New Gear Review and Deep Dark Memes

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whelp, over on Gab, couple of folks were pulling for the crew of the “Uboat Imploded” and were going off on how “… the banging noises were indicative that we need to rescue them!”

To which my reply was “That’s more’n likely the pieces-parts settling on the hull of the Titanic”

Guess we know who called that one Aye?
Seriously though, God Rest ’em.
And may the families of the “crew” sue the everloving fuck out of what’s left of the Company. Seems OceanGate, well this’s an Extract From the Daily Mail:

“…Legal filings state: ‘Lochridge learned that the viewport manufacturer would only certify to a depth of 1,300 meters due to the experimental design of the viewport supplied by OceanGate, which was out of the Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy (‘PVHO’) standards. (bold and HUUUGE letters mine):

OceanGate refused to pay for the manufacturer to build a viewport that would meet the required depth of 4,000 meters.

‘The paying passengers would not be aware, and would not be informed, of this experimental design, the lack of non-destructive testing of the hull, or that hazardous flammable materials were being used within the submersible.”

So, since any and all waivers signed by the dead folks are now pretty much trash, as it seems that OceanGate knew their shit was faulty, so IMO (I ain’t a lawyer) but any waiver signed under that constitutes fraud and would thereby null and void that shit.

Legit… the CEO didn’t want to pay the extra shekels to make sure the sub was up to code so to speak. I -am so NOT- going there. Tell you what tho, When OceanGate said they offer the full titanic experience, they really weren’t kidding.

I got a piece of gear that I ordered on Alibaba about a month +/- ago. I was online in Tennessee and an article came up showing some RF guys running and gunning… think it was Patrick Lancaster… he’s a ‘Murican who married a Uke, and I guess she’s a Rus-Krainian. He’s been vidyaing alllllll over the Krain since the real beginning of the conflict. His latest is here:

So I saw at one point in one of his videos a Russian with what looked like a chest mounted computer/drone controller. I was intrigued ‘cos I -am- a bit of a “geardo”… I always like to look and try and keep up with the ‘stuff’… It’s not always about tacti-cool shit though. I researched and found out that the Company (in the Untied Staatz) is called “Juggernaught Case”. If you want to go check ’em, feel free. Google that, as I’m not linking it.

FWIW, the shit –is– cool AF but Holy Hells!
Sticker shock mode activated!
Like $200-300 to get a set-up and very limited models (i.e. the type of Cell Phone that’ll fit into it.
Because I’m poor, I went looking for alternatives.

And found one on AliExpress:

7 Inches Long, 5 Inches Wide, and about 2 Inches Deep.
Waterproof supposedly
Total Cost w/Shipping was $25.

Wait time from Mainland Chy-Nah was for real, about a month it seems. Seems like a LOT longer BUT that’s the nature of things these days. We’ve gotten so used to ordering shit, and getting it within a day or two, we forget that old-skool shipping used to take quite a spell.

Came in today.

Granted, it’s got that “Chineseum Feel” to it… not exceptionally fragile but just…. I dunno… cheap mass produced maybe? I wasn’t expecting much for the price, but hey…

As I preach all the time, A $400 “Palmetto Poors” will kill you fucking dead same as a $2200 Daniel Defense. I rolled in Iraq AND Affy running a LOT of Condor Gear… stuff that was considered barely adequate for paintball by the guys shucking out MASSIVE prices for name-brand Crye Precision.

Guess what? MY shit is still good.
Even after having it get the shit beat on and out of it.
To continue.

First thing I did was a check on the “waterproofing”
Popped it open, and set it full of kleenex. Figured tissue’d be a good ‘test’. I then filled the kitchen sink, and sank it into it. Put a pot on top to make sure it didn’t float up as it was rather buoyant. (Unlike the OceanGate sub)

First thing I noticed was no air bubbles.
So I gave it a rest for a wee bit. Now, granted, this wasn’t active shit. Just a dry run. For all I know, storming the beaches and sheee-it’ll crack it wide the fuck open. BUT

After ten minutes I pulled it, and wiped down the exterior pretty thoroughly, as I didn’t want contaminates (water drops) getting the Kleenex wet and producing a false positive.

Sumbitch was dry as a bone.
(This’s my surprised face, for real.)
Next thing is to show off the outfitting. It’s got one primary ‘lock’ on the door. The hinge seems pretty resilient, and the rubber gasket is there and apparently fully functional.

So the interior:

Now, the Velcro that came with it was not glued down.
It’s self adhesive.
And my OCD is off the charts ‘cos I slightly fucked up laying down some of the Velcro. (Right pic, down towards the bottom)… not going to affect operation, but still… bit of a tooth grinder there so to speak.

Now, the case itself, besides being watertight, has a Molle-Mount on the back:

It unsnaps and mounts on the Molle.
It looks like this when fully opened:

Once you have it mounted thusly:

You can slap your smartphone into it:

Now, yeah, a bit on the large-ish side. BUT hey, lots of room for other ‘fiddly-bits’ and whatnot. Thing off it is, IF you use a no-longer-in-service cellie like me, well this’s going to be the drone remote case. The remote can mount in the top part, and when I dismount it from my gear, it’s a nice neat package.

Now, granted, it ain’t no $200 Pricey Juggernaut Case.

This’s purely for low end-economics and useful. I’m –not– expecting anyone to go all in and think this’s going to survive long term. However, in the short term?

Considering the number of people who rely purely on their cell phone, who don’t have a compass, who don’t know how to use a compass, never mind a map, this gives to a slightly more resilient case than that ‘basic plastic skin’ that most folks run. It sure as hell ain’t the Otterbox, but for my purposes and uses, I got no issue using it.

And to close out for the night, a collection of the dank-er memes from the sub disaster I’ve found:

So More Later
Big Country

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  1. “They Live is a documentary.”

    Roddy Piper, 2013.

    A Wagner PMC patch, now that is dank.
    It kinda looks like a pistol case.
    Bolshevik enemedia had the 50 year old white guy that was fired for telling them not to trust the carbon fiber, James Cameron and the rest of the story.
    U-Boat wrecks are considered gravesites not to be bothered, Titanic needs that status.
    Never had a sail foam but did find a nice Samsung with car mount attachment that belonged to some banker, it was locked so no go beyond main screen.

    1. Told y’all, for a while I had a LOT of people trying to recruit me…
      Think “Army Sterong” Patches they used to give out in High School… and since it was the FRF (Federated Russian Forces) that gave me the idea for the case, I figured I could do a solid and use the patch that came with the offer letter…

      That and yeah, Dank AF LOL

    2. Read recently the Chinese have been looting old WWII wrecks like Prince of Wales and Repulse to get the low background radiation steel. They use that in making sensitive instruments to measure radiation. All the steel made after they dropped the bomb in 45 .

      Modern steel is contaminated with radionuclides because its production used atmospheric air. Low background steel is so called because it does not suffer from such nuclear contamination. This steel is used in devices that require the highest sensitivity for detecting radionuclides including scientific instruments that are sent into space and Geiger counters.

      The West harvest theirs from the wrecks of the Old Imperial German Navy High Seas Fleet ships their crews scuttled at Scapa Flow in 1919. Those aren’t graveyards.

      1. You mean “exploded the dirty bomb(s)?”

        Assholes needed an alibi to “prove” to lower IQ folks that “yes sir, nukes were real, see? We have radioisotopes allll over.” Of course, the -only- way to get radioisotopes is via explosive nuclear weapons (massive eyeroll). First and biggest one was of course at Alamogordo (it consisted of 108 short tons of TNT laced with several flavors of radioisotopes, nominally as a “test shot.” What it was supposed to test baffles me, since chemical explosives won’t behave anything like a “nuclear” event). Finger pointers are fond of pointing out the ruined film at the Eastman Kodak facility downwind in Indiana as “proof” a nuke went “kablooie” at Alamogordo. Like as not, it was just another big pile ‘o TNT (if you can ship in 108 tons, you can ship in 216 tons).

        Read Dr. Akio Nakatani’s (of Fujitsu) full work here:

        That said, the wanton, deliberate and willful spreading of harmful radioisotopes to maintain a (now deprecated) 80+ year old ruse has lead to ubiquitous low-level radiation in pretty much everything. That is interesting regarding the steel, and would track with the Ferengi (CHICOM) Rules of Acquisition.

        1. And just a brief “ETA.”

          When I personally had the “realization” that the whole thing was grift and fraud (back in 2012), the odds of a “Nukewoar” were low. However, knowing how the “Powers that thought they were” worked, I knew it would be critical (heh) to get the info out there.

          With this morning’s “news” about a “Russian Civil War” and “Nukulur-Armed Poland” blah dee blah, it is important for everyone to sit down with Dr. Nakatani’s book, RTWT.

          “They” are going to try to spur you (and more importantly, yer kiddos) to “fight Russians” to prevent “Nukulur Tel-Megiddo.” It was the big push-pull behind the (fake) “Cold Woar” (after all, we went from sending megatons of munitions and aid via high-attrition rate Murmansk convoys to “Uncle Joe” to “Eeevil Ruskies” within less than a two year period).

          The entire grift, graft, and scam of the “Cold Woar” (and the grift graft and scam of newks) can be summed up by a quote from Arthur Vandenburg to President Truman on March 12th, 1947: “That’s how you sell it.” You have to “scare hell out of the American people.” Only way to do that was to make sure the Soviets “somehow got” “newk” technology (hence the fake and gay “Rosenburg Affair” (those mooks couldn’t have spied their way out of a paper bag).

          In this way, the grift could continue, since “look, now nobody can use nukes or the world ends.”

          Eustace Mullins can actually be credited as opening the door the the whole scam, with his book “The 5 Trillion Dollar Cold War Hoax” in 1996 (overview by Mullins below):

          So, biggest takeaway, all the other distractions have failed, and now they are pulling out (what they still think) is their “big stick” to get “let’s you and him fight.”

          Don’t fall for it. Remember that “newks” were allegedly the creation of a group of people that lie about everything, even when they don’t have to. Control and filthy lucre are what they crave, and it’s easier to use marketing and fear than actually having to create.

          1. One final PPS (there’s a lot of fuckery and shenanigans surrounding this topic).

            Zee Chermans were much further along regarding “nuke” research, but in 1943 realized it was a dry hole, and that their (extremely limited) resources were better spent on productive matters.

            Some very interesting (and very nearly memory-holed) research proceeded, in particular regarding the “Wirbelwind” (Whirlwind) bomb. In a test at the highly secretive base in Ohrdruf, Thuringia, an experimental FAE bomb was tested in August 1943:

            “The Whirlwind Bomb produced an artificial hurricane of fire and is absolutely authentic even though it may seem improbable. The explosive was developed and tested by Dr. Zippermayr at Lofer, an experimental Luftwaffe institute in the Tyrol. The explosive was pulverized coal dust and liquid air. Its effect was sufficient to create an artificial typhoon and was intended initially as an anti-aircraft weapon able to destroy aircraft by excessive turbulence. The effective radius of action was 914 metres.”

            Not satisfied with this (already impressive) performance, a “waxy substance/reagent” was added, which produced a weapon with a 4.5km blast zone (compare that to yer alleged “newk” and you have something very effective, and that does not require “newkulur” materials).

            Full details here:

            Point being, while there are most assuredly very powerful explosives currently available, they are all “conventional.”

            Listen to Stanley Kubrick’s exhortation: “Stop worrying and love the bomb.” Because like most things, the truth is at 90 degrees to what they have been telling you, and it is most assuredly far weirder than most people realize.

  2. I am surprised you didn’t borrow the meme of the sub that Phil had over at bustedknuckles.

  3. Id like to see you fill it with enough weight so that is isnt boyent.

    If you place the weight on top you wont test the latched ablity to cinch down on the gasket.

    It is still a good test as it is possibke for it to be under gear and it shouldnt deform and leak from that.

  4. Okay–where did you get the Wagner PMC patch? Linky please….

    I need more visible things to trigger snowflakes with.

    1. Got it in an Offer letter from them, although there’s some on Ebay apparently being sold at insane prices
      Mine’s a legit patch… dunno if they have a bling shop… they really need one

    2. I found this website . Kula Tactical They have the Wagner patch for 13.90 it looks just like the picture above.

    3. Eh. I spent weeks going around Boston with a Confederate States flag (not the battle flag, the “flag of state”) on my shoulder bag, and not one person said a word. I think people truly had no idea what the flag was.

  5. Yo, Bro!

    The Condor gear–it ain’t half-bad. Price is right. It’ll do nicely when things get spicier here stateside. Same with the $400 Palmetto Puncher. Hellsfire! I’ll be layin’ and playin’ at 300 yards–max. Easy-peasy.

    Gotta go out now and practice…

  6. Hobby drone
    Pinch of China opoid crisis
    Real crowd pleaser for bad times

  7. Nice review BC.
    Was looking for similar case a few months back after having the same Juggernaut sticker shock.
    Might have to dig a little deeper on that again. I normally run Otterbox on the cellular tracking device so that case would just give me an extra level of carry and protection.


  8. I can’t help but wonder if in that last moment before it all went to hell and the cabin crushed them. Did anyone say out “Shit. I guess we were wrong. Maybe we should have kept that 50 year old white guy.”

  9. Someone needs to come up with a meme using the Minnow and “……three hour tour….”

  10. My favorite comment posted about it was simply this:

    “The dildo of consequences rarely arrives lubed”

    Sort of says it all.

  11. I just read the first paragraph and busted out laughing. I think I’m going to like this post.

  12. Sing it with me now…
    “They all died in a homemade submarine.
    A homemade submarine.
    A homemade submarine.”

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