3rd Batt? And The Same Ole-Same Ole

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, Sapper’s boy and gran made it out of here today. Amazingly so as the airports nationally seem to be seriously jacked up with hundreds of flights cancelled and whatnot. Hopefully we get the call around ten tonight that they landed safely.

Seems the traffic in addition to the weather (good ole Florida summer downpour as we type) was completely made up of morons and rage inducing shmucks from the North East.

Faaaaar too many New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut…all the usual suspects and hell I’ve even been seeing on the rare occasion I leave the house, Ontario of all places.

So I’m -again- wiped out.
Been sleeping a lot lately. Getting caught up on a lot of lost ZZZs from the stress of moving back here, losing the battle (but not the war) for the Gran#2 and just general stress overall. Shit’ll kill ya dead if yer not careful.

On the front lines, seems that the ‘strike’ on the ‘hotel’ or should I say barracks? in the Krain? that happened over the weekend? Seems someone there was spotted sporting what appears to be a 3rd Batt Ranger Emblem on their forarm:

The guy with the tat were rendering first aid to someone who apparently got fucked up in the missile strike. Lots of the vidyas from there that were filmed had the majority of voices being in English or, as some of the more astute listeners said, South African or Aussie accents… either way sounds like whatever it was that got hit was the right place (as far as Ivan was concerned) to hit if it was in fact chockablock full of Mercs and/or troops.

Which then brings me to the news that Germany has decided to deploy to Lithuania 4000 troops. Now, considering the size, condition and overall shitty level that the Krauts have kept their armed forces in, I’m not overly worried. What I -do- worry about is that at some point someone, somewhere, at some time is going to be on either the wrong side of the border and someone gets shot or some false flag happens… too many people mixed into too small an area with too many diverse commands and controllers to keep track… Lithuania is about the size of what? Rhode Island and now is hosting a shit-ton of Polish DotMil, their own minor DotMil, the French, the US and now the Krauts?

You know, for diversities sake, they should insist on a bunch of Pakistani and Congolese troops from the UN, just for funnsies. Hell, how about some Samoan troops? I actually saw the Samoan Marines doing their pre-combat/deployment Ha’kaa in the parking lot back in Kuwait in 2007… scary bunch of Giant Brown Bruddas der Mon. BIG fuckers… made the M-4 look like pop-guns.

But yeah, too many DotMils on a postage stamp, clustered in and around will eventually lead to communications fuck ups. Never mind who’s in charge of what aspect of what mission(s). In fact, why in the ever living 5th Ring of Hell are we doing in Lithuania? In fact, at this point, it’s all so tiresome ‘cos THEY know its a bullshit for-profit grift (for them), We know its a bullshit for-profit grift (for them) and the Media know its a bullshit for-profit grift (for them).

The more the same and since there IS no voating our way out of it, and we seem to be in an almost pre-world war one Massive Armament and DotMil buildup, all we can do is brace for the inevitable impact.

Hell, they took the ball-gag out of old Gaggy Joe I saw… let me tell you, ain’t no CPAP machine that has a mask that makes lines like that on a dude’s face… someone left the gimp-mask on him riiiight up until they had to let him off his leash to perform, and even then, he fucked it up.

OrangeManBad tripped on the stairs once and the media was ready to trash his ass using the 25th Amendment, and now we have a drooling fucking pope-meeting pant-shitter child molester who doesn’t know shit from his brains, and “Everything is cool!”

No wonder we’re circling the drain.
More later
Big Country

17 thoughts on “3rd Batt? And The Same Ole-Same Ole”

  1. tons of Canadians bought 2nd homes down here in Arizona. Retired cops in most cases. Must be nice getting the Queefs shilling.

  2. Oh so you want names and faces do you? Well fine here ya go, I think you will find this rabbit hole quite deep and quite comprehensive. I have seen some of this before, elsewhere, but this is outstanding.
    Don’t read after eating, you will want to puke- these are some evil ugly-to-the-bone monsters.


  3. OK BCE you kicked in the 13.4% of my brain that’s autistic…
    The Emperor’s CPAP could be a full face mask, a moon mask.
    Usually sleep apnea is obstructive in nature, however, it’s fairly common to get breathing disturbances during sleep with advancing dementia, such as central sleep apnea. Totally different from obstructive. Neurological.
    One example.
    Dude you were right about Wagner being a threat to the south; Keeeeeeve. Maybe grunts aren’t stupiderer than sailors after all!!

    1. Looks more like an oxygen , is being applied to him just before he goes out in public. Probably to keep the few remaining brain cells firing.
      There’s literature that oxygen therapy will “induce cognitive enhancements via mechanisms involving regional changes in cerebral blood flow”
      and “shown statistically significant improvements in all memory measures”

      They were really quick in coming out with the whole CPap BS story.

      My bet is that they have been giving him O2 treatments before he goes out in public for a while, but that now his brain is so fried that the effects are wearing off so fast that he has to keep the mask on up to the last moment before they prop him out into public.

      The old perv is slipping faster than they can keep covering up.

      However they will probably use a different style of mask from now on. Or use a better padding methi, So I doubt that there’s going to be a repeat.
      But there’s not much time left in this charade.


      1. This is true. I worked in hyperbarics for two years as a side gig. I witnessed it work in dementia patients. We dove them, (hyperbarics- 100% O2 at two atmospheres pressures) for wound care and a side affect was improved grey matter function. The effects on brain functions was immediately noticed by the spouses and they stated it usually only lasted 12 to 24 hours. I would assume that’s due to the level of diminished cognitive function. So yeah, totally agree and good call. Surprised Aesop didn’t comment on this, oh yeah, not a nurse , CNA at best.

  4. Could be a CPAP straps but they don’t last all that long so is the Kidsniffer THAT BAD OFF that he NEEDS CPAP before every speaking event?

    He’s a useless grifter but that’s pure Machiavellian level Senior Abuse, between that and the obvious drugs needed to even read a teleprompter poorly.

    Big Country it is sad that American Boots on the ground is so obvious, thanks for the searches.

    An Evil Leader will burn down his own country to rule over the ashes.

    Sun Tzu

    Looks like we might get extra sunshine if the social collapse doesn’t shut us down first.

    Protect your family and trusted friends. All the War Sports ball arguments doesn’t provide them the first bit of safe water (3 days without your dead OR Wish you were dead) and doesn’t provide them safe shelter and food. You know the IMPORTANT Stuff.

    Guns are useful but safe water is LIFE.

    All Killhouse rules apply. Read them, Grok them, and get busy. A Nuclear false flag from the Clowns In America might happen sooner than we think.

  5. anybody noticed how quick the “russian coup” dropped off the air, or the new trump “we got him now” tapes disappeared? wtf? nothing they try is sticking. i’m betting on a BIG one next. embrace the suck.

  6. Ontario drivers are the worst, for all of the stereotypes of the polite Canadians, they are awful drivers both in Canada and especially in the U.S. They are a constant menace on the roads of the upper Midwest

    1. Polite Canadians? That’s not a stereotype. It’s a myth that’s right up there with the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and the Bermuda Triangle. Truth is, you won’t meet a worse class of fucking asshole anywhere in the world than a Canadian…ESPECIALLY if they come from Toronto or Ottawa.

      1. My understanding of the stereotype is that it’s less about “polite” and more about “obedient”. Hence the joke: How do you get 50 canadiens out of a pool? Yell “get out of the pool”.

        1. More appropriate word is compliant,they are a compliment bunch, it’s a pathetic group of Wokeatopians.

        2. ‘Compliance’, while also true of Canadians, is a completely separate trait.

          I suppose the best way to describe Canadians (again, especially eastern Canadians) in an American context is ‘a woke democrat on steroids’. Canadians are exactly what the woke left in the USA aspire to be. They are insufferably arrogant, have a sense of entitlement that is without limit, are intellectually and morally dishonest, and at their core are unspeakably cruel.

          For anyone that has ANY doubts of this, I would invite you to look back at the last 3 years of the scam-demic in Canada. True, it’s wasn’t any different anywhere else, but that’s hardly the point; I guarantee it will dispel any notions of Canadians being a peaceful and benevolent people.

          They’re absolutely fucking horrible and do not deserve the reputation as indicated by that stereotype.

      2. Completely agree. Too many Canucks think Americans are drooling imbeciles, unable to find anything useful on a marked map, concerned only with the same sort of things a deer is (what will I eat next? What will I f**k next? Can I run away fast enough?), a set of ideas only reinforced by what passes for media here. And don’t get me started on the impressions we have about American firearm ownership….
        It sickens me to think of all the great things America has done, and the thanks they get is to be insulted, cheated, reviled and denigrated, made out to be the very worst thing ever. Without America, the world would have descended to darkness decades ago, irrevocably perhaps.
        When the end comes, I will stand with my American cousins.

        God Bless America.

  7. Appears there is still a daily bus service from Vienna to Kiev. A school friend of my son just set off last night to join an aid organisation there. Maybe we will get some real information from him.

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