A Short Poast Tonight

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes…
Three. Hours. To. Get. Home.
Had to take a half day today as Dad fell down again and this time, he fell -into- the shower when he got off the toilet… ripped the shower curtain down, got bruised up, and the lil built-into-the-wall soap holder shattered.

Dad’s ok, rattled per usual and bruised up, but maaan
Usually it’s 90 minutes each way. I have NO IDEA WTF happened on the ride home… the back-up on I-75 was soooooo bad, I was actually kinda-sorta pissed that I didn’t see heaping piles of flaming wreckage and/or piles of burning carcii…

My mood was that of wanting to produce some dead motherfuckers tho, let me tell you… Road Rage much? Yeah, but I keep it -in- the car as you never know who or what you’re dealing with these days…

So, home but tired and sore.

Tonight -was/is- going to be a mention of the completely blown out of proportion 12 year old kid and his MASSIVELY hateful anti-Semitic drawing. Apparently even saying that you don’t ‘appreciate’ the tribe and making a picture of Mustache Man Bad is enough that they’re, per usual rending the garments, calling for all sorts of punishments and vile other calls to essentially destroy this kid for having the audacity of essentially saying he didn’t like his Big-Nose-Small-Hat teacher.

Of course, the responses on Gab and a LOT of ‘other’ alt-media have had a fucking field day mocking the fuck out of them AND the obvious overreaction to it… Stuff like this:

So bad is the kvetching the ADL jumped right on the bandwagon. Without even the smallest hint of irony they breathlessly put this out:

You’d think this kid was planning a doing up annuda Shoah!

All I can say is that THE KID IS FUCKING TWELVE FFS!!!!

Holy fucking shit…
I’m telling you, shit like this?
THIS is how you get another real Hitler to come around.
THIS is how you get real pogroms started
For fucks sakes, they let 12 year old nigger kids who’ve committed fucking murder that they literally let go free (‘cos he a gud boi, he dindu nuffin)….

Oy Vey.

They’re utterly going to ruin this kid and his family and anyone connected to him for the “crime” of Not Liking His Jewish Teacher…

Fuck. Those. People.
Not Jews…

All of them.

Anyone who supports ANY ‘hate crime’ laws? Fucking morons… it’s a tool to strictly used to hammer on whytte peepo again.

When was the last time you heard of a minority being hit with a hate crime charge? Like -legit-? When did they ever slap on onto the Jews who’ve pulled hoaxes by spray-painting swastikas on their own temple a hate crime charge, because IRL? There just aren’t that many real Nazis out there, so to keep the shekels and sympathy coming in, they have to fake it til they make it.

Anyways… too much to cover, and I’m beat.
More Later and closing with my fave meme on this shitshow-in-progress
Big Country

10 thoughts on “A Short Poast Tonight”

  1. Major accident on I-75 shut down both lanes so bad they were talking about it taking 12 hours to get back to normal.

    1. Yeah tanker truck carrying a hazmat load went through the guard rail and onto the median and rolled in Alachua county at mile marker 390 at about 6am. Took 16 hours to clean up and I75 JUST reopened at 10pm. (this is in my neck of the woods).

    2. That makes sense…like must have just started when we got there… Lots of County Swine all around too… counted at least 8 County Mounties just strollin’ and rollin’… be a LOT of that lately too. All fuzzed up and no one to extort I reckon….

  2. Saw one of the bearded buff Chad with the drawing as his face.
    Another one said that fren means far right ethno nationalist. (honk!)
    Putin was right in his quote about no one should feel exceptional.
    I haven’t seen the car with the 14/88 NASCAR stickers around in a while or the hashtag fuck your feelings sticker with the balls trailer hitch.
    I hope they are well.

  3. BCE: Ck. Wirecutter article of the perfumed princes being protected from “negative portrayals on social media”.

  4. I am a 68 year old white guy with USV experience. Our unmanned vehicle had an acoustic pinger and a xenon flasher. Cost around a grand apiece. Because we wanted it back. A manned USV without locating devices is a deathtrap.

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