Where’s Our Off Ramp? (How the Hell do we get out of this place?)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Admin note first: Seems the Fireteam list had dropped a few folks including Aesop. Now, I unnastand he’s a favorite punching bag around here, but hey, deep down, dude is cool w/me… actually donated $300 bones to the Save Addy fund back when we first started out and somewhere in that blackened lump of what used to be a Marine Heart, he even broadcast the fundraiser for a while. Looking over settings (and I’m still learning this damned dashboard) the amount of folks I could put in the Widget was like 10? or 12? All the others got waxed at one point or I did something stupid (more than likely).

So, today’s question:
How the Hell do we get off this track we’re stuck in?
I know the way the current illegitimate regime is leaning:

Treason is a big fucking deal.
And from any and all reports,

…even the small amount of shit that’s come out, even to a fucking Normie, it’s “treason most foul”. I mean what do you call it when you take millions, if not billions in payment for doing ‘dirty deeds’ in favor of your enemies and furthering their countries agenda?

Sure, the act of treason is shown as “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

I dunno about you, but taking in millions of dollars from the ChiCom Joe Chinks is giving ‘aid and comfort’ to a ‘hostile foreign power’ in my opinion. Never mind the whole Krainian Klown show.

And the thing of it is, is the “Kompramat”
At this point our Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den is completely and utterly compromised

I mean FFS that Krainian guy who paid off the Biden Klan thru Hunter-the-Bagman? he recorded all his interactions just as a good criminal should and would. He then spilled the beans and even gave the recordings to folks in the FBI… which in itself is nothing more than a fucking true Praetorian Guard, right out of Roman Times… fucking regime protection at it’s finest. They’ve known about this since the get-go.

ALL of them lack any sort of legitimacy at this point
NOT ONE Branch of the FedGov, hell even the DotMil is to be not to be nor respected. Root and Branch baby, that’s the only way this’s going to get back on track. Problem is that the FedGov itself has become the single largest ‘welfare employment scheme’ in history. Read somewhere that fully 22% of our population, in one form or another, works for the DotGov.

Be it the illiterate Shaniqua or Deon’quaillivious at the DMV or Hubert Throckmartin Suckadick the Third working in the State Department, almost everyone is part of the system. And because of it, it’s never going to willingly reform, never mind go away

And the FBI, just like in Hoovers day, has the dirt on everyone.

Which brings us to the Krain.
That little loudmouthed homosexual Kocaine Addicted “Komedian” we installed? Fucking Krainfeld? Any bets he’s got alllllllll the dirt on the Biden Crime Enterprise? I’m fucking sure of it, hence why we keep lurching like some retarded Frankenstein Monster, folding like a fucking lawn chair and giving him billions and billions of our tax dollars.

Telling you right now, like yesterday, this’s all bullshit, and the worst part is that literally we can see that ALL the major players in here belong to a certain tribe. Every. Single. Time.

And yet -I- get called an anti-Semite for noticing that all the major players here are Jewish. I mean Heaven forfend that I notice things. That ALL the shot-callers and string pullers are part of a tribe that for whatever reason always seem to be in the middle of whatever international shitstorm is going on.

hell, it’s even come out that Prigohzin is part of the tribe as well

But that’s just on the surface. Maybe I’m wrong, but it does get one to wondering. Like I said, I practically get crucified for asking “why does it always seem like a certain group tends to be over-represented in these sort of dustups?”

Thing that has me genuinely worried is that they’re going to have to do –something- radical in the next few. The ‘burnout’ factor is hitting hard. Despite the proclamations of the Regime Mouthpiece, the retarded lezbo-muppet Karine Jean-Pierre that “Americans feel better about their personal finances, that is important. When you think about wages are going up, when you think about the really good paying, millions of good-paying jobs, union jobs that his policies are going to create, all the things are really incredibly important.” I want to know what that fucktard is smoking, or, even better, the morons who sent that mouth-breather out there to say such stupidity.

She, of course got absolutely torched for such dumbassery.

So… fact of the matter is, despite the blatant coverups by the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda, we know that the current illegitimate Regime in Office right now is guilt of allllll sorts of grift, criminality, if not outright treason for profit. We also know things aren’t “getting better” nor “improving” and that even Joe Sixpack is getting weary. The Krainian Konflict is looking more and more shady by the day, and that there appears to be no off ramp, leastways not with the current Cabal of Criminals in charge.

Considering just how things seem to be coming to a point, in that it’s obvious that the Krain is finished on the battlefield, the question remains as to “what’s next”?

My own thought is that –something– “wicked this way comes”
Vlad is on a precipice himself. IF Priggy’s move was not a maskirovka to move his troops into a better position, well, Putin letting him ‘off the hook’ shows some weakness. Doesn’t help he’s painted into a corner right now. Lots of people on ALL sides are getting tired of that diminutive little Krainian fag and his tacticool look, going around and berating everyone worldwide. I mean who the fuck does he think he is?

I mean seriously
The only reason we’re in the Krain right now is to protect the Biden Crime Syndicate. Outside of the military industrial complex making MAD profit, “We The People” get nothing out of assisting the most corrupt Despotic Regime in Eurotrashland to “defend itself”

The -only- plus I can say we have is we haven’t (yet) committed boots on the ground.

LET Europe Burn.
LET the Krain Burn
Hell… Europe is filled with nothing but North Apefricans and Muj at this point. Let THEM defend against the supposed “Massive Russian-Orc Onslaught” with spears and shit.

And yeah, do you like those two graphics?? I made ’em. The lil logo for the NAACP took a long time to do as it was from a graphic of I think some soap from the 30s… Burrhead soap or some such… seemed appropo to me… Feel free to re-utilize them as wanted/needed. You can add/subtract the rating in paint by either blacking out or cloning/pasting over.

Do I think that the Biden Crime Syndicate would burn the world down, rather than allow themselves to be exposed?

You’re absolutely G*ddamned right they would.
To them, it’s their world/oyster/ball
And if they can’t have it no one else will
And that’s the most terrifying aspect of it all.
ONE False Flag
ONE False Move
Or worse even, ONE MORE exposed dirty lil secret, and maaaaan
It’ll come a day that the name “Biden” will become an obscenity which will be uttered as a curse, throughout future history
Once ‘they’ decide it’s time to “Burn it all down”
WE have no say in it, what with our self appointed Executioners safe in their bunkers, deep underground, who in turn have a belief that after it’s over, that they’ll come out, and ‘take charge again’.
Got a hunch it’ll NOT play out the way they think it will
More Later
Big Country

66 thoughts on “Where’s Our Off Ramp? (How the Hell do we get out of this place?)”

  1. Like the great Tex Arcane said…got bunker?
    Outsourcing burning it all down to Sarmat is a feature to them and deep down they love them some Russia.
    Marx and Engels were German and the first Bolshevik revolution was all small hat, bankrolled by banksters.
    Stalin is the most badazz peasant ever and the movie with Robert Duval as the Joe is underrated.
    Love that scene where is watching the 1933 NSDAP Nuremberg Rally and laughing at the Nazis started trans clinics when they actually burned them down.
    Max Horkheimer (spit) of the Frankfurt School started the term Nazi as a put down.
    That really pisses them off when you add insults to your lexicon and wear it well.
    People are still too comfortable and stuck back in the high trust society to hit the off ramp but we’ll get there.

    1. BCE,

      There are approx 100 .mil px in Ukraine right fucking now, DoD has paperwork, etc., that wa obtained that shows the various personel, and such

      I can’t wait for the Russians to show off a captured M1 or Challenger, and/or live, meh, or dead, US personel for major propaganda purposes.

      God fobid nato uses f-16s, they will be shot out o fthe sky, and air bases crated, prolly within minutes of takeoff, as those fancy jets REQUIRE special air strips, unlike Russian jets, which are designed to take off and land via improvised strips that would shred the f16’s engine…

      One can hope, but we know how that ends.

      I’m not worried about Putin one iota, he’s NOT going anywhere, and in one major psyop (IMO) Russia now has a large, combate effective force on ukies northern flank to fix some of kievs forces in place, along with the Poles, now have to deal w them too…

      We haven’t seen this level deception since Operation Fortitude during WWII, brilliant move, and now has everyone looking at that card, whilst the others are being played…

      What do i know, i just like chess and know how to read a map.

      Keep it up..

      1. Between a robust Marine embassy guard detachment in an active war zone, military attaches (legal mil spies) who should be observing the conflict right up to “danger close” range, and any 2-4 SFODA’s specifically tasked with Ukraine for FID who were effing designed for this, 100 or so US.mil personnel in-country is probably right where things should be. And stay.

        Add in any 500-1000 former action guys looking for a paycheck, after twenty years of rotating people in and out of two active wars, and there’s not any notable shortage of American accents that are in-country, surprising absolutely no one, least of all the blog host.

        Anyone wants to start lobbying for enforcing the Neutrality Act, go ahead on.
        Because what this country really needs is to have the FBI sniffing around a bunch of combat veterans. What could possibly go wrong with that clever plan?

        So the only people surprised are the Usual Suspect screaming ninnies who never served, and thus think anyone who speaks English in Kiev is proof we’ve moved the 2nd Infantry Division into Ukraine, and they’re actually fighting the Russians.

        BTW, we tried “letting Europe burn”.
        It didn’t work out in 1914, and it failed again in 1939.

        As to why and where certain tribes keep cropping up: Google “Pale Of Settlement”.
        See if you can figure out the answer without a lot of prompting.

        As to the rest:
        An off-ramp would be nice.
        Nice isn’t on the menu.

        Elections have consequences.
        Especially fake ones.

  2. Biden would absolutely burn it all down rather than spend a day in jail.
    There’s no question about it.


  3. Revelation 6:12-16

    12And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; 13And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. 14And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. 15And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; 16And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: 17For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

    1. Interesting.
      You ought to take a look at Julie Greens video on Rumble, from this morning.

  4. Schiff, Nadler, Strozk, Rosenstein, Garland, Vindman, Weissman, Amy Berman Jackson, Schumer, Cohen, Blinken to name a few. They never ask themselves why they are despised worldwide and they never learn from their own history. They are doing the same shit that got them loaded onto cattle cars back in the day.

  5. back when I was a kid, there was this one kid that loved to throw rocks at this hornet nest.
    now this nest was about the size of 2 basketballs. well, one day he did manage to put 2-3 rocks in it.
    a cloud of hornets came after him and stung the shit out of him so bad he ended up in the hospital.
    he might have stayed a few days, I forget. one thing I did not forget was DON’T THROW STONES
    at a hornet’s nest. dad was good on this, he said “you leave them alone and they will leave you alone”.
    the clowns running this current shit show remind me of that dumb kid. and I am damn sure bidet will
    burn this country to the ground to save his ass or his kid’s ass or his brother. and after the slap on the wrist that hunter got, just goes to show just how fucked this country is anymore.
    and one more thing I sure about is the Russians will nuke us before they let the clowns destroy THEIR
    COUNTRY. before I retired and moved here in the hills of pa, I thought long and hard about the nuke map. I wanted a place that was not near a target, winds blew away from here- fall out.
    good water and land. FARMERS. some factories close by- like 50-100 miles away. small ones.
    and up hill for the most part. people hate to walk uphill.
    as I have said before, if Vlad was to nuke DC. he would be doing most of the country a favor.
    it would sure feel that way to me these days.
    maybe the next time people go to DC, they better bring what weapons they have with them.
    I bet the cops will not stand around like they did on J6 or toss flash bangs into the crowd.
    no, I thinking they going to run the first time their buddy head explodes next to them.
    other than that, I really don’t see much changing here anytime soon.

    1. Unless somebody somewhere throws the nuke switch everything will continue to descend into hell until the money pump stops, then the bottom falls completely out.

      After that happens 100 mil americans will be dead in 6 months and after a year 2/3’s of the US population will no longer exist.

      The burn off will be glorious.

    2. Sir, check out the fallout pattern from Raven Rock. That 1000 rad tail will be a bitch to someone.

    3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vlad was to nuke D.C.. One thing for sure, if I was in Congress I wouldn’t be anywhere near D.C. whenever the pResident gives a address to a joint session of Congress, because that’s probably when it would happen, like in the first episode of Jericho.

  6. Would the Biden administration and the zipper-headed communist wonks burn the village down just to remain in power? Fuck yes they would. This very subject has been on my mind since the 4-Star Pentagram Mo-Mo’s started with the “Ukraine is winning” or can still win yim-yammer late last year. If you really think about it–even a limited nuclear war with Russia, with the USA suffering strikes here at home would induce enough chaos for the DC commies and Deep-State to justify pulling the ‘executive orders’ levers of tyranny–which would not ever end. It would be the ultimate Cloward and Piven stroke for they/them to remain in power, cancel elections, round up subversives and so forth. I don’t think the fools pulling Biden’s strings intend to take the offramp. Actually they are speeding towards it like that ending scene with Susan Sarandon and Gena Davis in “Thelma and Louise” where they drive off the edge of the Grand Canyon.

    1. yeah, that does make sense too. I not sure if our nukes work like they should anymore now that math is
      raysists and shit. but the Russians still like math. and a limited nuke fight with Russia would fit their plans to a tee. get rid of a bunch of worthless eaters and give them the “legal” means to declare martial
      law over what is left of the country. no more elections and other pesky problems for them to deal with.
      and I lay odds that any clown from congress that went to uke land has some dirt on themselves that they are worried it will come out if they don’t keep giving them money and stuff. as far as the clowns
      hiding in their bunkers and shit. well, that will just give a few of us something to live for.
      ever wonder about the people in the secret service ? I mean how can they watch this shit show and not be tempted to shoot the fuckers ? oh, well. just keep buying food ,ammo and whatever else you will need/want for the coming shit show.

  7. I see a real acceleration across the board(too many to list and you folks know them).

    I have really quadruple checked me food/gas/you know all the things that might help out.

    I honestly believe something big going to happen on/or around the fourth, whether US or crossed the puddles,actually believe more likely both.

    I would love to stop by here in a week and be told I was a paranoid spaz and get on meds.

  8. Nukes? How will we be “nuked” when they don’t work? Cogitated on that one for a while and realized that if there were really “nukes” we’d have known about it long before now. I hope they all go into the bunkers – when they emerge a couple weeks later they’ll get picked off.

    Anybody prefer a green dot to a red dot sight? Never saw a survey on that. Guess it depends on what day it is – the light and background – that kind of stuff. You gotta be a flippin’ real sniper to use a scope.

    Biden don’t scare anyone. He’s a shaved sphincter.

    1. Barney,

      Welcome to the party, pal!

      Same conclusion I came to in 2012. More than that, based on the number of “criticality incidents” and “criticality accidents” experienced with nuclear power plants, a similar (nonzero) number of “explosive criticality accidents” (i.e., bomb going “kablooie”) should have been seen over the last 80 years (based on total number of alleged “warheads” in existence).

      -That- was the real kicker. There is no device made by the hand of man that will not, at some point, experience a Murphy Moment. To think otherwise is to show total ignorance of mechanical systems and probablity.

      That, combined with the ludicrous ClownWorld levels of fuckery surrounding the whole “nukulur circus,” that has been crammed down our throats since 1945, the conclusion I (and more importantly, several other dudes that are good with the “thinkin’ meats”) came to was: fake as fuck.

      Great scam, lotsa shekels for unlimited hookers and blow, and since nobody ever demanded any of the “I see BM” (Really? Nobody caught that?!) missiles from tube to boom, the scam survived. Remember that nothing these people have done is legitimate. It is all being revealed as a scam, fake, fraud, graft. Goal is to keep people so scared of their own shadows, or a boogeyman of the week, and just on the verge of being tossed out of their own home that they don’t have time to look around and pay attention.

      So, biggest takeaway is this: Biden doesn’t have nukes, and the F-15 is older than dirt. Stop worrying, and ridicule ClownWorld. They do not deserve our fear, let alone our obedience.

      Oh, and if you would like to read a great book (a tour-de-force thesis, really) by someone that ran with the whole “nukes likely don’t work” hypothesis and discovered they do not, in fact work:


      RTWT. Brew a pot of coffee (two if you need it), and remove nukewar as a worry or a sinkhole for preps.

    2. I prefer a green dot optical sight (GDS) to a red dot (RDS) one. I started out with several different brands of RDS and used them for years, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the early days, a GDS was much more expensive than an RDS. When I bought my first GDS as an experiment, I was amazed by the improvement in brightness and sharpness over my RDS collection. I think it might be my eyes, which prefer green, although I have read that green is generally better perceived than red. I have settled on Holosun brand GDS optics with solar power. Some use a watch battery as the primary illumination with a solar backup feature, and the later models reverse the setup. The Holosun SCS model is an excellent GDS with solar energy constantly charging a battery. Holosun also makes a gold dot sight (!) whose gold reticle is visible even in very bright daylight, but it is large and pricey.

    3. Remember that version of the vid game Fall out where they opened the entrance and started to come out of the bunker, they thought the crisis was over, standing there waving expecting a warm welcome, and the folks on the outside machine gunned them all down?
      A cautionary tale.

  9. Read this morning that the hilariously named Russkie Leonid Slutsky is calling for an expansion of the Russian military to 7 million active duty. That is a serious fighting force. Pieces are moving all over the place and our dumb as fuck Lugenpresse media is doing what it can to keep normie from noticing.

    That second meme is deposited in the repository for future use.

    Finally, if your words and attitude constantly scream “Punch me”, it shouldn’t surprise you to be treated like a punching bag.

    1. They couldn’t find 300K out of the last 500k they tried to draft.


      In a pig’s ass.
      The exodus would beat freeways out of the country in five directions.
      Friend Leonid would be well-advised to “Wish in one hand, and crap in the other…

      And let’s be honest, Arthur:
      I can make a point, even disagree, without using ad hominem, let alone nothing but.
      But I’m happy to return friendly fire in the same spirit it’s delivered.
      This infuriates those handicapped from such abilities.
      When all someone has to offer is a diaper full of spackle, all their problems look like a canvas for their simian rage.
      The rest is simple primate biology, working as designed.

  10. No way out… no where to go anyway. It’s a good day.

    I really like Aesop too.

    While he’s not known for his “reasoned debate”, and lately seems amight “bagdad bob” about the Ukraine, he can be quite “reasoned” and insightful.

    He’s more known for his “ad hominems”, and frankly, it seems like I might not live long enough to see the return of the “age of debate”. What we need now appears to be the more “base” satire and memes.. we are in the age of the Baylon Bee…. clownworld… and Aesop *can* shine here:


    I really do like him.

    1. No. Aesop is a fucking dick. He’s a short, fat, midlevel who wants the same respect as a physician but wasn’t willing to put in the work.
      Fuck that nigger.

      Also the holocaust never happened-but I want it to happen again.

    2. What a stupid pseudonym to choose to self-fellatio yourself, Nurse Ratchett.
      Well, since you write so much doggerel, perhaps it is fitting.

      1. I see you, like Aesop, *also* prefer ad hominems…

        I generally prefer reasoned debate, but this is *your* time. Revel in it.

        1. A tree is known by its fruit.

          Aesop quit hiding behind new screen names.

          That’s tribe shit be a man.

          1. While I don’t post a great deal, I have posted here before. You have no reason to think I’m an alias for Aesop, unless you think that of *everyone* who finds value in Aesop, in which case you must think *this* blog is run by Aesop.

            Have you seen Aesop argue with himself? Have you seen him ever be critical or unflattering of himself, much less accuse himself of being poor at debate? *think* man.

          2. LOL Fido, your “arguments “Against” Aesop is a mockery of reality.

            Much like in the service when you wanted to ensure someone would NEVER get promoted you used soft weak recommendations about them. Sounded like you sad something “Good” about him but you screwed him in the yearly review.

            Logic man, go back to your own blog and entertain yourself.

          3. I’m finding your arguement difficult to follow:

            You appear to argue that I do damage to Aesop with “soft weak recommendations”, and that this somehow means that I actually *support* Aesop, thereby (somehow) proving that I *am* Aesop….

            When, in fact, I actually *did* support Aesop, with a qualified (weak?) recommendation that his talents appear to be exactly what our short attention span society *needs* right now. I even provided an excellent example of his work that I do indeed highly support. I mentioned also, in passing, that I thought he was phenomenally “wrong” about the Ukrainian conflict.

            How any of this supports the idea that I *am* Aesop (without simultaneously supporting the idea that our host is also Aseop), is truely a mystery to me. Did I miss something? Can you clarify?

            This must be monumentally entertaining and/or disgusting to the actual Aesop, I imagine… 🙂

  11. My progno…someone in ‘The Detail’ will drop the shot caller running the shoe behind the curtain!

  12. Need to go Old School.
    Their Souls are Forfeit
    Their Houses are Damned.
    Their Seed will become Chaff on the Wind.
    They are Judged by The Lord God and
    The Gates to Heaven are Closed.
    Unless They Confess, Repent and Atone.
    This is being charitable.

  13. Article II, Section 4, US Constitution, Annotated:

    The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

    Bribery. Any question about this, at this point?

    They impeached Trump because he made a phone call they didn’t like, (trying to find out about allegations of taking bribes by the former Vice President, oh, yeah… that was Shit-pants Dementia Joe Biden). Here we have a legitimate, constitutional reason to kick this moron to the street.

    GOPe, do your duty.


  14. How do we get rid of this crooked ass government?
    They all need to go and start from scratch

    1. Again, word of the month is “involuntary retrocession.”

      DC was created as part of the three part delegation of authority after the partial victory in the Revolutionary War (three branches, Federal, Territorial, Municipal, each got a Constitution and a slice of delegated authority). The home-team (Americans) were responsible for the Federal branch, The Brits got the Territorial branch, and Rome got the Municipal branch (starting to realize why history isn’t taught any more?)

      The Munies got responsibility to run a “neutral meeting ground” that was on land donated by two states, Virginia and Maryland (“The Virgin Mary,” the Pope loved that). Constitution of the United States (1790) and The 1790 Residency Act. A swatch “10 miles square” (that’s 10×10 for all the “new math victims.”). This neutral meeting ground was “the capitol” of itself. Philadelphia was and has always been the American capitol.

      These documents created a “foreign carve-out” similar to Vatican City and City of London. DC is literally foreign territory, with its own government (a plenary oligarchy) and military (“U.S. Military). You can verify this at 26 USC 7701, Definition of “United States.” Read it until it sinks in.

      Virginia got tired of the bullshit, and took back their cession. This was the “Retrocession of 1848.” It reduced the total land area of the carve-out to 66.6sq miles.

      It actually pre-saged a lot of the coming merc war that kicked off in 1861 (which disabled our American branch of government), and gave the Romans (Municipal branch) and Brits (Territorial branch) the keys to run the whole show.

      So, instead of talking about tearing down a beautiful mansion with 50 rooms (secession), how about kicking out the crack-smoking, slave-trading, gun-running little loudmouth that is squatting in Maryland’s room (retrocession). That is the solution. And we did just fine without them for 14 years.

  15. You’ve been saying this for years, little did you know that 300 miĺion was just the Vax die off.

  16. How do we get off the freeway? Well the easy way would be for the sociopaths in charge to get out or get pushed out. I don’t see that happening. If the U.S. / NATO officially goes to war with Russia IMHO the empire will be finished, or the entire world will be finished.

    As a naval intelligence officer whom I had as a neighbor once said: “We no longer have the industrial capacity or the social capitol to conduct a conventional war with China or Russia. We will very quickly run out of critical material needed for such a war.” That was 11 years ago.

  17. Right now? You don’t, not through the front door.

    You can improve your mental agility by not sucking up the Televitz Media POZ.

    That lifts a lot of the Fog Of Bullshit and lets you see things as they might develop.

    For instance, some people here and elsewhere have this interesting fantasy that “nuking DC” is going to solve something, so let’s have a few moments to think about that.

    If the Russians are pushed, they will likely set a first example, followed by doing just enough to force an end to hostilities. Put simply, they have a map of the cities they’d need to remove from the map in order to accomplish regime change by making the flavour of politics change by force.

    These are the cities you’d expect would be on a list like that, but the true number of cities required in the US to do that numbers less than twenty, because it’s really a matter of eliminating a certain political force that nests in larger cities.

    But what if the Americans see a false flag opportunity to pin nuclear aggression against the US on Russia?

    Then it probably looks a lot like “nuking DC” and only DC.

    DC may be significant to the operations of the current regime, but it’s not so significant to the survival of the current regime and their ability to “reform America” with some bullshit vision, plus the surviving regime members would do some shaggy dog stories and patriotic song-and-dance crap about how DC was full of so many honour students and virtuous people and such like and so forth.

    The inevitable reprisal would require the Russians to hit everything everywhere they’d see a threat, but they wouldn’t start this dangerous chess game with the all-in MADD scenario.

    MADD was a propagandist’s invention to get people to believe living in or near cities that would make great political targets was “safe and effective”, based on the idea that nobody would be crazy enough to follow it through, which allowed the dupes to serve as a huge support crew for the elite psychopaths who want to live at the top of expensive towers in order to look down upon the people they’ve enslaved.

    In a more functional time, such people would stay out of these towers because of their exposed nature, but if you have all of the people in the surrounding city and supply regions more or less working for you, how much safer could you be as a high-functioning elite psychopath?

    MADD serves as this shiny thing for people who naturally worry about everything and follow nothing to its logical conclusion, the kind of people who would have been confused by competing alternate models for a nuclear confrontation.

    So these models were never made available to the Televitz Media POZ viewing public.

    Do you want to worry about the Russians specifically nuking Americans in some Everything’s Gone Totally To Shit With Our Foreign Policy scenario?

    Start with some cities that begin with A: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin …

    One thing you can count on is that the military mind is quite excellent at following instructions assembled in the form of a list.

    Once that’s done, they’ll move on to the B’s and C’s.

    Maybe you’ll get time to react by the time they get down to Miami and Tampa.

    But what about Orlando? Well, what about it?

    There are plenty of Russians who live in and around Orlando.

    Divemedic will probably be OK … but your ass? 🙂

  18. Only real off ramp I see is if the Russians achieve all their objectives in Ukraine and call it a day. They sure as shit aren’t going to trust any diplomatic solution after so many fuckwits came out and reveled in tricking them.

    Far as I can tell they pretty much hold all the cards in terms of deescalating the conflict. Can just about guarantee NATO are going to keep up full retard till there’s no more resources. Even if they stop, how the fuck can Russians trust any agreement? After what, a year and a half, of people declaring they’ve got to stop existing? Would you trust a neighbor pulling that shit, or would you taken them at their word?

    I reckon initially Putin would’ve accepted neutrality, and more or less pre invasion borders, but now? Can’t see anything less than a tiny rump Ukraine, if anything is left.

    TLDR: It’s all fucked and more or less down to what the Russian leadership want ot do.

    1. Nope, still there that I can tell. ‘Nother poast there this weekend coming up

  19. I recall Barnhardt has a nuke strategy to rid the world of Satan’s religion involving 24 warning for mass declared rejection or 1 by 1 elimination of key Muz cities until all had either rejected Iz or were dead. Han’s ABC plan for Blue Hives reminded me of that. Atlanta Boston Chicago DC.

  20. Aesop? I remember him being one of those who were telling us, screaming actually, “we’re all going to die” at the beginning of the Covid farce.

    He was way too arrogant in his insistence that anyone who wasn’t on the same line was too stupid to live.

    As someone above said, “Fuck that nigger.”

    1. You low IQ , abysmal memory, and Bidenesque reading comprehension are noted.

      Unless you’ve branched into physics and mathematics, and discovered that 3-5% = “everyone”.
      In most systems of mathematics, in the grand scheme of things, 3-5% of something is usually considered a margin of error.


      Bummer man. You really should’ve taken a chance on third grade.
      Or at least read all the way to the 4th line in the first post on the subject you misremember so poorly.
      My bad, for not including more crayon pictures for you.

  21. BCE, just a tech note/issue if you are inclined to check it out. Since you’ve setup shop here on DM’s server, anytime I hit your homepage, I have to do a refresh to see the most recent post. Running Brave on Android (mostly) and have nuked and recreated the bookmark, etc. with no change, almost always shows the previous post up top, until I hit refresh. A minor quibble, but seems odd as it never happens on DM’s page.

  22. In the grand scheme of things, getting rid of a shit-stain like Joe Biden is a job for amateurs. Disposing of those miscreant handlers, the Walenskis, the Nulands, the Blinkens, the Shumers and the Feinsteins, etc., is a little more complicated. Getting rid of the folk that own the bidens and his handlers is a tough nut to crack. What will overwhelm us though is what to do with the 120 million people that happily voted us into this mess. I guess there is actually a formula for Xyklon C squirreled away somewhere.

  23. Your either a shear genius or,,,,,,, full blown psychotic? High on opioids downed with cheap whiskey.

    I’ll leave it to the battle field knuckleheads here, to decide.

    Not trying to be a dick, “ that comes naturally to me”, I’d truly love to sit around a camp fire and hear you out,,,,,,,word for word, thought for thought!, seriously between the madness and rambling I detect sheer genius!

    You find your way to Souther OREGON. Reach out,,,,, enough folks here know how to get in touch with me. If that’s not working, try the FBI, or local law enforcement! God I crack myself up.


  24. I should be here right now.,
    In this city where the war…
    The reserve of strength has almost completely dried up,
    The one that the Lord gave me.

    I need to save the children,
    From Nazi mines and rockets,
    So that they can continue to grow,
    Where there is no evil.

    It’s scary for me to be in the enemy’s sights,
    I remember my family…
    And I scold myself for being weak,
    And it gets harder for me.

    But clutching the cross to his chest,
    I felt a wave behind my back,
    After all, there is always hope,
    And the Lord will give you more strength.

    That’s really close to my goal,
    Well, let me be weak now,
    I pray, saying to myself: believe!
    And the victorious hour will come

    [url=https://svos.pro] We will protect the country – we will protect our children – our future [/url]

  25. A. Aesop turns a bitchin’ phrase. I loves his word choices, me.

    2. Election fraud is treason, to me. Deny my vote by cheating? Die in a fcuking fire, corksoaker.

    Thirdly, Every bureaucrat politician and law enforcement agent has a home and family. For the last 2 decades, there has been an unrelenting assault on what little wealth I have been able to save while breaking my damn back to raise a family. They have been raping my childrens future by spending 10 X what they steal in taxes. Then they paid for China to increase gain of function on virii, released it, then tried to force all of us into taking an untested poison clot shot. When spicy times kick off, I will show no mercy on those that have been assaulting my grandchildren’s future.

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