Ahhhh A Weekend Well Needed And The Gran#1

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Looks like this weekend is going to be a “Bug Hunt…”

“Big K” found the Weyland-Yutani M41A Pulse Rifle (with under-barrel 30mm grenade launcher) on my Rifle Rack so I guess I have to teach her proper weapons handling…

<Le Sigh>

They grow up so fast these days.
Seriously though, she’s here for the weekend and man, her first Nerf Gun. Of course that’s the one I got after raffling off the first… Nerf is -still- selling them, and man, sometimes you just have to go full retard. As you can see I did a full on paint job, to include wear marks.

I didn’t go all the way and dremel off the name(s) or Makers Marks, but it’s sort of inconsequential. It still looks cool AF IMO. Who doesn’t want an ‘Aliens’ Blaster?
Hell I found out there’s a company that makes and even better version of it… you’ll pay out the 4th point of contact for it, but it’s a mostly metal mock up Airsoft… with the basis of it being a M1A1 Thompson submachine gun with a bunch of ‘bling’ thrown on it.

Adam Savage from “Mythbusters” did a really good show on reviewing it… the Nerf One that is.

So Gran#1 has been running around now, ambushing Gigi and the Cat… Bob is not amused, and I have to keep the dog from trying to chew on the darts…

Now as to the latest newsie-news. It’s becopme apparent that the whole “Lets ‘bury the lede’ on the latest Biden Crime Family story being released by inflating and hyping that sub thingy over the Titanic to the moon!”

Sure worked well I have to say… The DotNav knew that thing had imploded as soon as it happened, and told the rescue boats and well, from what was initially reported, well everyone that the thing (Das Boot that is) had blown in… In fact got a hunch the whole “…8-10 hours’ before a full rescue was attempted…” was to have “The Big Guy” or more’n likely his handlers and bureaucratic Praetorians call up whomever was running the show out there and gave them their marching orders: “…make it look good, and drag that shit out, and we’ll give you whatever cover you need later.”

These days I have no doubt that something like that happened.
So if the poasting is lite Y’all know what’s up
Got a Nookular Redhead Girl I’ma going to be chasing after
More Later
Big Country

20 thoughts on “Ahhhh A Weekend Well Needed And The Gran#1”

  1. It looks like the Wolfenstein gun!
    Had a foam rubber AK trainer as a kid and a realistic looking .45acp, the sheriff stopped and was like WTF he laughed and drove off after checking them out.
    Former USA is the greatest of all-time for all-times.

  2. Have fun. When I saw the picture of her in combat gear I though it was a recruiting poster for Zelensky’s Next Ukrainian Army.

  3. ever notice how fast the TP goes when you have girls around ? other than that part little girls are a blast
    to have around as long as you can keep up with them. one of many things that tire a little kid out fast is hiking, bike riding up hill. and swimming. on rainy days, it was making cookies !
    I had like 4-5 cook books on just making cookies. what I used to do was have them pick out what ones they wanted to make. go shopping for the fixin’s needed and then make cookies. between shopping and cleaning up before and after managed to almost use the whole day.
    hard part is not letting them eat the cookie dough before you bake them ! anyway, have fun as they do grow up fast. and as they get older, they will find less time to spend with you.

  4. How can Prigozhin be sure it was Russian forces who attacked Wagner musicians?
    Are the Pentagram accounting errors really bribes to him?
    Check out General Armageddon Surovikin in a video with suppressed weapon on his lap ordering Prigozhin to stand down!
    Will the Ukes take advantage of all the chaos?
    The US and NATO trained and equipped 47th brigade is nowhere near the first line of defense with one third of armor destroyed.
    Interesting times indeed, moar popcorn!

  5. Just watching Putins Bunker Broadcast on Russian state TV. He’s fucked. Well and truly fucked. Looks like the Russian invasion of Ukraine is over. The Russians lost. The fat lady is now clearing her throat on that clusterfuck.

    Russian social media is showing Wagner units well on the way to Moscow. At least two big oblasts already under their control. Including Rostov. Plus a bunch of new downed RU helicopters for Oryx.

    And so the Ukraine Invasion is winding down, roll on Russian Civil War.

    Just going to grab a large drum of popcorn. Its going to be a long long weekend. Just like those few days in August 1991.

    1. Goodness Big Country first Aesop drops your blog from his site and now he’s posting on your site as Anonymous?

      As I posted elsewhere:

      I smell the meddling of 3 letter agencies. Smells like the Kursk Bridge and Pipelines again.

      Seems given the failure of NATO feeding the Ukraine (what 3rd rebuilt or 4th now?) to the tune of THIRD Most Funded Military in the World (Behind America and China) they managed to buy a backstabbing attack from “Behind” Russian lines?

      Not like Polish “Volunteers” haven’t been active inside Russia lately, eh?

      As a smarter man than I said looks like the nuclear genie is about to be let loose.

      Protect your family and trusted friends. Have YOU DONE a Grid Down Weekend yet? Best way to test your REAL Preparedness and your family’s ability to cope with that sudden change.

      All men die, not all men truly live. William Wallace

      1. Michael, that’s exactly what I thought when I read that. Aesop is that you?

        But the lack of profanity was a clue as well as the complete arrogance necessary to be sure everyone else is an idiot rules it out for me.

      2. Yeah? You’re right. Guess I fell from grace or something? Not sure… I never muted him… thought we were cool… apparently not in this case. Either way I hardly -ever- mute anyone… free speech unless it’s a personal attack (on me) or a spammer (faaaar too many of them these days)

      3. I aint Aesop. That’s for sure. Just been watching this shit up close since the late 1970’s.

        Today’s been fun. And its been full 1990’s Russian politics hall of mirrors fun. Lukashenko is supposed to have brokered a deal. One Wagner Telegram a/c say its a go. Another Wagner a/c says it is nt and the first a/c is lying. So business as usual in Russian politics.

        So what happens tomorrow? Who the fuck knows. This is Russia. If you aint double dealing and back stabbing you are not playing the game Russian politics properly. But you can be 100% certain that the ordinary Russians are the ones who will get totally fucked over in the end. Just like they were in the 1990’s. You gotta feel sorry for those poor fuckers. No wonder they drink themselves to death

        As for Putin. His reputation as Mr. “No More 1990’s Style Political Anarchy” is gone for good. So a Kaddafi moment in his future. Perhaps.

        Just a reminder that if the Ukrainians are so stupid, corrupt and incompetent, just knuckle dragging khokhols, and the Russians so powerful and mighty and just as so many seem to believe why are the Russians still fighting a brutal trench war of attrition 18 months after invading. Holding just 50% of the territory they initially held. Having lost thousands of tanks and over one hundred thousand 200’s and 300’s.

        Maybe time to reassess exactly which side is telling the most lies.

        1. Yep Aesop himself.

          What’s the problem not useful goym here?

          What will you do when Russia wins?

    2. Well, I’d suggest that if that is true, then the forces of Clownworld have prevailed. Which means if you are even remotely interested in freedom, that is bad for you too.

      Douchebag (and self-proclaimed supporters of LGBTQPRFurry) like AssSlop seem to forget that Russia is one of America’s oldest and staunchest allies (saved our asses in 1864 by sending a flotilla to New York, prevented a Crown invasion of a weakened America). Remember, the Crown and a certain tribe of hat enthusiasts have always hated America and Russia above all else, and have done their best to see both destroyed (ideally by killing each other, since that is how pure ontological evil works).

      The Soviets were not Russia. The Soviets were a foreign occupying government (similar to the foreign City State of DC, aka “United States”), made up primarily of a certain tribe of hat enthusiasts (Phoenicians, whence the term “Phony” is derived).

      So unless you are a craven traitor to freedom, and a proponent of GloboPedo, I’d be praying to The God in Heaven (rather than the God of Hel(ios), aka Baphomet/Ba’al/Mammon that this latest in a series of CYA coups against Russia is put down with prejudice and alacrity.

      1. Aaaand, sorry to interrupt your furious, manic-spidermonkey masturbatory session over the thought that your Glorious LGBTQPRFurry cause in The Borderlands of Russia had succeeded, Asslop:


        Seems competency ain’t really a thing when you are dealing with the forces of evil, darkness, and kid-diddling. That, and seems the Russian population ain’t so keen on fighting for the Rainbow flag. They have seen what happens when you give evil an inch. How many tens of millions died in the “Great Patriotic War” (aka “Let’s you and him fight, part III)?!

        Looks like it’s back to seething and pushing your Crowdfunding effort to Snip the Twig and Berries (what? Did you think everyone would just forget your famous quote of “I am a Lesbian -trapped- in a man’s body?!”) As BCE said, “Chop it or Stop it.” I (and thousands of others), would be happy if you’d just stop it.

        Sidenote: the word of the month is “Involuntary Retrocession.”


  6. Great picture. I remember seeing almothe same grin on my niece’s face…
    When she was busy making a snowball.
    Pink shirt is too eye catching. Got to get some camo for her.

    Have a great weekend.


  7. I had no idea Wagner was going to do this, although looking at their leaders background it’s very logical. I’ve said a few times here, that Russia has to be stopped. They stand too strongly against the western/WEF/Nato LGBT agenda. The LGBT forces have been given authority over the west.
    Risk of being redundantly redundant, there are social credit organizations that tell massive corporations (such as Blackrock, which was 21 trillion, yes trillion dollars under their management) who to invest in, and who to pull investments from when they don’t conform to LGBT. They follow these social credit agency reporting guidelines/orders. This is why corporations like Anheuser Busch, and Target have taken such self-destructive paths.
    It’s all about AUTHORITY.

  8. Poor Oryx. He had to create a new category for Russian military losses. The Russian Civil War carnage.


    The Putinites are trying to throw together a last ditch defensive line at a river just south of Moscow. The Wagner columns(s) plural are already more than half way to Moscow from Rostov. Wagner has a far more impressive collection of equipment and troops than in any of the regular Russian army columns shown in Russian TV propaganda video.

    Lots of private jets with no ID flying out of Moscow today. If you dont see verifiable video of Putin with the top military leaders by the end of today then some of the wider rumors in Russia today might have some basis in fact. Like the Kazakhstan one.

    Just like 1991 none of the top Russian leaders will show their hand for a day or two. Until they see which way the wind is blowing. As for Prigozhin, he makes Beria look like a warm and cuddly humanitarian. Would expect most of the ordinary mobniks to just sit this out. Or just go home. Like they did in 1917. Can’t expect the forced Contract guys to want to fight for Putin either. Not their war.

    Time for another bucket of popcorn. Its weekend schedule on Russian state TV so none of the daily talking heads shows. So cannot gauge from the body-language of the guests just how fucking scared / shitting bricks they are. Monday will be very interesting.

    Anyone know the odds on the The White House in Moscow burning again? Like it did in 1993. I’m sure someone has already opened a book on it. I’d make it 5/1 at the moment. But by this evening, who knows. And tomorrow..

      1. Remember how it played out in 1991 and 1993. Early days yet.

        But Putins political reputation as the “No More 1990’s Political Anarchy” leader is gone. Which was why most ordinary Russians supported him. A good enough reason to vote for him over the years. Given the political alternatives at the time. Events today killed it.

        Lets see what happens next. Because all the balls are still in play and none have yet to reach a pocket.

        Early days.

  9. It’s getting comical. TPTB haven’t figured out that the dirt people no longer give a shit. They are all waiting over in the corner for the balloon to go up. Have a great weekend.

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