Work, Inflation and Oddities

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Another Monday, come and gone and man, can’t understand despite all the productivity at People’s Glorious Tractor Factory just how I do so much, yet felt like I didn’t do jack shit.

Probably because it was fucking Monday…

No wonder I hate the modren world and enjoyed the DotMil.
At least there I could actually see the results of a good mission being completed. And, despite the let-down feeling, as compared to “Dilbert’s World” from which I came from before?

OH man, let me die at Tractor Factory. Good job, great people, OK pay (I could always use a raise) and I get to pretty much work at my own pace as opposed to being overseen by some Midwit.

Dilbert’s World BTW refers to the Hellscape of the Cubes… you know… the world that essentially died during COVID? I’d like to see the real numbers on the reality, but the attempts to frame ‘work from home’ as a bad thing are belied by personal experience… One of the jobs I did BEFORE Glorious People’s Tractor Factory was a work from home call-center sort of thing.

The raw numbers were that productivity was actually up like a mo’fo’ year-to-year. Like 11% increased productivity, and like an astounding 70% increase in job satisfaction. Hell, I positively LOVED doing it… no commute? Awesome. No having to get ‘dressed up’ for work? Sheeeeeeeee-it. I was lucky if I hit the shower every day… the very fact I could get up 10 minutes before my shift started, grab a cuppa, login, and start going? And hell… showers usually came at first break… 15 minutes to do the ‘ass-and-trash’ thang and get back on?


Which tells me that GloboHomoCorp, by the latest stories is purely full of shit talking about trying to get people back into the orifice. Then again, when is GloboHomoCorp not full of shit? The main reason I think all the latest stories of ‘production down’ and ‘people need to be in the orifice’ is that they’re faced with utterly brutal rent issues and collapsing real estate… the call center I managed in years ago was a (not literally) but a burned out mall… one of those GIANT 1980’s malls that shit the bed in the 90’s collapse.

They took all that millions? of square footage and turned it into GIANT call centers. THEN when the ‘Vid hit, they sent everyone home with an IP phone, told ’em to rig up at “Fort Livingroom” and man….

Katy bar the door

You ain’t getting the serfs/wage slaves back on THAT particular plantation. I mean really… the savings in work from home? I used to have a 22 mile each way commute… call it gallon, gallon and a half use a day… That’s like call it… huh… about $8-10 a day savings. Then lunch? 90% of the time? I was newly single… I don’t ‘brown bag’ it, so lunch, pre-current psycho-inflation, was about $7 a day +/- for Mickey-Dees Quik-But-Nasty Goyslop.

Never mind meeting up on Fridays for beers with the guys…
Realistically… call it $50 in gas, $40 for Lunches… and I’ll just write off the Friday beer, ‘cos either out with the guys to the Winghouse or Hooters, or at the house, the $25 was getting spent no matter what.

So yeah… call it a Cee-Note weekly that I saved.
$400 a month
Never mind I no longer have to buy ‘work clothes’ for a dress code or anything… shit, I, even when I do report in person, shorts, flip-flops and a Hawaiian shit is passable. When I’m doing ‘home-work’?

Lets just say Gretchen is on me to get rid of my “…raggedy assed nasty t-shirts you live in!!!”


I’m a guy, what do you expect?
Couple of holes in that thar concert Tee?

So… other things.
Seems I’ve been getting practically bombarded with emails from some of the places that in the past couple of years that I bought silver coinage from. Back BEFORE silver went sorta-kinda-nuts… I paid about, with all included, about $25-27 per coin… and I’ve been getting blown up with requests to buy it back…

Which then makes me go “How much is it currently?”
Let’s see…

As of today? $24 an ounce is a bit steep
As you also have to pay the seigniorage for the coin itself…
And looking it up…
JM Bullion:

When you figure in shipping, call it $50 a coin. That’s nuts.

Yep… “Our economy has never been better or stronger”: So say
some delusional bunch of reeee-tards in the District of Criminals.

Gold is under $2k.
That’s normal per usual for now, as ‘they’ seem to artificially depress the cost on that, on the reg. What I do know is the Mickey Dees Inflationary Rate is off the charts.

Ain’t no mo “dolla menu”
And a Big Mac, Large Fry, Large Coke?
Try $12.89 with Tax
The local high(er) end Pizza Place is cheaper. It’s a nice sit-down 1940’s themed place, live piano on Friday Nights, unreal food, and a Martini Menu that’ll blow you away. My fave being the Espresso Vodka Martini… WITHOUT Booze, we can get a nice large woodfired Pie for about $25 with tip. The atmosphere is very “Godfather”-ish…

Two fucking combo meals from the Clown costs as much. And is a faaaar more inferior product.

So, to me, besides the MDIR going nuts, the fact that silver is waaaay higher than it should nominally be, and that they’re begging to buy it back?


Now, speaking on ‘DotMil stuff’
LOTS of vidyas surfacing. LOTS and LOTS of vidyas. 32 states so far showing massive movement nationwide of everything from M-109 SP 155mm Arty running on a highway in Idaho, to Strykers in New York, and columns of HMMWVs rolling through, no shit, Los Angeles?

Initially I was sort-of leaning in towards it being the summer. LOTS of folks seem to have forgotten that it’s normally time for the Army Reserve and National Guard to fire up the Summer Annual Training, something that over the past couple dozen years or so got forsworn as well, who does AT when yer headed to the sandbox(s)?

Then Milley Vanilli put out word that “This ain’t training”.
Rut Roh.

Now just why in the hell the Perfumed Princes of Sodom-on-the-Potomac would come out and I dunno, say something pretty fucking inflammatory? I mean to quote Bill Paxton: “Maybe you aren’t up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked, pal!” – Hudson 
Seriously, we just lost two wars, our guys are on the back foot, and by all rights, normal Annual Training -should- be starting

Just what is all this shit being moved around for?
The M-109s on the Idaho Highway is a bit extreme.
I mean in light of the fact that I don’t know where the footage was shot, nor the circumstances… I do know there’s like only 2-3 significant DotMil (both Reserve and NG) in Idaho…

Reason it’s exceptionally odd is that usually tracks like that are put on HUUUUUGE Trucks called “Prime Movers” to haul them around:

Let me tell you
The M1070? That be a TALL sumbitch… I used to purely hate having to climb up and into ’em to check the Dataplates. 28 wheels and power than makes a Mack Truck look like a Volkswagen Beetle. The pic above? It’s hauling a M-88 Tank Recovery vehicle, a track that, in its latest iteration, can haul not one but two broke assed M1-A2s which come in at 74 tons… each.

So I find it very odd to see Self Propelled Arty rolling around… generally the state, hell, the DotMil purely hates to let tracks on hardball roads, hence why, it looks like those tracks in the aforementioned vidya are juuuust off the road and in the breakdown lane/dirt. Tracks’ll rip the hell out of asphalt. BIG Reason Germany’s Autobahn was made of cast concrete was to facilitate NATO rolling around cray-cray in the event of WW3, as well as to provide alternate runways for NATO warplanes… During REFORGER it kept the cost down quite a bit.

Although a buddy of mine showed me a picture of a road in South Korea that got tore-up-from-the-floor-up when an Abrams ‘accidentally’ got on a asphalt road… man, chewed that shit up like a mo’fo’. And that was with rubber track pads… can’t even imagine what Russian-Style bare steel tracks would do… probably throw ‘rooster tails’ of shredded rock out behind it…

So, strange things are afoot at the Circle K.
Head on a swivel. I have no idea but in my head, the 23rd of this month keeps popping up in my nugget… both in dreams/nightmares. No idea but still…
More Later
Big Country

18 thoughts on “Work, Inflation and Oddities”

  1. Two snapshots:

    1) Smart dude who works w me suggests the driver in killing Work at Home is the commercial real estate collapse, ‘specially because Blackrock and other big johnsons hold all of the CRE stock. In other words, “get your meat back in the cans and cubes lest we lose our entire ass in the CRE mkt”.

    Works for me.

    2) Got a link for Milly Vanilly on “not drill”?

    Keep punching, bro.

    1. So far word of mouth by sumdood I used to do the “gun thang” for for the Reserves (when I was the State Master Gunsmith for the Reserves)
      They’re mighty pissed off they have to take time off from civvy street to get vehicles and shit up and running.
      Will ask for a copy of the OPORDER and see if I can get it

  2. Think solar panels when looking at silver prices.

    Each panel has some silver in them. If they keep pushing solar it will probably take all the silver.

  3. I remember back in the 1990’s when gold was still under 800 a oz. silver was 12-15 bucks or so.
    told a co worker to buy now as it was going to go up. wonder if he did?
    anyway, the demand for silver coins is thru the roof ! everyone is just starting to realize that paper money is just paper. funny how that shit works ? the thing is you will trade a coin for a meal when you starving and not think twice about it. eating out anymore is just insane with the price of food.
    last week we had fast movers fly over here. that is something out of place. airspace around here MIGHT
    have a 2 seat puddle jumper fly by now and then, but jets, military jets ? never saw that before in 7 years here. anyway, gas cans are all full, there is as much food and stuff on the shelfs as I can manage
    to do. and I do believe I am out of the blast zone if they do go stupid.
    silver and gold are fine if you have everything else already covered. but if you don’t. you better plan on spending a fair bit to get what you may need or want.

  4. I was thinking I was getting robbed when coinman asked $40 apiece for 2 King Chuck silver £2 one ounce coins. My head was thinking silver spot was still at $19 oz and you could get an ounce for about $32-$35. Man inflation is hitting hard.

    The local national guard had their two week drill the past two weeks. Their trucks and carriers are still painted for the desert not the Steppe. What the Hell are they wasting fuel driving those tracks along public roads instead of driving them on trucks or rail? Curiouser and curiouser.

  5. The 22 of June pops in my head. The start date of both Operation Barbarossa in 1941 and of Operation Bagration (the Destruction of Army Group Center) in 1944. We may be seeing Barbarossa 2 Electric Boogaloo on 062223.

  6. M-109’s…The Idaho Army National Guard’s 1st of the 148th Field Artillery Regiment will move tracked vehicles along state roads from the Idaho Falls Training Area to its Idaho Falls Armory during the day on Wednesday, June 14, in return from an annual training event.

  7. I can think of one good reason you want to pre-position assets around the country.
    You want to control the population, or maybe even militarily take over a few select state governments in case they refuse to cooperate.
    If perhaps, you are going to suddenly arrest and imprison a former President.

  8. Vasily Z only wanted to work at the tractor factory in sniperkrieg Enemy At The Gates.
    Read that NYC is back up to 50% occupation of office space in the post COV-LARP FUSA.
    The eternal optimist pages were contemplating a MIL coup, wouldn’t that be a summer surprise.
    Weather Underground Barry purged all the Patriots in the Year Zero reign 2009-2015?
    One page claimed that Garfinkle getting denied for SCROTUS was also part of the plan.

  9. The nightly Bolshevik enemedia agitprop report stated that comrade commissar Blinken (CPUSA) flew to Zipperland (CCP) for a 40 minute visit and now the OG aggregator page is reporting that he gave a speech against Taiwanese independence.

    (source: Bloomberg,Post Millenial)

  10. What makes people think that a “brilliant uncirculated” new issue coin (which is anything from NGC AU 58 to MS 67) would be sold at near spot prices, even without the current physical metals premiums?

    NGC coin grading scale

    Do you want something closer to spot pricing just for the metal?

    Then move well below AU 50 on the NGC coin grading scale.

    All of the major metal shops online sell rolls and bags of “junk silver” which are bulk worn coins typically ranging from G 4 through F 15, with a few rare inclusions by mistake of something as high as XF 45.

    Numismatic coinage is not bullion coinage is not junk coinage.

    “When you figure in shipping, call it $50 a coin. That’s nuts.”

    No, it’s not, because this is what you can expect for new issue numismatic coinage.

    Try a 1986 American Silver Eagle and it’s almost $70 (USD) for the same amount of metal right now, and that’s what you can expect from “coin collector coins”.

    Now try the Canadian silver maple leaf, which is a bullion coin: around $30 per coin, also “brilliant uncirculated”, which really means very little for a bullion coin.

    Shift back over to Morgan dollars, and you’re back in the numismatic coins on the top end and the junk silver on the bottom, with “brilliant uncirculated” right now around $55.

    Or if you just want some silver tokens that are going to be worth something to trade, why not just buy a few kilos of junk silver dimes?

    Around $2450 for a $100 face bag right now of silver dimes (SD Bullion), 71.5 troy ounces comes out to about $34.25 per troy ounce, with the smaller fractional size being its own physical metals premium.

    If you want bigger silver tokens, maybe Canadian silver maples are better for you.

    But if your scenario involves buying bread and survival supplies, big fucking bags of sub-ounce silver coins are a considerably more useful option.

    Same goes for gold coins: what exactly do you plan on buying with a one troy ounce coin that’s over $2k now?

    Or you could stack some Chinese Panda fractionals, British sovereigns, or even old Krugerrands for more flexibility, and it’s still the same weight in gold, but with a fractional size premium and considerably easier possibilities for trading.

    Bottom line: anything “slabbed” in plastic is just as much a Safe Queen as your prettiest low serial number rarity in your gun safe, and it never sells for anywhere close for spot prices.

    Seriously, stay away from the bright shiny coins you guys or you’ll become the coin buyer equivalents of chicks shopping at Jimmy Choo. 🙂

    1. Enjoyed your thoughts on the Pm’s. As to this one;

      “Same goes for gold coins: what exactly do you plan on buying with a one troy ounce coin that’s over $2k now?”

      I look at it as a storage of wealth. That is to mean that if you have the money and want to secure it in a non-paper/electronic manner. It is certainly much more man portable then the same dollar value of silver if it comes to that. A gold 1934 US $20 coin makes a better bribe then a silver Maple Leaf. The slab keeps it in good shape and helps to give an authentic impression to the other party in the exchange. Even if you are not bribing your way out of trouble at the Canadian border, you might want to buy farm acres or a woodlot in the post collapse. There will still be times for large transactions.
      I think the old junk silver coins will be the basis of a 19th century style rural economy. They will be the day to day coin when direct barter of goods or credit accounts are not used. People will obviously need to become re-familiarized with distinguishing between the old silver and the current fiat coins and understanding the face value of 90% to the silver spot price.

      1. Ditto on the ramblings above.
        Gold is for preserving wealth – your grandkids will inherit the coins. May come a day you use one, to buy a whole cow, or a car/truck, or some land… or to convert it to whatever fiat you currently need to obtain.

        Silver is for more everyday usage. Coins sealed in plastic at a premium are equivalent to gold – to preserve wealth, not exchange goods and services. Silver blanks or rounds (buffalo’s are a popular one, many mints make their own coins/rounds). Theybare NOT brilliant uncirculated, they are not collectable, they are for stacking and acquiring silver. 1oz and 10oz bars are also a good choice if from a reputable source.
        ‘Junk silver’ coinage as its called will be useful for exchange and barter in smaller denominations (aka a ‘90% silver’ quarter is worth about a buck fifty in metal, despite what fedgov stamped on the front).
        All of this however, only comes into play when our currency becomes worthless ala Zimbabwe inflation. Which means we’ve got some pretty big problems on our hands.
        Better to stock up on lead than silver. Lead can get you silver, ifn yaknowhatImean?

  11. Hold onto your seats, because this news is a game-changer. [url=]Korean port day after joint[/url] Latest: BoI secretary to oversee Nadra till new chief’s hiring Well, well, well, the news validates my previous conclusions. It’s no surprise to me.

  12. My take on the .mil activity is that it is all of the above. Some of it is routine activity, and some of it is a little out of the ordinary and some of it is clearly preparation for some kind of active event. There are many vids of very recent unit movements of American and Canadian military in Europe. The Americans appear to be going into Lithuania and in Poland moving closer to the Eastern border. Canadians are also going into Poland. The Utoobe channel that has all of this is called “combat camera” . It is mostly boring vid of soldiers getting in and out of transport and moving duffle bags. Most of the recent vids have titles that suggest all of this forward deploying is in response to the Russian tactical nuke deployment to Belarus. The troops being moved are a wide variety, Some 82nd ABN and others are mech units. I noticed 29th ID, Virginia/MD National Guard patches on one unit supposedly arriving in Poland and another unit was the 53rd Armored Brigade of the Florida National Guard with the Conquistador helmet patch clearly in evidence. I have not seen very much in the way of MSM reporting on this activity. It is possible to root out the official story by using OSINT methods. For instance, you can ID the units involved and look for local news reports about the deployment, or even check the NG unit pages and see if this is a long planned AT deployment or not. Many NG units have the full years drill schedule online. I have not gone to the trouble to do so.
    My thoughts on this are that the activity in Europe proper is worrisome and certainly not routine. The failing Ukie offensive is obviously causing panic in the neocon world and there is a great scramble underway to have the forces there forward deployed and disposed for war. The presence of NG units is also concerning. It was always very unusual for anything but a token reserve component deployment to Europe for REFORGER or other exercises. The 2 week AT duration was simply to short to justify the cost and time lost in moving large reserve units to Europe, only to ship them right back. At the very least, some of these units could be bringing their heavy equipment forward and will be ordered to leave it behind in “storage” when they return stateside. These stocks can then be easily turned over to Ukraine.
    Here at home, the uproar about all of this activity online could be prevented if people at the local level put more effort into intelligence collection. Instead of just taking a short vid of some armor sitting on railcars, make an effort to go get unit information off of the equipment, it is usually stenciled on. We have to start thinking and acting like wartime espionage practitioners. That means exact counts, unit ID, direction of travel, exact types instead of “tanks” to describe any type of tracked vehicle, etc, etc. You should have a very precise knowledge of all the regional Active/Res/NG units, where they are based, what type of unit, mission, and equipment. Same goes for all state and local police and special police units, (air wing, SWAT). Obviously you should be monitoring the local emergency frequencies on a daily basis. If USMC Ospreys start landing at the local park unannounced, or a convoy or tactical tracks is driving down mainstreet, the police will be discussing it on the air for certain.
    If your unusual activity involves aircraft, get the type and direction and go inside and look for it in your airspace with one of the free ADS-B flight trackers online like this one;
    You can learn more about where they took off from and where they are going by doing this then you can by squinting into the sun.
    One of the things that killed the Patriot/militia movement in the 1990’s was the complete panic fiction being produced online. Talk of Russian and Chinese brigades hidden in the DeSoto National Forest was a common one. It undermined the credibility of everyone. Let’s improve our game and not go down that road again. Put some collection work in or don’t bother posting your pictures.

    1. >panic fiction online
      Wouldn’t be surprised if some of that was feds fucking around.

  13. Holes in clothes,meh that’s just ventilation. Did the cubicle thing for 10 years long time ago. The people I work with were hard working, great people, management we’re assholes glad to get the hell out of there.

  14. Used to be, I knew when our .mil was getting set up for something, simply because my neighborhood was in the line of flight between Dover and Dix-McGuire-Lakehurst. One afternoon, we were hosting a backyard cookout and a formation of A-10s were on their way Delaware-wards. Not so much now. Either I’m not paying attention now or that isn’t happening so much.
    Stay safe

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