3D Printed Claymores, The IRR and Improvised Mortars

Greetings Me Droogs N Drooettes!
Been a good day, what with the spine only tweaking a bit… I can now at least sit for about 15-20 minutes, get up, stretch, switch chairs and drive on.

Got two office chairs, one being a Herman Miller Aeron that I snatched waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day from a “Bricks To Click” Internet Company I worked for… had a Doc’s note, so they bought be a “C” Sized Herman Miller…

Only thing I added to it was the headrest, and replaced pieces parts as they wear out. The other is a big pleather chair that works… I sweat a lot in it, but it’s big and comfy.

Someone on Gab Tagged me thusly:

What I found extremely interesting is that
A) They worked and
B) They worked.
Now those of you who’ve been around here a while know I used to print a 75% scaled battery holder of a Claymore, as well as some ‘other’ fake land mines.

The Claymores don’t need intro… the other 8 toys (the tan circular ones w/fins) are either paperclip holders or whatever holders… It’s a model of the VS-50 Italian Landmine…the fuse/footpad is held up by stuffing the interior with toilet paper LOL.
That vidya? OMG. Thank Gawd I don’t/can’t/won’t have C-4 like they do… then again, MINE (bad pun) can’t be made to go ‘nuts’ so to speak. They DO however make cool desktoppers in a biddness environment IMO. And yes, those who ask, my drawer pulls ARE Crystal Skulls… that lil cabinet holds my primers and reloading dies… Gretchen got it for like $10 on Facebook Marketplace, and it didn’t have any drawer hardware, so I got these on the Zon.

Kinda Cool IMO

Now, “other things”
Seems that it’s confirmed that the 450 IRR Kids are all being called up from the CBRN Field. Namely the Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear MOSes. The past 20 years, there was a significant degradation in those particular jobs, so they got to ‘dip deep into the well’ to find folks who can sing and dance the tune. I got confirmation from my old “Bugs and Gas” OIC from the Cav whom I’m still frens with. They sent him a letter (Retired Lt Col. at 100% disability) as someone failed to notice he’s for-real fucked up from the neck up from his service.

When he was at West Point, he was in one of the very last classes of CBRN School for Orificers who ackchully did ‘real deal’ “stuff” on each other “…just to know what the real deal was like…”

In his case? It was a very light physical ‘dose’ of Blister… he thinks it was Mustard, BUT they never told him… they literally put a couple of drops on his skin, and he and his team had to decon him. Problem was, the long term effects??? Seems like nerve degradation, bone issues… poor fucker is 12 years younger than me, looks 30 older, and is frail AF. He –should be– at 1000% IMO… but, I did check in, and someone ‘forgot’ he’s a crippled soup-sammich, and tried to get him to come on board for the fun.

So, confirmation there.
Well we got this:

So now they’re telling us 80,000 troops are going to be “forward deployed” until further notice????

ORLY? On who’s authority?
Oh yeah… I forgot
Dick-Tator-For-Life (leastways til Putin ‘Nuts Up’ and Nukes D.C.) the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den makes these calls.
(BTW: All the froo-froo about Hunter’s illegitamate kid being ‘denied’ by the fam? At this point I’d say that’s a good thing much like Gran#1 completely has disavowed her ‘rents sad as it might be… got as hunch that the name “Biden” is going to be as popular as “Hitler” in the next few in certain quarters so to speak…)
Jes’ Sayin’

Quick Question: Whatever happened to the DEMONcRats being the “AntiWar Party”?

Yeah, the current DotMil is fucked
And, judging from WHO was called up, and how many in the future are going to be called up, as they say in Ebonics:
“Weez beez fukked!”
Makes me really glad I found that Geiger Counter at that shit-shop Aye?

Whatever you do, in keeping with the current rabid-split tail in charge… whatthefuck is’r name? Christine E. Whoremouth… that’s it… she openly stated something to the effect that she doesn’t want the children of soldiers and grandchildren of soldiers to serve… to prevent a “Warrior Class” to come up… Make sure you DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS GROW UP TO BE SOLDIERS FOR LEVIATHAN.

Sounds like a plan to me.
Go draft the Hasidics in NYFC then ya cunt.
Anyone who either has a kid, and that kid is thinking about serving? Call me… I’ll let ’em get thru basic and AIT, then I’ll break them up bad enough that they get the retirement and out BEFORE They can deploy… couple of drinks… a couple of pills… beat the knees senseless, OR brief them properly to pass a Med Board… but not so bad as to be a game changer… Juuust enough to get that magic 20-50% Permanent Disability, become non-deployable and fuck the system over even further.
Jes’ Sayin’

Then, lastly, INDIRECT FIRE:

File under “extremely interesting”
My recommendation is WTWT. Indirect fire is a headfuck… why not know how to build/implement it if needed?

Considering I fuck around with Cardboard Mortars and Firework shells, this’s the same thing, ‘cept on steroids.
Don’t run with scissors.
More Later
Big Country

18 thoughts on “3D Printed Claymores, The IRR and Improvised Mortars”

  1. Yeah, the denial of the use of the Biden name for the kid would seem to be a great gift. Years from now, people will ask, “Hey, aren’t you the pedophile and international war criminal Joe Biden’s granddaughter?” “Naw, that’s another Navy Joan Roberts. Not related at all.”

  2. The Sarge! I have desktop rotation of him smoking and another where he is running with Tommy Gun.
    Pappy was happy being a sarge for his entire career and knew I would have problems with following orders, told me not to join or else.
    He did have several rockers with a symbol in the middle and a bunch of those service stripes.
    I bust out the early 60’s Special Forces garrison cap photos when people say you made that up.
    Brilliant Brandon will announce the 80K on teevee with lights and honks to confuse the enemy.
    Like Tucker said, why are we at WAR with Russia.
    Nuke false flag before Halloween or right around there?
    Anti-War left? Deception is OK with the comrades just like a certain peaceful religion.
    CPUSA (D) voters and their spawn should be drafted first.

  3. back in the day, early -mid 1970’s. there where more than a few Nam vets in the unit- 101st.
    anyway, we where taught a lot of strange things that “happen” over there. one rule was always
    string 3 or more clays together- use det cord. and put at least one frag or WP under one.
    with mortars, anything is almost possible. one trick was to bury it, aim it at the target first and put rocks all around it to hold it in place. cover with a mat/whatever and only fire 4-5 rounds thru it each time in use. hide and leave. problem for them was these could be back tracked and found.
    other trick we where taught was setting one up in a platform in the trees (yes, this happen. I saw the pictures of what was left after it got shot to hell.) they used to use it only on windy days/nights.
    drove the mortars guys crazy trying to back track it, so they ended up sending a few teams out when it
    was going to be windy. I knew one of them. he said, they all dropped when they heard the 1st round go off. looking everywhere. after the 3 rd round they looked up. there was a drunken Charlie laughing his ass off every time he dropped a round in. what they figured was he would get drunk and carry 5-6 rounds up the tree with him and fire them off and either leave or sleep it off up there.
    just a 60mm tube tired to a tree branch. up about 30-40 feet in a tree. he said the fucker got away with it for almost 3 months before they shot him up. funny the things one start to remember.
    but then again, I did help teach others how to fight CIC as we called it back then in West Berlin
    but that was after spending a few years with the 101st learning how to do the nasty as they called it.
    one thing I did learn was you can almost use anything you might find to hurt others if you put you mind to it. and NEVER go thru a door or window. make your own way in. same with paths or trails
    always safer to make you own.

  4. I really want to like the Ordnance Lab videos but those guys are hard to watch, I would prefer to see their videos with subtitles. Mostly I am amazed they get away with running that stuff on Youtube.

  5. Yea, my dad was 100% disabled from his little sojourn over to Korea back in ’51.
    If they are dipping into the 100% pool to fill out the ranks, I can’t even the Dot Mil must be worse than I thought, and I thought it was a total shit show.
    If we put this military up against Russia, or even anyone other than a turd world country, there’s going to be a lot of business for the mortuary teams in Dover, Del

  6. A Briefing on Reality:
    ALL of the countries involved in the Ukraine War are controlled by jews. Yes, Ukraine, Russia, USA, China, Germany, Poland, etc. (Remember: jews won WW2, not us, not anybody else.) Russia could have pulled off a surprise war and quick victory. Russia did NOT do that. They all agreed to have a war, and to stretch it out. The top jews will decide when to end it. Meanwhile, it carries on for several purposes: 1) to kill as many nonjews as possible. 2) to profiteer off military materiel. 2) fear-porn the region and then the world, such as now with the nuke fear-porn bs. (Unless the jews have mass-evacuated your region, you’re not going to get hit by a nuke or any other wmd.) 3) Use war as an excuse to pretend various resources are scarce so as to profiteer off those resources and to destroy nonjew-owned businesses. 4) drive refugees into other countries to further destabilize those nonjew populations. You can think of more reasons yourself, such as food supplies, denials of rights, etc.

    1. ‘Xactly!
      But, Jim, you used the j-word, so you will, of course be ignored and be thought of as nutty and fringe though exactly correct. I’ll move over so you can have a place to sit.

  7. I find it curious and interesting as fuck that they’re deliberately picking kids who weren’t in the mandatory Death Jab cohort for this, and thus had no requirement to get it nor have it.

    Things which make one go Hmmmmmmmm.

    1. That IS interesting, in many many ways. Trojan horse gene therapy anyone? OAS. ADE.

    2. Damn Bro… the Medi-mental-Alarm went off when you mentioned that… GREAT POINT! Stuff like that is why I like having you around (and a couple of yer memes are -almost- as good as mine 😉 ) Seriously tho, Add on that weirdness that RFK was talking about that everyone went batshit about the Kung Flu being a race-oriented bioweapon? Hate to break it to the haters, but just WHY do you think the Jap Unit 731 didn’t get prosecuted? THEY were the forerunners of race-tailored bioweapons, weapons that the Sou’fricans continued during the dark days of Apartheid… I don’t necessarily agree with HIS particular statement, however…

      Add on the general Weirdness Factor of all the IRR kids being called up being “Bugs/Chem/Gas/Nook” kids?
      What was that? “By the itching of my thumb…”
      Jes’ Sayin’

      1. I think it was the clowns from STATE that did that deal and paid for the “cookbook” .
        and the “doc” got paid off big time and sent somewhere safe to live out his days too.
        or maybe he helped them with the cookbook ?
        makes a person think about what the assholes might have been cooking in all of those biolabs
        they have all over the world ?
        and I served with a old NCO who always kept saying “never trust a motherfucker from state”
        didn’t think much of it at the time, but now ?

  8. Ice cream containers, tupperware, dimpled wine bottles…..still look like trash even when recycled to be useful items. A thousand tin cans buried scattered across a field only need a few to be enhanced. If they all had aromatics swilled in them, they all have to treated as real. Be sure to never spill gasoline on styrofoam, it makes a sticky flammable mess. Cheap ir gear needs illumination, led’s strung cleverly in radial nets take a lot of crawling and cutting. Aluminium pigment powder and iron oxide can sparkler light up the night wonderfully, but don’t burn down the world. Crushed sparkplug porcelain is bad juju hurled against tempered glass. A few heavy duty cable ties with the buckles lined up can be bad for driveshaft balance and bearing wear. Don’t misplace your bicycle cable lock, someone may not relish the inconvenience of having something amusing locked onto something important. Be good boys and girls, now.

    1. On the aromatics. Was a truck driver. Was once detained for a bit, crossing from Kanada into the USSA … well because scented kitty litter makes electronic bomb sniffers go a little crazy. Just telling a story.

  9. Guys. We built parachute shaped charges like the kraut shaped charges Stielhandgranate back in the day.
    Copper core is all you need with C4/semtex

  10. From Germany I can say that right now Ukraine is definitely a side show.
    Currently we are told “CLIMATE CHANGE! We will all boil to death!”
    And our Karl Lauterbach, the mRna-pope, who designed a Corona Plan is now promoting a “Protection from heath” plan.
    Yes, this is the fear porn we are currently subjected too.

    And to military matters:
    As I dont have any connection I can just tell you, what the press tells us and that is:
    Russians are running/deserting, Ukraine is winning-slower than expected because they dont have enough equipment – we need to send more and in FOCUS the four mail lessons we can learn from the war in Ukraine: Preparation, logistics, stay hidden (total EMCOM) and stay on the move, because with drones they find you. So, disperse your troops and you must be 150% fitness because you will be constantly moving.

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