Happy Birfday! And the Band and Memes March On and On and On…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Gretchen’s Birfday today. 49 years young (again). Been a good day. Still buried at People’s Glorious Tractor Factory but, it pays the bills to a point and I actually -do- enjoy this job. I’ve had to, like so many others, suffer in a gig that you purely hate that this’s like a breath of fresh air.

So, we’re not really -doing- anything for the Birfday. I mean we are but not. I ponied up for her and Gran#1 and her BFF to go to “Tea” on Saturday. Like an honest-to-Gawd veddy veddy British Tea party where they get all gussied up and hats and gloves and sundresses… finger sammiches and tea in a seriously fancy-shmancy tea room.

Her being uber-girlie-girl and pretty Tradcon/Based for a chick, she’s really fired up to get dressy-dressed and out for an elaborate affair.

Why not? Gran#1 is all fired up too from what I’ve heard. Gretch got her a lil princess tiara, and gloves and all the fittins.

So that’ll leave me and Sapper and HIS fam here at the house, and we got plans to hit the fishing hole in the back yard to teach Atlas (Sapper’s gran) to go fishing. He’s only 5, so weapons are out for another year or so… may as well get him intro’d to fishing. There’s one HUGE bass in there that over the years has been caught NUMEROUS times… like I’d say (as of two days ago when one of the teens in the hood caught it) it’s about 8-9 pounds… big ole honker of a fish…
Sucker’s been there forever and considering the number of times it’s been caught and released, I’m surprised it’s still alive. Tough SOB for a fish I suppose.

Now, Another meme about the 12 year old kid that they’re oh-so-desperate to destroy:

I think on this one the “Outraged ADL” and everyone WAY overplayed their hand. The mockery has been relentless.
Another one:

And then this one:

Like I said
And another Fren on gab pointed this lil Gem out:

“A Jew gives your 12- year-old a pornographic book –
it’s education.”
“Your 12-year-old gives a drawing of Hitler to a Jew teacher – it’s a criminal offense

Uh… yeah. I didn’t save or -want- to save the picture as it had that at the top of the poast, and the pic? >Shudder< It was a screencap of a page out of that book… “Gender Queer”
I utterly refuse to poast it or a link
IF you want to puke, google it.
This’s a book that they say is for elementary school students

Tell you what, burning books is a tragedy
Burning this book?
Needs to be done, PERIOD FUCKING DOT.

It is, by anyone who has a brain and/or moral code can tell it’s nothing but grooming material.
SPARE me the ‘holier than thou’ shit about “You should never ban a book!!!” All these politicos and media fuckwits who say that on one hand, and yet mysteriously are quiescent about the fucking Bribery, the Laptop and well, anything and everything that shines a truth-light on #/theirguys evil.

And THAT right there. This shit is evil.
You cannot, under ANY circumstances, change my mind.
No fucking way in hell should any child under the age of 16 ever see or be educated thusly with such dastardly and malignant bullshit.

Bad enough that the ‘net is the “Wild Wild West” vis-a-vis pron and the like… Fucking selective outrage anyone?
And they’ve even been stating that opposition to such a horrific grooming thing is Anti-Semitic?????


As Tony Stark said

“I’ll take ‘things that make us look really really REALLY bad’ for $500 Alex”

As so often stated before…
“…and then one day, another Hitler was elected, and no one understood why?”

All these fucking retards and fuckwits, living in their ‘safe space’ bubbles… thinking that ‘OrangeManBad’ was and/or the modern equivalent of MoustacheManBad… Hehe. These people, the fuckwits are, without a doubt the most ludicrous theoretical hoomons to have ever walked the Erf. Besides having zero experience in a fist fight (never having been punched in the fucking face) they’re also utterly ignorant of history.

They talk of OrangeManBad being the worst thing evvar
Fuckers need to read up on Timur or Tamarlane as he’s better known.

17 Million.
With swords… Hand to hand baby. Timur is the guy best remembered for essentially killing every. single. person. in the Central Asian Area of Operations… the guy who LITERALLY made pyramids of skulls. This in a time that an extremely rough estimate of the world population was about 390 Million.

He, using very rough maff kil’t 4.39% of the entire world population. Now THAT Guy? THAT’s a bad-ass who you utterly do not want to fuck with. These fuckwits have NO IDEA if there’s someone out there, seething, who’s along the lines of a Timur or Chingiss.
If there is, they’re completely hosed man.
Everyone is kvetching so hard over a fucking drawing
So bad, Oy Vey that he, the teacher quit his job and got a restraining order out on the kid.
Man, nice to see all that resiliency there huh?
Can’t find his picture ( ANOTHER case of ‘I should have saved it rt-rt’) but yeah, it’s about as soy-soaked as you can imagine. Reality is, he’s won the new “oppression lottery”… Just watch… lawsuits and warfare inbound in 3…2…1…
And that’s what it’s alllllll about in the end… Destroy a 12 year old kid, and profit from it.
Fucking despicable.

Now, to finish up, I found ever moar LOLable memes on this… Like I said, the hilarity and ridiculing will go on and on and on
until they get a fucking clue

And that right there
Maaaan lots of sick n twisted folks…
Gotta love the creativity of it.

So More Later
Big Country

16 thoughts on “Happy Birfday! And the Band and Memes March On and On and On…”

  1. Bet my bottom dollar that those in the ‘yellow’ submarine resemble an runny jam right about now!

    1. Fish food. One way or another. There’s no way to recover anyone alive even if they find the damned thing.

      Seriously, if the USN lost a boat, there’s no way to recover anyone unless the boat is lost in shallow waters. By the time they know a boat’s missing, and then activate one of the DSRVs and the sub or ship that carries it, and get the DSRV mated to the sub or ship and then get the vessels to the sink site, everyone’s dead.

      And that crappy sub? You stand a better chance of surviving a Boeing Starliner or a Blue Origins New Shepard launch than in that thing.

      1. I think the deepest rescue ever was from 1200 feet (USN) Not sure but that was bandied about in one of the miiiiiill-yon articles giving wall-2-wall coverage today.

        1. The dude they fired in ‘17 or ‘18 was saying the hull wasn’t safe at those depths. Oh, and the ‘tard CEO didn’t want to have to have voice comms b/c he wanted to enjoy his dives without constant check-ins with the surface. He gets to enjoy life as a milkshake now.

  2. I like the disaster girl one, she sold the original photo for $500,000.
    Saw a tweet by Stephen King stating that he would support the CPUSA (D) even if they have child orgies.
    There is one side of the family like that, haven’t spoken to them in years.
    I don’t appreciate commies and communism is 100% small hat.
    Sad that the Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 is going on in FUSA and only a small percentage even know.

  3. Weimar problems are going to require post Weimar solutions. History doesn’t always repeat itself, but it does often rhyme. Germany 100 years ago, vs. Germany 90 years ago. No similarities?

  4. You’re right; they’ve scubbed his photo. I can’t find it anywhere, and it’s been erased from the original articles. Shades of 1984 :-/

  5. Happy Birthday Pretty Lady! BCE I hope you have plans for a small B-day dinner and soft music and candles for later as the way things are going this might be the last sane birthday for a while. Please have a very pleasant day and beautiful week Gretchen (from your army of admirers for putting up with BC).

    Spin Drift

  6. re — submarine crush
    From my experience with compressors in the shop and SCUBA tanks during a re-fill, compressed air gets very hot.
    I suspect a submarine diving beyond its rating would deform as the structure collapses.
    As the internal air is compressed, its temperature would significantly rise.
    Without knowing anything about that end of fluid dynamics, I suspect the passengers were instantly incinerated.

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