Hi Ho, Let’s Go! Hi Ho, Let’s Go!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
With apologies to the Ramones Aye?

Let’s start tonight off with some odd news
Bad News/Good News?

Bad News: Apparently The Aliens/Martians/Whathaveyou have landed in Las Vegas. Juuuuuust a bit outside the strip.

Good News: They’re eating niggers and illegals, pissing gasoline, and headed East.
<Drum Riff>

Sorry…. had to do it.
IRL, instead of Vegas, it was California, and during the gas crisis. One of DeadDad’s bros called him up at Oh-Dark Early and laid that particular one on him at 0200, back when long distance calls were a premium… ‘member those days when we used to get porked to call across a state line? Maaaaaaaaaan I caught hell in my early years of College, me being in Bawston, and my “meat of the week”, her being at Plymouth State up in Northern New Hampster… try a $200 phone bill first time around… The parental units were not amused.

So the Kocaine Klown Show of The Krain kicked off Offishully.
Annnnnnnnnnnd it went as I predicted

A complete and utter cruster fluck as Joe Chink would call it.

That’s 4 Brads, all roastie-post-toasties
A Leopard 2A6 variant (the triangular turret glacis is the givaway)
And what appears to be a T-72 Engineering variant that -had- a mine plow on it… the mine plow being waaaay down in the lower left corner of this footage… I stole this from the Bitchute vidya… a quick clip.


I also watched the In-Real-Time drone footage of when this particular group got smoked.
Holy Fucking Hells
Whoever trained these clowns? THEY should be put against a wall and shot out of hand. Stalin would’ve capped someone for less… My Monday Morning QBing of just this particular shot?

A) They’re too tightly grouped… having see the raw full footage, these guys were soooo close together… man, as a TOW Gunner who grew up on being trained to take out Hordes of Ivans in the Fulda Gap? Gawd, Eaaaaaasy Meat man… shiiiiit…. a TOW Gunner –salivates– at the thought of some shit like this… mainly ‘cos, little known fact: A TOW2 can, if shot correctly, can get a ‘twofer’ by punching thru two tanks IF they’re close enough.

B) They panicked. That Leo doesn’t actually show any battle damage, but it obviously ran full-on up and onto that Bradley thats all blown the fuck up behind it. Got a hunch that the Engineer track got the mine plow blow’d up and off, and they got too close… then Ivan started hitting the Brads with ATGMs (Anti-Tank Guided Missiles) like the TOW, or in their case the Kornet. Like a Jav, but actually works apparently. My hunch is as they tried to turn around (and it’s hard to see in the actual combat vidya due to obscuration) either the Brad in the lower left got hit by Arty (big crater next to it) Big and CLOSE enough to completely annihilate it, OR, the next Brad (right next to the Leo, in the process of Backing Up to turn around, hit a mine, blowing the left track off, and probably (if it was one of them BIG Ivan AT Mines) kil’t a goodly portion of the crew.

C) At which point, the Two Brads behind the Leo got Smoked. Those are definitely ATGM/Arty Hits, maybe precision guided Arty? Either way, the Leo? Man, it backed up and onto the Brad behind it, and probably got stuck like chuck. The fact that it –wasn’t smoked– tells me Ivan wanted it in one piece and whelp… they done dood it. All they have to do is push forward post offensive and do a recovery. Not that that’s that big a deal, they already had export examples from the Yemen shit… LOTS of 2A6 smoked/captured during that particular unpleasantness.

I’m waiting to see the Brit Tanks IF we even ever see them, as those? They still got the Chobham armor on them, and that supposedly is the ‘keys to the kingdom’. Got me a hunch we’ll never see one of those being in a place of danger… the risk of Ivan snatching one is too great.

Anyways… that’s all for tonight as I’m toast myself. FIL fell twice today, once at 0700, then around lunchtime. Both times we got notified, but still, Mom’s not doing so hot, so we have to discuss the plan for the future. He’s OK, but man, they not longer can take care of themselves… hard times here man…

I -so- do not want to have to deal with this.
When do –I– get a break?

So More Later
Big Country

27 thoughts on “Hi Ho, Let’s Go! Hi Ho, Let’s Go!”

  1. Once they/we start falling the finish line is in sight. Lesson: Do. Not. Fall.

    1. Yeah, amen to that. 6 months after Dad fell and broke his hip. Heard the nurses talking that was the average timeline when he got out of surgery. Fun times!
      Rough road brother, Gods speed.

  2. Pbbbfffttttt!

    BC, I’d be surprised if if the Russians and the chinks DON’T have the specs for these tanks and the materials they’re built from. Our politicos will sell such info for chump change.

    Further: I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned their noses up at the concept! They can build 2.5 T-72’s for the same price as an Abrams, and about 5 for whatever that British armoured lemon is.

    Looks like the counteroffensive failed. It’s all up to General Aesop now…

    1. This is all part of the Ukrainian master plan, lull the Russkies into a false sense of security by occupying vast swaths of Ukraine and feeding them troops and gear to shoot full of holes. Little does Putin know he is actually losing. Haha! Take that Vodka Man Bad!

    2. Wow, you called it, Filthie.

      Two tanks, 6 vehicles total destroyed, and the Russians have won the whole war.
      Although Putin assured the world it’s closer to 160 Ukrainian tanks destroyed.
      Two, or a hundred and sixty? Hmm.

      This is almost as funny as the 274 times you asserted that Bakhmut had fallen.
      So you’re 1-273 on that one, and you’re going to start again?!?

      Tell the class when Moskva will set sail from Sevastopol again, while you’re up.
      And maybe tell us where the entire Russian Air Farce has been hiding for 16 months.
      That’s quite the poser, pretty much worldwide.

      Putin’s 3-day operation is now going on day 470-what, FTR???
      You’ve asserted the war was over and Russia won every other day since mid-May last year, FFS.
      Please: stop shooting yourself in the balls. Daily. With a shotgun.
      It’s painful to watch, but hilarious at the same time.
      Just not in the way you’d intended.

      1. Dude: https://twitter.com/WallStreetSilv/status/1669305741637763073
        Ten minutes of Lancets decimating the Krainians… and do NOT try and say “…but the war has been on for over a year!” The Lancet wasn’t brought into play until 6 months ago… they only NOW have ramped up the use as they’re just too damned cheap and good for the purposes employed. Take my absolute and fully informed intel as gospel. The Krainians are -done-. They tried their best and didn’t do shit, as they pretty much ceased existing as a ‘professional military’ about a week ago.

        1. Russia is using drones?
          Wait…what happened to those 5000 rounds/day Russian artillery pummelings that were going to continue for years, because their ammo was/is limitless, and their tubes would/will defy physics and metallurgy, and last indefinitely?
          We’ll set that question aside for the moment.

          The video showed what was claimed as 58 Russian Lancet hits on equipment. (My tally was lower, because I don’t think Video Dude noticed they were showing the same hit from multiple angles all through the video.)
          But what the hell, let’s be generous, and give them all 58 hits.
          We’ll go farther yet, and stipulate that every single one of them was a total kill.

          And the Lancet’s been in play for 6 months. We’ll round it to 180 days.
          So, Russia is using multiple surveillance drones (as proven by the multiple video angles per kill shown in that video) to knock out less than one target every three days.

          Even if that’s all this month, that’s still only two kills/day.
          Let’s be even more generous: we’ll stipulate that all those hits happened in only the last two weeks. Now they’re up to 4 kills/day!

          On an 1100-mile front line.
          So one kill every 20 miles of front?
          Not exactly Ypres numbers there, is it?
          FFS, the last-place Oakland A’s (19-58 so far) are hitting better than that this year.
          Hell, the third baseman for the single-A Visalia Rawhide has almost as many hits as the Russian Army this season.

          More than half of those strikes, by my count, and also the end-of-video tally’s, were SP and towed artillery pieces.
          Any arty that fires twice, or for more than 2 minutes, from the same position, let alone sits motionless and uncamouflaged in broad daylight, is a kamikaze mission in itself. Welcome to Combat Rules since 1980, at least.

          A good chunk of the rest was non- or poorly-mobile SAM, AA, and counterbattery radar.
          Important targets? Sure, if Russia had an Air Farce other than drones.
          Stopping a maneuvering armored advance? Not so much.
          They got 3 tanks, and one APC. Ukraine got that many visible hits in 30 seconds on any one of multiple well-publicized videos from last year and this year.

          Meanwhile, Ukraine has hit both bridges in Crimea, cutting off or drastically reducing overland supplies. Per satellite shots, the Russians are building defensive lines inside Crimea, suggesting that Russian commanders think Ukraine is going to get that far this summer. And the Ukes are daily liberating villages and towns formerly under Russian control, in Donbas and Luhansk, as even Russian MOD press conferences grudgingly admit.

          This isn’t the end. It’s not even the beginning of the end. It’s just the end of the beginning.
          And Russian forces are still moving backwards, not forward.

          I could cherry-pick a video in response, but I’d rather stick with the battle lines drawn by neutral third-party sites. No one has Russian forces doing anything but retreating. More orderly than last September, and in some spots even defending tenaciously. But still with no end to that retreat in sight. And Vlad’s “I really mean it this time, WWIII could be started [by Russia] any minute!!!” rhetoric just looks more and more desperate, as he realizes his military ass-kissing yes-men with chests full of peacetime fruit salad bullshitted him badly since last January.

          And the main reason for US troops in Europe, just like in South Korea, seems to be geared towards keeping our allies from tearing off the chain and joining the fracas themselves.

          All this, and Ukraine still has yet to commit its reserves in this offensive.

          I don’t think this is anywhere near as over as you do, unless Russia has had enough, “retires” Putin (probably by sudden Makarov injection just behind the ear), throws in the towel, pulls out of Ukraine, and spends the next 20 years trying to say “We’re sorry” without choking on their own tongues.

          Otherwise, I think that as long as NATO is willing to cobble up more hardware and dough, Ukraine is going to pound Russia’s fingers with a ball peen hammer every chance they get till Russia gives back every scrap of Ukraine, until Russia gives up on the whole shitshow and fucks right off.

          If we cut and run at any point, Vlad’s got a slim chance, but even then, it’s iffy, and I think Eastern Europe would strip their own armies to the bare bone to stop Russia the other side of the Dnieper, rather than face off with them at their own borders, 0-400 miles closer.

          Beat up on Zelensky and Pedo Joe all you want, this isn’t about them. What it is about is that no one west of the Volga likes Russia, and few on either side of the Urals like Putin. The average Ukrainian would shoot him in the face if given a gun with one bullet, and a three-second window of opportunity. That’s the kind of commitment you saw from Hamid in Afghanistan, or Minh in Vietnam last time we faced either of them. Short of nuclear weapons use, the odds of a Russian flag flying over Kiev anytime soon are still at around 0%, and even then, they’d be slitting Russian throats onesey-twosey for the next 50 years.

          The sooner Russia figures this out, the happier the world gets.
          You may not think that, but everyone in Ukraine does, and that’s what makes all the difference at the moment.

          If you’re going to claim victory, be sure and tell your opponent.” – Murphy’s Laws Of Combat

  3. You get a break when you’re dead…you know that. Regenerate with Yeungling and get back in there.
    As to the “offensive”, it sure is. These poor guys were/are practicing the shoot’n no scoot. Poor guys are most likely being shot if they don’t head into the grinder. How would you feel, not even having the moral high ground (UKR knows these oblasts are Russian forever)?

  4. yeah, the one good thing we can do in life is take of our folks when they get old and unable to do for themselves. my dad had a problem with it and I guess he thought I was a bit crazy when I told him that life is like a circle. you start off not be able to do shit for yourself, then you get better at it and start walking, running thru life. then you get toward the top of the circle and you need a bit of help to do shit
    you used to be able to do by yourself. the last 3 years of his life, I was standing by. used to go over and get him up at 430 and in the shower. clean him up and then feed him. head off to work at 630 when mom got up. not a easy thing by any means. but I do think we own them that much at least.
    as for the mess over there, too much of hand holding shit. every time I see a “stack” of guys going thru a doorway, I think claymore on a trip wire. same thing with the clowns above. way too close together. as you say , easy meat.

  5. Blitzkrieg Bop used to play at the Sack-N-Save…until someone got offended.
    It could get so bad they’ll dust off the Great Patriotic War for the Motherland gear in the museum and go out with T-34s and STUG’s, the Finnish had the wild looking jumbo blue swastika on the sides.
    Fun trivia-The PPsh41 is pretty much a copy of the Finn Suomi M31
    The UFO invasion fleet card? I still have the COV-LARP decorations up.
    They’ll save that one for the last looting operation.
    Johnny Ramone always wore a kill a commy for mommy shirt!

    1. The Finns were using that blue swastika as the national ensign on equipment since independence from Russia in 1918. The Finnish Air Force just replaced it with a Gold Eagle inside a blue dot in 2020 after woke complaints.

  6. Wouldn’t be surprised if they all were trying to stay in the cleared lane, then tried to go around the plow when it got popped. Of course the dirt on the side is where all the mines got pushed, and boom.
    When I was training obstacle breaching the expectation was the initial breaching units would be effectively wiped out. Obstacles covered by direct/indirect fire etc.

    Throw in modern ISR and electronic warfare? Under observation from the moment you step off, every action you take, and you maybe can’t penetrate with comms to co-ordinate with other units, artillery, let alone HQ? No effective outgoing to suppress enemy fire, no effective smoke to blind them to what you’re doing? How fucked would that be?

    Some balls trying to punch through anyway, but man, I’d hate to be in their place.

  7. So the last time US forces had to go up against a near peer enemy how did that work out? That would have been Korea. Shit like this happens all the time when you’re up against someone who can reach out and hurt you. Real hard. As it did so many times during the Korean “Police Action” to the “UN Forces”.

    You’re going to see a lot more videos like this of NATO gear going bang. Because this is the first time it is being used in combat against a peer enemy. You will see lots of Bradley’s, Leopards etc showing up on Oryx. Probably most of them eventually. Because they are not up against the Iraqis. They are fighting an enemy who fights long and fights hard. Who have huge amounts of artillery, mortars and landmines and use them everywhere. And wont surrender the first time some guy in the other sides uniform turns up.

    This is not some sand wog turkey shoot. Most NATO kit will not survive actual high intensity combat against a peer enemy very long. Just like with the NATO Fulda Gap exercises back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. All those NATO heavy armor divisions were expected to be just a temporary speed bump for any invading Soviet Army. Which is why we all expected the first battlefield nukes to be used around D+5 when the NATO armored divisions were mostly gone. With the B43’s loaded, armed and ready by D-3 at the latest.

    Ah, simpler times.

  8. Makes me want to ask, what the fuck do we spend a trillion a year on when the stuff doesn’t actually work? That money is going somewhere and I am sure we can guess where.

    1. NATO’s stuff works, but it’s ideally used on a range rather than a battlefield.

      Our guys have been doing COIN for so long that they have no idea how to do maneuver warfare against a peer on a battlefield covered with mines and under constant C4ISR while having their own comms blinded by enemy EW. The Hohols had no other option, really, but to form a pretty column behind the mine-plow, and after it was killed, to decide to go around it, getting blowed up, and failing there, to cluster near the dead vehicles in the hopes that they would give some desperately needed cover.

      But our MSM assures us it was a successful probe, and the Russkies are on their last legs under the assault of NATO Wunderwaffen.

      BTW, there’s a reason why Ramstein is where it is.

  9. It’s almost if they were told to cluster so they could be taken out with minimal effort to support the MIC

  10. Even if the NATO stuff was the best stuff, you are handing it to untrained monkeys. How much training did these guys get with this stuff? A few weeks? They aren’t the sharpest tools to begin with.

    1. Bam! Equipment is only as good as the operator. Me thinks in this case they wanted failure anyway. So “we have to do something” can come into play. Time to flush the rest of the honkies in the military so they can make room for the border monkeys coming across.

      1. You’ve nailed it friend –
        Those “military aged males” will become the cops on the federal police force…
        Some states are already talking about placing them on their local forces.
        As well, they’ll become replacement “troops” in what was once our military…
        with the “promise” of citizenship once their tour is over.
        Then they’ll hire street gangs to kick in doors, “organic sandbags”, promising
        them they can have what ever the find during the raids…otherwise, expendable mercenaries.
        Aren’t marxist/communists wonderful ??? not!
        Let nothing but a rumor of their demise return to where the came…
        “God Bless OUR REPUBLIC…
        DEATH to the new world order…

  11. Just my two cents:
    The ONLY way I’d willingly invite the internet of things into my home would be for the care/feeding/monitoring of non bedridden elderly. The 24hr video and audio systems now available would allow me some peaceful moments away from home.

  12. BCE~ Clif High has mentioned that the “Space Aliens” would be trotted out as a diversion to the other excrement the Dot Gov was doing to the American People. All that equipment and ammo destroyed over there and I can win the bet it was not insured even at current cost to replace.

    Been there with the In-Laws. It’s rough. Find out why the falls happened. It’s either a rug on the floor or his footwear was not on properly. Maybe meds or glasses. Any new meds for MIL?

    Check their Finances and make sure they are not paying for crap they don’t need.

    Prayers Up for everyone.

  13. you get a break when you’re dead, like all the rest of us pluggers. trying to stay sane is the hardest part. good luck.

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