After Putin, Who Will We Have To Deal With? (Hint: There is no good option)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Monday and the ‘usual’ around here, ‘cept the house is trashed LOL. A 4 year old and 5 year old can cause a LOT of messes/chaos/insanity. To the point yesterday? I was at the keyboard all ready to do a BCE poast as I had already done the substack, and I passed the hell out.

Like literally
Sawing logs in my chair. I was wiped out, and that as they say was that. No alcohol either as the VA has me on a new med that I can’t take with any booze at all so I’m on the wagon whether I like it or not. Not too big a deal but hey, I figure the $$$ savings will do me good.

Now, for all the bluster all around, Aesop went off on a rampage about how Putin is done (in simplest terms). Truthfully I don’t care to a point. He’s taken me off his bloggroll for whatever reason but hey, his house, his rules. My house? I keep a bunch of folks up there who don’t reciprocate. Basic politeness and all that. My issue with wanting to keep Putin where he is right now has a LOT to do with why I want to see Slo-Joe stay in place.

The alternatives are far far worse IMO.

Here, we got The Whore of Califrutopia, Kameltoe. Giggling, vacuous, stupid, inept, and bumbling, and these are her good points. No way in fuck do I want to see her running the show, not that Slo is… I think we have more of a Edith Wilsononian thing going on here with the Babysitter Jill trying to run the show with the various factions behind the scenes doing their own thing, regardless of what the law and constitution say, hence why Hunter is getting off scot-fucking-free.

On the other side of the Atlantic? The possible front runners are listed below:

We got the current Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman and former Premier/former President Dmitry Medvedev.

This guy? Hardliner for Mother Russia. This guy has been making some seriously over-the-top threats against everyone who’s been behind the Korruptokrat Krainian Kockaine Klown Kar show… as in “Nuke ’em all, for God will know his own.”

The other guys seem to be Putin “Yes-Men” but that doesn’t mean they’d follow the same script. Thing of it is, the real word slipping out of Russia is “Why haven’t we crushed these fucking pissants yet?” One of them is the former head of the FSB (the new KGB, same as the old KGB or FBI) is Nikolai Patrushev.

This guy again, is a mad-dog hardline (by OUR standards) however, he’s two years older than Putin (71), and a lot of observers think he’d be ‘transitional’ because waiting in the wings…

…is his son Nikolai Patrushev

44 years old, former FBS agent, got his tickets punched in all the ‘right places’ so to speak, and is currently the agriculture minister, appointed in 2018. He also ran the state-owned Russian Agriculture Bank. If anything, he’s a bit of a wild card, but is a ‘princeling’ so to speak, coming up in Dad’s footsteps, and if it’s like Father, Like Son, then yeah, NOT someone I want in charge.

Besides all the foaming at the mouth that “Putin wants to take control of Europe” and “He wants to re-establish the old Soviet Union!!!” and whatnot? Bunch of bullshit. Vlad had a good thing going on (up until this whole shitshow). He was at the top of his game, master of all he surveyed. Richer than any of us could even try to imagine, wielding mad-power if he wanted, the only thing he wants is for OUR fucktards to leave him and his fucking country alone.

BUT ‘the same old suspects’ (every. single. time.) couldn’t wouldn’t and haven’t left the fuck alone. Problem is, they seem to think they can control the whole scenario, without the innate understanding that this time? This ain’t a third world bought-and-paid for dictator. This’s a nuclear armed country they keep harassing and man, it will not end well for these sub-basement double digit midget IQ ‘elites’ and their cheerleaders WHEN, not IF they decide “enough is enough” and then?

Well, at least I got to bake a cake with my Gran.
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73 thoughts on “After Putin, Who Will We Have To Deal With? (Hint: There is no good option)”

  1. I hope aesop gets his way, and the first big candles that get sent over land square on that mask, vax pushing callistand boomer so we can finally stop hearing him cry.

    1. AESOP reminds me of that comedy routine by Andrew Dice Clay where he begins cold with, “So I was standing in line at the bank with my tongue up a chick’s ass.” AESOP is the one standing in line and the chick who’s ass he has his tongue up is Victoria Newland (uber-duper Neo-Con-Cunt). I don’t think there is a piece of government based propaganda or narrative that he does not buy into hook, line and sinker. As for being ‘excluded’ from his comment section–I too am in the same das-boot as Ex-Pat.

      As for the immanent full blown war with Russia. I laid in some SP 50,000,000 lotion for when the canned sunshine is opened up. The only up-side I have read about the rising mushrooms is that the USA’s top 20 (communist-blue) cities will be destoyed–thereby smokin’ 30 million or more leftist/fags/lesbians and radicals instantly…. turning the USA into 80% Euro-Centric, conservative, protestant instantly.

      As for Kamala Harris–here’s her true political origins. When she got out of law school, she managed to hook-up with her political benefactor, Willie Brown (Kommiefornia’s former super-duper Democratic political commissar) at a swinger’s party held in one of the mansions in the Oakland hills, where she was known for her oral and MMMMF skills. And yes there is video of the action out there somewhere. She and Willie met-up right in the mid-nineties and he managed to continue for a while with her after Viagra was introduced as he was allegedly estranged from his actual wife. Willie got Kamala an appointment to some sorta’ insurance commission in California–and she continued on the government tit from there.

      1. Shinmen,

        You do you.

        And I happily defer to your expertise on Nuland’s nethers. Personally, I wouldn’t know.

    2. Nurse Ratchett allows very few outside commenters, he’s just like the woke crowd, can’t handle cogent counter arguments so “zap”. He is a constant source of amusement to me and many, showing his ass not only at his own blog but also desperately trying to push his idiot narratives as comments elsewhere on blogs. Those are getting fewer and farther between because he can’t zap the counter comments where he gets eviscerated.
      He is a classic egoist that just has to be right, on every topic every time, and dem is some big blinders.
      But hey he only got covid completely wrong from the jump, and now this little thing ‘Krainy that may end up nuclear, so its not like he’s getting the big stories wrong lol.

    3. Aesop has been pretty consistently correct on some perhaps narrow issues. For example many western dissidents totally misjudged Russia’s military capability at the outset of the conflict (massive overestimation). And similarly there has been misjudgment of American military capability, equipment and training especially. After all the Ukrainians have nothing else going for them but they’re holding their own.

      The place where I think he’s off is in the line of scrimmage analogy he tends to fall back on. “Which way is it moving?” I know I’m probably just parroting Mearsheimer, here but the war seems to really be about which side can sustain the flow of energy, arms, materials, equipment, etc. etc. longer than the other. Aesop of course acknowledges that at any time the US/NATO could decide to cut its losses, but what I don’t think he sees as a possibility is that the US/NATO eventually just run out and/or can no longer match Russian supply flow.

      1. And near major road and rail links.

        If that was a fake mutiny the my guess is that Wagner will attack Kyiv south from Gomel, Belarus or from Kursk or Oryol by August.

  2. I wish I knew what Aesop’s deal was, with anything Russia related he just dials up the irrational hatred to 11. Do you think he’s ever stopped to think that everything he thinks he knows about Putin in particular, and Russia in general, was told to him by the very same government and news media ass holes that are now 100% verifiable proven liars?

    1. ASEOP mind is still stuck in that book, “New Lies For Old” –which spurred most of the rationale for the Neo-Con movement.

    2. And your info on Russia and Putin comes from…where, exactly?
      Show all work, and let’s compare notes.

      My constant amazement is that everyone yelling “They’re all liars!” about sources seems to have no problem downing Russian-sourced propaganda swill by the metric fuckton, without even a hiccup of self-awareness. Show me I’m wrong there: tell the class where you got the “straight scoop”, untainted by bias.

      This should be good.

      1. LOL when your position is undefendable DISTRACT by making Others Prove their Point is perfect.

        Generates conflicts and nit picking among your enemies eh?

        Let’s you and him fight, eh Aesop?

        So how will you deflect and ignore when we do an Afghanistan (BEST CASE, no extra sunrises needed) in Ukraine?

        Let’s see, shuffling through the old elder’s book… Yes, attack the person with ad Homens in 3,2,1…

        1. Undefendable?
          Pick it apart and show why you think that’s so.
          And back it up with the whys, as I did.
          All you ever bring is gainsaying, Michael. It’s your defining trait.

          “Doing an Afghanistan” would be tough for pretty much all of NATO, since they’re not deployed there, least of all the U.S. So that withering analysis is a total fail.

          I told you – spring of last year – the biggest problem with the West coming to Ukraine’s rescue for them, was that opened them up to the winds of fortune changing, and them getting left pissing up a rope. Nothing’s changed there.

          But that isn’t helping Russia move forward. Just the opposite.
          It was also the last thing Vlad expected to happen when he invaded, which is why the overwhelmingly negative and even vitriolic response against him worldwide, especially Europe, left him looking like a deer in the headlights, and with his pants around his ankles. Then his own army’s deep-seated multi-generational and institutional total incompetence administered the total rogering Russia’s received from Day 2 until now. Brighter people might have noted that’s exactly the problem Prigozhin has been screaming to Moscow about for over a year.
          Getting strafed and bombed on Friday was the last straw for him.

          That’s why I never need ad hominems for you. You’ve shown nothing but an unwillingness (or simple inability) to back up your blather. That’s merely descriptive, not pejorative. You’ve got a great bleacher trash-talk game, but that’s not where the game is won and lost. On the court you’re a no-show, just like on the scoreboard.

          1. LOL, what are you going to say when we DO AN Afghanistan and flee this hellbent little Proxy War?

            HOPEFULLY before an American-British (lapdogs) False Flag Nuclear explosion.

            Lawyer all you want; it means little to the folks dying on the ground INCLUDING Americans NOT all of the are jackass Mercs. YOUR No boots on the ground argument, well there ARE Special Forces but only a few, Oh they are observing close enough to get killed but the DOD Generals should be Fired if there wasn’t.


            No Boots on the Ground? A LITTLE BIT

            As that Princess Bride comment by Andre the Giant “I don’t think you know what that word means”.

            Ad hominem (Latin for ‘to the person’), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a term that refers to several types of arguments, most of which are fallacious. Typically this term refers to a rhetorical strategy where the speaker attacks the character, motive, or some other attribute of the person making an argument rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself. This avoids genuine debate by creating a diversion to some irrelevant but often highly charged issue.

            Aesop is the MASTER of Ad Hominem.


            Gainsaying means to deny, dispute or contradict something or someone. It can also mean to speak or act against someone or something.

            And Aesop doesn’t constantly gainsay against ANYTHING that injures HIS PET “I Hate Russia” theory’s?

            So, wander off to your well moderated blog. Adults are talking here.

            NOTICE Lackwit (one of your fav Ad hominem) that I can disagree with you without using YOUR Fav Homosexual Dick comments.


            You COULD try that and occasionally Admit you might be wrong once in a while. A little humility might even gain you some respect, you are so desperately seeking OH God like Oracle.

            Frankly I DO wonder how such a thin skinned egotistic person could have EVER GOTTEN Though MARINE BOOT CAMP.

      2. Oh god and here he is. And his classic “show your work”, where he believes if he buries someone with enough gobblydy-goop in a long enough screed, they will see the light.
        Show your work? Where? on your blog? So you can zap it ( or show it if you think it doesn’t hurt whatever ill-thought out position you have taken ).
        Hey Nursie, a wee hint, if someone like yourself is so deeply mistaken, very few people have the time nor inclination to spend hours of keyboard time to refute the obvious.

      3. Your sources are the same as Peter Grant’s – mass media fluff that only “proves” that there are other people on the internet as stupid as you are! HAR HAR HAR! 😂👍

        This is why Aesop goes full retard on whatever Current Thing happens to be in front of him. Most older boomers can’t use Alt-media. Comrade Cow Cnut thinks that the average person doesn’t have the resources to inform himself, and that only the media can do that. They have sources too! These people are just elderly bleating sheep posing as leaders and thinkers.

        …unfortunately those ‘sources’ tend to be other fudds and tards like Aesop, here. They think Russia is still a Soviet state, that Russians are drunks, peasants and thugs, and that Putler is nuts. It’s no wonder our California nurse sodomized his keyboard the second the coupe de jour broke out. The media gave him a message to pound out to his flock, and he did as he was bidden. Misfit and Peter Grant will do the same. Rinse and repeat.

        We have to be careful; Russians don’t think like us, and there are things going on here that we either can’t see or make sense of…but we now have a better background on Prighozhin.

        Historically he appears to be a loose cannon, a Russian version of Patton or maybe MacArthur. Unlike those two…Priggy isn’t afraid to butt heads with his commanders in public. He is often openly contemptuous of Russian REMFs and brass hats in the high command and they hate him with the heat of a thousand suns. He is fiercely loyal to Russia, his men, and the Russian people. They love him in return and would fight in the bowels of hell for him…and they’d probably win.

        Given their druthers, the Russian establishment would love to make him go away, and replace him with a dull, obedient predictable fart catcher like General Aesop. But this…this is Classic Putler! Putin is no fool; he’s smart enough to see Priggy’s value and is too smart to throw it away. You can bet he read the riot act to Priggy behind closed doors…and I wouldn’t be surprised if Priggy didn’t have some new info for Putler. You can bet your bottom dollar they made some kind of deal or arrangement. All we know for sure is that Putler is reorganizing some players on his team, and Wagner is being reorganized and re-deployed too.

        More will follow soon.

        1. You’re getting better, Glen, but you’re still sucking Russian propaganda down like it was Canadian moosepiss beer.

          The problem is still that you don’t know what you don’t know, so you have as much chance of hitting the truth by only going to FSB-approved propaganda organs as you do by swinging a dead cat over a oiuja board. (My apologies to your former cat if that’s how you actually do this.)

          And it shows up every time you hold forth on any topic far beyond your ken, which is most of them.

          Last I heard, you told us this war was over 200 times between April and December of last year, from the depth of your personal experience with winter, if not with military campaigns. As it happens, the actual Glorious Russian Winter Offensive has Russia steadily advancing back toward Crimea and the actual Russian border IRL. Bummer, man.

          You keep forgetting that the internet isn’t reality, but that what’s happening on the ground is. And you can’t live forever on fapping to one afternoon’s bungled advance, and six dead tracks, as though it was the entire war on a thousand miles of front line. But still you try.

          That’s what I love about you: you never met a brick wall you wouldn’t run into headlong and headfirst, nor a cliff you wouldn’t run off of, just for the laughs.
          Shine on, you crazy diamond.

          1. I could respond to that faggotry but why bother?

            You keep on polishing that turd, California girl! It’ll turn into a diamond if you put enough elbow grease on it! 😂

      4. So the Nurse General can’t enough traffic on his site so he has to bring his blithering nonsense here?
        If we don’t go to your page we sure don’t want too hear your controlled opo shit elsewhere. Do you really require that much attention?

        1. I come here because unlike you, the Host generally can articulate original thoughts, and back them up with supporting evidence, and even when we disagree, he doesn’t resort to playground ad hominem from lack of more intelligent options, and he isn’t afraid to mix it up mentally and come back with a reasoned response, rather than shit his pants and start flinging diaper spackle like a monkey on crack.

          You should learn a lesson there. (And probably get a refund on your education.)
          That’s also why jousting with the ragamuffins in comments here is comedy relief for me, for the same reason people shoot ground squirrels and prairie dogs: Because they can, and because it’s a public service to fenestrate pests.

          1. You really have the unmitigated gall to to raise the specter of ad hominem attacks? That is the entire fabric of your little blog page. Your personality disorder is showing again, get a grip on it.
            As to learning lessons, perhaps you should self reflect in whatever brief and fleeting periods of lucidity that may or may not occur for you. Let me put it in terms you might be able to understand, look in a fucking mirror nursey.
            Your “jousting” consists of censoring disagreeing opinions, parroting legacy media propaganda, and pulling out a thesaurus to assist your juvenile insults in some sad attempt to elevate yourself to what few sycophants you have.You are sad caricature, annoying, and you add no value to discourse.

      5. Nazzo, California girl. You have some ‘splaining to do first.

        Tell us, Nurse – what did you hope to win, exactly, with all this? When this all started, Putler told you he wanted a negotiated trade deals and a neutral Ukraine. What have you gained by going to war with him? Other than hundreds of thousands of Ukranians dead and seriously wounded, and the complete loss of the Donbass? And the loss of billions of dollars and drainging of your own armouries?

        Next – tell us what ‘victory’ looks like to you? A regime change in Russia? Like the one America pulled in 2015 where they deposed a democratically elected leader and replaced him with a jewish shill? Sorry, nurse – but that high horse you’re trying to ride is dead.

        The Minsk Accords. Do you even know what they are, and how you came to violate the terms of them?

        Of what strategic value is the Ukraine to us? Why should the west be up in arms about the Kraine?

        You try to hump-start your dead moral high horse by demanding answers from others but no one is fooled. You have no idea WHY you are in the Kraine, you have no idea of what you’re trying to win, and you’ve lost every single battle you’ve fought there. When you lose, you look around stupidly and wonder how it happened, and expect us all to double down with you to lose on the next one.

        They oughtta put YOUR face on a Bud Lite can…

        Dilly dilly, pinhead.

    1. This.
      I’m more concerned about what is happening at the Southern border than what’s happening at Ukraine’s border.

      1. I would like to see the Wagner Group and a few battalions of Chechens patrolling the Southern US border.

        1. The fact that you have to imagine some Russians guarding the US border should say everything about how wrong the current situation is.
          Not like the National Guard down there does the job.

          1. Oh they do the job. They help facilitate illegal immigration unfortunately.
            What was it, 6 or 7 million last year alone?

  3. I don’t think that TPTB have really thought this through. There are no winners, only least losers. Right at the moment not withstanding the Ukrainian peasant cannon fodder, the most least loser has been the US tax payer. When the bottom finally falls out of the wet paper garbage bag, the splat sound will be the collective sphincter suck of our banking/stock market ponzi scheme industry. With it will be the net worth of a lot of people and mom and pop businesses. The 1930’s Depression will look like a walk in the park. Plan accordingly, bullets/beans/bandaids/hard currency. Get all you can afford, now.

    Spin Drift

    PS: BC having time with the grans is the best days of your life. Enjoy them.

    1. yeah, kind of funny how after a war, the side that loses comes up with “new money ” and it is just a matter of when anymore for the dollar. and again , I think it will be a lot worse than the 1930’s too.
      it is does happen, there will be a huge die off of people here. over 90% of the people have no idea how
      to grow food. other than going to a store and buying it.
      did attend a lecture on EMP back in the 1980’s at CGSC. little guy gave it. and after 5 minutes he had everyone’s attention. if one went off over Kansas city, the country would go back to 1870’s.
      water, food and everything else will be in short supply. fast. they figured that 60-70% of the people
      would be dead inside of 6 months. back then, the country had at best 30-40 days worth of food.
      that counted everything in stores, warehouses, fields. pastures and in Harbor. everything.
      think about that bit. and that is just getting started too. rule of law ? yeah, right.
      gangs will take over the cities, cops will vanish real fast. the “burbs” will be toast fast.
      life will get very hard. fast.
      not something I want to see really happen here. so, yeah. I think the clowns in charge are playing with matches while standing in a big puddle of gas. again, stupid. or maybe they think they will be able to live thru it ? some hidden bunker with stored food to last years ? I don’t know anymore.
      this country stop making sense a long time ago.

      1. Yes, back in the 1930’s we still had a high trust society for the most part and there was still a criminal element to keep an eye out for. Now the criminal element applies to the whole social strata from someone living in a box on the sidewalk to the puppet in the White House.
        Remaining high trust areas are generally just small regions now. The die off will be epic even without the nukes. The elderly, frail, and medically compromised will go early, probably before the food really runs out. The actual starvation will take longer, people will end up eating all kinds of things not normally considered to be food. The Elites probably do think they can ride out the worst of it in a bunker or an enclave island like Nantucket.

  4. I couldn’t figure out why you were so tame on General Asswipe.
    I’m so over his bloviating and complete lack of humility. The only opinion that matters to him is his and a few of his shrinking band of followers. I’m in agreement with WWW above, and hope after the first one takes out the swamp, the second hits him square on his head.

    1. Color me shocked, chief.
      The difference is I list the rationales for my opinions, while you and cast of dozens overwhelmingly just shriek like butthurt little girls, vent your spleens, and wag your tongues instead of engaging your brains. Okay, noted. Your pussies hurt. I can get that kind of dazzling repartee by watching The Spew or the Sunday news sphincter shows, and it’s worth about as much.

      Bring an argument with more behind it than airballs, a parade of fallacious Straw Men, and ad hominems, and change my mind.
      I’m not changing yours, because I can’t argue people out of a position, using facts and logic, that they didn’t get themselves into using facts and logic.

      Otherwise, go back to yipping and yapping. You’re entitled to your own opinions.
      You do you.
      But you don’t get your own facts.

      That’s what trips people up, every single time, and why it avails not a whit.

      1. Jesus H. Christ.

        Cope harder and maybe it’ll work next time. Maybe try a little seething.

        Those of us who can recognize Russians have their own national interests, including NOT HAVING A EXPLICITLY HOSTILE ALLIANCE on their direct border have been a hell of a lot closer than your boomer “russia bad” insanity.

        1. So how has invading Ukraine worked out for keeping NATO off Russia’s borders?
          And which nations did NATO hold at gunpoint, and force them to join against their own will?

          I’ll wait while you work those answers out.

          Russia seems to think their national interests stop at the far side of whatever country they’re invading. (Try that with your neighbors’ property, and tell us how it goes for you.)

          We’ve seen this before, and where appeasement got us, and it ended in Canned Sunshine.
          And the only person threatening to open that ball again is the one who started the ruckus.

          Putin retreats, and goes back to just fucking up Russia, and I have no problem with him.
          Neither does the rest of the non-Russian world.
          We lived just fine under that situation for 70 years.
          He was actually doing pretty well at that until he fucked up with this latest move, but greed is always a Deadly Sin.

          It’s always when they want to open a new franchise somewhere else they get all tangled up stepping on their own dicks, and then look all shocked and confused when it hurts.
          Fuck ’em.

        2. The issue is not “Russia’s borders” but the very specific border with post Soviet Ukraine. There is stone cold nothing between that border and the Russian heartland. It is militarily indefensible. Ukraine and Belarus are necessary buffer territory. The Germans and the French both bled their armies away slogging through them. If the Nazi invasion had not needed to capture Kiev, but instead was launched from Kiev, Russia wouldn’t exist and its people would have been exterminated or enslaved. So they take this shit seriously.

      2. LOL when your position is undefendable DISTRACT by making Others Prove their Point is perfect.

        Generates conflicts and nit picking among your enemies eh?

        Let’s you and him fight, eh Aesop?

        So how will you deflect and ignore when we do an Afghanistan (BEST CASE, no extra sunrises needed) in Ukraine?

        Let’s see, shuffling through the old elder’s book… Yes, attack the person with ad Homens in 3,2,1…

        Gee that didn’t take long for Aesop to fall back into his ad Homens.

        1. It’s not a distraction, Michael.
          That’s called logic. You’re evidently unfamiliar with how it works.
          Color me shocked.

          -10 pts. for just cut-and-pasting your responses, and spamming the whole comment thread with the same thing.
          We already disposed of your gainsaying laziness up above.
          Show some originality. AI is an improvement on your work.

      3. e sop……just go away. no one gives a flat shit about you. you have not been relevant for some time.

      4. You realize of course that pretty much no one on this page gives a fuck about your PSUEDO intellectual and irrational ranting?
        Everyone remembers you screeching sissy screams about masks and gene therapy injections. Your hateful wishes for those that opposed your idiotic conclusions are there for all to see.
        Everyone noticed your silent periods when Kraine was doing poorly, and how you raced like the Karen you are when you thought you had a snippet of support for your propoganda.
        Go back to your cave, you are a pitiful attention whore.

        1. I was silent because nothing notable was happening. Frozen front lines will do that.
          Pretty much like your reply. Nothing there worth talking about.

          Putin facing open armed insurrection and taking his own dick up his ass in response is a wee bit outside that mold, but evidently that’s news to you.

          You seem to be the one making a screeching sissy scream argument from butthurt about Covidiocy. I was pretty clear on mask policy never working, and the Not-A-Vaxx jabs being a disaster. So, besides Straw Men, a memory worse than Biden’s, poor reading comprehension, and the inability to use the scroll feature on your mouse, what’s your real underlying problem?

          1. “Pretty Clear”? Utter and complete bullshit. It’s fine if you want to lie about it now, those of us that know, well, we still know exactly what and when you said. You got way out over skis and limited nursey knowledge, and cast aspersions and endorsed very bad things for the people that would deny the rantings of marginally educated nurse re masks and gene therapy
            I really don’t have many underlying problems, I do however despise liars and wanna be keyboard bullies.

            Run along now

      5. Hey Assop, you have been WRONG about everything since your little ebola scare 10 years ago.
        You also are complicit in telling us all we should have masked up/locked down and that scary covid was going to kill us all. Fuck You. People like you are the reason most of us have dead friends and relatives, and we will not forget.
        It is my sincere wish that we can right this country again and take the likes of you and hang you all by the neck until dead in the public square.

        1. That seems to be the low-IQ mouthbreather kneejerk response, so let’s check the tape, one more time:

          The dotGov told you:
          “a) Ebola will never get here.
          b) If it does, we can handle it anywhere.
          c) It won’t spread.
          d) We have protocols in place that are effective to deal with it.
          e) Listen to us, we’re experts.”

          I told you:
          “a) Yes it will.
          b) No we can’t handle it.
          c) It will spread.
          d) Their protocols are CYA paper bullshit that won’t work at all.
          e) That both the head of the CDC and Fauci (in 2014!!) were shit-for-brains idiots who’d get people killed for listening to them.”

          Final tally: DotGov 0%, Me 100%.
          I also pointed out that we had a total, on the entire continent, of 11 BL-IV beds that could care for actual Ebola patients.
          By the peak of the outbreak, once they realized they were wrong and I was right, and put every patient with Ebola in one of those beds, we had filled 10 of them with patients.
          You were thus a grand total of two Ebola patients away from North America becoming West Africa.
          You should look up the stories live from Liberia and Sierra Leone from 2014, and tell me how cheerful that day would have been.
          And I wasn’t just telling you that in 2014, I told you what was coming months before it happened. So much for “wrong about Ebola”, Shitforbrains.

          I told you from the fucking outset that masking policies were doomed to failure.
          You could look it up.
          I told you there was no further utility to any lockdowns anywhere before even 90 days of them had passed, because the horse was already long gone from that barn.
          You have dead friends because you and your Gilligan buddies didn’t listen when I told you the COVID virus was 10-30X deadlier than the worst annual flu you’ve ever seen in your life, to wash your goddamned hands, and that only an N95 or better would protect you from other people, and that there were none to be had for love or treasure.
          You could look that up too.
          And I told you, and Told You, And TOLD YOU, that the medical consequences from the virus would be the smallest of the subsequent problems you’d face, and that second-, third-, and fourth-order follow-on problems would re-arrange your whole life for years and decdes to come.

          So much for “wrong about COVID”, you silly simpleton.

          And fuck yourself right back, with your own needle dick, you stupid sonofabitch.
          I worked at halitosis range to hundreds of people with fulminant COVID when it was killing them, every shift for three years, under conditions of which you have no wild fucking idea, including regularly stacking dead bodies in cold storage trucks, because the hospital morgue was overfull.

          You think you want a piece of me, punk? At your service.
          Make your move, instead of just talking shit from both ends. I’m neither old nor broken down, so you’d probably piss yourself if the opportunity ever came up, which is why your embarrassing crybabyish rants on a comments thread is as far as you’ll ever get, but you’re welcome to try; stop teasing me. Either bring it, or live up to your handle: Go back to yapping on the porch with the other small dogs, and continue your impotent fap fantasies somewhere else, while grown-ups are talking about important things.

          1. This is starting to sound like a little kid’s schoolyard here.
            Aesop, you know that Western medicine refusing to provide early treatment for Covid, and instead telling people to sit at home until their lips turn blue was a big part of all the deaths, right?
            I assume you know countless medical professionals were slandered, defamed, and censored due to their desire to treat Covid early, and because they warned us about the shots and lockdowns.
            I also assume you know the push for early intubation killed countless people also.
            And a lot of “Covid deaths“ actually died to due to being hit by trains, bullets, and the such. I assume you know there’s a difference between a positive PCR test, and a person who sick with Covid.
            I also assume you know that PPE used to be based upon common sense, and since Covid it has not. There was the old analogy of nurses being more scared of bedbugs and lice than of these scary pathogens. It was true (at least for me and many others)! And that’s because we knew PPE was based upon common sense; notsomucho now.
            So the Covid disaster? Created by western medicine, as was the opiate epidemic.

  5. They want WWIII by any means necessary and cities vaporized.
    It is broadcast now by Ziolensky (h/t-JR) and others regarding the nuke plant as the last straw to bring in NATO.
    These things happen when “your” government is infiltrated and hijacked for more than 100 years.
    The average Kwan will fall for anything no matter how easily it falls apart under scrutiny.

    “Oh, foolish man, what can you be made not to believe.”

    Adam Weishaupt, 1776.

  6. Going to the VA and taking their medicine is as stupid as wearing masks and getting the corona vax.
    Pull your head out of your fourth point dude…

  7. The funniest shot about Aesop (except for his extreme case of PDS – Putin Derangement Syndrome – show us on the doll where the baaad man hurt you!) is that he got so important that he talks about himself in plural: “WE here blah blah”.
    Too bad as his medical advice is still top notch…

  8. I used to enjoy reading Aesop’s articles and I wish he’d back off the anti-russia stuff because he’s become unreadable since he started flogging that horse. Modern Russia isn’t your father’s USSR; I know because I spent time there, speak the language, and thus have seen it with my own eyes. Granted, it isn’t perfect and they have their own problems but queers and perverts running rampant and feral knee-grows making cities hell on earth when they aren’t busy burning them are not among them.

    1. And the trains run on time!
      Historical ignorance reaches new heights.

      Prove the truth of your assertions: would you rather live in Moscow, or Memphis?
      If Russia is so much better than here, why aren’t you there?
      And if Vlad is such a great guy, why not move to Kiev?
      I hear Russia’s going to be there Any Day Now™.

      “I know better, because I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once” is always weak sauce in a logic fight.
      When you see “American women seeking Russian husbands” ads start to proliferate, give a holler.
      Just like people in Key West or Greece and Sicily, everyone can see which way the rafts are headed.

      1. I think these questions are off. It would be more fair to ask would you rather live in Moscow or Memphis, if Memphis lacked queers and perverts running rampant and feral knee-grows making it hell on earth? Or, what’s going on here such that American men would actually decide pass on the locals I’m rolling the dice on a Russian bride?

        But if this is the route you’re taking, perhaps rephrase things in a more friendly manner:

        Would you accept blisteringly cold weather and just as blisteringly corrupt civil service if it meant the never ending gay pride parade came to an end? If you ask honestly people may just say yes.

  9. @BCE,

    Hey, I thought we had a reciprocal blogroll thing going.
    But I noticed I’m no longer Deplorable enough for the cool kids list here. ?
    The digs from the commentariat here literally don’t mean nothin’.
    Outside of the “Special Military Operation” sideshow, there’s probably not much of importance we disagree on.
    If it means that much to you, I’ll put you right back up.
    You do what you like. Fair enough?

    As for the rest:
    1) Putin isn’t done (until he is – mirabile dictu! on the day). Nor did I say any such thing.
    What he is, and what I explicitly said, is he’s now obviously a lot weaker than he would have liked to pretend, and far weaker than anyone inside or outside Russia imagined before Friday.
    Prigozhin told him to self-fornicate, and actually got him to do it. (From mutinous traitor and enemy of the state to an unfortunate misunderstanding in less than 24 hours: It’s a Russian miracle!)
    The revelation about Putin’s precarious position is much like the surprise at how utterly incompetent most – if not all – of the Russian military is, performing more like circus bears than Kodiak bears the last year-plus.

    2) We are absolutely simpatico on the Vlad succession problem.
    Exactly like the Biden/Harris conundrum here, Western intelligence and departments of state have two great fears at the moment:
    a) Putin survives and continues in power.
    b) He doesn’t. (The devil you know, etc.)
    But the inarguable truth is that the war in Ukraine doesn’t end until Pooty Poot’s reign of terror does too. He’s devastated the parts of Ukraine he said he wanted to save, fucked himself and his country, and brought ruin and devastation to a once pastoral countryside. Like pretty much every Russian leader in modern history. It’s not typecasting after the tenth or fifteenth time. it’s who they are. They next one? Likely to be more of the same. Just with 200,000 fewer men, and 5000 less tanks.
    Not a bad trade for war material that was rusting in NATO warehouses and motor pools a year ago, and were going to have to be replaced at full price anyways.
    The minute Vlad turns tail and desists, everyone’s problems dial down about 85 points.

    3) I nicknamed Kamala Senator Kneepads (which I’m pretty sure has got to be her Secret Service codename) for a reason, way back to when she was the most laughably stupid last-place Democommunist presidential candidate in the 2020 primaries:
    Just our luck her early drop-out do to 0% approval rating, even in her home state, got her placed one intense bowel movement from the Big Chair.

    4) Vlad had a good thing going. But after three previous invasions and land grabs in Ukraine with no consequences, he went to the well once too often, and the entire world fell on him, Hard. Then he doubled down on punching and kicking the Ukraine tar baby. Now he’s gone and gotten himself into a “with your shield, or on it” scenario, whereby he’s either victorious, or he gets the Makarov Retirement Party for failing so spectacularly and blundiferously. Bummer for an ex-KGB thug. And we had such high hopes for him.

    1. Nice assumptions Aesop.

      Time will tell.

      BTW YOU DROPPED Big County so drop the Poor Me injured baby and the suckup.

      1. Facts, Michael.
        Just because most of the rest of the world doesn’t share your unsubstantiated belief in your own geopolitical infallibility doesn’t make your imaginings obviously right.

        And yes, I dropped BCE from my blogroll, after seeing I’d been dropped from his.
        I also put his link back up right after I typed that reply above.
        His explanation today of what happened squares that account AFAIC, not that it’s any of your business.

        Why don’t you be a good little Karen on issues that don’t concern you personally, and butt the fuck out? Simpering prick buttinski is so not a good look for you, and I’m pretty sure BCE can speak for himself without any assistance from you. In fact, I’m pretty sure he already did.

  10. Just like in 1991/93 the turds that will rise to the top to rule Russia after Putin is gone will be no one anyone outside Russia will have heard of. All currently mid/low level apparatchiks or big city / regional crime bosses.

    Putin was making explicit nuclear threats against his neighbors long before Feb 2022. Lets see. Sweden. Denmark. Poland. And a few others with less overt threats. He either made direct threats of invasion or invaded (CIS “peace keeping forces”) most of his immediate neighbors. Invasion threats against Estonia, Latvia, Moldova. Actual occupation forces in Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan. Tried in Kazakhstan, didnt work.

    Even before Feb 2022 the message from Putin to the Baltic states and Poland was – after we deal with Ukraine and wipe it off the face of the earth you are next. They are not talking old SU borders, they are talking the pre Brest Litovsk border. The 1917 borders. And some. They see all the “Slavic Lands” as theirs to rule by God Given Right. Because we are the true and only heirs of Constantinople. We are Gods Chosen People.

    Where have I heard that before.

    Yeah, sure, Putin’s just a peace loving guy who just wanted to cultivate the vegetable plot around his dacha. I’ll drink to that. Za zdorovye… Mine’s the 2L bottle of беленькая

      1. You want a dissertation with references? Or just can’t be bothered to use google? Just one example of the Russian military in the Near Abroad..

        Just stick the other countries I mentioned into google and see what has been happening since Transdenister in 1990. For example it got a bit shoot’y on the Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan border recently with the locally based Russian troops acting as “peace keepers”. Who just happened to be hanging out the neighborhood. As they have for decades.

        Putin has said many times that there is no such place as Ukraine. No such language as Ukrainian. No such people as Ukrainians. He even did a 90 min show and tell last year on live TV of all the Pan Slavic fantasy shit he talks about here.

        Lots of big maps and graphics on an easel. We are talking big production values here.

        But none of this makes much sense unless you understand “Holy Russia”. These are just tasters..

        Although this is as good an intro as any to the bat shit crazy world of Russian “mystical” nationalism.

        If you thought the Heavens Gate people or Scientology people were totally fucking unhinged you should hear some of the current “great Russian thinkers” you will see regularly on Russian state TV. Mostly WTF? Did he just say that? Straight out of the religious wars in Europe in the 17’th century. Some of them really do want burn “heretics” on Red Square if given a chance.

        The movie “Come and See” gives a good idea of the world these people live in. Except this time they want to wear the grey uniforms and round people up and shoot them

        Patriarch Krill is on TV on the time saying – “Kill the Khokhols”. Or words to that effect. The Russian Orthodox church was always apart of the state apparat. This goes directly back to Constantine in 330. No church and state separation in Russia. No such concept. I’ll say one thing, they put on one hell of a show. Watch the Christmas or Easter service from Christ the Savior in Moscow to see a religion ceremony done properly.

        Welcome to the whacky world on Pan-Slavic nationalism.

        Is that enough links for you?

        1. The vast majority of your links are 2nd hand opinion pieces. Wake me up when the MOD or Putin directly is quoted at all these “Sins”.

          I could blast you with plenty of those saying something radically different, but it would be a penis contest and I’m NOT Aesop the dicktator. I leave penis actions (cleats, sucking Putin’s junks and other Homosexual attacks etal) to him. WANT some Aesop cut and pastes here?

          An easy example of counter LINKS would be about a baker’s dozen of our jackass Senators and dribble cup “president” calling for the assassination of Putin and chopping of Russia into safe little chunks for western use.

          I’ll not repeat what about a dozen posters HERE posted about OUR Violations of agreements and aborting every real attempt at diplomacy in the foolishness of playing a game of “CHICKEN” with a nuclear armed nation.

          America’s REAL Enemy is the folks that locked America down for COVID, destroyed so many small and medium businesses, killed off far too many old folks in Rest Homes (Looking at NY right now) ENCOURAGE “fierily but mostly Peaceful Protests” STOLE an Election, Attacked and CONTINUES to Attack a once Sitting President and turned MY Republic into a Gay POLICE STATE complete with a DC Gulag full of folks that cannot be released Unless the “Confess” to something and do time for it. CHINA DUMPING Fentanyl and other drugs vis Mexican Gangs and such. Oh, and plenty more.

          Putin did nothing to harm the USA, Yet.

          So, take your insane Aesop-MSN fueled Russia, Russia, Russia to the toilet and remember to Flush twice.

  11. Aesop is a typical example of someone suffering from late stage cranial/rectal inversion. With regard to all things Russian, he has his head so far up his ass his shoulders stink. The man has been spewing the same torrent of government-approved bullshit since this whole thing started.
    The simple fact is that his abnormal response to any comment challenging his malignant view of the conflict in Ukraine (a needless war provoked and stoked by the collective West) is to engage in incessant name-calling, and crybaby bluster. This is indicative of a level of maturity somewhat equivalent to the average teenager. His rants against those who disagree with him, while the invective is entertaining, are not cogent arguments defending his position. Rather, they are the response of a spoiled child when faced with the forced reality of having to clean up his room. This is to be expected from a particular species of manlet (of which Aesop is a prime example) that has become prevalent in our society.

    In the end, when Russia brings this war to a close on her terms, I’m sure Aesop will find a way to twist everything he has vomited up into some balloon-animal version of the truth and he will arrogantly say, “See, you dummies, I was right all along!”

  12. There was a reason for Nixon’s executive order about no more assassinations the unknown unknowns or too risky and hard to delineate.

    As for the fucking around, some have already found out, and the rest will find out soon

  13. They say Putin is pussy footen’ around. Compared to what NOT pussy footen’ around would look like, I’m good with that. The Russian General Staff has been around for something like 800 years. The STUDY REAL HARD.
    About the whole Wagner thing, Russia is so Machiavellian, on so many levels, our dotgov is totally clueless and IGNERNT!

  14. BCE; of course you know all of these guys are CIA/MI6 assets, right? You think they sent all $6 billion to Prigozin?

  15. So the Nurse General can’t enough traffic on his site so he has to bring his blithering nonsense here?
    If we don’t go to your page we sure don’t want too hear your controlled opo shit elsewhere. Do you really require that much attention?

  16. The collapse of American hegemony is a messy and fractious thing to be sure. Much of the societal control over the citizenry is reliant on the creation and promulgation of a bogeyman and for my generation the first one was the Soviet Union. The Russophobia perpetuates to this day in the minds of many and I believe to an extent Aesop included. We and he need to remember that failing to consider that other States, even those we are at odds with possess their own National interests and security concerns and this failure will be an impediment to diplomacy which is the tool we must use rather than threats and implementation of violence.

  17. Good write-up, people don’t seem to realize that the alternatives to Putin are all much more hard-core than Vlad. Again, almost no one in the U.S. understands Russian thinking and those that claim to are full of shit. That includes a fair number of bloggers who shall remain unmentioned.

  18. This all reminds me of the old flame wars. I personally am tired of the old he said so I say different, horse fertilizer this site is turning into. I’ll read Big Country and ignore the reading of the comments.

    1. Sounds good man. I ignore most of the bashing, and I actually delete some of the more rabid stuff… otherwise I just want to write man. My P-Shrink told me it’s a good non-violent outlet

  19. At this point, anyone who has ever paid attention to whatever Aesop has said, is no longer paying attention to anything else he says.

    Listening to an idiot-cretin only has so much amusement value. Looking at a stopped clock won’t tell you the time, even if the hour is right.

    I used to think maybe Aesop was a glowie, but if he is, he’s obviously working the low hanging fruit.

  20. Forget Putin, just take a moment to realise how “the future” sucks.

    Someone pointed out to me that the year of “the future” in Johnny Mnemonic was 2021.

    Apparently we still had fax machines in that future, but you could pull the fax machine’s entire buffer across the global network with your hands. It was slick and shiny and gleaming of Beijing cool and Newark fool, burning a hole in the minds of the addicted like any good side effect planned for by technologists.

    It was believable, it was even pretty by some gritty techno-noir standards.

    And yet we have this stupid shit with a pasteboard Internet, fill-in forms, a global correspondence system made out of last century’s recycled crap (and stifle that comment you’re about to make unless you know sendmail, smart boy).

    I am not concerned about Putin in the least right now.

    I am much more concerned about the locally grown, moved-in, and imported absolute dumb fucks whose lack of competence and skill at life means that I’m surrounded by fucking morons who can’t get shit done right or at all.

    And so are you, and so you have the wrong priorities if any of this маскировка or 歌舞伎 is substantial to you.

    I sit like the 地蔵 in long endurance, waiting for you to be ready to empty the hells.

    Until then, you are no good to anyone unless you are willing to admit that “the future” sucks.

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