OrangeMan Baaaaaaaaaaad!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Say tonights title like you had retardation and/or Downs.

Swear to Gawd we -are- dealing with the mentally incompetent, and I don’t mean the Kidsniffer Pursuviant. More like every. single. one. of these corruptocrats, who just ALL so happen to A) Be Inter-related (inbred like a motherfucker) and B) Part of a (((certain group))) who’s not known for either their subtly nor intelligence.

Say what you want, defend what you want, but the noticing keeps happening… to the point where all these new anti-anti-Semite laws?

You want to know ‘which corrupted motherfucking group who’s running the show?’

Just see who which group and/or person you’re not allowed to ask about, nor talk about.

Nuff said there.

And NO. It’s not a trope nor is it a whytte-sooper-preemie-cyst thing. Boomers LOVE to throw that out when you mention the noticing. See, the issue is, really, as far as I can tell, it’s not a coordinated plan, or action, nor the “Protocols of the The Elders of Zion” or whatever the hell that is…

Hell, my sister in law (who knew?) is Jewish hence why FedBro cut me dead. Rather than actually analyzing the facts, I get the marker of being an Anti-Semite, which I’m not. It’s that the tribe, for whatever reason, either subconsciously or hell, even consciously, make decisions based on tribal affiliation. And because of this, a bunch of related/unrelated things happen, and all of a sudden, a new Hitler comes into power, and no one can understand why pogroms crop up ever 100 years or so.

Because of the promotion of the tribal aspect of the lifestyle they lead, and the inability to realize that their actions, as beneficial to themselves they may be, the detrimental aspects of a LOT of their choices leave the ‘reg’lar folks’ kind of pissed off, as most of the beneficial decisions they make are hardcore detrimental as fuck to anyone not of the tribe.

That tends to piss people off.

Hell, the Krain is a case in point.
Krainfeld and his Kocaine Koterie?
All members of the tribe

Who, in reality, stoked and prepped another brother war (i.e. Christian on Christian) since 2014? The Krainians, specifically the members of the (((tribe))) have never forgiven Russia for driving them out. They started the entire Revolution waaaaay back in 1918… and eventually, as norm, they overplayed their hand, and got good and pogrommed for it.

You can’t piss off a group of people non-stop and not expect some form of backlash. However, the nature of the tribe is that they continually wallow in a self-induced circular pity-oppression logic that, to them makes them the persecuted ones despite the fact that they tend to end up in positions of power and control. Eventually, as such, the ‘regular non-tribalists’ start looking around and start NOTICING

Hence tha panic and attempts to pass and have enforced near draconian laws that would literally institute a law that makes me and this column a hate-crime.

Hell, I am a walking talking hate crime…
Ask my wife.

Thank God for the First and Second Amendment.
Thing of it is, it’s the ‘regular folks’ who tend to suffer.
Regular tribe members who get caught up in the grinder… they aren’t the issue, it’s the Judenraete , also spelled the “Judenrat” (far more appropo IMO) who are the problem…

The Judenraete were groups of tribal “leaders” who, for the most part made sure that they and theirs were the last ones loaded on the boxcars.

Despicable doesn’t even –begin– to describe these motherfuckers. Literally sold alllll their fellow tribals down the river so as to ‘live another day’.

OUR current Judenraete consists of Nuland, Weinstein, Baum… ALLLLL the usual suspects

No shytte Aye?

Latest word IRL is that the tribe has (or should I say -had-) some long term plans for the Krain… the term “A Second Israel” and whatnot has been bandied about… seems that the real “Big Iz” is running out of arable land… I mean yeaaaaah I totally can believe it… fucking there’s only so much you can do on a piece of turf that’s been worked over since ‘time began’ so to speak…

So, the plan is (was) to depopulate the Krain of it’s folks and start ‘moving in’… nothing solid, nothing in writing. Maybe a wild-ass weirdness guess or fever fantasy, BUT

These days?

Stranger things have happened.

Now, other Administrative Notes:
May Uncle Ted rest in peace. Died today at 81 in Supermax.

Guy scared the ever-loving Jeebus out of the powers that be.
May he forever haunt them.
So, Holler atcha later
Big Country

20 thoughts on “OrangeMan Baaaaaaaaaaad!!!”

  1. There’s a great documentary about Kaczynski on Netflix. I highly recommend it. I personally believe he was right in the beginning.

    There are two types of Jews. One is from the synagogue of Satan.

    As for the orange man bad, I saw this comment a while back somewhere, “Clown World is getting clownier and clownier by the day. But Trump can hardly complain. This is what happens when you chicken out at the Rubicon”.

  2. What is this Rubicon you speak of?
    Tell me more.
    Is it full 1984 world yet with Emmanuel Trumpstein telescreens and the 2 Minutes Hate?
    Oh wait.

  3. I (was) to be the be the best man at a Tribe wedding. But i had this feeling and didn’t say squat to my nieve buddy.
    He asked me and yeah I accepted, thanx!

    Sooo, wed’in day comes for him and his tribal bride (whom i think knew but cunted out) and 5 min before the blessed words, my Non-Tribal Affiliation came up and was A Thing.
    “No prob !!”, It’s your and her day.

    Yup, you guessed it. Me out…and A soon to be in-law and Proper Memeber Steps up.
    And, forward the tribal dance went..

    Yeeeeeah. Them Cheshire Cats…
    I know what the fucking deal is.

  4. The “jews” that are often referred to as (((they))) have no link to Mid-Eastern bloodlines. They are from a corrupt culture (Khazarians) that adopted Judaism as cover for their evil activities. Any wonder that the Kraine is as corrupt as hell? This push to make “anti-semitism”a crime will fail. (((They))) will push it until the blowback hits them square in the face. I’ve noticed that if you talk about (((them))) and their wrongdoing on certain websites (looking at you Sarah Hoyt) you’ll be called a whytte soo premicist and threatened with censorship. Some are so thoroughly brainwashed and blind.

  5. ‘Industrial Society and its Future’ is a mainstay on my bookshelf. Whatever Ted Kaczynski’s faults were, he was still a very astute individual. Having had the opportunity to see what the world has become in 2023, almost 30 years after he wrote the book, I hope his dying words were something along the lines of “I fucking told you assholes so”.

    1. It is both quite striking, and almost terrifying, how right Uncle Ted was in his prognostications. I had felt/foresaw many of the same things 25ish years ago as a then angry young man in his 20’s, but wasn’t yet black pilled enough to openly articulate them to others. And even if I had been, what would’ve been the point?

      Warnings are routinely given by those who can see, about shit being done that will end badly. 3 years of COVID response fuckery proved that up in spades.

      Ted warned America, America didn’t listen. Big surprise, that. The minority, dissenting opinion always gets BTFO by the mass of normies, sheeple and NPCs. And then they piss and moan about how they lose, and can’t understand why. Granted, his choice of targets was generally poor. He needed to get some bonafide swamp dwellers, more than the sorts he blowed up. But hey, despite that, his writings were spot on.

      Trump is in the same boat now. He had to know what he was dealing with after his first two years in office. By year 3 the gloves should’ve come off, even if he had to more or less suspend or violate the constitution (as if it even matters) ala that bearded, pituitary disordered piece of shit abe lincoln, and start throwing
      his adversaries – swamp things, one and all – in the clink (or just having them executed as Pinochet did to great effectiveness) until the walls bulged out.

      Instead he fucked around. Now he is finding out. The neo-bolsheviks who control the swamp are going to do him – and possibly his family – like the OG bolshies did the Romanovs circa 1918. You can see it coming. And I have no sympathy for him.

      He had to know, and having nothing to lose in light of his preordained future of suffering at the hands of his now emboldened tormentors, he should have just let loose and burned the whole fucking thing down. They might still have killed him, but he would’ve made a tangible difference. Instead they’ll now chisel away at him piece by piece until his ultimate ruination.

      But he didn’t have the testicular fortitude to do it. Boohoo for him. Now we are all getting fucked for his inability to get past his stupidly unshakeable belief in the system, such that he foolishly thought he could work within it and reform it to work properly. Sorry Don, no sale. The system sucks. It is riven through with stage 4 turbo cancers, AIDS, prions, flesh eating parasites, and pubic lice. The best thing that could be done is to euthanize the muthafucka right where it stands.

      I hope orange man finally has a moment of clarity right before the raging leftists torture him to death (and they most assuredly will get to that, after having stroked their leftist microdicks for years while enjoying the public spectacle of his unending torment by “the process”). It won’t make any real difference at that point, but maybe he will be able to finally admit, even if only to himself in that last fleeting moment, that he blew it. For now, his ego will not permit for that.

      1. I agree.

        Donald Trump is either profoundly stupid or profoundly corrupt and is in bed with these bastards and playing ‘fuck fuck’ games with the American people who trust him.

        My two cents? Trump is a liability, at minimum. He had his shot at POTUS and he blew his wad and didn’t accomplish much of anything because he either a.) trusted too much in the system (as you have pointed out); b.) had no idea what the hell he was doing; or c.) wasn’t really interested in doing a whole hell of a lot to start with. Anything he did do was undone anyway, much of it the first day that pedophile son of a bitch running the show down there stole office. Regardless, he is unsuitable for another term and I’d just as soon regard him as a hostile, no different than the commie-crats he’s supposedly at odds with.

        Besides, if he was truly a threat to the establishment, he would have been ‘Epstein-ed’ already.

  6. Longtime lurker…

    Met Ted as a kid. Cousins had a place up the road from his. Went there for a few weeks every summer. He used to ride his bike to town for groceries and would pass by us kids effing off in the yard. Always kind, he’d stop and talk to us briefly. Don’t remember the conversations at this point. I remember when he got rolled up. Had a VM on my barracks landline from my aunt; we’d been out doing crrc stuff for 3 days straight. Her VM referenced our nickname for him and suggested I turn on the news. I was floored.

    Re: the tribe… it’s very complicated. I’m and outsider that’s on the inside as I converted. Hell, I’m even on the board of trustees at the Synagogue. How I achieved that as a convert is pretty simple, but I’ll take the insider view for as long as I can. Ultimately, here’s what I see: 99.9% of them are looking out for #1. They distrust new faces as much as non-Jews. Most of this stems from the fact that they grow up in a bubble and will rarely venture outside of it. You could call it a privileged bubble; most of them that I know focus on the accumulation of wealth. They travel from bubble to bubble when they relocate.

    99.99999999%+ are super liberal. It’s infiltrated most synagogues and is espoused from the pulpit. In fact, the more Orthodox they are, the more likely it is that the members are conservative leaning.

    Most regular congregants are older like the cretins in the .gov. The rest are what we call High Holidays Jews, much like Christmas & Easter Catholics; they show up on the two most important holidays and act all pious. Folks my age don’t go. Truth be told, I don’t like most of them; they’re all fake as fuck. They squawk about “never again” but couldn’t (or more importantly wouldn’t) punch their way out of a wet paper bag with a pair of scissors in their hand.

    Anyway, if any of you have any burning questions, ask away.

  7. Let me tell you a joke, that I found in one of the two jewish newspapers in germany.
    It is quite revealing.

    “Oh, your name is Bronstein. So you are a jew?”
    “Of course not. I am a german.”
    “So, you feel responsibility for the Holocaust, just like all the other Germans?”
    “Of course not. I am a jew.”

    And to your “Ukraine will be a new Israel.
    Back in the 2008 there was a talk of giving the East to the jews as a form of reparations for the Holocaust. They even had a name for it. They called it “Medinat Weimar”.

    And in an article in the German newspaper WELT the israeli military theorists Martin van Creveld said that while some Germans want to close the history books he wants the germans to carry the guilt for the next 1000 years.

  8. The Nr. 1 embodiment of the types who must not be named is George Soros. The lizard literally profited by selling out his fellow ****.

    The whole “We were slaves in Egypt” thingy was a tall tale; they were a merchant class that the Egyptians increasingly became disenchanted with, and were ultimately expelled from Egypt.

    Funny how they are always at the center of all their problems.

  9. Speaking of world class people, BCE you should wander over to Aesop’s joint.

    Seems he’s DEFENDING you from evil Filthie’s comments, something about calling you a nasty name.

    Frankly Filthe didn’t he was calling Aesop a nasty name and the “Naaaah, Naaah, I’m TELLING MOMMY came out with Aesop.

    LOL, I doubt my response to Aesop’s brave Service Protecting BCE will see the light of day under Aesop’s moderations. If so, I’d be amused to see his hurt and injured words.

    How DID Aesop SURVIVE MARINE BASIC TRAINING with such thin skin???

  10. The only circle i have a hard time squaring is Azov. It is clear to me that there is a bit if a power struggle between State/CIA and the Azov factions that came to power/took advantage of Maidon in 2014. Azov took control of the Ministry of Interior – hence why the are National Guard unit

    It is also clear to me that much of their power was the militia and that was destroyed by Russia – greatly weakening their position in Ukraine.

    My guess is that Azov’s prominance was basicly a means to an end. They were the muscle in 2014 and the war eliminated that competing faction

  11. a long time ago at FT. Campbell. I was told by a wise old E-7 to “never trust any motherfucker from state” and he had no love at all for the “clowns in action” boys either. but he did say they paid well
    right up to when they fuck you. he only had a couple of years left to retire and I think he was trying
    to warn us about assholes we might run into. and he did teach us a lot of things that where not in any training book that I ever saw. one thing I do remember he telling us over and over was always have a out
    or at least 2-3 different ways to get your ass home. never trust anything they say, watch what they do.
    and keep a nice watch or ring at all times. worse comes to worse- bribe you way out with it. if you can.
    if carrying a weapon illegally, skip the holster. you can ditch the weapon fast but never the holster.
    I learned a lot from that man. one thing, never trust the clowns in gov’t.

    1. OSS holster, IE: a loop of string fed through itself around your belt for a quick IWB holster. I recall reading that if caught with it still on your belt the Gestapo would make your life very unpleasant. Wonder how many still know this trick.

      1. we where taught to use rubber bands wrapped around the grip to hold the weapon in place.
        also too, back then it was hard to get “prints” off rubber bands. and on a knife, use the sticky
        electrical tape- same thing- no prints. showed us how to use a bobby pin to get out of hand cuffs
        hot wire a car/truck. simple things like that. things you might need/want to know how to do.
        and escape and evade training was with him, impressive to say the least.
        never got caught though after that.

  12. off topic but…. anyone know how to build a GPS blocker for let’s say, stopping overhead drones from zeroing in on your property? Would make it harder for someone to drop munitions on you from the sky.. I suspect this is not legal, so this is hypothetical.

  13. Brain damage has a home around here. The drooling, nose picking brain damage.

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