A Laid-Back Pool Day and the Usual Snivvling

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Kind of tired today. The whole Fam packed up and went over to meet with Ranger J and his side of the Clan, and we spent the majority of the day at the pool in his rather upscale neighborhood center. Got me quite a bit of sun, as did Gretchen, who actually didn’t come out of the pool all. day. long. Ranger J’s wife Lee and his sister were part of the fun, as well as some big assed container/cooler of a Rum Based Jungle Juice they were all hitting.

Good Times, Good Times.

Gretchen looks pretty damned good these days…

Sapper for the most part was neck deep in his latest book, and me? I was just grooving on the whole day. Hit about 100 today, but the humidity was down, and there was a nice off shore breeze hitting us. RJ is over at Apollo Beach, and like I said, a bit on the upscale side of nice. The pool is one of the ‘adult pools’ so we didn’t have the usual passel of screaming kiddos, as that’s for the other pool/splashpad which we could hear off in the distance.

We DID again get another call with Adrianna. This time a vidya chat with her and the BabyDaddy. We all, Sapper, Gretchen and I got a turn chatting her up, and at one point Gretchen, despite being on a video call, played ‘chase’ around the house in Tennessee, with the BabyDaddy running after her, holding the phone so’s Gretchen face was on there going “I’mmmm gonna getcha!!!” to much squeals of delight and laughter. I did the “Oogie-Boogie-Boogie” voice when it was my turn…

Tell you what, and no, I’m not going soft, but I will say, the BD is doing his best, and being very cool about this, as there –is– a court order that we’re supposed to have ZERO contact, and as he put it, “Y’all are kin, and it ain’t right what DC done did like that.” I’m even now seeing that almost all of his issues stem from her… she done did him up wrong and hard. Granted, he’s no prince, HOWEVER…

He’s doing well by us and Addy, and I suppose that’s what really counts. That and he’s also talking about wanting to bring her down here for a visit… we shall see. We ALL are in agreement that Dumbcunt is cancer in human form, and well, we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Long Game and all that Wot?

So… Substack Tomorrow. Working on it. Got some typing done this AM, only to debate on starting over. That’s one thing as a writer that irritates me… sometimes you just know what you wrote is crap, and it’s ‘do over time’. The framework is there, but the words just weren’t ‘flowing‘ so to speak. Maybe tomorrow…

As now? Early in the AM we have to go to Mom and Dads. Got the call from LifeAlert. Dad took another ass over teakettle. He’s fine, BUT: The deal was if he fell AGAIN within a 3 month Period, I think it was from June 10th to August 10th, then we had to talk about doing the assisted living thing. Even worse about THIS incident is when Gretchen called her Mom, she flat out told us that she “…had told those people not to tell us this had happened!” Which is -literally- a WTF? kind of thing….

So, now we have to have a bit of a tough talk. The main issue is, Dad took the tumble again and he’s taken a tumble each time while using a 4 point walker assist. In fact this time? He stood up to go to the bathroom, got “dizzy” and fell over. On to the carpet again, and managed to miss the furniture thankfully.

The last time he fell in the bathroom and if it wasn’t for falling into the shower curtain which broke his fall, it would have been a hell of a lot worse. He still managed to break off the porcelain soap thing on the wall that’s like the standard soap dish in gajillions of houses, so now at some point I have to repair/replace that. Before that? He fell backwards getting off the throne, and broke the tank off, which I then had to spend the day and a lot of $$$ getting a new shitter and installing said-crapper

Love ’em both, but maaaaaaan

It’s time for that tough talk… not for nothing the very fact that they’re almost two hours away by car (an hour and a half if we’re flying/police escorted, and yeah that’s happened too) but it’s getting time for a Reality Check, which is they just. can’t do. it. anymore.
One Weekend… just one weekend I’d like literally nothing to go on but maybe sleep in, get laid, have some food, watch some TV and call it a weekend.

So, let me wrap this for now. I got more coming.
More Later
Big Country

17 thoughts on “A Laid-Back Pool Day and the Usual Snivvling”

  1. Gretchen looks wonderful as always. Hopefully you two will be able to see Adriana more.
    Sending good vibes your way…

  2. I’ll bet a dollar that your In Laws have never visited a modern assisted living place. They have in their mind some hell hole nursing home where you’re drugged and strapped into a wheel chair with a diaper on all day.

    Both my mother and wife’s grandma are in assisted living and LOVE it. You have your own 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, there is the cafeteria where you can eat (and meals are usually included) AND if you don’t feel good many of them will deliver meals to your room. They also have doctors and nurses onsite, physical therapy onsite, hair dresser onsite, etc.

    Check around for a nice assisted living place near you guys and schedule a visit. Both my mom and wife’s grandma love living in their places and are happy. Insist that this is a safety thing as well as straight up that you and Wifey can’t make a 4 hour round trip all of the time and they can no longer live in denial about their physical conditions.
    I’ve had that conversation a few times and it’s no fun BUT insist that they have to visit a few places and then schedule the visit.

    1. Appreciate it Jimmy and agree… worst part is they’re in THE VILLAGES which is, by definition, “a comfortable place to grow old and eventually die”. Dad is pretty down with it, it’s Mom who is doing the “River In Egypt” fucking thing… Which in part is she was fine up until they gave her her first clot-shot… and in her case it was a clot-shot… we’ve noticed her mental degradation is directly tied to and part of when she got the deathvaxx. Been TRYING to get her to do the detox plan, but NOPE. A HUGE part of the problem is she’s a retired RN who was in ‘Nam doing the ‘nursing thang’ for the guys at a MASH unit for like two? tours? Problem is, she won’t/can’t hear ANYTHING medical from ANYONE ‘cos “she knows best”… Le Sigh… appreciate you and your comment man… gonna have to just shoot her in the ass with 50cc of good tranquillizers, and let her wake up in the place, with the dealio done so to speak…

  3. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but “assisted living” is generally no better than living at home.
    The vast majority of employees in such places are minimum wage useless wastes of skin. They ignore the needs of the residents and spend the majority of their time watching tv or glued to their phones.
    Hardly a day goes by that I don’t get a patient from the assisted living facility next door to my hospital who has fallen down….and the vast majority of the time they fell because they “rang” for assistance to do something such as go to the restroom and said assistance NEVER SHOWS UP. So they try to go by themselves with the predictable outcome. Sometimes they lay on the floor in their room for HOURS before the “hired help” find them. And what happens next is the hired help simply dial 911 and let the paramedics deal with the problem. Which means they come to me in the ER. No….assisted living is rarely the wonderful thing it’s made out to be. Not sure there is a an actual solution to dealing with the aging part of society these days. In the past aging parents were taken care of by the family. Now families go their own ways and leave grandma and grandpa to die alone. It’s the planned destruction of the family unit. Which is part of the grand assault on America.

    1. They can be good. But they can be really bad.

      I was visiting my in law who had to go to one. He had summoned help 90 minutes ago.

      I walked to the nurses station yanked the phone from the orderlies hand and threw it.

      “While you are up to get it back. DO YOUR JOB!” About an inch from his nose in DI style voice.

      That particular nursing home got shut down after they mixed up In-Laws bills with his roommates and he died of an OD.

  4. Funny, but I thought the Villages had a ‘move to assisted facility’ plan as part of their existence. You might contact them (the Villages people) and find out who’s connected to them and how to transition to the assisted facility.

    As to DC and BD, sounds like she poisoned his mind when he was around her. And now that he’s away from the toxin he’s coming around. Bet he turns into a decent man, and this whole thing may have straightened him out. Does he go to church yet?

    Good luck with the family.

  5. Just read about Austin of Milley-Vanilli fame getting snubbed in China back in May, kind of like Ziolensky and the no handshake for you while the bodies are burning in the field.
    Massive drone actions in the Kraine from both sides, hitting fuel/ammo depots.
    Some new jammers got issued for RF naval vessels.
    The Putinator says nyet to Polish/Lithuanian/Ukraine state and said no mercenaries gathering there!
    The Musicians of Wagner are a distraction?
    The Serb troops are the real devestators for the RF.
    O/T-Dayam what a hottie GR is, you have chosen wisely.
    Keep calm and hydrate.

  6. Your G has pretty eyes, tell her, she’ll appreciate it. Lost my dad just before covid, he spent a year in hospice. Last week lost my step-dad, and my Father-in law. Rough week, the women in my life are making it hell on everyone else, my daughter is such a help (I don’t include her with the “problem” women) she’s my buddy.
    Big country, if I ever get back to Florida, we need to have a beer or twelve. My liver be damned.

  7. Some of the ideas that sound the best in my head turn to shit when I get to typing, but sometimes I just post it anyway and occasionally those end up being my best received posts. I am sure you are, like me, your own worst critic.

  8. Glad things are a bit better for the family. Glad BabyDaddy is doing the right thing, nice little bit of good fortune there, eh? Gretchen looks fine, reminds me of Kirstie Alley of Cheers, in her good years. You def married above your station, better to be lucky than good(usually).

    1. Not a reply to above but I’m a reg lurker luddite who cant figure out replies to original post… So BCE to you: don’t trust an enemy just because they’re acting nice. That’s how cons work. Be cautious.

  9. BCE: I worked security in an “assisted living” place for a year for a friend that needed help. Very expensive, 6k a month, with no doctors on site, a nurse some days, and only security to answer “alarm calls”. So if they fell we responded (the one of us on duty) and called the fire dept. to put them back on their feet. I answered a number of fall alarms and a number of them had a private “sitter” to assist them. They usually never moved from the couch for calling or anything. Including sitting there while the firemen put them back on their feet. I have no idea why they even hired them since they never did anything.

  10. Chat with local Paramedics. We know which ones we would use and which ones we would suck-start a pistol before we would be incarcerated in.

    Bride and I have some “HARD PASS” places that SOUND good but, well, if ya can smell the place on the front porch….

    1. I worked 40 years in hospitals and clinics. When mom started looking for a place to put dad, I would walk in and within 5 seconds start thinking my head. It is a combination of smell, sound and looks. Trust your first thought when you go in.

      In the ’80’s I had to visit tons of nursing homes. There was on I wanted to move into the . . . $7k to $14k per month (in the ’80’s!) was many multiples of my monthly income. Money does make a difference, but it is not the only factor.

      As a last thought, most of my career consisted of watching old people get older and die. The most deleterious issue long term is isolation from family. Even more destructive to the will to live is sitting in a dirty diaper.

  11. Hmmm great news on BBD, hate to be rain on party. However since court says no contact…. Could he be setting you up?

  12. Jungle juice. Been a long time since I’ve had some. I use to shoot at the Winston P Wilson combat matches at Camp Robinson. The team from Puerto Rico use to make a big batch in a huge plastic garbage can every year. Self service.

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