Work and an Update on Adriana

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Ahhhh the weekend. What a bonus after this particular week. Between Goyslop Poisoning, being overtired, then waking up at odd hours, and the add on of stress from the Glorious Peoples Tractor Factory? Yeah, I’ma having a -few- hits from Ye Olde Irish Tears. Namely my fave Tullamore Dew.

Part of my problem is I’ve done too good a job at the Factory. Now Head Commissars are writing Checks on Lowly Worker’s Body to Clients that he can’t can’t make good on. I mean it’s complimentary that the Top of Current Politburo think so highly of me, but at the same time, I’m doing a hell of a lot more than I’m getting paid for.

Whatever happened to “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”?

I got a fuckton of ability, but I sure as Hell ain’t getting a taste of what I need… meaning a raise and/or another person to help me out, as I’m fucking swamped. I mean Glorious People’s Tractor Factory is actually getting more clients specifically because of my work but it has yet to translate to even a raise.

Did I mention last November was my One Year with the Factory?

Not so much as even a “Congratulations”

In fact, the H.R. Cunt fucking openly snubbed me. There’s a daily email she puts out… with a list of people who’ll be out, with pithy little worthless H.R. sayings like “Let the wind of one help lift all of us” and new age fuckery like that, as well as at the very bottom “Congratulations to John/Jane Smith on ‘X’ number of years with the Company!” with everyone else who’s managed to suck it up, and stick around and whatnot.

Me? Nada. No mention at all

I’ve never even met the bitch. And the email I sent to the Chairman of the Politburo regarding the snub and a LOT of other things I’ve had to deal with specifically relating to her?

Never heard –anything– back.

Shit like that just shoots the morale right in the ass. I do know that H.R. beeatcha has issues with the IT Commissar, and it may be that it’s a guilt by association as he did get me the job (thanks Bro!) and we’ve been friends now a while, BUT

Tell you what, next time I’m at HQ, I’m going to verbally, politely mind you, but put her the fuck on notice that I am not to be fucked with.

What I’d really like to do is dig a hole, and fill it in
But that’d be the old, unmedicated Big Country.
This’s the newer, kinder, medicated one.

For Now.

Besides bitching about work, I figured out what the Weekend Substack is going to be. Pretty much MY take on what’s going on currently in the Kraine, and how what we see may not be what reality is… Wheels within Wheels and all that. Lots of info, as well as I’ve started a new print project with the 3D Printer. Making some fun stuff that IF it works out, I’ll let you know.

I’m also planning a raffle next week.
Got me something cool and sort of Unique to a point. I’ll be putting it on the Substack for your viewing pleasure. Russian Related and related to my write up I’m working on. Which also brings me to the whole “Make it a pay-for-play or not?” meaning the Substack? Right now, I’m leaning towards keeping it open, as long as a few folks keep subscribing.

Lets face it, I need the cash. The move back here totally fucked me, and breaking the lease, the internet bill, (helped by y’all, many thanks!) and allllll the subsequent fuckery that is still ongoing… I haven’t mentioned it, but Dumbcunts Lawyer filed a motion to collect a chunk of what was raised by us on the GiveSendGo for the fight to save Adriana.

They’re trying to say that because she’s the Mom, and we used her as the reason to raise the cash, that somehow, she’s entitled to half of the final take, of which there ain’t shit left of, as we used it to do exactly what we said we were using it for, which was to try and save the kid from her and the BabyDaddy. How the fuck that even works is beyond me, but, I guess there’s “The Law” and then “Tennessee Law for Outsiders”… It’s ongoing, but at least the BabyDaddy is staying out of it. In fact, he’s actually being rather cool.

As you know, we essentially lost, mainly because the Mother (Dumbcunt) pulled all sorts of shit towards the end, which is still ongoing and the Judge in this farce-of-a-case decided to fuck us over even moar. Without recapping too much, we had a judgement against us that removed our visitation and any and all rights to her unless we paid Dumbcunt half of the raised $$$.

That’s like $26k, which we don’t have. We told the court, the judge and her to go fuck themselves. Hell… she doesn’t even have custody of her. However… not sure how or why this even was legal, as we don’t/didn’t/won’t have $$$ for a new lawyer to fight, so we bailed to Florida, and since then, the only current summary judgement against us is No more seeing/visitation. Not sure where we stand as far as $$$ to Dumbcunt, but as I told Gretchen, “It’s hard to collect if……………………” Which really put me in an exceptionally bad place

Which now comes in something a bit different.

The BabyDaddy has, despite court orders, been doing Video Chats with Addy and us, as well as keeping us in the loop. She totally remembers us, and gets all fired up to talk to us. Her language ability IMO is still behind but she -is- considering the environment and circumstances, coming along. Here’s Her latest:

OMG that smile….

I’ll give the boy this, she looks happy, is clean and outside of that HORRIBLE haircut, looks and when she talks to us is doing great. Breaks my heart to a point that she IS doing that well, BUT

My entire issue was to make sure she’s taken care of, and is still the number one mission. I’ve told the BabyDaddy if he even fucks up one micrometer, I’ll be up there like a fucking plague that kills everything and everyone in my path Seems he’s taken that to heart, which, despite my own selfish motivations (as I miss her soooooo fucking much) she’s doing well with him.

That being said, he’s being good.
So Far.
Shocks the fuck out of me, but hey…
The Dumbcunt on the other hand?
Let’s just say I wouldn’t expect her to have a fulfilling experience overall in the long run.

I’ll handle things as I always have,
God’s Hand on mine,
In His time,
As He wills it.

So, on short, I’ll leave it at that. Been a full day.
More Later
Big Country

9 thoughts on “Work and an Update on Adriana”

  1. The judge is in Tennessee.
    The judgement is in Tennessee.
    You’re in Florida.
    Good luck on them enforcing any judgement on you.
    If you ever decide to go north, borrow someone else’s car, and take cash.
    As for DC, don’t be cruel. Bury her up to her knees.

  2. As for the Tractor Factory work overload……
    Com’on! Think military! Think Private Smitty! Think E4 Mafia!
    Scale back and do as much as you need to do to hang in there.
    And no more then that.
    Ok, maybe just a 1% more then minimum, variable, on occasion, just to not make your work performance look totally flat.

    Meantime, are there other places that offer the same work as you’re doing at Tractor Factory? Sometimes the only way to get a pay raise is to jump ship to another company.
    And two weeks notice is a courtesy, not a legal requirement.

  3. Watched the dawn video of Prigo tuning his musicians, morale is off the charts.
    Commander said do not offend Belorussian hosts and he laid into GAE rainbow globohomo rump rangers.
    They expanded into 9 countries while the muh coup distraction was going on.
    The HR queefs won’t rest until the Fundamental Transformation has burned everything down better. They are not your friends.
    I was always ten times more paranoid but I don’t see any step right up takers for the extended magazines lotto.
    Guns N’ Roses-Out to Get Me is their best besides Rocket Queen.

  4. Welcome to The Curse of the Competent: looking around you, if you don’t see anyone competent, it means the competent one is you.

    Spanish Theory Managers look for certain traits when bullying their employees into doing more work: conscientiousness, agreeableness, and competence.

    If you hit the full trifecta, then these Spanish Theory Managers, who are merely The Sociopaths Who Are Nominally In Charge, will use these traits against you so that they can extract more of your labour under the premise that you should be happy to have the employment at all.

    The truth about most kinds of employment situations is that they exist as Labour To Money Conversion Services in which they bullshit everyone about the Labour Theory of Value and how all of that hard work means something in terms of some kind of “payoff”, when in fact many of the things produced and services rendered wouldn’t exist in such a form in a more competitive market of independent agents.

    So if you want something to succeed, bring seasoned mercenaries who value cash and who also value exceeding in delivering on all of their metrics and goals, and give them room so they may Take Full Control of Events.

    If you just want to extract cash out of working people, be the biggest dickhead you can be so that people are afraid to challenge you or walk away for a better deal.

    Know what’s great about “remote work” situations?

    It’s easier to hide what you really feel about these people when you don’t have to deal with their petty bullshit in person, and you spend less time potentially compromising your position with “water cooler chats”.

    “Iā€™m going to verbally, politely mind you, but put her the fuck on notice that I am not to be fucked with …”

    Yeah, know what works better?

    Stacking the cash so that one day, you can say goodbye to these assholes and never go back.

    Why give a crap about the overly personal bullshit these people pull?

    Properly viewed, the less they think about you, the more you can get away with.

    You are always busy, but you have a little time to get something urgent done, and that’s it.

    Now tweak the input and output rates until you begin to feel nervous about how low you’ve tweaked them, and then leave them that way to see if anyone notices.

    Advance notice: most people aren’t competent enough to notice.

    That breathing space you’ve just clawed back is called your life’s energy.

    Also: “Nobody CAN notice if there’s nobody TO notice.” — some Oz guy named Cheru who plays Hitman šŸ™‚

  5. Okay, your work goal is to clock in and clock out. Do NOT put forth incredible effort that the company will now claim as their own, while beating you in the slaves gallery for more, moar, moar. Do what you have to do to stay employed-nothing more, nothing less. Fullfill your work requirements and not much else. I have been there-the only reward is getting a fat paycheck. I am sure the HR weasel is trying to claim your production as her own-someway, somehow. (Why are the HR nitwits ALWAYS women??) The Chairman of the Politburo doesn’t have a clue about the business. To respond would open up his entire lack of knowledge. He is hanging on by a thread and probably offering phone sex to one of the enlightened Board of Directors. Say it with me: Clock In and Clock Out.
    As for DC………No one has figured out she is all about the money? Usually most folks in Tennessee are pretty smart. As such, she wants half of your lawyer fund and yet she has zero plans to smarten up and be a mother to Adrianna? How is the recent drug testing going? What address does The Law have for her? Anybody check to see if it is child safe? Has DC been to a doctor? Drug Counseling? Job rehabilitation? Has she done one GD thing besides grab for any free sheckel she can find? After all, DC ran with a child she had no way to provide for, and then proceded to dump her child -in another state with an ancient woman and a druggie-so she could go have “fun”. You need a new judge; hopefully one with a law license and some brains. (I can understand wanting to facilitate the dirt nap thing.) God Bless, this must be taxing to both of you!

    1. From the link: “In an article for the Bulletin of Applied Transgender Studies, academics from Oregon State University wrote about their shock at receiving sarcasm and mockery in response to their research into undergraduate LGBTQ students studying in STEM fields.”

      Eventually these “academics” who like playing word games will have to answer to these engineers and other people who do difficult things as to what measurable value they provide within society.

      It’s what these “academics” are afraid of most, that their careers in “academics” are essentially worthless, and all that they do amounts to pushing papers full of bizarre memetic contaminants so they can puff each other up in order to keep their make-work jobs.

      They produce these bizarre papers that in a former time would have been categorised as “obvious” or “useless” if they didn’t fall more often under the category of “knowledge destruction”.

      BTW, Han here self-identifies as a Double Stuf Golden Oreo, white on the outside, white on the inside. šŸ™‚

      1. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

        I identity as a Crusty Curmudgeon.
        My pronouns are FA/FO.
        Now get off my lawn!

  6. Speaking as an experienced attorney, don’t waste any more money on the lawsuit…You can’t afford it, you can’t fight it from Florida, and you won’t win..just wait…Later on, things may change…they may even want you to take custody…

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