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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
On my fon right now, rather the wireless hotspot on my fon. Hard to poast when Spectrum shut off my house-internet. Seems that the car payment ($560 a month) got ‘double punched’ and the bank hasn’t unscrewed it… the internet bill is one I always forget, so I’m regularly a month behind… apparently now two months because when I did the bill, there wasn’t enough to cover it in ye olde Bank (Thanks PNC!)

PNC Bank said that they’ll “look into it,” which means at least Monday/Tuesday as this’s happened before… My own fault they tell me, that I had ‘double clicked’ the ‘submit payment’ button, but I seriously doubt it. Last time this happened they didn’t return my bux for like 8-10 business days. And then then next month they tried to say I had missed a payment.

Considering the shenanigans that all the banks seem to be playing, I’d be curious how much they make on, oh say if 10,000 people had this exact thing happen to them, how much do they make in holding MY cash and everyone else for that timeframe? THEN, imagine if they’re doing it to all the people, but on a rolling basis where it’s hard to prove?

Call me kooky, but these days?
Anything and Everything is possible
ESPECIALLY when Big Biddness/Banks and whatnot are involved. In fact I’ve come to expect nothing but evil from all involved parties.

So, this purely sucks… “Unlimited Data” from Verizon gets throttled pretty damned fast. And this means I’m burning bytes so to speak. I use the Internet for Glorious Peoples Tractor Factory, so hence, lite poasting.

Gretchen is pissed ‘cos she only watches streaming on the Revo… Although I -might- be able to get our neighbor Church Lady to let Gretch piggyback on her Wi-Fi as her router is right next door, as in the Master BR where Gretchen watches TV from is about 30 feet from Church Lady’s BR where her router is… I know this as I helped move it for her… like G, she has to sit in bed due to a blown back to watch el boobus toobus.

And yeah, I added a donate button (I Think) Let me know as this editor sucks and I barely know WTF I’m doing… Appreciate y’all!

So, moar later-ish
Big Country

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  1. Damn, man, I’m Hotspotting it too, thanks to the Mother Of All Storms on Friday afternoon taking out the cable modem, and Comporium…well, just being what it is, really. What a horrible coinkydink, no?

  2. BCE, since I transferred all of my accounts to a local credit union I haven’t had to deal with any of the big bank BS.
    I sent some shekels to help get your Net connection kicked back on.

    1. Even a typical Florida credit union would treat BCE better than PNC, and most of them have shit-tier interest rates on deposits, if they have any at all …

    2. Ditto.
      Wifey is at TVAso I used a big bank for my accounts.. what a headache. I’m at a different credit union now, but, yeah, fuck the banks dude.
      If nothing else, they ARE making money off your deposits (100:1 usually, “fractional reserve banking”). So take that away. Keep a bare minimum.

  3. —-“Unlimited Data” from Verizon gets throttled pretty damned fast.—-

    Mannn.. aint that The Truth.
    You listening Verizon?? You pricks!

  4. Getting some crazy speeds after getting rid of landline, FLAC album downloads in two-three minutes!
    I could hear the maggot minions listening in and used to taunt them, it is fun to call their bluff because they will run when the sporky shenanigans begin.
    Have you heard about Nigel Farage in the Paki Kebab Shack UK?
    He got debanked where no bank would allow a new account and previous ones got cancelled and now a law is being proposed to put a stop to it with esteemed party member “culture secretary” warning against closing accounts of dissident wrongthinkers who shirk against the machine.
    The comrades at das Bank may have seen some poasties?

  5. It is the games banks play.

    Like, at midnight, deposits go through after auto-pay goes through. Why? So the bank can get its $15 or more overdraft fee for each auto-pay and then leave your account so drained you’ll be in perpetual overddraft for the rest of your life.

    I swear, it’s part of the WEF’s attempt to make us all wage and chattel slaves.

    And a part of the WEF’s wishes to make us all renters and not owners.


    Fuckers all.

    1. They will say that fedcoin and the cbdcs will ‘fix all that’. Another example of how these vile vermin create the problem to sell you the cure… remember check21? Oh, you’ll clear paper checks in a day, they said. Certified check from out of state bank took mine 8 days to clear! 8 days! Told the manager pony express would have been quicker! The banks all suck, take your CASH out.

  6. Time to switch banks. I use First Command (TX), a military affiliated bank, and a local SLC, UT CU.
    The only time I’ve had trouble with the bank has been my fault, I lost track of this and that. Other then that, nary a hiccup.
    I used to use a local bank (Zions), but they were such dicks and assholes.

  7. I’ve had NFCU since the day I checked into my first command, where my sponsor literally drove me over to the branch on Camp Foster, Okinawa, to set up an account for direct deposit, which the military was first starting to do back then.

    I have a USAA checking and savings account, too, because why not.

  8. Gotta concur: CU all the way. Been with mine since 2001, only OD fees Ive picked up (all of three in 22 years) were because I screwed the pooch. When CSEA was trying to milk my account in 2005, CU called me (on road in Dallas) and offered to wire me the entirity of my accounts until I could resolve yhe shit with CsEA. Its inconvenient as heck that they are un another state, but the security of ‘notta bank’ makes up for it.
    Mobile Hotspots (fonposts) are the only way I can post these days (with rare exceptions) and why I limit pics and vids,,,, too danged long to upload.

  9. Please! Get thyself and thy lowly sheckels to a credit union-asap! I hate banks. I debanked awhile ago; during Covid Worship, I went to my bank and the bank was closed. Locked tighter than a drum. So, all of us Idiots are standing outside milling around. I am thinking the Fed was thinking of getting to do the RESET while others are wringing their hands and worrying that they need gas. I call the bank when I get home-mind you, no email from them, no phone call, nada. The corporate lady tells me that they don’t know anything, blah, blah. Well sir it seems that the keys were with a teller in Placerville, and the bank is in Folsom, and the teller was sick………Enough. My credit union pulls no such BS and everyone seems to know what is going on. Leave that filthy house of ill repute!

  10. We tried NFCU and weren’t happy with their service, so I’ve gone back to using my first employer’s CU (30 years later), the PA State Employee’s CU (my mother worked for the state), and a local CU here in Arizona. No complaints, no BS about payments, and a local office I can walk in to to get services.

  11. Agree with earlier replies. Get into a LOCAL bank or credit union. I am, and I pay all bills by paper check through the mail. Not taking my dinero automatically. No way.

  12. I had a roommate that did auditing for one of the big three and was way into an audit on Wells Fargo. He told me it was their policy to gather all the drafts (checks) that came in on an account until the end of the day and then debit them from largest to smallest which effectively maximized overdraft fees. They did NOT draft them in order received on purpose. We’re gonna need a bigger rope.

  13. Bank of America got me, years ago, and I near to had a nervous breakdown. Caused my wife to be stranded in Brazil for 3 weeks after 3 weeks of her using the card in Brazil, they thought her buying a ticket on a puddlejumper plane to the regional airport to start the trip home was ‘too suspicious.’ Lot of yelling.

    I’m of the impression that hold times where a bank doesn’t release funds is 90% them making interest on your money. Sometimes I think the Indians and mohammadans have it right with their Hawala systems.

  14. The bank I deal with in that area is MidSouth Bank. They’re a regional Flordia/Alabama bank. I’ve had no real problems with them so far.

  15. UM…. so I’m scratching my head, asking myself why on God’s green earth you aren’t with Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU).
    Seems like that would be a no-Brainer.
    They’re about ten times better than USAA, which is just using their “former glory” to appear competent these days.

    If you switch, do I get the new-member referral fee?

  16. Check out PenFed Credit Union as well. Been a member for 15+ years. No issues.

    Bonus points as they have the cahonies to take out ads in the NRA magazine.
    Not a super big fan of the NRA these days, but most companies have bailed after all the “woke mob” pressured them to drop advertising because bromeister of the week got shot.

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