Couple MOAR Requests… And the Band Marches On…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Great replies and man, the Substack is doing well… I got 140+/- who’ve signed up, which means I’m going to have to get moar productive. That and figure out What the FUCK is going on with Stripe. I keep getting an “idiot login loop” meaning I try to log in, and it tells me I use my phone, when I try to use my phone, it tells me I need to use my password

The it fucking tells me I don’t have a fucking password

And their tech support purely sucks goat dicks.

Tried to email them, doesn’t work. Tried to do a chat, I need to put in my password. All of which has me heated ‘cos some of the nice peepo have pledges and mo-nayz that they gave. Which at this point I need. (Fucking mortgage and whatnot… it’s been a bitch of a few weeks). Soooo I sent a complaint via the complain email that I did find, but they emailed back saying it could be as many as 10 biddness days before they respond.

So, I drive on. Blood Plasma sells right?

It being Saturday, I assisted Gretchen in cleaning out the 4th bedroom that Dumbcunt had inhabited. When I threw her skank-ass out, we sort of closed the door literally and figuratively. However, Sapper’s son and his grandson Atlas (great name Aye?) are coming to visit, and we need a bunk for them, hence time to sterilize and sanitize the A.O.

We haven’t b/c there’s a lot of Addy’s stuff back there… makes us sads.

OMFG. Nasty don’t cover it. I need a HAZMAT suit, no joke… dirty foul… not going there… too much grossness. She is a pig and just short of busting out the flammenwerfer, maaan… I had to trash a damned near brand new Caspar Queen mattress.

So, enough of that.
Now, couple of requests from y’all. One guy wants me to do a Carver Assesment of the Infantry Takedown. I can… not going to right now as that’s a serious in-depth breakdown. Believe me, I -can- and will do so, just not tonight or tomorrow as I need a break, hence why this A.M.’s blegg was a cut’n paste of the Substack.

Bitch of it was waking up at oh-dark early dammit.
Sleep is sort of been hard lately as I pulled a neck muscle sneezing of all things. I sneezed really fuggin’ hard, and something went ‘twang’ in my neck, and since then, swallowing hurts and my arm is numb, which is b/c I probably re-pinched either cervical 5, 6 or 7… damned brachial nerves…

Now, other bizness. Tyler from Sovereign Development sent me a neat gizmo to set up a NVG mount on a skateboard helmet. The idea being instead of a multi-bux retard-cost Bump Helmet, a lower cost alternative can be had. The Part in Question is HERE

The idea is that you can get one of them surplus NVG mount brackets, and mount it to a $50 Skater Helmet.

Not a bad idea…
Lord know I’ve never understood the fucking prices that OPSCOR and the rest of the beltway bandits get away with on the pricing issues… fucking thievery TBFH.

Once I scrounge a skater cover, I’ll do a review. Right now? Not a bad idea at all. I’m Alllll about trying to adapt some shit for real-time use.

Hell… back in the day before they had “Operator Cut” Helmets? I had a very large stash of Combat Vehicle Crewmember Kevlar covers… you know… the tanker helmets?

That’s the older model… they replaced the fiberglass exterior shell with a K-Pot level 3 shell. And me? Well, with a fren in supply, I got the new 4 point chinstrap, and a set of the pads for the new MICH. All it took then was putting the rough side patches of Velcro on the interior, mounting the chipstrap, and maybe a bit of fuzzy velcro on the outside, stuff in the pads, and hey! New Style Delta Force “Operator Cut” Helmet before there was such a thing:

The rails I got on Ebay for like $10, and the NVG mount in the front is a chineseum knockoff of the real deal. Either way, total cost/investment was about $50.

I sold them at $200 a throw.
Made good pocket brass that summer let me tell you.
The CVC shells were in a mountainous pile in Kuwait… eventually I think they hauled them away to be ground up, but not before BCE had grabbed about 25 of them. I still have one here at the crib for auld langsyne.

But yeah, adapt. improvise. overcome.
Make the best use of what ya got.
Think it was that Asshole Rumsfeld who said “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time”

Hence “Confederate Uparmor”
Those motherfuckers LMAO. Early M988 HMMWVs that had, at first zero armor packages. Thin aluminum skin. No kevlar, no blast blankets. Enterprising Motor Sergeants started cutting and bolting on big ole honkin’ slabs of raw steel plating allllll over these things. BIG motherfucking bolts… made ’em look like old Ironclad Boats from the Civil War, hence the name.

In fact, if there’s one regret I have, I didn’t get pictures of some of those early innovations… some of them were cool AF and others retardedly outrageous… shit that’d cause a guy like “Whytte Rageboi” Milley to stroke the fuck out. There was one in particular too… I think it was an SF Ride as it said “ODA230” in memory serves, and was painted matte-fucking-black.

The thing that was cool about it was -someone- had named it “Merrimac” and had the roof painted up with a big ole St George’s Cross. Couldn’t see it from the ground, but when I climbed on top to check the s/n of the left in place Mark-64 Mount (for either a .50 or MK-19… they’re serial numbered), I found the roof was a big ole Johnny Reb Flag

Fucking awesome.
Unfortunately I didn’t always have my camera, and as this was 2005-06, digital cams were rare and phone cameras? What smartphone do you speak of? I had a Nokia 8210 itty-bitty, as back then, the smaller your phone, the cooler. Smart phones didn’t really come into vogue until a number of years later.

Fucking thing was indestructible.
I still have it

Thing that’s way cool about mine? The numbers are ‘normal’ but the letters are all in Arabic. Made it hard to text sometimes, but still, might cool IMO.

So, such is Saturday Night. I’m going to actually get a night off, as Gretchen is cooking… stuffed shells, one of the few digestable meals she makes really well. She’s not a bad cook per se… it’s just her cooking is awesome or it’s ugh.

Don’t tell her I said that tho…

More Later
Big Country

9 thoughts on “Couple MOAR Requests… And the Band Marches On…”

  1. I put a Swiss Alpenflage cover over an engineer’s helmet and used an old WWII tank helmet liner inside.
    There is a skate helmet around somewhere from the days of street/freestyle.
    Independent Trucks used to have a killer shirt of an Eiserne Kreuz (Iron Cross) with their name where the svastikle would be.
    Robert Crumb had the great comic, oy vey svastkles are falling from the sky.

  2. I’m still rockin’ an old school PASGT for a brain bucket. Found it on a Canadian Mil Surplus site awhile back for around $250. Works just fine for what I need it for.

  3. i got a hold of the Diamond Age steel helmets. the 3d printed mount they sold me was too fragile, so i got one of those ratchet strap NVD mounts. it has a built-in bracket for the front lip of the helmet off ebay and they’re usually cheaper than the standard mount. that mount still has the hole for the bolt also.

  4. If it’s your left arm tingling it’s c-5,6,7. Right arm c-7 -T-1. Ask me how I know. Solid bone all the way.

  5. I personally prefer the ACH, though the PASGT meets the same need, though a tad heavier.
    The reason is the weight.
    Now some would think its a deficit, but with the PVS14 on the mount, and down for use, the weight is needed to counter balance the PVS, otherwise you’re always pushing the helmet back up.
    With the ACH the balance is good, and “hands free” to do other, uh, stuff.

    Josey Wales

  6. Okay-girlie comment here. I don’t have a helmet other than a bike helmet. Maybe I need to rethink this……..
    Don’t give up on getting Addy back-the sooner the better for her. DB & Drug User will both be making mistakes, especially if they think that they have “won”. Old habits are fully ingrained; ask anyone who is 260+ pounds, then loses down to a size 10 at Weight Watchers just how fast those pounds can find them again. It takes constant work to walk the straight line and I don’t think that they have it. News, meticulously documented, can serve you well. And the Crypt Keeper won’t live forever.
    Might want to see about a soft cervical brace. Numbness in your arm is never good. I’ll keep praying for both you and Gretchen.

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