an Army officer in the ’80s I found out about one of William Colby’s boys stashing a saxotoxin dart gun and a bunch of darts and extra toxin in a 3 lb Folgers can (yes, the article was that specific) in the back of a drawer of a filing cabinet no one ever opened, in CIA headquarters. Was there for years (a stashed “just in case” load, as the US had banned the stuff apparently under Carter).
      As a generally old guy, I do remember the 6oz cans of tuna packed in oil. Wonderful in taste compared to today’s canned tuna, I mix mine up with olive oil and spices whenever I open a 1-2 year out of date can. Interesting, European tuna still seemed to be packed in oil my last assignment there.
      Just watch for bulges in the cans, then try to store in a climate controlled or at least insulated area. We’ve found 2-3 years past “Use By” is just fine. Watch for bulges.

  3. I did some digging and found a couple sites listing additional bad thinks found in the biolab. No idea how accurate any of these are but these were listed on top of your list above.
    chlamydia, streptococcus pneumonia, hepatitis b and c, herpes 1 and 5, rubella, malaria, leprosy, and Middle eastern respitory syndrome.

  4. you really should look into home canning. I home can in the commercial glass jars cause no way in hell can I afford the imported Ball jars. I get commercial glass canning jars for a fraction of the cost.

    Still working on eating the home canned tomato from 2 years ago. Perfectly good even in the tropic heat.

    Canned chicken is good if a bit over cooked. Waiting for another sale on pork shanks. will cure and grill them, then can. You do not need much grilling for the flavor. Just brown both sides, and can. Mine go straight from the grill to the jar, and into the pressure cooker. Unfortunately I have never found a best eating date on that, cause it is so damn tasty it barely lasted 3 months before it was gone.

    I got 2 and half year old canned chilis that are perfectly fine. If Tabasco can let their stuff sit in vinegar for 5 years before bottling, then mine too are perfectly fine.

    1. I will second that. Ate some 11 year old brisket I canned and found a few months ago. Still just fine. So properly canned meat, properly stored will last a good while. Do be SURE to mind your time and pressure when canning though, botulism will kill you dead right there.

    2. “Waiting for another sale on pork shanks. will cure and grill them, then can. ”

      Where are you getting a tested, safe recipe for canning cured meats?

      I’m not trying to start an argument but grandma’s or youtube recipes are not what I want to rely on in a shtf no hospital situation.

      1. When the jar lid pops, it’s no longer under vacuum, which means something is growing.
        If the lid is still down, it’s safe from anything growing.
        That’s key.

  5. The story out of Kali begs the obvious question….they found ONE lab. How many more do the Chinks have in place as part of their plan to leak bioweapons into the US population.

  6. Going through flashdrives of Kraine videos to make a compilation disc and it was already foodstuffs and groceries uber alles.
    Dumpster diving is growing under Bidenomics and some of the clerks load the good stuff into a cart placed against the back wall.
    First come first served.
    Saw a car so loaded down from diving the azz was dragging with boxes lashed to the top.
    The Dollar Tree has expanded and prices are going up with a $3 and $5 dollar selection.
    At least the tweets aren’t mean and all are equal under a 7500 degree mushroom cloud.
    I agree with your Russia will go house by the end of August timeline.

  7. The Maxpro, and everything that has been bought, new by the army is to fight an insurgency with IEDs, EFPs, etc. They are the tools of an occupation army, a glorified police force and clearly of limited use in a standup fight.

    They were the right tool for the fight we have been in for the last 15 years and very wrong for what is coming next (or before forbthat matter)

  8. What NATO advisor told the Ukies that a MAXXPro was a good choice against a tank’s main gun? Very much sub-optimal for the job.

  9. I dug up some C-rats downrange at Ft. Carson in the 80’s. Some were bulging, so I didn’t open them. A couple weren’t. The printing on the cans was all gone, so they were a mystery until opened. One was tuna, packed in oil and another was fruitcake. I ate the fruitcake, but didn’t eat the tuna. The tuna looked and smelled okay, but I couldn’t talk myself into it.

    Just last week, I pulled out a can of roast beef hash that expired in 2019. There wasn’t a thing wrong with it. Very seldom do properly canned goods go bad at the expiration date. Unless it is bulged or leaking, you should be fine. Expiration dates on canned goods are pretty much arbitrary because the FDA mandated them, so manufacturers put something on there, even if it isn’t true.

    1. Latigo – as Kids in the ’60s, we were eating C-rats from late WWII and Korea – once in a while there was a Bulging Can, and nobody, but Nobody, wanted the can of Screaming Yellow Death…

      As for the current commercial Canned Goods, not only are the Cans made of thinner, recycled “steel” but they seem to get Smaller every Year. (shrinkflation) and I have found that some 6-Year-Old cans have started to Leak due to Corrosion, from the Inside. Mostly Soups and Vegetables that are a bit ‘Acidic’, like Tomatos.

      If you stock a lot of Canned Goods for ‘reserve food’, always stock a variety of Spices – most Soups and even Vegetables can be made to taste way better with just a small addition of Spice.

      1. ALL The “Mrs. Dash” man… ALL of her shit… ALWAYS had me -at least- 3 different ‘flavors’ to hit up my MREs with…

      2. The French and Indian era Roger’s Rangers took along what they called “portable soup”, which is what we know today as a bullion cube. Having the basis for a broth to go with your rice or beans is a luxury for extended field living. A jar or two in the homestead will also go a long way.

  10. Cant imagine how shitty it would be to be in one of those MAXXPro in a modern battle vs any even remotely modern Frik’n Tank. ANY tank… oh wait there’s a video of how bad. Krickey, any penetrator round would go through at least 2 of them the long ways engine and all. 3 or more?

    Nother article today as well today on the DailyFail about someone buying up 50,000 acres around Travis AFB in California, and farmers inflating prices. Like the 800 million already spent, and supply/demand etc affecting their scam. Oh no! Anyway. Biolabs. jeezus. Wait I remember an S.M. Stirling book, Draka series, rhymes with that.

  11. Breaking-Americanmilitarynews page is reporting CCP/PRC/PLA code in dot mil apps can cut off water, power. (h/t-JR)
    Yenan Way traitors will get us all killed?

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