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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, so much for Mickey D’s. Gretch surprised me with a double chee-booger for lunch yesterday when she got back to the house. She had a coupon on the app for 30% off, and a clipped paper coupon (yeah, she does that too… a lost art form in itself). Been a long time since I had a Clownburger.

Gonna be an even longer time now. No idea who had what and/or transmitted what but I’ve been doing wind sprints between the bathroom all day sick as a dog. Gretch has been in the bed, alternating as we got two full bathrooms here, and both have been overtaxed like a champ today.

Glad some of you all appreciated my story about Ole Pud. I re-read it myself this AM and realized I forgot to mention that he looked damned near exactly like the pic I got off the Goolag. Big Satan-Black sucker. Some chicks who used to ‘come ’round the way’ initially were scared to death of him, as he was a Giant Catzilla looking beastie. That ALWAYS changed in 0.2 seconds though because Ole Pud was a Man-cat’s Man-cat. Another thing I forgot to mention he was a whore… Pre-Ball Chop, we’d hear him servicing all the local cats in the area… two cats going at it is a loud violent affair. So as far as Hoomon Females? He’d amble up to -anything- female and start lovin’ for skritchums. He also may have had a lil bitch kitten meow, but when he purred? He sounded like a Detroit diesel at idle. Loud doesn’t begin to cover it. That’s a big reason we think he started slaughtering, well everything because of the nuts being gone. Couldn’t bang the locals, so he needed a new hobby.

Another thing, I do belong to Navy Fed.
The problem is that we only have ONE locally, which sucks and is overrun with Muh Diversity all. the. time. and there’s ZERO ATMs outside of that one location. There is a location at McDill, and that’s a hour hump away. I know a lot of stuff is done on line, but to fully transfer over is a pain in the ass. Have to see what happens as we progress through the stoopid.

Now, for Poly-Tics:

Let’s translate this: “He’s a gud boi! He dindu nuffin’!!”
I was going to make this a ‘guess the race’ contest but as you can tell, and has already been broadcast, the moron in question is a blaqq kid.

Pvt (E-Nothing for reasons we’ll get into) Travis King while on a tour of the DMZ in Panmunjum suddenly broke away and ran across the border to Norksville. The Norks snatched up the kid, and that’s the last he’s been seen, and hopefully will be.

Initial reports read like he’d been snatched. Then the real-time story, out of New Zealand started seeping out as some NZ Folks were on tour with him, and got interviewed by NZ news. The Puzzle Palace found itself on the back foot as like I said, they seemed to be starting to angle that the Norks had grabbed him. The tourists from NZ however crushed that shit right off stating that he ran across the border, grinning like the fool he is, flipped off the US side and ran right to the NK guards, who then hustled him off to who-cares-where. They thought it was a TikTok stunt.

Nope. In fact as we get deeper into this shallow-dweller-of-the-Muh Diversity Gene pool, it’s a nigger being a nigger. Seems that Travis had just been released from a two-month stint in a South Korean jail for assault and other monkeyshines. Even before this (and now being madly downplayed) is he had been ‘on the radar’ for acting like a thug on the regular towards the locals.

The arrest for assault on a South Korean wasn’t even the first. No no… the first one he got off because his race card actually worked on the local he’d beaten on didn’t “…want the young soldier to get in trouble.” Thing of it is, once the Local Cops get your number so to speak, and you’re known as a thug/troublemaker locally, especially around small bases like his?

Eventually you’re going to get nabbed. Now according to Sapper who did a tour in Korea, his understanding is that local jails are not fun places. Now this’s purely anecdotal. During his in-brief, like mine in Germany, or anywhere for that matter outside of CONUS (CONtinental United States) the DotMil, ALL branches tell you the “do’s and do’s NOTS” Guess this kid didn’t listen or care. To continue. South Korean Jails are by US standards are hard time. You get put in a room, with a stool and sink and shitter. That’s it. You’re not allowed to talk, interact, do anything. Not sure what the punishment is for breaking that, but I do know that corporal punishment in general runs as a ‘cultural thing’ in SK.

Also for this fucking tard to have even landed in the local hoosegow means his Chain of Command probably wanted him in there. For all reports, this fucker is a punk kid who was going to get everything due to his thug ass. SO, after he beat up a local who pressed charges, unlike the normal “We’ll handle it from here” thing that the DotMil usually does, they were like “He’s all yours!”

A big reason that there are so many protests in and around DotMil bases internationally is that due to a lot of SOFA (Status Of Forces Agreements) rules, the US DotMil is supposed to handle punishment and when they step in, it pisses off the locals. Okinawa has this happen a lot and usually makes the news. Now, not sure as to fighting and busting up the locals, but in Germany? The Local Military Command handled the punishment of the perp. SK? Not so sure. It is, to me leastways very telling that his Chain of Command did NOT step in.

However, they did do one thing, which is on completion of sentence, he was transported (that day mind you) to the Airport. He was to be transferred to Fort Bliss for a continuation/completion of sentence, meaning from the reports I’ve read, he had two more months that he was going to do in the Stockade in Bliss, and then get sent to civvie street with a Dishonorable Discharge.

Even Army Secretary Cumstain Worthless…err Christine Wormuth stated: “…stressed that the priority remains to bring King back to the U.S. “regardless of the fact that there’s misconduct” while acknowledging that he will “absolutely” have faced “additional consequences” including potential jail time for the assault.” Now, for the Secretary of the Army to have mentioned the assault? Damn… he must have really done something exceptionally egregious to the South Korean local… dunno… just speculating, but I do know one thing

Whomever the dumb fucker was who dropped him off, at the Airport, and failed to make sure he was on the plane?

Career Dissipation Light Engaged.

I mean not only did this kid fuck up himself epically, but now? Damn son, talk about taking everyone with you. Lot of good people are going to be fried in oil over this, as it doesn’t get much higher in the Chain of Command than Secretary of the Army, and considering she’s a Full bore Card Carrying Marxist Social Justice Warrior, IF this fucking spoiled worthless piece of inoperative farm equipment does get back to our side of the pond, you can guarantee he’ll not only get a hero’s welcome, but get promoted.

Sounds harsh but I hope the Norks fucking give him the Warm-Beer treatment and send him back to us vegetablizied or already dead. As I said, lots of Good Peoples careers just took Ye Olde Giant Shit. And all because of a lack-of-impulse control “Gud Boi Who Dindu Nuffin!” had his Race Card declined.

Fuck that guy with a chainsaw.
More Later
Big Country

So, seems the Korean Times gives a faaar more in-depth reason for why Pvt Kangznsheeeit was ‘detained’ by the South Koreans. The link is HERE but for brevity, I’ll put in the some info: (any notes from be will be in bold and in parenthesis)

“Legal sources here said Thursday that King, 23, received a 5 million-won ($3,955) fine from a court in Seoul on Feb. 8 on charges of inflicting damage on a police patrol vehicle. (because of course he did)

King, however, did not pay the fine (do they ever pay their fines? asking for a fren) and was eventually detained in a prison workshop for 48 days in line with a court ruling that he be held for one day for each unpaid 100,000 won, the sources said. (FA/FO the SK don’t play I’d say)

He was accused of repeatedly kicking the back door of a police patrol vehicle in Seoul’s Mapo district in the wee hours of Oct. 8 and inflicting damage that required 584,000-won worth of repairs. (there’s that impulse control issue again)

King was apprehended by police at that time for suspected violence at a nightclub. (all reports have said he beat up a local -AGAIN- NOT a first time incident) He reportedly did not cooperate with police officers demanding his personal information and kicked the door of the police car while shouting foul language against Koreans and the Korean military, according to police investigations. (Race card thrown and….)

(DENIED!) King was detained from May 24 to July 10 in a penitentiary in Cheonan, 85 kilometers south of Seoul, before being released and relocated to an American military base in South Korea for a weeklong stay. He was reportedly found to have fled Incheon International Airport on Monday afternoon while in the process of boarding a flight to Dallas. (Yonhap)”

SO Yeeeeah… not only did he get in a fight and beat up a local, when the Local Cops showed up, he did what every other worthless nigger int he United States does, which is performed the obligatory Chimpout at the cops, and tried to trash the car that the fuzz showed up in.

Bit of a game changer from the info our Information Organs, the Ministry of Lies and Propaganda have seen fit to overlook the extra-stupid monkeyshines. That and all the pics they’ve been showing are that of what look to be a very young innocent looking kid… Any bets his current photos got the “Trayvon Treatment”? That’s what I call when the media find a picture of the kid that makes him look all innocent, when in reality, his current look is just short of a niggered-up Post Malone or wannabe gangbanger… usually with Guns, Money Grills and Drugs.

Yep. because of the Soros Backed DAs who spring any and all who do anything to the cops, effectively hamstringing law enforcement, got me a hunch our young troop here thought that the same rules were in effect. Black Lives Matter and all that horseshit. That he could get in the cops faces, trash a cop car and that nothing was going to happen.

Reality however, is a stone cold motherfucker

Then he spent two months at hard labor in a South Korea Work Camp. After which, he was getting sent home, to go to the Stockade at Fort Bliss to do another two months. Then get thrown out on his ass with a Dishonorable Discharge. Now, RUMINT was he might have been able to get out with a General Discharge under Less-Than-Honorable, but now?

Fucker better be on his knees sucking Nork Dick hard ‘cos Now? A gen-yoo-wine Deserter? Oh yeah, no matter what Secretary of the Army Cumstain Worthless tries to do, this kid is finished.

And that’s even IF the Norks want to send him back.

He ain’t the first to do the same exact thing. A link to a pretty good write up about other US Army morons who crossed the “Z” is HERE The only thing of note to it though is this: Out of the 5, maybe 6 morons who did it, only ONE ever got out, and that was because he married a kidnapped Japanese chick who, when Kim wanted to improve relations with Japan, sent her home, and he got to go as her husband. And my understanding is he had to stay in Japan, lest he go to the States and have to face time for being a deserter in time of war (Nam).

Otherwise, there ain’t no coming back from Norksville that I can see. One thing that does tell me he might be sent back though is his blatantly obvious obnoxiousness and stupidity is readily apparent. Glorious Leader Kim Jong-Un may just decide to get rid of him, as there’s not much propaganda value in a semi-literate violent hood rat with questionable impulse control and violent tendencies. Got me a hunch Kim is going to discover what “nigger fatigue” is with this kid sooner, rather than later.

Hell, if it were me? Two to the Back of the head, dump him in the Yalu and tell the US “You owe me one.” for having rid the world of at least one more useless future welfare/prison rat.
Jes’ Sayin’
More Later

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  1. Saw a black power fist Army recruiting ad but Not Sure.
    Photochop, could be.
    I’m sure the hood is lining up to fight for the oligarchs who own the ‘Kraine.
    Pineland way was beautiful with horses, deer, turtle and sun breaks did some civic with trash pick up along the road while waiting for bud to pull up since I got there early.
    Frankenfood? Ain’t nobody got time for that.
    If you leave it out no animal will touch it.

  2. Yeah, the South Koreans have some tolerance towards Americans, until they don’t. There’s a hard line.

    Like going South of the Border to a tourist town, you can get away with quite a bit, until you don’t. Hard line.

    South Koreans? God, I wish there were lots more of them. Maybe we can import all the South Koreans and send all the hoodrats to South Korea? Wouldn’t that be a thought?

    And, yes, Kid Dumbomite just blew up the careers of lots of people. Of course, if those people were doing their jobs correctly, they wouldn’t be having their careers fall down like a Chinese Tofu-Drek project.

  3. As to the Trayvon treatment? Pictures of him here show him to be lighter skinned, not the dark skinned dude he actually is.

    Ever notice that? The powers-that-be manipulate videos and still photos to whiten suspects. And then ask everyone if they’ve seen said suspects.

    It’s gotten so bad that they’ll flash a bleached out picture where you can almost see that there’s a person-shaped object in what they show you.

  4. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

    The only one in this debacle who might end up with less than scorched earth on his career, is the NCO escort.
    From one blurp that I read (can I find it again?) the escort wasn’t allowed beyond the airport security gate, to make sure the Eye-Dee-10-Tee got on the plane, because he (NCO Escort) didn’t have a ticket (!!??). (What!? No orders cut?)
    Sooooo, Prisoner King, being the fool that he is, didn’t get on the outbound plane, and instead jumped over to an incoming tourist group that was going to the Dee Zone.
    And we know the rest from here.
    As much as I despise Fatty Kim, I’d owe him a solid if he were to make this fool…..just…..disappear.
    “You want who? returned? Never heard of him. Any pics must be Western propaganda.”
    (wadda ya wanna bet he shows up as a one day increase in some village’s meat ration?)

  5. Saw the SouthKo link to the story on Peter’s BRM page.
    In a complete waste of time, I clicked on it to see the perp in question.

    I could have just Guessed The Race and saved bandwidth.
    Every. Single. Time.

    1. Yeah. Let’s just hand Justice Thomas, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, Senator Tim Scott et al. some hoes and set them to chopping cotton. They’re all just [REDACTED] too, right?

      1. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

        Racist troll.

      2. Oh good Christ, go and fuck yourself vigorously, you lame Obvious Troll.

        Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas don’t disprove twenty million perpetrators a year, nor does it work the other way around either.

        You probably flunked both Venn diagrams and basic logic when you had your chance in school, and shot yourself in the ass. Then reloaded and did it again.

        Here’s a remedial softball for you. Spot the flaw in logic you just committed:

        All crocodiles have teeth.
        Big Country Expat has teeth.
        Therefore, Big Country Expat is a crocodile.

        That’s the level of fetal alcohol syndrome trailer park dipshit “logic” you just tried here.
        Shoot a back azimuth, pull your head out of your ass, and take another whack at it.
        Or just go back to whatever it is you’re good at.

        Perspicacity and brilliant repartee are not your game, Ike.
        If you had half a wit, you might have noted your race card is declined.
        It’s the title of the post, FFS…

      3. “one of these things is not like the other” (and not simply because it is in N. Korea)
        Cassandra, it is “people” like you who prove to the rest of us that we will never get along. And not because of skin color, but because you are so fucking stupid.
        And, you don’t “chop” cotton, you idiotic cunt.

  6. Arby’s does that to me and the wife, every single time. Full on food poisoning, no matter where we go in the state. Once is bad luck; twice is a coincidence; the third time has got to be enemy action.

    Friends, don’t let friends eat goyslop.

    I did cook up some shaved beef on the griddle the other day with mushrooms, onions, and peppers. Melted cheese on them and made a cheesesteak sandwich that was better than anything I could get in a restaurant.

    1. Garlic also pairs well with onions and meat.
      Sauté it in the oil so the meat can cook in the flavors too.

      I do more soups and stews than anything else due to ease and little time needed, but even with those, cooking up the diced meat beforehand with onions and garlic (and salt and pepper/other seasoning) before adding the broth makes a big difference.

      I don’t fast food like when I was younger, and haven’t had McD’s in ages. Think it was nuggets but even those are meat goo shaped and battered. Even if they weren’t bad, those companies support all the woke shit. Fuck them.

  7. I can see the NK using him for domestic propoganda. Drag him around to talk about how evil the US is. Then once everyone has heard his story he can end up as pig feed.

  8. Ah, but BCE, think of the massive intelligence haul that the North Koreans just received!

    You laugh, but you won’t be laughing after this, you’ll be admiring the view.

    That’s because North Korean intelligence just received a Western criminal operative.

    They don’t get many of those willingly walk across their border, and now North Korean intelligence can interrogate this Western Asshole Criminal King (WACK) until he tells them enough stories that they can form theories of operation.

    These will be the kinds of theories that allow the North Koreans to detect and neutralise Western criminal operations within the country.

    When they’re done, which will be months to years from now, they will shit him out of some festering bunghole, maybe stick him on one of China’s freighters out of Dalian headed toward the США (aka “The Kwa” as some people pronounce it).

    The valuable intelligence materials the North Koreans will have from this experience will allow them to purge any incipient or residual Western style criminality from their society.

    People here may think this will be cruel, and it probably is, but you’ll have to admire it when it’s done.

    Han here admires the efficiency and thoroughness of one of the Empire’s prisons on a desert planet.

    But the Empire doesn’t clean you out nearly as well as a rancid McNastyburger with Special Lettuce.

    Stay away from The Clown before The Clown lives deep within you. 🙂

  9. Casandra:
    Condi and Dr Carson would be likely to forgive your ignorance and stupidity, as they tend to try to FIX ignorance.
    Lt. Gov Sears and Tim Scott not so much. AFAIK, NEITHER of those two suffers fools gladly.

  10. Tetracycline is the best medicine for food poisoning.
    I keep forgetting to buy some to have it around.

    Relief in a very short time span, but it’s also one anti-biotic you don’t want to take past the expiration date.

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