The Coping Has Started…BUT, The Problem is tho…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well, despite Aesop claiming >only< 6 tanks were wiped out, MY sources have given me a major inside line and maaan… The Krainians hit a stolid wall of Russian Steel and landmines, and got wiped out.

Current estimates are 10k worth of casualties, and almost ALL the Leos either blown up, or mechanically broke down and possibly repairable. The actual functional number of Leos sent to begin with was 18.
10 of them were taken out.
4 in the minefields, and
6 via Lancets.
4 were mechanical breakdowns.
4 never went out b/c they were still INOP as they’d used those for parts to get the other 14 out in the field. (think cannibalism for parts) They also lost the two Danish provided engineer vehicles, and a BUNCH of -other- stuff. MOST of their new SAM toys… seems that Lancet is a bad-ass MoFo of a drone.

Hence also the absolute pants-shitting panic induced that caused the Brit Ministry of Defense to call up the Krainian Koked Up High Kommand and tell them to not let the Challengers roll out, as they knew that Krainians were as fucked up as a football bat on this one, and they sure as fuck don’t want the Chobham armor falling into the Rus Hands…

And the Krainians never even made it to the ‘real defensive line’… ALL of this happened at the FEBA… the Forward Edge of the Battle Area… The Russians are famous for defense in depth. And as Simplicius has turned out to be correct again:”… This is a “Schroedinger’s Offensive”, which is no longer an offensive, much less a “very impressive” one, but rather, a mere test, and mere recon in force. Never mind that the “in force” in this case amounted to a substantial percentage of the total available equipment.”

And the gains? Oy Vey! …such gains there are!


Got that about right I’d say…
No wonder all of the ‘sudden talks for diplomacy’ have come up.

Tell you what… not exactly sure what the hell we have to negotiate. NATO lost the gamble. Only thing that’s been proven is our weapons systems versus their weapons systems?

Our shit is just that: shit.
H/T To Simplicius for the pic:

That’s –cracked- roof of a Leo2… NOT punched thru… fucking cracked armor bro… not a good look IMO…

IF Ivan were really wanting to they could, on a purely non-nuke using basis, take over the whole of Europe right now…

And I gar-ron-damned-tee the Russians are not going to do anything other than make demands… treaties? They tried that only to get fucked over continually.

Personally, I’d like to see Russia demand that ALL the responsible heads of state of all Participating hostiles have to step down and resign en masse. Pull a Trump: “You’re fired!”

Never goin to happen, but it’d be funny.

Then, add on besides the now-mad-to-scramble to claim the entire Grand Offensive was only a probe, the good Professor Sergey Karaganov, honorary chairman of Russia’s Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, and academic supervisor at the School of International Economics and Foreign Affairs Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow has a few things to say vis-a-vis the possibility of Canned Sunshine. Link is HERE

The TL;DR?

“If we don’t pop a nuke, these assholes’ll keep doing guerilla war, and we can’t trust the West to hold up –any- deal we make. However, if we do pop one, yeah, it’ll stop the Krainians from getting any MOAR frisky, BUT it’s going to let every. single. turd. world. streetshitter with a nuke and an ax to grind (the Hindus and Pakis in particular) think that THEY can start lobbin’ bombs, which ain’t gonna end well for ANYBODY. Add on the current circle jerk in DC and the fact they have no concept of what it means to be punched in the fucking face, they just might decide to come out swinging with everything they have, and maaan… that would purely suck.”

Leastways that’s how –I– read it.

Got a hunch IF the Krainian assholes keep rolling, and the dumbfucks in DC keep pushing them to keep rolling, ‘canned sunshine’ might be on the menu. Wouldn’t blame them either.

OH! Also… seems the Israelis are looking and negotiating to sell the EU, and thereby the Krainians their Merkavas and M-60s…

Heh Heh


Fucking and they wonder why we stereotype them.
My understanding is all the shit so far that’s been flooded in from us, Germany, Finland et. al. was given/donated freely.

ONLY the Jews man…
“Oy Goyim! We’ll sell you our tanks! Whudda good deal this is!”

Not only that, but the Merkava AND the M-60 aren’t very useful
BOTH Tracks have only a 105mm Main Gun.

And ammo for that is even in MOAR short supply than the 120mm we’ve been so desperately trying to get to them.

Add on the tweet from a guy in Lebanon on what HE thinks of the ‘Kava:


Just fucking wow man
YMMV, don’t run with scissors.
More Later, Happy Weekend
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  1. Gab shows the carnage in the 51st CPUSA state the ‘Kraine.
    The defense in layers used since Kursk is working well for the Russians and the Ukes can’t penetrate.
    These loss numbers are unsustainable regarding cannon fodder conscripts and equipment.
    The best part of being older besides just not giving a lily fuck?
    We won’t be drafted!
    Go get em rainbow rumpranger brigades, Forward!
    Speaking of forward-I run with scissors right at happy fun ball.

  2. Lots of cope. I suppose the Dieppe Landing was sort of a similar recon in force or probing attack. Bad outcome, and they stopped doing that until to real landing in 1944. The Ukies kept trying all along the front for a few days after it was clear that the operational concept was fatally flawed and would not crack the Russian lines. The Russians have air superiority over Ukraine and a firepower overmatch in available artillery, ammunition, and manpower. They also have superior radio-electronic warfare methods that keep them a step ahead of the Ukies. The Ukies are reduced to theatre, which is what they do best, “taking” abandoned settlements in no man’s land and making a big todo out of a kilometer or 2 of “liberated” ground is proof they are faking it. They are gonna burn through these men who went to the special Nato shake and bake training and there won’t be many left capable of performing as armor crew.
    I see Petreaus has opened his pie hole;
    “I think that this counteroffensive is going to be very impressive.

    My sense is that they will achieve combined arms effects in other words, they will successfully carry out combined arms operations where you have engineers that are breaching the obstacles and diffusing the minefields and so forth; armour following right on through protected by infantry against anti-tank missiles; air defence keeping the Russians aircraft off them; electronic warfare jamming their radio networks; logistics right up behind them; artillery and mortars right out in front of them.

    And most important of all … is that as the lead elements inevitably culminate after 72-96 hours, physically that’s about as far as you can go, and they’ll have taken losses … you have follow-on units that will push right on through and capitalise on the progress and maintain the momentum and I think that can get the entire Russian defence in that area moving, then I think you have other opportunities that will open up on the flanks as well.”

    Patraeus is like a karate teacher who cannot understand why his students were wiped out in a street fight. I mean really, if the ukies are completely overmatched in the air, how do you expect them to “keep the Russian aircraft off them, and “successfully carry out combined arms operations”. The obvious answer is that they will do neither. He is talking like it is still 1990 or something. The Russian gunships are engaging them from 8 Kilometers behind the front. They don’t need to fly right up to the column to hit them A-10 style like he is suggesting. Then this is this revealing piece, “.. armour following right on through protected by infantry against anti-tank missiles.” Utter nonsense from the 1985 Air Land Battle Field Manual. Maybe realistic against RPG’s and Saggers, back then, but The Russians are throwing things at them from kilometers beyond small arms range. Most of these are not manual line of sight weapons, so infantrymen are no protection at all against modern anti=tank weapons. I don’t know if Patraus actually subscribes to the nonsense he is saying or not , but this whole offensive is pure Clownworld whatever the truth may be.

    1. ” The Ukies are reduced to theatre…”
      (with apologies to the Japanese)
      Kab-Ukie Theater.

      Thank you, I’ll be here all week.
      Be sure to tip (just the tip) your wait staff.

    2. “General” “Betrayus” should stick to what he knows best – whispering secrets across the pillow to the skank he’s shoving his needle dick into.
      Dear Lord, if I can’t be still around when motherfuckers like him get the literal axe; may I please be in the audience in Heaven when You send them to hell. Thank You.

    3. Well-said, mike fink (“King ‘o Da River!)

      Those RUSS Lancet missiles–have “neural networks” among and between their volleys. True independent actors–NO NEED for the grunt-on-a-joystick driving them. Thus, no way to jam their commo.

      Pentagram: “…er, exactly how dumb, drunk and stupid is Ivan?”

      Peer to peer these days on the battlefield–US, UK, NATO gets their collective arses handed to them.

  3. I’m 100% sure that both the Taiwanese and the Chinese are taking furious notes. Do you think maybe Taiwan will be buying a bunch of drones, missiles and mines really soon ?
    One of the only good things to come out of the Ukrainian War is the fact that current Cold War strategies, tactics and gear are obsolete.
    The scary thing is that most of the smart officers in the .mil who would figure this stuff out are gone and replaced by muh diversity. If there is a war, we are so F****D.

    1. If I was the PRC, the lesson I would take away is that the tank is obsolete. If they are contemplating a conventional invasion of Taiwan, they may want to concentrate on modern air dominance instead of getting Cold War weapons ashore. I define MAD as offensive missile use that dominates the enemy missile defense and a missile defense that does a reasonable job of defending against enemy aircraft and missiles. I believe we shall soon see that the manned aircraft is on the way out in the same way that the main battle tank is. Air forces are still enchanted with the idea of the fighter pilot and attach far too much importance to them when in reality most “fighters” in this era are missile launching interceptors. The US has neglected missile development in all areas of war in favor of old fashioned air dominance through manned high performance aircraft. The Russians and Chinese have kept pace with development of Gen 5 aircraft, but have invested heavily in all typed of missile tech too. We neglect missiles because all the sexy stuff costs too much. We currently have an overpriced and out classed Air Force, No dedicated Missile Forces, and an obsolete surface Navy with an old, slow, subsonic ASM in the Harpoon, which only has half the range off the Russian Kaliber.
      We are on course to take a brutal beating in the next war we fight. The ROC’s on Taiwan can read the tea leaves too, so they may be thinking about peaceful realignment with the mainland as a serious option. Despite the many advantages they have been working on, a conventional invasion of Taiwan is still a risky and complex undertaking. Nothing in the PRC’s recent military history compares to such and ambitious undertaking, and the risk of losing face in a setback may be enough to deter them. I suspect they plan to wait for America to collapse and then make Taiwan an offer they can’t refuse.

      1. I have a question you may wish to put forward an answer to, regarding the PLA and their total lack of large scale, or even small scale operational experience.

        Point 1: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Chinese may be intelligent, but their culture is built on obedience, not initiative. They have zero operational military experience at theatre level. Zero. Exercises are nice, but what will happen to PLA when it encounters actual resistance of any significance and the grand plan no longer works (like, 6 hours or so into the execution)?

        Point 2: What is the actual state of Chinese tech? Their civilian construction projects seem to be of dubious quality, placing emphasis on appearance of quality rather than actual quality. Does this carry over into their military equipment? It is known they are replacing their issue rifle, because troops dont trust it because it blows up. Are their aircraft and naval resources of any actual quality?

        1. I think you are absolutely correct. The last really big fight the PRC had was Korea, and they did just fine with a lightly armed peasant army. It cost them, but they had the human capital to throw away. The 1979 border war with Vietnam revealed the shortcomings of such a low tech, low initiative force. Up against the very experienced Vietnamese, they were embarrassed. Things did not change much until old Bill Clinton came along and sold them the best of our military tech. One of the items was Cray super computers that greatly improved ICBM accuracy. What we did not sell them they have stolen or developed themselves. As you say, they are not stupid. How good is their stuff? I don’t really know more than anyone else in the end. They don’t export enough to hot wars for a revealing trial, so we will have to see. They did take the terminal seeker feature from our old Pershing Missile and use that as the basis for the “Carrier killer” ballistic missiles. Only one way to tell if that is going to work or not.
          What the Chinese do well is build plenty of missiles for every type of purpose and count on volume to overcome expensive anti missile systems. Like the Russians, they will likely figure out what works and what does not and adjust. So in summary, they have all the high tech we have if not more, but are not wed to any of it to win, they have a large reserve of reliable older tech, the human capital to man it and the industrial capacity to make more. America has just the thin line of presumed wonder waffen. Some of it is known junk (Patriot), and some of it is suspected junk (F-35, THAAD), and it is way too expensive to have enough available to replace battle losses. Most of our older systems are now obsolete to various degrees, and there are no replacements, spares, or manufacturing capacity to replace them in any case. We used to have high quality personnel in uniform, but that is no longer the case. We would still be looking at that lopsided manpower ratio from the Korean War if we fought the PRC today. The outcome of a Taiwan war with the US involved is very dubious. Without us, the ROCs could do well for a while if they are lucky and courageous, but without external help they cannot hold out forever.

      2. You’re on the ball, mike fink! The Taiwan deal:

        Former USA proxy anti-Commie party–Kuomintang–in the constant CCP/West struggle now actually WANTS re-unification!
        What do you do when a substantial part of your island WANT to be back in the arms of “Mother China?”

        Then again, think about those Taiwanese billionaires and their factories churning out all those state of the art ‘puter chips. Choice #A-Set them alight, burn the place down to the last man standing, or:

        Choice #B-Be absorbed by the CCP and still keep making your billions forever. Money talks.

    2. >>>If there is a war, we are so F****D.

      If there is a war, a certain number of young men (mostly) are f****d, and the Washington Regime is f****d.

      “We” are not f****d – they are.

  4. Well the RU state TV has been showing exactly the same single video repeatedly for the last few days and no other. So those that’s all the RU have to show. Half a dozen vehicles or so. If the RU had been killing lots of the NATO heavy vehicles they would be showing it on the background video loops on the daily talking heads shows. They aren’t. Because there aren’t any more. So far.

    Lets see what actually turns up on Oryx.

    Plus the RU daily battle field updates are getting more a more obtuse (and shorter) this week. Just like they did before the retreat from Kherson. And the main RU state TV evening news the last few days has suddenly discovered a new interest in all the non-war news stories. After being solid all war all the time every evening for the last few months.

    Here is a typical – Look, Squirrels. Over there – story running order today on RU state TV news. Just like every time over the last 14 months when things are going very badly for the RU military. Lets lead with the story of the opening of a new freeway. And the plans to extend another freeway. Thats really important news…

    You wouldn’t think there was a war on from tonight’s newscast. Both main war related segments late in the running order use old video from days ago. Including our old friend the half dozen or so dead NATO vehicle. Again. They ran it last night too. And the night before.

    RU state TV news story coverage is about as predicable as PBS Newshour. Or the BBC. And for pretty much the same reasons. When things are going badly for the Official Narrative they change the subject. And it wall to wall squirrels the last two weeks or so on RU state TV news.

    Look. Over There..

    1. Three words: Green Screen Technology. Believe EVERYTHING you see on screen. Not.

  5. Ummm, about that whole “nuke” thing…

    Remember who was responsible ((allegedly)) for “developing” nukes.

    Yep. Fake and gay, the whole sordid tale. In years to come, I predict it will be referred to as the “Doc Brown Scandal.”

    Remember Doctor Emmet Brown sourced the plutonium for his time machine from the Libyans, and gave them a fake bomb made from old pinball machine parts? Yeah, multiply that by tens of thousands, and that is the world we live in.

    So, good news, there’s no chance of any “Canned Sunshine,” but it also means CONUS better have a plan for conventional war defense vs. CHICOMS.

    Full (hilarious) story (in .pdf book form) here:

      1. Indeed.

        Nuke power is great. Clean, virtually limitless (there’s enough “spent” fuel in just five reactor cooling pools to power the eastern half of the country for 400 years, if only Jimmuh “Peanut Dick” Carter hadn’t sabotaged the breeder reactor program.

        One thing it can’t do is ‘splode.

        You read the book? If you take exception to the claims, accept the challenge and build a nuke yourself.

        Otherwise, kindly shut your pie entry port. That is the way science originally worked.

        1. 37°06’07.3″N 116°02’50.3″W

          maps. google. com

          How many craters do you see? Made by…… ??

  6. I think they better get a giddyup. My calendar says they only have 4 more days of spring for this alleged Spring Offensive. It’s time to shit or get off the pot.

  7. Pretty much on the ball I reckon. With all the shit that came out about previous diplomatic solutions being horseshit the Russians have no reason to believe in one now. Can’t really see much of a Ukraine being left by the end on this.
    As for nukes, given the consensus seems to be the Russian ones don’t work (ha!), maybe they’ll do a test detonation. Seems more their style in terms of softly softly, we have this option, don’t make us use it.

    1. None of them work. It’s been flim-flam from the get go.

      If they worked, we would have used them in 1950 (set-piece, textbook situation with the massed CHICOM armor thrust across the Yalu). Or multiple times since. Cave-man simple, allegedly. Bang two pieces of metal together.

      In retrospect, it is a great scam, kept the MIC in hookers and blow from the word “go.” But all scams come to an end.

      Evidence you ask? Most certainly:

      Centerpiece is the seminal work by Akio Nakatani of Fujitsu

      Miles Mathis has a bit to say on the matter:

      And Anders Bjorkman (a bit dense and the “Swedish Accent” makes reading it a bit difficult at times):

      But the evidence is damning. Guess the only thing to demand is a random warhead be pulled from inventory and publicly tested (in front of mass spectrometers to validate emission spectra at uranium and plutonium).

      Very likely that the Emperor has no Nukes.

      YMMV, but I am going to take Kubrick’s advice and “Love the Bomb” for the comedic value.

      1. So you’re saying criticality works, and prompt criticality does not?

        Care to show your work?

        1. Akio Nakatani (of Fujitsu)wrote a book on it. I linked to the full .pdf.

          He ran the most comprehensive numerical modeling simulation that has (to date) been run on the “Little Boy” device (which was such a “robustly reliably guaranteed” device that no testing of any sort was done prior to the “Trinity” hiliarity).

          Results: bomb no worky.

          Couple that with the vast amount of observable facts and data, and the glaring elephant in the room that “nukes” have never been used outside of a 100% controlled scenario (the U.S. Military had nearly perfect control of the media, and Japan was a defeated nation at that point, grateful for an honorable “out”).

          The book was on the ‘zons from 2017 to right around 9 months ago, at which point it was expunged by Comrade Bezos. Wonder why?

          So the statement “prompt criticality does not work” is the premise of the book. Read it, and either direct further criticality (heh) to Nakatani, or continue to believe in The Emperors Beautiful Nukes.

          Fairly certain Kubrick knew they were fake when he made “Dr. Strangelove,” hence the sub-title. The end sequence shows the hilariously bad (from our current level of technology) special effects “nuke” ‘splosions. Thank you “Lookout Mountain Studios!”

          Upshot is, if they work, a random warhead needs to be pulled from inventory and tested (above ground) with mass spectrometers pointed at it. If you have emission spectra lines at Uranium and Plutonium, you know it is legit (also would need to not have any yellow flames or black smoke, since these indicate conventional chemical combustion at low temp).

          Nakatani has done a tremendous service to mankind, the vitriol directed at the FAIL hypothesis baffles me.

          1. Miles Mathis, who knows quite a bit about physics, also believes the nukes won’t work..My dad was a physicist, and I don’t think he agreed…

          2. See if you can understand this.

            But prompt criticality DOES work. Chernobyl was believed to be a “prompt criticality” event, but one which occurred at low frequency due to the fact that it happened in a power reactor and not in bomb-geometry conditions. The thermal energy created by the event quickly destroyed the conditions which enabled the event, stopping the prompt-criticality.

            There are many design differences between weapons and power reactors, many of these differences are intended to eliminate the possibility of a full fledged nuclear bomb explosion at a commercial power site (mostly, however, they are about mediating neutron flux in the core to cause it to be as uniform as possible so that heat generation is also uniform throughout the core). Other differences are about eliminating the possibility of the reactions occurring at very (extremely) high frequency; this high frequency is required for a bomb, in order to consume most of the fuel in the reaction (converting it to energy) before the conditions required for the high frequency reaction are destroyed by the reaction itself.

            The design differences include fuel enrichment %, but there are other requirements to get a bomb to go off. We did the math sophomore year as homework in my B.S. Nuclear Engineering program. For a bomb to work, highly enriched fuel must be compressed to some multiple of its resting STP density and held in that condition for a specified period of time (among other requirements). Understanding that this material is already denser than lead, explosives must be carefully used and timed in order to compress the fuel without merely blowing it to bits. This is no secret, it is broadly known.

            The math is (or at least was for me then) easy. Making the physical thing happen, and gathering sufficient amounts of sufficiently-enriched fuel, is the hard part.

            “I linked to someone else’s book, therefore I am right and you are wrong, argue with the book and not with me.” Dude, spare me.

            “Accept the challenge and build a bomb yourself”. Of course you are not serious, and likely not a serious person.

            Finally, the significance of the nuclear test ban treaty, which is the reason why fusion bombs are not removed from service and tested occasionally, is that the fuel for these is itself radioactive with a relatively short half life, which quite literally means the fuel can decay sufficiently to the point it won’t work anymore, so the weapons must be periodically withdrawn from inventory to have their fuel load replaced, while never testing the results to ensure the process works.

            Your assertions are so broadly bad I am tempted to say “too stupid to be stupid”, so they must be intentional.

  8. Ukraine has to be running short on military age men to throw into this meat-grinder. That country might never recover from this demographic disaster.

    1. Passport Bros looking for traditional wives will be getting Ukrainian mail order brides.

      1. More likely gold-digging brides
        who will be constantly searching for a “better deal”.

    2. I’m seeing a lot of them showing up here in canukistan. Companies are getting govt cheese for hiring refugees over canadians so i’m seeing more showing in the workforce.

  9. It tracks BC.

    If you watch the mass media and JewToob, Ukrainian propaganda is tailored to morons and geriatrics like Aesop – you see the Ukes in clean uniforms, wielding pristine weapons, walking around the ruins and maybe shooting at stuff here and there. Carefully left out are the locations, what they’re shooting at, and any real footage showing contact with the enemy.

    On Alt-media we see laughing Russians posing for hero pics in front of scrapped Leopards and Bradley’s, stacked Uke corpses, and looting their trenches and bodies for smokes, supplies and weapons.

    I’m just shocked at the ignorance on display here at home. These morons STILL expect the Ukes to win, commanded by the same guys responsible for the Afghanistan debacle.

    Even copium isn’t going to cut it. Aesop will need a new Current Thing to put this one behind him. 😂👍

    1. “On Alt-media we see laughing Russians posing for hero pics in front of scrapped Leopards and Bradley’s, stacked Uke corpses, and looting their trenches and bodies for smokes, supplies and weapons.”

      Why can’t we come across a trench like that? Have you seen the goodies that are just laying about after a thermobaric strike? Wow! We can only wish.

      1. Oh fancy Japanese name, ever ponder that most of the Russian firepower ISN’T Thermobaric weapons?

        Go back to cnn, they miss their few viewers.

    2. Glen,

      PRO TIP: BOTH SIDES are propaganda.
      You’re sucking one dick, and still complaining about cocksuckers.
      Not a good look.

      The closest you ever got to geopolitics was playing Risk, and the closest you ever got to the military was your bag of Green Army Men.
      Go back to being wrong about things you understand.
      It’s know it’s only a small subset of worldwide reality, but you’ll bleed less from stepping on yourself, and no one minds as long as you’re the only one who suffers.

      Stupid people falling on their faces in front of others, as you do so well, are the basis of all great comedy. But you’ve overstayed your welcome, your time in the limelight is growing short, and maybe it’s time to enjoy falling on your face more privately.

      Just saying.

    1. Again, did you read the book? Full .pdf is here:

      Nakatani isn’t a mouth-breathing flat-earther. He works at Fujitsu. He has access to the most powerful supercomputers in Japan.

      Again, better this becomes common knowledge -before- the CHICOM hordes need dealt with. Relying on a Bugs Bunny weapon that has a flag extend from it saying “bang” would be…the ultimate limp-dick defeat.

      And as mentioned several times, you are making the claims they work, you prove it (build one and test it).

      Otherwise, again, kindly close your food-hole.

      Read the book. Use your eyes for fuck’s sake.

      1. The shortage of tritium has also alarmed many as to the status of the US thermonuclear weapons…another alarming point is the use of “diverse” technicians with dubious credentials to maintain these weapons…The military isn’t very good at maintenance…

        1. I remember when Trump first took office and an attempt to manufacture tritium was in the news to much fanfare. The attempt failed and no more news was ever forthcoming concerning the topic. Is that another skill/process we developed long ago that is now lost to us?

    1. At this rate, Aesop may well be singularly responsible for crow becoming an endangered species.

  10. I placed my reservations already for the canned sunshine show. Remember when the navy boss visited a boomer sub out at sea, as a show and tell propaganda stunt. Was that a purity test for the commander, to ensure they will follow launch orders. Can a boomer sub be launched remotely and robotically regardless of the crew, if they are even needed really to execute the actions. If a dozen or so conus or euro cities get fragged, how easy is it to cover up source of launch and nuclear materials originations. Pull a cork and sink the crime scene evidence. whoops, an accident occurred lost a boat and crew. After 9 11 and everything since, every scenario is doable and probable. Stay frosty.

    1. No, the missiles cannot be launched remotely without the Captain and Exec turning the keys. The boat has to come up to launch depth, etc. But the people they put in command these days will do anything they’re ordered to do I will bet. Just look at Waco on down–all on the government paycheck. Maybe they would put one zipper head in command who would pull the trigger on orders.

    1. For real? Is he? Jeeeze! Talk about a mind that is unsalvageable. Talk about minds that are stuck back in the cold-war era. I bet he sleeps with that book, “New lies for old” under his pillow. Everything, every major issue–from the Covid hoax on down… he’s been on the wrong side of. And forget about commenting on his site. Anything that deviates from his glide path gets you ban-hammered… like the little cunt he is.

      1. He’s not a Fed. But neither is he an American as he has at the very least split loyalties. Ask him who he’d fight for if America and Israel went to war and he was pressed ganged “Ukrainian” style.

        Let’s you and him fight is Aesops game. He hasn’t gone over to Ukraine to volunteer. Nope. He just encourages Goyim to do the dying.

        Keep in mind all that Russia wanted was 1. no NATO on their border and 2. Stop killing ethnic Russians in Ukraine. I don’t see either of those red lines as being unreasonable. Enjoy Mexican Cartels with MANPADS and anti tank weapons. May the Lord have Mercy on us all

        1. NATO is now larger and far more united against Russia than when Vlad started his war, and Vlad and Russia now share another 800 miles of direct contiguous border with NATO as a direct result of starting it. NATO is shoving trainloads of ordnance and support hand over fist at Vlad’s opponent, along with metric fucktons of hard currency, while devastating Russia’s economy. Even as Vlad has destroyed between 30 and 50% of his ground combat power, and piled up no small number of dead Russian sons in a little over a year, while demonstrating to the world that a force 1/10th the size of Russia’s can bitchslap the Russian Army around at will, and at length, with no end in sight. And Russia will be a pariah nation worldwide for 100 years or more, all in service of Putin’s dreams of a restored Soviet Empire, with or without communism, and Putin’s rapidly becoming more hated internally than the czars ever were.

          When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” – Will Rogers

      2. I’ve never said “the Ukes are winning”.
        Anyone who contended that would be jackassically delusional.
        I’ve said Russia cannot ever win, by any means short of incinerating all of Ukraine, and every citizen of it.
        Vlad’s minions have spent 16 months proving I was right.
        Google “pyrhhic”, if you need to, and get back to us.
        Russia can lose.
        Both sides can lose.
        Having vast swaths of their country destroyed is hardly what I’d call Ukraine “winning”.
        Ask Frenchmen what it felt like to have “won” WWI.

        But what they haven’t done is roll over and take it in the ass for Vlad.
        Thet are the Vietnamese to Putin’s French colonialists. The IRA to Putin’s British Army. The Afghans to…everyone whose fucked with them since Alexander the Great.

        Now, process that, and take another whack at things.

        Other than the comments here, usually you have to go to a 510st Legion convention to see so many people root for Palpatine and the Empire.

        But, whatever floats your boat.

      3. Disagreeing has never gotten anyone ban-hammered on my site.
        Devolving to using “little cunt” because you’re bereft of anything intelligent and on topic to say will.
        You talk fluent and copious shit on other people’s sites, but notably you don’t run one yourself.
        Piss in your own mouth, and tell us how you like it.

  11. It looks like the dreaded Leopard tank can be stopped with simple M-80 firecrackers purchased at any roadside indian reservation gas station in Arizona. Jeeeeeze! Fuk-me! The days of Krupps Adel-Sthal (special steel) are long gone it seems. Next the Krainians will be begging armor from Bangladesh and Cambodia.

    You funny man. Keep it up.

  12. Hate Thought #5528:
    Nice wristwatch, Irving.

    Yeah, I know, right? My father sold it to me on his deathbed.

  13. Meh.
    The “war” is going perfectly. Money goes in and disappears. People are rallying around “their side” while unable to find the point of contention on the map (because that’s not the important place anyway.) NATO tanks didn’t do much to inflame the situation beyond the time it took to burn out. Neither side really gives a shit how many sons and grandfathers they throw into the trenches. We’re all feeding the “factory of our mind” with this feedstock instead of forging local problems into local solutions.

  14. Wanna know what I see from this war? I see yet another example of how fucking hard it is to take and hold territory. I see the incredible losses taken by both sides to achieve minor gains, or to attempt defense. I see how incredibly fucking dangerous a place is the modern battlefield. I see massive lying propaganda campaigns coming from both camps. I see the futility of maneuver warfare, made futile by technology advancing past it.

    Massed troops, formations, offensives and campaigns? These are WW1-style killing fields. And I now believe that is the entire point: to kill off as many europeans / caucasians as possible.

    There are no good sides in this war.

  15. > Personally, I’d like to see Russia demand that ALL the responsible heads of state of all Participating hostiles have to step down and resign en masse. Pull a Trump: “You’re fired!”

    More like “handed over to the Russian legal system for prosecution for war crimes”.

  16. Dumb bastards can’t even lay down smoke before they get off the LD.

    I remember entire valleys at Ft. Carson filled with smoke before we’d move out. Sometimes, the chemical guys would get cute and mix it with CS, just to keep things interesting.

    Now, I know thermals will negate smoke screens, but not everyone on the battlefield is using thermal sights.

    1. YES!
      And even the Russians will tell you their NVG and Thermals are inferior to Western gear. IN fact when they took a look at one of the Leo’s that was something they remarked on.

      The demise of the tank /APC is being greatly exaggerated.
      These latest attacks by the Ukies are more a comment on their inability to employ weapon systems than the systems themselves. IMHO.
      No one seems to acknowledge the fact that RUSSIAN gear is getting smoked at greater rates than the Western stuff to this point. I am talking about that gear on both sides of the fight. The Ukies could not do shit with their Russian tanks and APC’s either. I dont think I would trust them to operate a clown car at this point least they drive it directly into a mine field.
      The Russians are little better. When you watch the videos of vehicles and tanks getting burned by Drones its nearly impossible to tell if its a Russian or a Ukrainian target unless you can see a little yellow and blue mark or a “Z”. The mentality on both sides seems to be “Fuck it, just charge at them”.

      I think everyone can agree that drones are a tactical problem that has to still be solved with reliable and consistent means. Beyond that, I dont think we can draw any conclusions about weapon systems from either side of this because the people using them just seem to be completely incapable of detailed and complex tactical thought. One would think they would have learned from the Germans late war in that by D-Day every German tank looked like a rolling brush pile. Hey Camo….what a concept.
      But I aint an expert so maybe someone could educate me on why its a great idea to run headlong into a mile wide open field that is mined in broad daylight with clearly no idea there are enemy infantry with ATGM and Drones on the far treeline?

  17. All of the politicians, diplomats, intel people, CIA ops, Military Industrial Complex members, neocons and generals who started and wanted and pushed for this war should be made to drive standard jeeps over those mine fields.

  18. Is @aesop fed? No. Is he /our guys? Yes. He’s just another stubborn butthead like the rest of us, who is right on some things and wrong on others. Grain of salt. As mah momma said, eat the meat and spit out the bones. Spirit of Discernment for all.

  19. @SWRRichmond

    Prove it. Build a device from known materials and test it. Nakatani encourages all those believers in prompt criticality to put their money where their mouths are.

    But I can tell you are a “True Believer,” and will never crack the book. Numerical modeling talks, hilarious fake nuke bullshit walks. Biggest issue with the whole “prompt criticality” horseshit is that fast neutrons don’t see enough nuclear density to trigger any kind of sustained chain reaction. No moderator.

    And the thing of it is, even if some sort of “low frequency criticality” was obtained, it would look like a road flare.

    Explosions require high velocity gas. It is the “campfire/TNT equivalency fallacy” that I coined. People assume (because most people have no idea how “nuclear” things work”) that there is equivalency in terms of macro/chemical reactions, and the nuclear realm.

    That is, if a campfire (slow release of energy) can produce useful heat and energy, and a stick of TNT (detonation rather than combustion, fast release of energy) works, that because nuclear energy (slow, controlled release of energy via criticality) works, then the same must exist in a “fast” sense. But the problem is (as the Germans discovered), is that it does not. They were far beyond anyone else, and abandoned the whole concept in 1943 to work on things that actually held promise.

    “One Mug” (borderline retarded, who cribbed all of his legitimate maths from his wife) and The Actor (Oppenheimer), knowing that they could control the media spin, knew that faking newks would be massively lucrative. Why do you think Tesla was bumped off in ’43? He would have immediately seen through the scam (even One Mug admitted Tesla was the smartest man on earth).

    Again, read the book, or don’t. The vast preponderance of evidence shows that “Newks” are as fake and gay as everything else ClownWorld has done. Little details stand out, like the fact that the photo recon B-29 that accidentally overflew Hiroshima 10 minutes after “Little Boy” had been allegedly dropped, they saw no “fungus cloud.” The fact that there was no crater at either target (pyrocumulus clouds only appear with large -ground detonations- or forest fires). The fact that the “radar fuze” supposedly used in both was non-functional. The clearly and obviously deliberate attempt to kill the entire crew of the USS Indianapolis (the cruiser that supposedly brought the “cores” to Tinian, guess someone saw something that had to be covered up).

    Point is, you are free to put your hands over your ears and loudly scream “lalala” and worship at the altar of The Church of The Atom (H/T FO3 players). But the evidence suggests otherwise.

    1. @SWRRichmond

      Just read you adorable ad-hominems. “Too stupid to be stupid,” eh? You -do- realize that Akio Nakatani holds a high level position at Fujitsu? So you are literally claiming to be smarter than a supercomputer?

      First off, you are spare parts bud. Just needed to get that out of the way.

      Secondly, how can I tell you didn’t actually read the (well written and extensively researched and referenced) book without you telling me? Perhaps the fact that you are directing ad-hominems at -me,- rather than:

      A) Taking Dr. Nakatani up on his suggestion to all those “Church of the Atom Adherents” simply use the same, public domain information and build and test a device themselves (why would this demonstrate a lack of “seriousness?!” Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof.) So, do it or STFU. And using excuses to try to walk your claims back won’t cut it.

      B) Run your own numerical modeling simulation that disproves Dr. Nakatani’s work, and write a response (to him, and published). That is how science (rather than the “Scientism” we currently are subjected to) works. Don’t throw rocks at a random swinging dick that provided access to the document. Respond to the author himself. I am sure he would find it eminently amusing to be called “too stupid to be stupid.” Likely can buy and sell you intellectually with change left over.

      Believe what you want, but in big-boy world, either sack up or pack up.

  20. Hate to spoil the jerk-off fest here, but I didn’t claim “only 6 vehicles were taken out”.
    You lazy fuckers (that would be 99% of you) could look it up.

    I pointed out that Glen, per usual, was claiming Ultimate Victory, based on pictures of 6 vehicles taken out. (We lost more tanks on D-Day than that, btw. How’d that turn out for Germany?)

    Yuuuuuge difference.

    You want to show me actual combat casualty figures for either side that aren’t wholly propaganda, we can talk. That’s the 800# gorilla that keeps most of this in the realm of fap fantasies.

    Which is why most of you can now break out the lotion and go back to jerking each other off again.

    Meanwhile, Russian forces at multiple locations along the 1100-mile front are advancing towards Russia proper, again. Not as quickly as they retreated last fall, to be sure, but inexorably backwards nonetheless, which sort of progress when Russia was doing it was more than enough to get the Putin-slobberers salivating for the first six months of this Russian clusterfuck.

    And yet again, Vlad seems to be short a couple of huge munitions stockpiles in Russia, and at least one more general near the front lines. What is that, 18″ 20? I can’t keep track any more.

    Meanwhile, back at home, Russia seems to have ceded a large hunk of formerly-Moscow-ruled territory to pissed off Russian troops rebelling internally, because Vlad can’t do anything about that.

    Call me when Vlad retreats his way backwards 24,000 miles all the way to Kyiv.
    At this rate, it’s the only way it’s going to happen.
    Either way, I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up.

    The only certainty is that Vlad’s dead before this is over, because it won’t be over until he’s dead.
    And the minute someone in Moscow decides the lemon is worth the squeeze…Makarov Retirement Plan: activated.

    You can only push so many of your senior officers and officials out of windows before your underlings spot the trend.

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