No Longer a Valid Law Enforcement Agency

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seems the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Incompetence has yet again proven itself absolutely corrupt and completely without merit. I.E. by the very acts that the Bureau has, as we have seen (and man, can you imagine what we haven’t seen!?!) That the Bureau by it’s very actions has proven itself to be an illegitimate organization, nay and OUTLAW RENEGADE organization, and thusly, by dint of the Constitution of the United States, has, organizationally, proven itself to be forfeit.

I.E. assholes, You’re ALL fired.

We ain’t listening, not obeying you anymore.

Test me. I dare ya.

As Tom Petty once sang “Don’t come ’round here no more.”

A Fed shows up on my doorstep, no joke, I’ll just as soon as slam the door in their face as speak to him/her. Rather chance a real trial than potentially deal with them. “Fuck you, get a warrant and fuck off” Got me a doormat around here that sez that as I recall….

Hell, the Mafia…the Sicilian Mob is more honest and upfront. Fuck these motherfuckers. And NO, this ain’t a case of ‘one apple doesn’t spoil the barrel…’ The whole fucking barrel’s been rotten to the fucking core since that Tranny Faggot Cocksucking Sonofawhore J. Edgar Hoover-a-Dick was in charge.

Absolutely historically -proven- that fucking faggot?… he collected and blackmailed every. single. politico. from the time he set foot as head of the Fucking Boy Intercourse club til the time AIDs took him out.

I mean no joke.
Probably another reason to hate the Feds, but man, it’s dead the fuck nuts on. The very fact that the FBI has protected the current illegitimate regime, and yet continually goes after and arrests anyone and everyone who even set foot in the Capital on January 6th!?!

Well, hell.

Time to call it a day.

Shun them
Best way to start.
If you’re related to a fucking STASI agent, and yeah, they’re as bad, if not worse than the STASI, then call them the Gestapo that they are. Cut them dead. Cut them off. Leave them for dead. If you’re a brother or a sister to an agent, go to Mom and Dad, work on cutting them dead from the ‘rents inheritance. Become the executor/trix and cut your FBI relative DEAD.
“No fucking soup for you Nazi-boi”

Leave them with –nothing
No succor
No Family.

Let them wither, and die on the vine.

Same goes for anyone and anyone you may know who socializes or is neighbors with and FBI agent.

Cut. Them. and. Their. Families. DEAD.
Shun them
Plaster notices around your neighborhood: “John Smith is a FBI Agent and an oppressor and hates you and Our Freedom”

“Mrs. John Smith supports her husband, who is an agent for Oppressing our FREEDOM. Do not speak nor interact with her, nor her children. Show your distain for their choices.”

Couple of months of some shit like that, especially if you go after the wife and kids? Mr. John Smith’ll more than likely resign, OR end up divorced. Wife-shaming is the way to go. Bitches be cray-cray these days, and the current and normal social cachet of being “the wife of an FBI agent” normally is something that Mrs. Smith loves, cherishes and loves to socially flaunt.

Change that shit up

“Mrs. Smith is a fascist whore married to a member of the modern day Gestapo. In fact, the Gestapo had more respect for the citizenry than the FBI does! Keep Mrs. Smith Socially Isolated.”

In fact, start rumors she’s got the herpa-gonorrh-syphil-aids from fucking gangbanging niggers while Mr. Smith is out of the house.

Any bets that shit’ll cause some major meltdowns?
And best of all?
First Amendment baby
Just try and stop it.

Add on there’s a reason SHUNNING works
ESPECIALLY on broads.
Social embarrassment utterly causes broads to melt down
As the majority of split-tail out there are social creatures and constructs. Kicking the primary ‘pillar’ (“MY man is a respected FBI agent”) to a “I’m hated and my children are hated b/c of my husband’s job, because I’m married to Hitler!” works like a motherfucker.

So such is tonight’s social suggestions. Comments, Ideas and asshole drooling allowed int he comments. More Later Yadda-ta-Yadda.
Big Country

13 thoughts on “No Longer a Valid Law Enforcement Agency”

  1. Whatever you do, flyers, posters, whatever. For fuck’s sake wear gloves. Wear a mask. Buy supplies with cash. Better, have the supplies bought via the Zon to a third party, who hands someone else the package and then leaves it in a place for you to pick up.

    Why? Because the Farting Bastards of InSec have a very very technically trained lab that can and will pluck the smallest smithereen of bio leavenings and figure out who you are and where you live and they will, with a 100 person SWAT company, come put you down like a rabid dog, on national tv, for all to see.

    If you have a good safe acquaintance in IT, have him/her set you up very secure internet or whatever combonculator access you need to go pirating across the interwebs.

    Fight dirty. Very dirty. But be careful. Cameras everywhere, and the Zon-Ring cameras will spy on your ass and assets.

    But, yes, find out where the Fibbie and the Homeland Security and the TSA and the ATFags and all other federales live. Find out who their families are. Find out where they work. Find out where they go to school, where they shop, their doctors, their churches, their everywheres. And that’s where the posters show up. At the schools. At their medical providers. In the parking lots where they shop. Scattered by drones at their kid’s games.

    Terrorize them. Let them know they and theirs aren’t safe. Ever. Drive them into armed compounds, onto military bases, into abandoned prisons. Drive them to where they are all together.

    And then treat them like they treated the Branch Davidians. If necessary.

    We have become their enemy. They have become the enemy of freedom.

    They want us as peasants and serfs and slaves.

    We just wanted to be left alone.

    We can do so much without having to resort to further, more physical measures, like caltrops in their yards, nail spike strips everywhere, balloons of bleach and gas dropped on their yards and bushes and cars and…

    The Chair is Against the Wall. John has a long mustache.

  2. Welcome to the party.

    Maybe its because I remember the 1970’s that I’ve always thought of the FBI as just another DC criminal gang. The whole Mark Felt / Watergate story. And then the way William Sullivan was off’ed in 1977 because he was making too much noise about the whole FBI subverting democracy stuff.

    So 2020, nothing new. The FBI did the same after 1972. If Nixon had made Felt head of the FBI, a job which Felt demanded was his by right, there would have been no “Watergate”. The whole “All the Presidents Men” story is a work of pure fiction. Like the Wizard of Oz. Woodward and Bernstein were junior level journos , not very bright, gullible, ambitious and greedy as fuck. The perfect dupes for leaks.

    As for 2021. The FBI has been doing this kind of shit since the day it was founded. Framing anyone who challenges the current DC regime. FDR was both very charming and played a very long game when it came to dealing with political enemies. They were neutralized one way or another. If not politically then usually framed by the FBI. A tradition that continued through the decades till today.

    Only dealt directly with the Fibbers once. Making a witness statement after a bank robbery. Which was a story in itself. Never noticed anything odd going on even though standing behind the guy who robbed the bank. The FBI guys who turned up struck me as guys who failed the interview for a job at the DMV. Even the most podunk county deputy sheriff was more impressive than those guys.

    So the most dangerous sort of enemy. Power crazed, incompetent and very stupid. Competent and evil is easier to deal with. You at least know they know what they are doing. And why. The current FBI is the very definition of a rogue state apparat. Much like the late Soviet era KGB. And we know how well the KGB domestic political plotting turned out. In 1989/1991.

    So long term we win. Or rather get a different set of crooks running the show. In the short term, its going be a cluster fuck in a shit storm. With all the shit heading our way. So its going be “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. Because thats all we got at the moment.

  3. There are no legitimate LEO’s in Anarcho-Tyranny.
    The steaming Zimbabwe Fundamental Transformation is complete.
    Si se puede!

  4. Never, ever, ever talk to any person, male or female, who represents themselves as a government official. Yes, periodically we have to deal with locals who run the DMV, assessors office, etc. But, if they wear a badge, mum is the word. And, when you meet with your kid’s/grandkid’s teacher, have a witness with you and take notes. Remember, you are under NO OBLIGATION to talk to the police UNLESS you have been in a traffic accident where there is an injury to you or others, OR you are in the category of a teacher or other child care profession and you suspect child abuse. Some sheeple are waking up to the fact things are going terribly wrong for American citizens. Most are still clueless. STFU, stay vigilant, and keep prepping. Bleib ubrig.

  5. A word to the wise… You say “In fact, start rumors she’s got the herpa-gonorrh-syphil-aids from fucking gangbanging niggers while Mr. Smith is out of the house. Any bets that shit’ll cause some major meltdowns? And best of all? First Amendment baby Just try and stop it.”

    Yeah, well that First Amendment does not provide protection against a claim of defamation. And unless Mrs Smith IS fucking gangbanging niggers, then that statement definitely crosses the line and you would be quite properly hammered in court. Whatever you say has to be true, since truth is a defence in such cases.

    Otherwise, agree with everything you say. There’s a meme going around to the effect that your rights are not being taken away by government – they are being taken away by people with names and faces and families and home addresses, etc. That’s so true, and the sooner the’s minions realize that, the better (for them).

  6. Caught some clown on the radio spewing some drivel about the FBI’s “rank & file” being sincere and honest and that the problem was only due to management on the upper floors. This guy obviously has never had a sit down with them and one of their stenos that write whatever the agent tells them to despite what the interviewee states.

  7. Corruption aside, if that is even possible, the Federal “law enforcement” agencies are armed enforcers for an illegitimate regime and are therefore themselves illegitimate.


  9. “Don’t speak to Mrs Smith or the Smith children.
    Whatever you say to them will be told to Mr Smith.
    And Mr Smith will in turn tell his FiBbIe office.
    Who will in turn come and pay you a “Midnight Knock” visit.
    For any reason. Or no reason.
    So, don’t speak to Mrs Smith and the Smith children. “

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