An Interesting and Fun Weekend to Say The Least

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So Putin’s pet-attack dog Prihgozin is in ‘open mutiny’ against the MOD. Truthfully I have no idea on how this plays out… as the meme I made this a.m. and threw up on Gab said:

No shit Aye?
The only concern I really have is that in almost every single dystopian Apocalypsefestivus novel I’ve ever read… like almost every instance, the discussion of pre-war conditions mentions “Russian Civil War” as one of the causes of the inevitable Nookular War.

My take?

Me and Big K made a cake.
She did all the pouring in of the ingredients.
Then I ‘helped’ her with the mixing (so’s it didn’t go alllll over the kitchen)

Frosting it’ll come later.

So hope everyone else is having a mellow Saturday
I’m not letting the world interfere with some good times
More Later
Big Country

32 thoughts on “An Interesting and Fun Weekend to Say The Least”

  1. Good. Making a cake with the Gran is far more important. Saw a couple recent news articles that Wagner is standing down. Prigo and the prez of Belarus had a chat and Prigo gets to “retire” there as a consolation prize. Treason charges will be dropped and Wagner gets folded into Russian .mil

  2. Maybe he didn’t want to be part of the Russian armed forces?
    A decrease in pay and no freedom of maneuver.
    Had to replay that 2 minute video of Armageddon Surovikin with the suppressed SMG on his lap.
    Where is our General Armageddon.
    Regarding the commies, they should have listened to Patton and MacArthur, it was Omar Bradley who fired DMC.
    Infiltrated long ago.
    Carrying on is the ultimate middle finger to the demoralizers.

  3. the thing is that 20 years from now she will remember making cakes or cookies a lot more than any trip to mouse land or whatever. times like that are worth a little mess in the kitchen.
    besides, I used to make them help clean up afterwards too. never really made a bund cake, but we did make a lot of pound cake to go with ice cream later. carry on young man, you doing good there.
    I gave away the cookie cook books I had a few years ago to another guy who gotten divorced and had his kids. also told him to look for older cook books as they tend to better cookies in them.
    the world might be going to hell any day now, but in your kitchen. with her, life goes on as it should.
    who got to lick the beaters clean ? just asking or did you share them with her ?

  4. Prihgozin is (((tribe))). What is the likelihood that his Homies at the BIS or WEF made him a “Better Offer” in terms of Shekels.

    “Every. Single. Time.”

  5. Glad to see some people still have their priority’s strait. I always was partial to chocolate frosting and licking the beaters.

    1. This, x 10,000.

      ClownWorld isn’t worth another moment, another peso, another thought.

      They shall be forgotten by history, and all their aspirations shall be as dross upon the breeze.

      Very glad to see you spending time with yer GranKiddo, BCE.

      Good always prevails. It’s just that the path to victory ain’t usually easy.

  6. Shiny button flashing in the breeze! What was happening and where that the Russians wanted to do quietly. Otherwise, Prihg would be dead not retiring to Belarus.

    1. The uprising was not as popular as globo homo had anticipated. Putin, not wanting a very public bloodbath for the Wagners, made Prigozhin an off he couldn’t refuse.

  7. Faction fight between St Petersburg and Moscow? Wagner as a tool?

    Son remembers making bread with his grandfather around age five. He loves to bake.

  8. Yes to that.

    Did some gardening. Weapon maintenance and accuracy testing. Spent some time with mom unit making dinner. Now relaxing, playing with the wiener dog. Gotta have your priorities straight.

  9. My wife used to make a bundt cake like that and place Barbie in the hole, the she and daughter#1 would add icing to make the cake look like Barbie was wearing a big antebellum hoop skirt. Good memories. That and me playing pretty pretty princess with the girls.

  10. It is being reported that some of the Congress Critters were briefed about the coup last Tuesday. So the usual suspects behind the plot and their customary failure.

  11. So the West didn’t get baited into falling for Sudden Orange Regime Change?


    But you could tell from the photos that there was something fake about it: none of this “OMG they’re invading Rostov-on-Don, OMG OMG” stuff, but instead small groups out at the weekend yakking it up with the Mobile Musicians, mostly at ease.

    So the Musicians had their fun moment where they could do the Blues Brothers Mall chase scene without trashing much, and Prigozhin got his transfer to Belarus where he can stay out of the way of The Kremlins while helping Belarus stay with the progamme.

    Shoigu got his warning that “parquet generals” sometimes wind up being buried under the parquet floor, and any would-be traitors who were looking for “the signal” that Putin was about to get ploughed (which was not happening) will be getting shot during the coming weeks.

    Good times, all of it.

    You should have cake, but maybe little one should try Key Lime Pie next.

    [raises my glass of Russian cola with Fireball in it]

    The future, in a glass. 🙂

  12. Well done.

    To quote Jim Butcher’s Dresden:

    “I will make Maggie safe. If the world burns because of that then so be it. Me and the kid will roast some marshmallows.”

    Take care of your people and damn the rest. Life is too short.

    And if evil shows up looking for a fight, shoot it in the face. lots.

    1. Love that Dresden short where he, Maggie, and Moose go to the Zoo. Same story told from three perspectives.

    1. In case the link doesn’t work.
      From Amir Tsarfati:
      “There is a story circulating that during his long and continuous stay on the Ukrainian front, Prigozhin met with Ukrainian intelligence officials and representatives of the CIA.
      The CIA offered Prigozhin $6.2 billion if he would carry out an armed coup in Russia. Prigozhin agreed, but did not intend to go all the way. He even informed the Kremlin about this plan.”
      Remember a week or two ago when the Pentagon said it “found“ $6 billion. They hadn’t given it to Ukraine yet (accounting mistake)?
      Makes sense, except for the part about informing the Kremlin in advance.
      Things that make you go “hmmm“ and make cake. Better to laugh than cry, as the old saying goes.

  13. Biggest winners of today’s Oligarchs Cage Fight – Lukashenko of Belarus. And the career Russian Army guys. Revenge is sweet. But Putins political generals were big losers. Couldn’t even organize a simple road block.

    Biggest losers – Putin. And the Rosgvardiya. They aint no SS after all. Nowhere to be seen when the Glorious Leader needed them. No matter how much fancy hardware they parade with. And the Kadyrovite TikTok Brigade got “stuck in a traffic jam” on the way to Rostov.

    So far no sign of Dmitry Utkin (and close friends) “Going to Belarus”. Which is all that really matters when it comes to who “won” or who “lost”.

    Seconds away, Round 3…

    1. LOL maybe you should stick to your blog Aesop, where you control the narrative.

      1. Don’t be recockulous. That’s not Aesop. Writing style’s different and without the usual tell-tale incockators or tells. Do you enjoy stomping on your own wedding tackle, in public, with cleats on, Michael?

        Putin is a would-be cocktator, no different from all the other failed cocktators on the trash heap of history. As he gets weaker, expect that Putin will be more and more erratic and unprecocktable, desperately trying to vincockate his crimes. But what priest will give him benecocktion after all his sins? There’s no possible redemption for Putin. As with other tyrants, he has an adcocktion to power just like a junkie is adcockted to heroin.

        1. Aesop 2.0 a tree is known by its fruit.

          Or a Aesop Lap puppy, your call.

          Go back where comments are moderated by the awesome Aesop.

          *ucking tribe.

  14. I personally think Putin fucked with them big time and it’s funny as hell psyop, idiots that they are.

    1. Thats exactly what this was, a way to move Russian troops where they wanted them, with this nonsense as an excuse. Or whatever.
      Of course aesop the idjit jumped all over the news and was ballyhooing Putins end, etc. Does he even understand the phrase ‘the fog of war”. War is all about deception, news is rarely news its deception. Now add in the times we are in, where fucking everything is a lie, everything.
      But boy howdy some folks are just cock-sure they got the real dope, every time on every topic.
      And no amount of facts will dissuade them otherwise.
      But cake making with little angels, that is not disputable, thats the real shit right there.

  15. Granbehbies is moar important IMO. The world’s gonna burn whether we watch or not, at least enjoy the things God intended us too while it does. Happy wknd bro.

  16. News from that part of the world is never what it seems to be.

    Best to have your cake and eat it, too.

    So much crap going on everywhere in the world, it’s best to sometimes take a moment and withdraw into your own small sphere of influence and let your loved ones know you care more about them than strangers on the other side of the planet.

  17. Just read the Substack, good stuff.
    Saw a dank comment about Prigo reportin’ to Valodya and saying they (former West) want a coup and just had an accounting error in my favor (wink), Pooty Poot replies so have a coup, they fient move on the highway with no air force, Putin says you keep one billion and your head and you give me the rest.
    Now the PMC are distributed all over with more autonomy than the regular troops
    and who knows what over movements were made during the distraction.
    I bet there are some over by Poland who are Russia haters on the level of the small hats.
    Also read that PMC could go to Northern Mexico for some private action working with an Omni Consumer Products outfit.
    It sure it is a lot going on for a gas station with an economy as Gomer says.

  18. @BCE

    Have you been following the Voronezh-45 rumors? If anything in them might explain all the weird shit yesterday.

    So the guy who looks like a Bond villain acts like a Bond villain.

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