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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
TOTAL suckfest today. Ex-Spawn, (Eldest Son) besides kicking me to the curb, well I got no text, no email, no acknowledgement BUT he -did- thank his Uncle and dead Grandfather for being his father figures… that’s the Piece of Shit Ex-Brother-in-Law who went waaaaaaaaaaay above and beyond the call of assholery to fuck up my marriage.

A pox on all of them

So, nope. Not feeling anything today but the sads

So instead, here’re a few memes from this week that cracked me up.

Some More Shit Later
Big Country

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  1. Hey buddy you ain’t alone on the list of dads whose kid dgaf today. Oh well. Daddy tried.

  2. Happy Father’s Day sir, often kids don’t realize how much they can hurt us especially when they only get one side of the story (ask me how I know these things). You should realize you inspire and motivate a whole bunch of folks out here in the real world. Some of those people are young men who look up to you the way you are raising grand kids and fighting for them to give them a good life and a decent start at life. That is something to be proud of and people notice it. So just know you are appreciated and to fuck it drive on because you are a father to many you will never know. All the best my friend.

  3. Dude, Happy Fathers Day. I speak from experience that being a mother is hard but being a dad is harder because you have to swallow a boat load of crap everyday to bring home the bacon, usually never get a moments rest, del with the kids problems, fix shit, do things, take responsibility instead of going fishing, do chores that would make Mike Rowe puke, listen to the ball and chain complain about her day, wash rinse repeat ad nauseum. But it is the most fulfilling job in the world. Wouldn’t trade it for anything and only another father would know. So here’s to you on a day we all should be celebrated.

    Spin Drift

    1. Double ditto, Spin!
      I’ll try tuning the prayers, they need some more octane. Still preying for you and the family.

      1. “Preying”? Are you sure?
        Are you sending messages to A Higher Being?
        Or are you stalking and hunting?

        Sorry (not sorry) for the OT.

        Happy Father’s Day to you BCE.
        Yes, it’s a damned hard row to hoe to be a decent father/parent.
        BTDT. But fortunately I had and still have the support of wife (first and only) and four children (all grown).
        Twenty years Uncle Sam Ain’t Released Me Yet, it could have too, too easily gone the other way. CQ, Staff Duty, FTXs, deployments, unaccompanied TDYs…….yeah, I was a lucky one.
        But I’m here to wish you Happy Father’s Day, in spite of the ill treatment from your chillins.

  4. Yup.

    I skipped church today. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are big deals out at the little country chapel… and my family outside of the wife only evokes pain and sorrow. Why bother? It is a celebration of family…but ya gotta have a family to celebrate, and those sermons just make old wounds ache.

    Dunno if I did the right thing with that. Perhaps I shoulda gone and just sucked it up instead of staying home and feeling sorry for myself? Bah! Slap some rude jokes out, and laugh!

    Sing along, fellas!

    🎶 Life’s a piece of shit 🎵
    🎼 When you look at it…🎶

  5. Don’t let the bastards grind ya down.
    I figured out real fast that mom says no dad says let’s go.
    He used to pick me up at school in a beautiful blue Corvette Stingray with side pipes and I burned the shit out of my leg after getting out when we reached point B.
    Pappy said rub some dirt on it, bwahaha!
    I’ll play some Gravewürm, Wilt, Death Kommander, Women of the SS, Sturmführer, Slayer, Immortal, Coffins (Japan), if they want get all psych.
    Metallica was over when Bob Rock had them playing in our parents Girth Brooks mobiles.
    Comrade Pope is down with the rainbow and fuck Ape Lincoln.

  6. Happy fathers day to you as well. I have two spawns that have never even reliazed I am alive. The whore mom got custody and I tried for more than 40 years to have a connection with them, decided to let it be a lost cause. I’ve had have a woman righteous woman for 20 years and not a slutwhore. The spawns are grown and support her. Their loss.

  7. My boy thanked me for always coming back from fetching the milk… no matter how shitty his siblings act.

    He has a sense of humour.

  8. I know where yer coming from. I get a phone call, for fathers day, birthday, Christmas, and so on. Life sucks, then we die. I’m just a lot closer to the end. Fuck it. Don’t mean nothin, never did. Now the wierd thing is, I love my kids to death, go figure….

  9. So, I got the call at work Father’s Day at 0130. My son never calls me at work. First words were “have you seen the news?“ Well, gee golly whiz no. Not what you want to hear when you know he’s a few hours away. He’s at the gorge amphitheater at a concert, it’s in the middle of nowhere, for the weekend, and some dude started shooting up the place in a lovely gun free zone. So, when he called me, he was way up in the hills, FaceTimed me his perfect position with cover and with a wide-open view of the whole place. He was the only one who left out of 40k(ish) people Everyone else in his area followed the unarmed security guards orders to go in these defenseless buildings. They were screaming at him not to leave. They locked down all the gates, and locked everyone in. But most of the concert continued as normal. Music kept going. His friends told him he was being paranoid for taking off like that. Guess they didn’t consider it to be significant, but five people were shot, and two of them dead, and the scene was still considered active. But he did what I’d taught him to do; ignore the authorities and go away from the bullets FAST. He had to bust through two fences to do it. So, my Father’s Day gift is that under duress and against the authorities, and his friends, he did the smart thing. I finally just got to see him and give him a good hug. Tell him it’s good to be alive and have him alive as my son. Looks like the venues shooter protocols just like the schools. Lock everyone inside with the shooter. My gift. Now tired to bed, see how’s the sleep goes. Gratitude.

    1. BTW, yes I did leave work to drive out there with non visible accoutrements, mainly for comfort. I’m not passive.
      BCE, sorry dude, remember you’re not alone in that. I got stories, many of us do. I’m trying to follow yours but get kinda confused. I’m 11.67% autistic lol. Contact me if you’re ever in the Pac NW so I can buy you a beer and some Greek food.

  10. My first year without my dad to wish a happy Father’s Day.
    I called mom though and told her I love her.
    It was a rough day for her.
    I miss you , pop and I’ll see you on the other side.

  11. yeah, right. did the single parent thing for 13 or more years. kids suck. you put your life on hold.
    raise them as best as you can only to watch them shit all over you. my kids think I am nothing more than a ATM to them. fuck that shit. gave up years ago and moved on with what little is left of my life.
    funny, when they need help, I am the first one they called. when I needed help I got a recording and nothing else. their mom is a basket case now as well. last I heard (8 years ago) she still loved me.
    yeah, right.. after 4 divorces with losers, she still loves me. she, like her kids loved my bank account, house and car. my stuff. just image how they looked when they where told they not in my will ?
    I do miss my dad. but my (?) kids, not so much anymore. never really had a “happy father’s day”

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