Der Schwerpunkt und Unser Arsch ist Gras… Wir sind SOOOOOOOOO tot…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
First, a Word from the Geriatric Piece of Shit currently inhabiting the White House: I.E. Our Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den who, by his Most Excellent and Not-Mashed-Fucking-Taters-For-Brains has decided to activate the Army Reserve with numbers up to 3000 troops (a Brigade worth) and 450 IRR Troops, which are, for the most part Guys who’ve fully completed their requirements in the DotMil but are still ‘on the hook’ for whatever reason it is…

The link is HERE
LOTS of ‘collective pants shitting’ going on

Righteously so, as the last time they brought in the IRR, was the 2002/03 build up to Iraq. IRR for the most part are guys who, having had some ‘special skillz’ got done with their service… a case in point (a ‘for example’) 4 Years on Active Duty, 2 years Reserve. Finish the Reserves, and have either 2 or 4 years of ‘IRR’ or ‘Inactive Ready Reserve’ i.e. Army only in extreme shortages of your job OR war.

IRR kids, for the most part, shitcan their uniforms, their PT, get fat and happy and call it a day. -I- never had to do IRR as I got medically retired (Thank the God(s). FULLY retired kids don’t get ‘call backs’ either, tho, b/c when I first got out with ONLY 20%, they DID come shopping around to see IF I was willing to come back on… told ’em I wanted at least Warrant 2, be assigned to a SF Support Team, no PT, and no bullshit. They didn’t call back LOL.

So, as far as the “Reserves” getting called up… lots of pundits saying how only 3k of folks ain’t a lot. Well… let’s “Break it Down like Barney”.

First Off, the Reserves for the past 15 or even MOAR years have been, outside of some specialized units (of which I’ll get to in a moment) have been primarily support elements. Ass and Trash, Mail, Graves Registration, MPs, Medical units, Gas pumpers, Civil Affairs, Repair elements (like I belonged to as a contractor in the Gunsmithing days)… you get the drift…

So, 3k of them? Yeah, good support elements for the usual rotational units of Active Duty, as these days, the size of an Infantry element would be equal to my old Brigade, the 3rd of the 101st, which was 1st, 2nd (mine) and 3rd Battalion of the 101st ABN.

Now, I’m ‘cuttin’ and pasting but hell, I’m not re-typing all the realizations and shit I put up on Gab, soooo….

The 3rd BDE of the 187th when -I- was in it (The Rakkasans) we were a fully light-infantry BDE with about (Including 3 Batts and the HHC element, Company Sized) call it, fully staffed (never were) at about 3k worth of troops. ALL ‘triggermen’ (splits need not apply) NO service and support pukes. Ass and Trash were handled by the 801st MSB (Main Support Batt, lots of broads) and/or the 426th FSB (Forward Support Batt, moar broads, but the 801st were cuter and moar fun, Jes’ Sayin’)… Aviation/Arty/and Engineers were integral, but separate as well.

The restructuring of units got rid of the MSBs and FSBs and made/turned them into the 101st SSB (Special Support Battalion(s) or the STB (Special Troops Brigade) elements… these daze (intentional spelling) I’ve lost track, but the Reserves are primarily Support Elements (hence why I got back on active duty in 92 as the Reserves -back then- went from having Infantry to ONLY support geeks, but that DOES include MPs which ARE for some reason considered Combat Troops (they ain’t no matter what they say… no Blue Cord? Suck My Infantry Balls and Taint) Notional Guard are ‘combat troops’ in name only really…

Now that the wars are over, the majority of NG units are back to the trash they were BEFORE Iraq and Affy ‘went live’ so, in this case, my guess? Ass and Trash Mission to support bringing in MOAR trigger-pullers… My guess? A Battalion or Two of Heavy Armor (M1A2s in 1st Armored Division) as this Krainian ‘thang’ is almost a pure Armor fight… the fucked up thing is that we haven’t heard shit about any A-10s being moved

THATS the TRUE ‘tripwire’. Even tho the zoomies FINALLY got the A-10 kil’t off, they’ll still be in use, in the ANG/Reserves until 2029, but they’re RUSHING to get rid of them, even tho the Flying Turducken ain’t anywhere CLOSE to being a capable substitute. You hear/see/RUMINT the A-10s moving and sure AF war is coming ‘cos besides CAS (Close Air Support) Anti-Armor War is what the A-10 was literally designed for.

Now, the aforementioned A-10?
Mister BRRRRTMeister?

An A-10C Thunderbolt II from the 75th Fighter Squadron honing its skills in the skies over the training ranges at Ft. Irwin, Calif.

Yep… well….
Seem that they have 2 Full Squadrons of A-10s
Attached to the Army Reserve
Not for nuthin’ BUT
(Again from Gab)

IF you hear of ANY Air-Notional Guard Units at Moody AB in Georgia or any Army Reserve (Air) Units of A-10s getting activated, THAT is the ‘tripwire’ IMHEO (In My Highly Edjamahcated Opinion) then it’s now ‘off to the races’ in the Kraine. The F-35 Flying Turducken, despite the claims, is utterly incapable of CAS (Close Air Support) never mind ackchully –doing– REAL anti-armor shit like the A-10 was like, oh, I dunno…. specifically designed to do during the Cold War!?!

LITERALLY! They took the biggest gun they could, a fucking 25mm fully automatic Gatling cannon, looked at the geeks, and said, “Build an airplane around it!”

Which to everyone’s surprise and the Air Force’s Abject Horror
They Did.
Then they made it BIGGER (30mm)
Fucker was bigger than a Volkswagen Bug at the time FFS
The Chair Farce has been -trying- to kill it off ever since it was ‘born’…

Sorry for the hair-pulling and screaming, but FFS, the A-10 ammunition cannister holds 1,350 rounds of 30mm tank-smashing goodness. I think like 10+/-3 second ‘squirts of BRRRT!’

The Flying Fuckstain/TURDucken? Try 182 rounds. In TOTAL. It’s rate of fire? 3300 rounds per minute. LITERALLY, provided it doesn’t malfunction, fall from the sky, or come apart, 182 rounds that’s like a what? a 3.18 second burst? ONLY!?! While flying at what speed??? (slowest it can go is 100knots, but it’s not armored for shit which means it’s easy meat…)
As the Critical Drinker would say
SO Long Story Short:
You hear about A-10 Movements, it means it’s on like Donkey Kong. There’s ONLY 281 +/- A-10s left, and literally nothing in our inventory that can do what it does. So WHEN they start moving, prep for fecal oscillation storm inbound.

Now, two Squadrons…
That’s, with the necessary support troops who know how to deal with the A-10? Try 500 on the top end, per squadron.
1000 Reserve Troops, Right There…

Rut R’oh Raggy

Not cool man.
We are sooooo fucking dead…
“I’ll take ‘Shit that keeps me up at night’ Alex for $200”
Add on that we’re already almost perma-transferred 12 plus A-10s to Eurotrashland during that Flight Exercise “Operation Pointless Waste 2” a few weeks ago?

Doesn’t look good for the home team at all.

Normally I don’t get that pessimistic, but the current home sit-rep is completely and utterly fucked Like beyond the ability of CONgress or the Steaming Heaping Pile of Toxic Residue-in-Theoretical-Human-Form(s) called the “Senate” to do a fucking thing to ‘right the ship of state’…
Our Judiciary is fucked
Our Law Enforcement is fucked
Our Freedum of Speech is fucked
Our Elections have been, and are looking even worse than fucked
The Executive Branch is theoretically led by a Pedophilic Daughter Rapist and his coterie of self-promoting narcissistic scumlords, fuckstains and people I generally, if they were writhing around on fire in front of me, SCRAEMING for help, I’d actively try to find MOAR gasoline. And if anyone tried to stop them from burning? Let me tell you, they’d have to get thru me first.
“I love the smell of long-pig-politicians and their families and co-conspiritors burning in the morning!… Smells like victory.”

So, no… I think we’re fucked b/c of ALL I listed.
“They” positively need a war.
SouthernPrepper did a vidya this AM showing that the national debt (which is now fake and ghey as a motherfucker IMO… ain’t no way to ever pay that much mo-nayz back ever) is rising at like 60 BILLION an hour… just in interest.

FDR Took us in to WW2 ‘cos he was a dumbfuck socialist “Emperor for Life” who didn’t know how to ‘fix’ things… and he was a certifiable fucking genius compared to the sub-African level 60 and lower fucktards IQ of the shitheads, malcontents and pure fucking (((evil faggots))) who infest the body politic now…
Add on that allll these fucking ‘cheerleaders’ who seem to think that “The US Tanks (Abrams) with US Troops manning them) will do what the Krainians couldn’t/wouldn’t?”
Let me tell you:

Outside of the Battle of 73 Eastings (Tank on Tank) the Abrams has never gone against a Peer to Peer Tank Fight… in fact, TBH, and as I sat in the desert waaaaaaaay back then, I knew that it was not our ‘superior equipment/training’ (outside of night vision and thermals, Gen2 at the time) as much as it was the complete inferiority of the Republican Guard as well as the rest of the Iraqi Conscript DotMil

THEY had NO -real- overhead cover meaning:
THEY had NO helo support/air support
THEY didn’t know what the fuck what they were doing, to include:
Their commanders, for the most part were all Nepo-Babies (wired into the Ba’athist Party, and NOT for any sort of ‘Tactical/Strategic Intelligence’, never mind the ability to shoot, move and communicate in a 3/4d Environment… In fact they were shit. ALL of them. Completely worthless, and hence, our tanks were able to rack up a LARGE number of ‘kills’
THEY had ZERO concept of ‘fire and maneuver’… in fact even OUR Guys sat still and just blasted the ever-loving fuck out of the Iraqis… didn’t help visability purely sucked, but still…

Personally, My thoughts on the Rus? After the past year plus of REAL tank on tank fighting?

In Armor Warfare, you got the quick/good and the dead.

Any of Ivan’s tread-heads still running around are the better/best there… as in “only the stronk survive” They have Familiarity with the battlespace, the conditions… the reality of head-to-head slugfests, terrain, locations etc… like the better than us as in “Who’s your Daddy?” betters.

OUR guys?
Even when I –was– a tanker (not my proudest moment(s), I sure AF don’t remember any real mine clearance… Esp. not that vicious FASCAM shit Ivan seems so in love with…

We go? Lots of body bags are going to be needed, and as someone earlier mentioned on Gab, we’re going to need a LOT of Graves Registration folks… Never mind a slug fest at 500 meters with NO air support… Air Support IMO is going to be ‘spotty’ at best as even OUR Air Farce hasn’t had a peer-to-peer challenge since the 60’s, and even then, the North Vietnamese and SOME of the Russians flying like the ‘Flying Tigers'(contract gigs for experience points) shot a LOT of our guys down, which is actually why ‘the Top Gun’ school got set up…. and the Rus these days purely own the skies over the Kraine.

Got a hunch the F-35s, and the M1s are going to get fuuuuuuucked up, as I’ve poasted pics before of what insurgents w/IEDs can do, never mind direct-fire golden bee-bees…

The pic there is an M1A2 that the Haj got with a IED back in 05… it was in the graveyard at Arifjan where I worked… that and a metric fuckton of ‘other’ tracks, incl. the Brad? ALL burn really easy if someone is determined.
Jes’ Sayin’

If anything Ivan now knows HOW WE FIGHT as we trained the fucking tard-Krainians in OUR BATTLE TACTICS for use AGAINST THE RUSSIANS. And apparently, ‘the Book’ we used was dated from the “Time of Stalin” ‘cos man, they sure as fuck have adapted, improvised and kicked the fucking toofuses in of the Krainians stupid enough to utilize OUR book on the implementation of war against the Russians… And we keep crossing lines without impact… Note to our Leadershit:
Wir sind soooooooooo tot
(Look it up)

Prepare for War
I sure AF am
More Later (Hopefully)
Big Country

48 thoughts on “Der Schwerpunkt und Unser Arsch ist Gras… Wir sind SOOOOOOOOO tot…”

  1. They didn’t just build the A-10 around the gun, they consulted Hans Ulrich Rudel, stuka pilot extraordinaire (2,000+ combat sorties on the eastern front, multiple gunshot wound survivor, and completely unrepentant about anything related to clobbering Russians, ever) and one of the baddest mofos ever hatched, to tell Fairchild just what he wanted if he were to go and wreck the Russkies party again. And then they made it. And it still works like a champ.

    1. This isn’t the 1970s and the Russians aren’t the Afghanis.
      They have modern anti aircraft weapons.
      The A-10 will be smoking all the way to its crash site. That is, if it does not get blown to pieces in the air.
      Those hot shots flying it, if they punch out, will not be able to look for an extraction like they did in the 3rd world.

  2. In a SAM environment such like exists in and around Uk, A-10s are dead meat. They lose energy fast, and don’t have the thrust to regain it. The GA/U-8 is a nice gun, but to ingress close enough to use it requires a style of flying no A-10 driver currently flying has ever practiced. Think 50 feet or lower. Cold War A-10 drivers used to do that, of course, but those old hands are all retired out of flight status now.

    The real indicator that shit is about to get real is if an EF-18G squadron or three gets sent to Poland. The Navy has squadrons specifically tasked with doing land based flying because the zoomies done got rid of their EF-111s, and SEAD is something those guys specifically train for. Russian SAM operators have never operated in a non-permissive EW environment, or have any experience with how our varsity does SEAD.

    1. Good point.
      Perhaps this is how the Dear Leader will lead NATO into WW3 so we can live in utopian bliss.

    2. “Russian SAM operators have never operated in a non-permissive EW environment, or have any experience with how our varsity does SEAD.”

      Considering they have perfected the non permissive EW environment, and don’t do diversity and perversion training, and don’t wear high heels, they are the gold standard. I’m actually looking forward to the yankee hubris bubble get popped. We’re all sick of you and your schitt. It’s a shame the minority of decent folk still there will have to suffer too.

      1. Stefi… take note: not all Americans suffer from “Yankee hubris”. And, although you didn’t specify who “We’re all…” is, I’m figuring you are a foreigner of some type; and you’ve nominated yourself to let us know that y’all are ‘sick of us and our schitt’. Well, this may surprise you, but the majority of us are sick of your shit, too.
        Judging us by the actions of the fucktards is “pilot error” on your part. Most of us would prefer that our military- as fucked up as it is – just stay in CONUS, and let you fuckers swing in the breeze.
        “Sick of your shit” flows both ways.

    3. I’m sitting less than 15 miles from a big nest of A-10s. I can tell you from decades of experience. They don’t have any problems whatsoever flying low, ever. I’ve seen them fly between pine trees in Georgia and between big rocks in California.

      But yeah, they’ll get their asses shot off in UKR unless there’s a shit ton of ECM support platforms flying and frying anything the Russians spool up. Even then MANPADS and AA guns will make their lives short fiery affairs.

  3. I was IRR during Desert Storm. Being 11B, I always said if they have to call me up, then things have gone horribly wrong, but if they did call me up, they’d have to find me first. At the time, I was working on a camp job in the Arizona desert – the boss wasn’t even sure where I was.

  4. Also, don’t these F-16s that are gonna make Uke win the war, don’t they need AWACS?
    Or are they amazing stand alone war winnerz?
    Asking for Ze friend.

    1. AWACS have been in theater actively doing stuff since the very beginning of the conflict. You can look at MonkeyWerx videos on YouTube and watch them flying in lazy racetrack oval patterns over every NATO ally that borders Russia/Ukraine. You don’t put a multibillion dollar C3I platform near or inside contested airspace.

      1. Wouldn’t the AWACS have to fly over Ukraine itself, not just bordering nations for F-16s to be effective, especially in the eastern Ukraine theater?

  5. I got called up as a 12B with a bunch of drivers and a few other E-5 engineers back in 2005. When I got to Lost-In-The-Woods, the drills that were half-heartedly trying to ride herd on us were full of info.

    30% of those recalled actually showed up, and of those, 30% (like me) were sent back home because they were broke, like the old black guy with a cane and the reservist from Milwaukee that had his bags with pain pills lost, and I had to supply him from my quart jar of VA Ranger Candy.

    Never heard of any repercussions for the 70% that were no-shows, although in the climate now I can see executions for “dersertion” por les encouragements du French-phrase.

  6. BC …Matt Bracken was on Blab this morning making derogatory comments about the state of the military in regards to the wokesters, the perverts and affirmative action recruits.

    In your opinion… how bad is it? How badly is the military handicapped by faggotry and social engineering? Gawd knows…I wouldn’t want to face an enemy like today’s Russian…

    1. Just think about the effect on morale alone. Knowing the world is laughing at you (as an active duty member) embracing transsexualism and other humiliations HAS to be devastating.
      It certainly takes away the fear factor our enemies would otherwise have, which will sadly lead to a lot of their deaths.
      So much for “speak softly and carry a big stick.”

    2. Hey Filthie! Miss your blog. Its so bad that anyone who is transgender does not need to meet the height/weight and PT standards…So fat, gay and out-a shape it is. And forget being competent in ones job.

      1. Heck the voluntary units like SF have been down-cycling their training programs for years already because the majority of current enlisted infantry cannot physically qualify. And those among the guys who reckon themselves to be solider enough to toss their baret into the ring.

        The recruitment pipeline is straining under the weight of retarded, queer, mental, diverse fat kids but the uniformed regulars are not in much better shape. And this coming off of all that supposed “experience” in the forever wars.

        I’d like to see some of those A-10 drivers take off and just head west instead of east to a dirt road in flyover USA. Tuck into a barn for a spell. Those are the kind of platforms that would be useful come the Thunderdome-Cartel-Wars era of the kkklown kkkolapse. Ten squirts from the goose would go a long way.

    3. The Japanese used to loathe the American and British office caste for being “gentlemen” of leisure who worked on their golf game and played cards off duty. To them, the soldier should be a warrior completely devoted to the martial arts. Our forefathers had to get tough to beat them. Our military of all ranks today is full of “special” people devoted to to self promotion and degenerate individual virtue signaling first and foremost. You are not going to beat motivated, devoted, patriotic, and competent, battle tested soldiers with LGBFJB/feminist/racialist poseurs who want to be known as warriors, but see no need to to obtain, practice or maintain the skills of the warrior. The end result is self-evident to those who are not deluded by cultural Marxist utopian foolishness. We are looking at perhaps one of history’s greatest military collapses when it comes

    4. You’ve answered your own questions Filthie. Keep them coming. I could not resist.

  7. You know who’s probably beating his meat at 1750rpm over this? The SEAL Cyclops senator from TX, Crenshaw. Guy’s absolutely gay for sending Americans to die for other people’s problems because he did it and was shit at ducking.
    It’s not just the degenerates on one side. It’s the degenerates in DC, both sides.

    We deserve to lose. We allowed this to happen.

    Oh, the shit I heard this morning is that the bloated blonde Army Secretary Affirmative Action beneficiary Christine Worm Mouth is telling everyone the army no longer wants children of veterans joining up. She wants people with no legacy of service and no more ‘military families.” Nuff said.

    1. Wait until the huge illegal alien mass gets recruited. No qualms about going against Americans.
      Hope I’m wrong.

      1. If you had any doubt that both the police and the military would obey orders to fire on US citizens, what both did during COVID should put paid to that pie in the sky hopium right quick. There will be some who hesitate, and a tiny minority that will refuse(who will be swiftly dealt with,) but most of them will. Some of them will do it gladly.

        As recently as 20 years ago I would have told you different. Then Obama got elected.

        1. Hell… they started ‘gauging’ the troops in the early-mid 90’s when I was in… that ‘purity test’ under I -think- Clinton “Would you fire on US Citizens in a riot?” and the overwhelming reaction (besides the at-the-time media firestorm about it) was interesting… the higher up the chain, and the more ‘administrative’ the MOS, the more likely they would. Combat MOS? Infantry Arty, Armor, all said “We’ll fire up our higher-higher before we turn on the citizens”

          They’ve been re-programming the DotMil ever since…

          1. Read a book on the 1960’s Right wing militia called the Minutemen and their leader Bob DePugh. They had membership in the ARNG in the 60’s and there was an episode of the “Will you fire on American citizens” survey being floated back then too. My recollection from reading about that was that the ARNG troops were so hostile to the very idea of the question that they didn’t bother asking for the survey forms back to tally them. They feel plenty safe asking that question these days.

        2. Yes, and even most “like-minded“ LEOs and military would probably follow pretty much any orders, including against innocent American citizens, if it came down to being able to provide for the basic needs of themselves and their families, or standing for righteousness.
          Now, imagine a shift where a significant portion of the military were illegal aliens…

    2. As far as the “Military Families” or legacy recruits…the families are steering them away from service now. We’ve entered new territory. The South is keeping their boys home. They simply are not going to fight for globo-homo and FUSA.

  8. Rudel. Truly a man with balls of steel. Zero fucks given. A true warrior.

  9. Just read yesterdays and today’s sit reps, Thank you much! Glad to hear your back is improving, be nice to it. Stretching, mobility exercises is all the advice I’ll give, because it’s almost sailor proof. My first really bad back thing was 1983, rear ended by 1968 Chevy with 11′ overhead camper at 60 mph. Me, stopped, in VW, ripped my seat off the rails, ended up under the dash (wifey was driving), herniated 5th lumbar disc, couple minor fractures north of there. 2nd bad back was a ballistic incident with terra firma from 30′ up a tree in ’95. 5 fused cervical vertebrae, couple more herniated discs south of there and another minor fracture down there too. Numerous other non back related owies. Lots of good good rehab therapy available. At 72, I’m doing better than I deserve. Still praying for ya big guy.

  10. The chick in blue is supposed to be wifey but Zilbert plays the pee pee piano with the Right Said Fred crew.
    All fake and gay.
    Didn’t Dinglebarry Soetoro get rid of the A-10 and then those in the military with two brain cells and a synapse decided to keep it?
    Still the best thing of the end of Pappy’s dot mil career was seeing an A-10 turn and old Toyota truck into scrap metal from an observation tower a few hundred yards away and they didn’t tell me it was incoming.
    Riding the jeep around all day during summer was another and now that closed base houses replacements. (hmm so hmm)
    Brandon will have to get more troops out of the Chiquita for his Yenan way CCP comrades to have a cakewalk but there are still some guns behind blades of grass in the hands of Patriots.
    Here is a page for all your Uke action packed video needs-
    Almost nothing in English besides tweets and weapons names as it is out of Greece.

  11. Lemme get this straight: warmongers in Mordor on the Potomac want to send Reservies at the end of their obligation tethers some 5,621 miles to a battle zone for a dubious “Home Team.” Picking up pieces/parts for body bags, warming up chow, even loading up cluster bombs on planes…whatever.

    Meantime–the “Visiting Team” owns the skies, has 10 times the arty tubes that you have, has superb ISR, drones up the wazoo, and has seemingly unlimited supply of ordnance AND those cracker-jack hypersonic missiles. Now the punch line–RUSS grunts fight and don’t run away or surrender like the UKR Home Team of late. Ivan is a tough nut to crack.

    Makes about as much sense as the Kraut-outfit, Rheinmetall, opening up (get this) a tank factory in UKR. Man–those RUSS hypersonics will have a field day with that factory. Even if they building this new fac underground, they will find out how deep those suckers can bore in and explode, like the UKR “Secret Police” underground bunker that got busted by the RUSS.

    Mebbe Blackrock et. al. better start thinking about being in the scrap business and mass-production crematories for the poor UKR SOBs in their hot zones.

    USA Reservists-the 3,000 mebbe the thin-end-of-the-wedge-and “Wait! There’s MOAR!,” time to gauge the pucker factor.

    ~ one of Uncle Sam’s draftees of 1968 vintage

  12. These IRR types and other reservists took the FEDGOV shilling for showing up one weekend a month and two weeks a year for summer camp. They called the tune. Now they can pay the piper. Why anyone with an ounce of brains and integrity would serve in .mil, given the political corruption of Mordor-On-The-Potomac for the last many years is beyond me. I drank the purple Kool-Aid in 1969. Got kicked out of Infantry OCS in 1970 because Nixon was winding down our Vietnamese “Police Action”. Went back in the Army Reserves in 1979 but saw too many Wimmen making rank on their backs. Got out a year before Desert Storm. My reserve unit was activated and spent 8 months twiddling their thumbs at Fort Huachuca while the active personnel went to Saudi. Enough said.

  13. RUMINT:

    Matt McCartney ⚠️
    Army IRR call-ups are all CBRN Officers and MOS 74D -CBRN Specialists. Do with that what you will.

    Lee Slusher

    Makes sense.

    1. CBRN ain’t good. That’s the icky stuff. BCE had a good point about the “outdated” or something to that effect chem munitions being destroyed, , meaning the ones they don’t classify as outdated may not have been destroyed.
      Heck, the FEMA camp in Anniston, Alabama uses sarin, VX, anthrax, all that kind of crap in their training, so they must still have at least a little bit of it (been there).

      1. We had some classified briefings in the 80’s at Building 4 at the former Ft. Benning related to the then current intelligence estimate of Soviet NBC capabilities. The gist of it was that our Chem war development was stopped cold in 1973 with a treaty with the USSR, and that the Soviets continued to develop Chemical weapons despite said treaty. They were reported to use small amounts of live agents of training exercises and were also supposedly testing new agents on the Afghans. There were reports of whole Afghan units found stone cold dead by an unknown agent they were calling “The Flash”. etc , etc. What was most disturbing was that our people had no idea what these new agents were or if the M-17 gas masks would be of any use or not. Ivan is no opponent to go throwing chemical munitions at, and even our current cast of imbeciles cannot be that stupid. I am guessing they need the radiological skills more then anything else. They implications of that are not good either.

  14. BCE: Did You see this: Biden Activates 3000 Reservists and Sends Them to Europe, To Buttress His War in Ukraine
    Maria Zakharovka 16 hours ago
    Army IRR call-ups are all CBRN Officers and MOS 74D -CBRN Specialists. l. CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high yield Explosives)

  15. Have our armed forces even considered training in green spaces instead of the desert? When I retired in 03 everything was all about the desert, the concept of maneuvering in forest was an ancient relic of the cold war days.

    1. Hohenfels is still the EUCOM Joint Multinational Readiness Center Operations Area… I was there with the OPFOR in 93-94 as CSC 1/4INF (TOW Plt). Two HUUUUGE areas called “The Box” where we’d go toe-to-toe w/the US Army, the Germans, The Danish, The French (what a disaster there!) and had Russian Observers RIGHT after the collapse of the USSR… Might have to go into that…

    2. Here in the Pac NW it’s mostly forest. Which is cool because I have no experience shooting beyond 200 yards (except the mounted .50 and old 20mm auto on the ships but that doesn’t count) so I get to be lazy and not hafta lern. Also, lottttttssssa good cover (and natural resources).
      Bad stadt govirnmeent

  16. “… rising at like 60 BILLION an hour … just in interest …”

    Vox Day posted a link and excerpt to a Michael Hudson podcast interview by Macro N Cheese recently, but the interesting parts from the perspective here weren’t part of Vox Day’s excerpt.

    Here’s the part you’ll be interested in that Vox Day didn’t excerpt (emphasis mine):

    The United States says that any country that we declare to be an enemy, any country that we call an autocracy, namely democracies, is our enemy, and we can just grab all of your reserves.

    Well, needless to say, this makes other countries afraid to use [the US dollar], and they realize that the United States deficit, that has been pumping all these dollars into foreign economies, and their central banks, they end up being re-lent to the US government in treasury bills, and these treasury bills are used to finance the deficit, that’s largely military in nature. The budget deficit is primarily military, and the entire balance of payments deficit, after the Korean War, was entirely overseas military spending. That is what forced the United States to abandon convertibility of the dollar into gold in 1971. Not only General DeGaulle, but Germany, was cashing in every month, the extra dollars that were ending up in their central banks.

    The United States was fighting in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, which were French colonies, and the only banks there at the time were French banks. They’d received this local spending in dollars, sent it to France and DeGaulle would cash it in for gold. And so it was America’s military spending that forced the United States off gold.

    Well, when it went off gold, what were foreign countries going to spend their dollar inflows on? They don’t really buy real estate, and they don’t really buy stocks and bonds, at that time. They buy government bonds, and so it was the military spending for the balance of payments deficit, that financed the government domestic deficit.

    The government didn’t have to borrow from abroad. Of course, it could have created its own money, but it had to provide some vehicle to absorb all of these dollars, that were being thrown off to other countries. So creating government bonds, by a deficit, was the means of giving foreign central banks an opportunity to dump, and recycle, and save, all of their dollars that America spent on 800 military bases, to encircle them, and have organized color revolutions, for any country that didn’t follow what American wanted, but responded to their own democratic wishes.

    That’s bad.

    And this is worse:

    … I guess now that you’ve seen the year and a half war in Ukraine, you see that American weaponry, as we discussed, is what Mao called, a paper tiger. It’s not weaponry to fight. All that America has is one weapon, the hydrogen bomb. There is no other weapon that works.

    There’s nothing in between, launching the Marines on shore, and dropping an atom bomb. There’s nothing in between that works, as we’re seeing. So that’s the problem.

    Read the rest of it over on Global South.

    The serious deterrent the US has had in the post-Bretton Woods era has been financial.

    Bullying small countries with the US military doesn’t mean anything when it comes to going large and going long.

    And what all of the BRICS merely suspected before they now know as fact.

    So what happens when all of the US dollars held in government bonds get repatriated?

    The hostage situation gets reversed one way or another.

  17. That last meme is fucking funny…. there was a girl I knew in college, well… it fucking stunk!
    She was hot as hell with a nice balcony. I was so pissed, lol. Never did, too stinky.

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