Well, THAT Has Meme Potential…

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Seems Fort Polk is now known as Fort Johnson…
Link is HERE
Now, I’m -not- going to bag on Sgt. Johnson. For all we know, he was a bad-ass mo’fo’ who really earned his MoH. I understand the institutional racism of the past, especially in light of the times. The MoH write up does give a pretty badass description of the events, and the Frogs did award him their version of “The Medal”

Considering that the Frogs, despite the reports, were almost as bad as the US Army back then in regards to blaqs, with only Jews being lower on the social standings, as seen by the Dreyfuss Affair.


JRTC Johnson?
Naming the Former Fort Puke… err… Fort Polk after a big blaq guy?

Sweet Jeebus, the Memes Write Themselves.
My photoshop skills aren’t as good as they used to be, but man, I could see putting two very large blaq dildos replacing those columns in the pic above. And in many respects, it’s not a lot to do with race per se… anyone who’s ever ‘done time’ either by being stationed AT Ft Polk or going TO JRTC knows that it’s a place that’ll fuck you in the ass, sans lube.

Between the nasty fucking swamps and the ‘skeeters that’ll drain you faster than Nosferatu, I’d put it just below Fort Hood on the scale of “DotMil Bases That Suck Harder Than a Black Hole”

Seriously. Shittiest. Place. EVER.

So… going to be doing another substack either tonight or tomorrow. Depending on work… People’s Glorious Tractor Factory has me going full speed and OMFG my days are filled chockablock stupid.

So More Later
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15 thoughts on “Well, THAT Has Meme Potential…”

  1. I grew up next to Peason Ridge, the big training area for Ft. Puke. My people have been there since the early 1800’s, when it was the Sabine Strip, no man’s land.

    You’re description of the area is maybe too kind…

  2. Big Fort Johnson, where you never bend over for the soap.
    Some Brothas like that down low activity side action.
    Fun trivia-drinking alcohol outdoors attracts the skitos.
    The German Mosquito TA-154 was such a threat, they had to bomb the glue factory for the wings.
    It was named after the abbreviation of Kurt Tank who also made the Butcher Bird (Würger) Focke Wulf 190.
    Wood planes didn’t show up on radar and would pull low level precision raids.
    The UK used the DeHavilland Mosquito as pathfinder or marker for the brutal 1000 bomber night raids.
    Der Adolf thought that WAR was the engine of all human progress and advancement.

  3. Dreyfuss was almost certainly guilty, but Emile Zola got him out of prison…It’s good to have famous writers on your side, then and now…

  4. Trained up for Afghanistan at Polk and use to qualify on the 50 caliber there. If you think that place is a shithole then I need to introduce you to Camp Beauregard

  5. Notice they got white men putting the sign up, because they wanted it done right and looking good.

  6. Parris Island where the sand flea is your friend. And the DI’s keep horse flies as pets.
    Mosquitos, bah.

  7. When I saw that they named it Fort Johnson, the first guy that I thought of was “LBJ”. I bet a lot of other vets did too.
    Remember Fort Hood is now Fort Cerveza, or something like that.

  8. JRTC when it was at Chaffee…the bomb.

    “Well…we’re moving it to Ft. Polk.” 1993.

    “It’s nice now.”

    “They spent a lot a money on it! It’s not like it was in the 7o’s” they said.

    BS. We renamed it ‘Polkatraz’.


    Once you PCSd there…you could never escape.

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