Guess I -Can- See The Future…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
Whelp… prescience is a bitch sometimes.

That “Thing” I Mentioned a few weeks ago?
Illegal Immigrants coming to “…do the jobs Americans won’t”?

Herschel over at “The Captain’s Journal” exposed that HERE

So… been cogitating on it.
On Gab, someone from Florida posted a write up (again, forgot to save it) but it was an account of Guy going to the local indoor range, and finding 4 Joe Chinks on the range… ALL non-Engrish speakers… like as in a 30-40 word TOTAL among the 4 of them. They were getting training on AR Platforms, and from the writeup, their lane was ‘decorated’ with 9mm and .45 brass. Guy went over to intel-probe, and found that all 4 had Florida concealed carry, yet didn’t ‘speeky-no-engrish’

Now the above law is for Illinois. What’s to stop the ‘infection’ to other states? Answer: Not a damned thing. Watch for it to grow like a tumor nationally, especially in shithole blue-hive zones that can’t or worse yet, won’t enforce the laws.

Now as to Joe Chink and his Three Fireteam Frens?

Everyone seems to think these “Chinese Police Stations” are there to monitor/spy/and follow Dissident Joe Chinks around. Well, they are, but I also think that now, hearing about these Four Frens at the range. One thing I forgot was all 4? Prime DotMil Age and -in shape-. Not Papasan and his nephews lern’in how ta shewt… nope… The poaster stated these guys had “PLA” written alllll over ’em.

Which makes me think that them Chinee Poleez Sations squirreled away all over? Yeah… it adds another layer of ‘plausible deniablity’ in the Loop.

First they stage a Black Flag/Swan that requires a gun confiscation.
Then they ‘Badge Up’ Hose-A and Hose-B to perform said weapon round up.

The expected blood soaked reaction occurs
Call it ‘open season on beaners, no bag limit’
Of course the hardcore rayyyyycists’ll start taking out ALL folks of Spanish Decent… figure the blaqs in LA and the Mex go full ‘Thunderdome’

Which is then when the UN gets called in

And Joe Chink and HIS ‘Ah-so melly men’ get put nominally “in charge” as part of the UN Security Forces, along with all the full backing of the Junta of the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den.

THAT’S when shit’ll go full on spicy AF.

The only way it’ll end will be if ‘canned sunshine’ gets opened up… no two ways about it… and unfortunately, we’re closer now than even before.

The Krain is going to get hotter, sooner than later. No matter what purile shit that Aesop said about the Russians blowing the dam? Nope… not true IMO. Not a fan of -any- of them, but let me tell ya, his ‘cold war mentality’… Dude needs to realize the Russians are about to fully absorb the Krain in the end, and Krainfeld? My bets is he hides out in Israeli, along with all the other drasft dodgers who ditched there when ther intitasl war busted loose.

Word is right now the Krainians are so desperate that there are unconfirmed reports of Krainian Nationals, college students, living and going to school in Ireland of all places being scooped up and pressganged into the Krainian Mil. As in Krainian thugs (cops, but is there a difference?) pull up and pulled guys right off the street, tasgged, bagged and shipped them back to the grinder.

As Aesop loves to say “Does that sound like the side that’s winning?” And don’t bother telling me how the Russian DotMil is… Dude… I worked the Red Cell Intel unit for years. People who think the Russian DotMil still operates like they did back in the Bad Old Days with shitty equipment and undertrained conscripts? Not so much now… Putin re-vitalized the DotMil… is there corruption?
Betcher ass… TONS of it.
However, I’d have to say, as I’ve stated before, that the US is just as corrupt Moreso even. 2 Billion Dollars for a flying fucking ADA Battery that has yet to actually work as designed? Real Numbers fed to me by my former room dawg who retired as a CW4 who actually -ran- a Patriot Battery? Told me them fuckers are overpriced Bottle Rockets… like me when our MOS (11H) went bye-bye, HE got into being a Patriot Puke.

And yeah, they’ve been begging him to come out and play as he’s now a six-figure contractor. Told ’em “no fucking way Jose, those things fucking suck

See, Putin understands ONE major thing:
Post WW2? Russian Men were significantly impacted via, you know, death. Not a lot of guys left. Same thing happened in Germany. They started coming back after, and were kinda-sorta on their way back, however, then the USSR collapsed. Drugs, booze, AIDs… ALL had another significant impact across the board. Never mind that Russia was ‘down in the dumps’ socially, politically and economically.

Putin turned that around pretty well.
Russia sure as hell is doing better than us these days.
So, Have the Russians taken a HUGE number of casualties?
But where from?
Mostly, from my sources and corroborated by a few websites like Simplicus76 (sp?) is that the majority of casualties have been in Wagner… criminal scumbags. Guys who had been costing the state money to imprison. How much savings could we have here in the US if we emptied out our Gulags and sent off the scum to die gloriously? What’s it cost to house a ‘lifer’ in the US? The average, based on 2015’s numbers is $33274 per year.
And that’s from 2015… The highest was NY at $69355 per year per inmate
Again, for the slow kids: DEMOGRAPHICS
Putin has it that IF you have kids, you get paid. From Statistica: “A family receiving their first child in Russia would receive approximately 590 thousand Russian rubles from the government within the maternity (family) capital program in 2023. The maternity capital benefits in the country saw an increase in recent years and were planned to be indexed every year until 2025.”
Then, if you’ve had 10 kids, and they all lived, you get $1000000 (a million Rubles) which in Dollars works out to about $17-20k, depending on exchange rates.

And NO, that ain’t welfare. That’s ALL folks in Rooskieland
Go forth, and Multiply

Which is why during this SMO we –haven’t- seen a lot of Frontline Troops getting int he grinder. Putin, despite all the media smears is carefully husbanding his primary troops. Especially the lesson taught hard at the Airport when the Elite Air Assault guys got absolutely massacred because the Russians -thought- that the Krainians were goin to roll over when they showed up.

Karma and Hubris is a bitch
So Vlad and his boys have gone hardcore conservative with Troop Use. 40k of convicts ground up and blown away?


In fact the very way that the Mass Enema-media, or as I like to call them the Ministries of Propaganda and Lies and the near frantic continual bombardment of headlies that “Putin has Cancer…Putin has Parkinsons…Putin has a Brain Tumor…Putin has mental issues…” and on and on and on…

Listen… IF –you– take anything at face value that the Mass Media sez, and regrind it into your own sausage, then you’re a fucking fool.

They LIE
All the TIME

Even when they don’t have to lie, they do.
It’s fucking pathological, and anyone who believes anything they say at this point should look for counselling
‘Cos me?

“Join the Army They Said…
See the World They Said…
Go to Exotic Countries, Meet Interesting People They Said…
Hot Chicks LOVE a Man in Uniform They Said…
They Lied
I’ve learned not to trust ‘Them’ anymore…”

Nuff Said
Big Country

52 thoughts on “Guess I -Can- See The Future…”

  1. But, but, that is what that nice man the recruiter said…“Join the Army They Said…
    See the World They Said…
    Go to Exotic Countries, Meet Interesting People They Said…
    Hot Chicks LOVE a Man in Uniform They Said…”
    Yup, got fucked with a “I love you long time” or a decent reach around…

  2. I think we might see a resolution to the Serbia/Kosivo situation soon as well.

    That Clinton shitshow was a promer run for so many of these shitty operations

  3. yeah, it is kind of funny how everyone goes on about how stupid the Russians are. I tell them T-34
    and get blank looks back. a really simple idea that worked. so well in fact we are STILL doing it today !
    and you are right about Vlad as well. there is no way in hell he/they blew up their OWN pipeline or blew the dam. doesn’t make sense to anyone with 2 or more brain cells. last time the Russians blew up a dam
    was back in WW2 to keep it out of the Germans hands.
    and after hearing and reading about all of the military age males coming in, I bought more ammo
    and a few more magazines. now how in the hell does some asshole get a CCW permit that doesn’t speak English in this country ? never mind. I might have to stock up on popcorn though.

  4. Let us look seriously and objectively at the world today, BC – you are largely correct; but a few points of order? Let us not turn these guys into bulletproof invincible demons that can destroy us with impunity.

    China’s threat as a major hostile military and economic power are largely overblown. Their military is structured and postured as a defensive weapon only at this time. They certainly can defend themselves on their own turf, but they are unable to project that power onto distant adversaries. (Except by nukes – and their doctrine is that they will only use them if nukes are deployed against them first). Economically, if the USA collapsed today, they’d collapse and prolapse tomorrow. Their economy is built on the same house of cards as ours is. In the event of collapse they will have their hands full controlling their own people with nothing left over to use against us.

    Russia – let us look at their recent history. When Putler took power, Russia largely WAS a discount gas station run by drunks and thugs for the enrichment of jewish oligarchs and foreign billionaires. Putin put a definitive stop to that. He gave the jews the boot, and drove them out of Russia’s finances. He restored Christianity and made the perverts and carpet baggers in govt disappear. He tied the currency to gold and restored a fair marketplace safe for honest investment. In 5 years Russia started to recover, in ten it was fully recovered and began to invest in itself. In 15 it regained its status as a world power able to defend itself from all comers, short of a nuclear exchange. Today it is driving a global economic unity hostile to the USA and its vassal states in the west. This has of course infuriated the international globalists and jewry who own the western media. This is why we have idiots like Aesop running around saying that the Russians are stupid, with inferior equipment and training, and that Hitler=Putler.

    The Kraine: Remember Russia’s goals: the de-nazification of the region, fair trade agreements, and Uke neutrality. Welp…the Banderas battalion and its supporters are either dead or captured. With the elimination of the Kraine in international trade, Russia is running record surpluses and now has the world’s third, possibly second most powerful currency in the world. The Russians don’t WANT the Kraine; they want it neutral. I posit that unless NATO or the US go in, there will be little or no Russian incursions beyond what they have now…with the possible exception of Odessa.

    The USA: Putin’s rise to power closely emulates that of Hitler in it’s dealings with gubbimint corruption, jews and reforms. This infuriates the jewish oligarchs and their allies, which is why the US is trapped in a losing war in a country with absolutely no value or strategic interest to it. Under its current leadership America is well on its way to resembling Weimar Germany. If that comes about, America will be forced to recover the same way the Germans and the Russians did. The perverts and jews will have to be driven out of any positions of power, criminality and treason will have to be ruthlessly punished, the church (or some form of ideology) will need to be restored as a moral authority, and the cops and judiciary will need to be purged of their parasites and bag men. The marketplace will have to be similarly rid of the cheaters, grifters and perverts. Racial realities will reimpose themselves, and demographics will start to favour Americans again. This is why your ministry of lies and propaganda try to frame businessmen, patriots and clergymen as Nazis, haters, and antisemites. This will become evermore hysterical and ridiculous as the neoliberal order collapses under the weight of its own lies and malfeasance.

    None of that is graved in stone; it is entirely possible heritage Americans will get off the couch, refuse to be shamed, and start taking pride in themselves and actively moving to protect themselves. Some say we are at the point of no return, but I am not so sure. We certainly are at a crossroads or inflection point.

    May we have the wisdom to proceed wisely, and may God be with us as we go.

    1. Glen that is the most succinct and literate a post I’ve EVER Heard from you.

      Wow, I am impressed. We ARE in deep shit with the homoglobal K-mafia running way too many things.

      The propaganda machine (sadly even Aesop is part of it regurgitating CNN and the British Star Tabloid Rag as it supports his personal hard on against Russians) is busy dividing Heritage Americans as well as everybody else into easily suppressed groups, pitted against each other.

      Social instability and economic collapse getting more likely as we continue to debase the currency makes our American future bleak as a version of Bosnia’s ethnic cleansing aka Civil War PLUS Weimar Germany 2.0 (OR French Revolution bring out the Guillotines!).

      We may yet see a prolonged period where like Venezuela the sublets tax collection and policing to gangs. Nothing new under the sun as Rome did that as mentioned often in the Bible (look up publicans and tax collectors for details).

      Protect your families and trusted friends. They are far more important when things get spicy than electronic digits.

    2. ” Putin’s rise to power closely emulates that of Hitler in it’s dealings with gubbimint corruption, jews and reforms. This infuriates the jewish oligarchs and their allies, which is why the US is trapped in a losing war in a country with absolutely no value or strategic interest to it. Under its current leadership America is well on its way to resembling Weimar Germany. ”

      Glen, that’s an Excellent Observation; I have been telling people who express Disgust at the increasing visibility of the (((globohomopedo))) Cult to look up “Weimar Berlin Decadence” and see how it Directly Parallels the current state of affairs in the FUSSA. There’s a Meme that is called “Weimar Problems require Weimar Solutions” and it is often put to the Photographs of Bonfires that are usually (((Captioned))) “nah-zee book burnings”. Those were piles of (((pornography))) and decadent Films that Honest White Men got fed up with seeing shoved in their faces by (((untermenschen))).

      The Same kind of things need to happen Here, starting with the Removal of all (((dual-citizens))) from ANY Public Office. Russia has done This – it was incremental, first by Laws that prohibited such from serving in Military Units with Nuclear Weapons – i.e. all of the Rocket Forces, and most of the Air Force and Navy. A couple of Years ago, there was a Constitutional Amendment that not only did that, but Prohibited any holder of dual-citizenship from holding an Elected Office, right down to Second-Assistant Dog-Catcher in the North Mongolian Republic (where the open-range Ranchers have Wolves to keep the Reindeer in line)

      The recent ‘backlash’ against the faggotry and Satanic/Pedophilia by certain (((corporations))) (Tranyheuser-Busch and Target) is a ‘beginning’ but not Enough – the (((parasites))) cannot be deterred by “Loss of Profit” when they can just ‘Print More Money’ for themselves. It will take Positive, Kinetic Action against All of the (((globohomopedo))) establishment, like was done to the (((Weimar Republic))).

  5. Yep.
    But…the West (NATO, UN…) cannot allow Russia to win because Russia stands very strongly against the LGBTQ perversions. Possibly Russiaa will be allowed a temporary win, but they view Russia as a force to be absolutely destroyed. The west is now in a perpetual war with Russia.
    Lgbtq has been given AUTHORITY over the west. Big part of this is they give social credit rating scores which publicly traded corporations MUST follow. This is why Target, Bud Light, etc. are destroying themselves. Blackrock alone has something like worth $21 TRILLION of assets under their management, and they bow to this authority. Because they are under the authority of the rainbow. They also have authority over our military.
    So, does this mean I agree with Aesop? Not in the least, never liked 4D chess.
    BTW, as a fellow RN, can someone tell me what the heck it was he got wrong about Covid? I never bought into the lies ever since the beginning, as I could see it was purely social marketing…

    1. the West(NATO,UN…). cannot do a damn thing about it, that’s why Russia started the SMO. They read the tea leaves, communed with China for backing and now the west is dying a slow death. Russia and Ukraine combined are the largest suppliers of wheat. My first concern after the dam was blow was how much of the river basin is planted wheat which harvest globally starts in June. Haven’t heard a word.

  6. Wasn’t it an alien “cop” who blew that Aussie woman away a couple years ago ?
    You heard it here first…
    Those “military aged” males crossing our borders… more than likely un troops…
    Think about it…if they brought them in a conventional way, the cat would be out of the bag.
    Also, Pla troops and saboteurs…
    The fact that tptb are mentioning using them as “cops” is a big hint of what’s coming.
    “Equip, Train as militia…
    God Bless Our Republic…
    Death to the new world order…

    1. Irish has comms with him will post up for him when he is available

  7. Ever since the war kicked off I’ve been asking people parroting the “Putin is a dictator” line WHO TOLD YOU THAT WAS SO?

    Oh yea, it was the media, the fake news media which we now know lie to you about everything, all the time.

    Lots of people need to re-examine what they think they know about the world given the above reality that the main source of information about same lies about everything, all the time.

    I will say this, though: trying to use foreign personnel to enforce laws here is not going to work anywhere outside of deep blue hell holes, and even then it will only work in lilly white areas of those deep blue hell holes. I dare CCP cops to try and roll into black majority Chicago and do anything. If they don’t roll in like an occupying army, the homies there will be less than enthused.

  8. You can say it with all the conviction you feel, BCE, but that doesn’t make it so.

    Russian forces failed their initial objectives back in March of 2022. Then they came up with new ones. Failed at those too.
    Threw everything they had, and the war slowed to a crawl. Forward for them, yes; but at speeds of inches per day.
    Then last fall, they got thrown back 50-60-80 miles towards their actual borders, until winter kicked in.
    Their Air Farce has been MIA since last April.
    They’ve pissed away half of their ground combat power, and daren’t use up much more, or risk general revolution at home, and Chinese aggression abroad.

    If the Ukes wanted to blow that dam, they had 15 months to do it.
    But it suddenly goes all explodey just as the Ukes are pushing into Russian-held territories again in Donetsk and Luhansk.
    Russia hasn’t been able to mount an offensive since last August.
    Unless we want to count shelling power stations, apartment complexes, and hospitals.
    Ukraine is about to kick off this summer’s festivities, and this time not so much with captured Russian shit, but with Western-supplied equipment, which they’ve had the better part of a year to train up on. Which is half the time the typical Russian soldier even serves in the military.

    Of course Vlad’s minions blew the dam. They’re going to get pushed back, across the board, and they know it. They’re simply scorching the earth as they retreat.
    They have some historical experience with this.
    It’s what Russians do.

    Vlad miscalculated this whole fustercluck, from thinking his underlings were selling him straight scoop about their readiness and capabilities, to massively underestimating the response of the entire world, particularly NATO.

    Which is now, thanks to Vlad, 10% bigger, and now shares another 800+ miles of border right up against Russia, at a range of zero millimeters.

    None of that is subject to dispute.
    That’s a military and strategic own-goal cock-up of monumental proportions, and Vlad owns it.

    In the grand scheme, blowing up one dam hardly amounts to a pinfeather on that giant turkey.

    Vlad’s the one with the Cold War perspective, because apparently he pines for the glories of the former Soviet Union, with or without communism, as long as he gets to stay czar.

    Mine is that it’s not in anyone’s best national interest – least of all America’s – to let Russia rampage militarily and unmolested wherever their dictator’s whims take him.
    He can stay home and kill all the Russians they’ll sit still for.

    But Ukraine today?
    Hell no. They’re not having any. Zelensky could leave tomorrow, or get caught and shot by Russia, and they’d still fight. You know that as well as I do. They don’t want Russia ruling them. Period fucking dot.

    What about Finland? (They’ve given their answer already.)
    The Baltic countries?
    Eastern Europe?
    Maybe you think we should give them half of Germany back too, while we’re up?
    They’re all free countries, just like Ukraine.
    Which ones should we, or shouldn’t we, sit still for Russia invading?
    Please, show your work on that answer, and compare and contrast with Ukraine.

    I figure every one of Russia’s tanks and planes blown up is another cut in their artery, and inclines them to look inward, not outward, and leave other countries well enough alone.
    (Like their mischief in Cuba, formerly Nicaragua and El Salvador, and now Venezuela aren’t a big enough pain in our ass already.)
    Their Middle East adventures already cost us three oil crises, and trillions of dollars of potential prosperity we’ll never get back.

    Fuck Russia in the ass, as far as I care. Sideways, with a rusty chainsaw at full speed.

    If the Ukrainians just want some weapons to do it for themselves, well and good.

    Anybody bitching about what we’re spending, both for the war and for grift, get back to me with your “How to end U.S. entitlements and welfare”, and show your work on which congressmen and senators are fighting for that, and get back to me.

    I ain’t seen any of the bodies you’ve stacked up from those battles. Put up, or shut up. We’ve squandered more on welfare queens and illegal aliens out of the U.S. Treasury (that’s your tax dollars and mine, for those who actually pay anything) while you’ve read this, that the total of all we’ve sent to Ukraine since last February, and probably more than we ever will or could do. So quit with the fake reasons.

    The uncertainty in all this has been “How bat-shit crazy and obsessed is Putin/Ahab? What bug-fuck nuts things will he pull?”
    When a crazy man is waving a gun around in a room full of people, you don’t negotiate with him, and you sure as hell don’t give him carte blanche.
    You shoot him in the head first chance you get.

    You got a smarter plan than that that doesn’t leave half the semi-free world hanging out to dry, and fuck us to death in both the short- and long-term?
    By all means, lay it out.
    Just remember, Nature abhors a vacuum, and anything we pull out of, someone else moves in to fill.
    Every. Single. Time.

    All I’ve heard against our assistance is bullshit and hopeium pipe dreams, based on mythical and wholly illusory imaginations about how big and bad Russia is. Russia is a Turd World shithole, with some aging nuclear weapons, and nobody’s friend. Vlad isn’t even a friend of Russia, let alone the rest of the world.

    The whinging against that Reality from the Usual Suspects and Putin-suckers means less to me than the paper I flush after I do my business. Ad hominem is always the last refuge of cornered half-wits.
    And inevitably, is about 99% of what anyone else will bring to the table.

    FTR, nothing I write is puerile. You’re better than that.
    Disagreeable and disconcerting, certainly.
    Because people don’t like being uncomfortable.
    And they’ll kick and fuss against thinking as if you’d tried to get them to swallow syrup of ipecac.
    But not all of them.
    I write what I do for that small subset.
    Fuck the rest; they’re barely worth jiggling the handle.
    Idiots in droves, OTOH, are always their own reward.
    Calling their inevitable objections “puerile” would be an insult to children.

    1. And Dear Aesop what pray tell will you say when we do an Afghanistan in Ukraine?

      Since I am pretty sure you don’t have boots on the ground, your fount of unlimited wisdom *might* be found wanting soon enough.

      ALL Empire DIE, more often than not from gross debasement of their currency and IDIOT Wars that didn’t have to be fought. Sound familiar or did CNN tell you we are doing JUST FINE?

      America Late Rome 2.0 but with Wi-Fi and social media.

      Looking up pu·er·ile
      [ˈpyo͞orəl, ˈpyo͞oˌrīl]
      childishly silly and trivial:
      “you’re making puerile excuses”

      Maybe there is better words to describe your MASSIVE BLIND SPOT in your thinking about Russia and the once Mighty USA, USA, USA.

      1. 1) We’re not in Ukraine. So your question is both immaterial and nonsensical.
        2) I pointed out in May of last year that the peril of Ukraine being dependent on the West meant they could lose that support at any time, be hung out to dry at a whim, and would remain at the mercy of the winds of fortune ever after. That still applies, but as long as they’re the ones fighting and dying for their own country, what skin is it off of your nose?
        Some of us are old enough to remember the bitching about Americans dying to free Vietnam, or Iraq, or twenty other places.
        Now you want to piss, bitch, and moan because Americans aren’t dying for Ukraine, and the Ukrainians are willing to stand up and do the heavy lifting themselves?!?
        3) Nobody told you we’re doing fine, but you seem to want to keep trying to weld that non-sequitir together and try and make a giraffopotamus out of it. Best wishes with that futile effort.
        4) So far, it’s the once mighty Russia that seems to have most of your panties in a twist.
        You’ve bet on a dead horse, and you’re all beating it to make it go faster.
        Yet again, best wishes with that futile effort.
        Like beating your head against a brick wall, it’ll feel so good to stop.
        Perhaps you should.

        1. Hey Marine Hero (you gotta be a hero as you KNOW EVERYTHING and are not shy to tell everybody else about it), you’re probably the only one here that is unaware (or choosing to lie about it) that NATO “Advisers” INCLUDING Americans have been captured and killed in Ukraine.

          We are the main supplier of war materials; We are the paymasters for Ukraine, paying over 90% of the FUNDING for that war over there, we are the head honchos of sanctions which BTW are deemed by most of the world as a act of war.

          So take that panty twister back to your blog where you can moderate the comment that see daylight (another of your oft brags).

      1. Glen,
        Trouble is, the “beer tap” you’re pulling on is chromed, and goes side to side, not up and down, and the trough you’re drinking from is porcelain. You might want to stop and notice you’ve belllied up to the bar in the men’s room, and forego further quaffing.
        At least until you can tell the difference.
        Or not.
        Your call.

      1. Of course they didn’t. That river supplies the water that supplies Crimea. Long ago Russia had to blow ukronazi damn blocking the crimean water supply and there isn’t a great deal of supply.

      2. When some people are wrong, they admit it and learn from their mistakes. When other people are wrong, they keep doubling down and getting angry at the people who point it out.

        1. Arthur,
          When some people’s opinions differ, they don’t begin and end with ad hominem.
          Disagree at your leisure; it’s your human right.
          But please, if you have a differing opinion, show your work.

          I’m not angry at people who disagree with me.
          Just the ones whose underpants contain the sum total stock of evidence for their rationale.
          If flinging shit instead of listing evidence-based reasons was equal to brains, there’d be Mensa members in the comments here.
          Instead it’s at least 5 shit-flinging monkeys to every person with actual reasons to back up their opinions, and everything that doesn’t stroke their confirmation bias is dismissed as propaganda because of the sound of their own awesomeness, squared by their confirmation bias.

          For but one example, Russia took four months to take Bakhmut. In a territory of Ukraine that was 85% ethnic Russians since 70 years ago. They lost it in a week. Then they took six more months and suffered 100K casualties to take most of it back (after turning it into the world’s most notable rubble heap). They’ve now lost half of it again, in another week.
          And Vlad’s on his…what?? eight, tenth, fifteenth commander in the “special military clusterfuck”?

          That’s “Winning!”, Charlie Sheen style.
          And the people getting angry at those pointing that out, and doubling down, are the ones chanting Russia! Russia! Russia!

          Not me.

      3. 1) He mentions Ukraine shelling the dam. He entirely omits any mention whatsoever of Russian destruction efforts of the roadbed atop the dam as a defensive measure since last fall, nor any mention of them mining the dam itself, as if none of that ever happened. Oops.
        2) The breach benefits Ukraine not a whit. The lowland area he describes was already breached By Ukraine prior to the dam’s destruction. Ukraine had already established a downstream bridgehead on the east side of the Dnieper in that area. And then, just before they can fully exploit that, the dam disappears..
        3) Destruction of the dam made that already-established bridgehead on the same side as most of Russia’s forces untenable. It probably killed numerous Ukrainian troops invested on the southern/eastern bank, now cut off with floods behind them, with no retreat and no means of resupply but prayer.
        4) Ukraine has no amphibious assault capability AFAIK, and must now contend with flood water, mud flats, and debris fields measured in miles, not meters.
        5) Russia expects to be pushed back by Ukraine’s offensive (just as they were last fall), and probably even lose Crimea. Saddling Ukraine with an area with no functional water supply, no power, and a potential nuclear meltdown sounds to me like exactly the sort of present Russian forces would want to leave in a gift basket for Zelensky’s army.

        In short, his analysis is obsolete, incomplete, and frankly pretty recockulous, compared to ground realities.

        His technical analysis, based on coulda/woulda/shoulda/mighta, however accurate in technical particulars of what might have happened in a vacuum, is irrelevant in light of how things actually were, not how he imagined they might have been.


        Russia has already shelled three other dams since this started last February. They shelled nuclear facilities, FFS. Let alone civilian buildings, hospitals, churches, etc.
        Imagining they simply couldn’t have blown a dam because they’re not that bad doesn’t pass the sniff test.
        When it “coincidentally” happens at the most opportune moment to disrupt 1/3rd of Ukraine’s looming ground assault, pretending it was accidental is simply gaslighting the obvious conclusion.
        Occam’s Razor says the Russians did it.

        The mechanics and the details are something for paperback novels 50 years from now.

        Given their military ineptitude and current situation, Russia would have been foolish not to blow the dam. It’s not like they ever gave two flying fucks for world opinion of them since ever, anyways. And that opinion is the only reason not to do it.

        Militarily, it’s just common sense. Morally, it’s reprehensible. Which is Russia to a “T”, since people started writing history down.

        But hey, mad props on your own blog.
        You’re the only one to bring a rationale argument to the discussion.
        Other people may fall for the “Mongo” persona you put on.
        Nice try. 🙂

        1. OK… a decent coherent response. I still say you’ve got to go a bit easier on the Rooskies. TBTH, their societal cohesion is faaar more attractive than our current circumstances. Having lived in 6 countries and visited over 40? 45? to include EAST Germany (‘member them?) and a short but fun Russian excursion (Battle Buddy went to try and ‘buy a bride’, I was his backup, and nope, he didn’t ‘buy in’) I could swing living there IF it were an option. Thing of it is, Putin is a Russian Nationalist. All the hyperventilation that he’s going to keep taking terrain? Nah… ain’t happening. I -do think- he might ‘spank some ass’ tho to remind Poland and Germany “Who their Daddy” is… Ancient Chinese Curse Aye? Interesting times either way. Props on the chiquitastan meme… not bad, not bad at all

    2. WHAT in the blue blazes are you smoking out there? Holy fuck you’re high as shit.

  9. Discovered poleece station? Ho Li Fuk, Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo!
    China is ass-so, hory shet, a hidden police station over here under these things.
    Manuel Labers did the toilet plumbing install in like an hour and roofing is always done in one day with AM start to beat the heat-up.
    Loved the radio call in AM talk of what will you do if stopped by a Haji or other cop.
    A good drink holder was needed then for no spill.

  10. I posted this over at Aesop’s post about eh Russians blowing their own dam. I doubt it will see the light of day as is contradicts Dear Aesop’s deeply held Russian BAD thoughts.

    If maybe it shows the comments of Aesop will be amusing.

    Raul Ilargi Meijer has a post on The Automatic Earth about the way the war in Ukraine is being reported. It’s pretty entertaining and if he happens to agree with me, well, that’s just a coincidence. He includes this quote about the recent dam destruction:

    The best comment on Kakhovka I’ve seen perhaps comes from @CheburekiMan on Twitter: “Restoring water flow to the North Crimean Canal was top priority for Russia, the very first act of the SMO [Special Military Operation]. Before Kiev shut off the flow in 2014, the canal was supplying 85% of Crimea’s water. So much depended on it, from crops to industry to drinking water, that’s how important it is. Now the pro-Ukraine bleating sheep want people to believe that Russia would wreck the dam, empty the reservoir and cause serious harm to its own people by running the canal dry. It’s so bonkers that one has to seriously consider such ideas are the result of brain damage, or perhaps fetal alcohol syndrome.”

    1. Actually, it’s been up since you posted it.
      And you get the same reply here:


      CheburekiMan’s response overlooks that Russia was about to lose everything, including Crimea, and that destroying the dam in light of that makes perfect sense if it’s going to be your enemy’s problem in a couple of weeks.

      Russia has practiced scorched earth retreats for only a few centuries.

      And both the flood, and draining the largest reservoir in the region, creates an impenetrable abatis and mud swamp for years, making 100 miles of current frontier, and the bridgehead across the Dnieper already established by Ukraine, indefensible and untenable.

      So just a suggestion:
      maybe get penetrating and insightful military analysis someplace other than Twits on Twatter, who overlook things that obvious.

      1. Again, Marine Hero, knower of all things important (at least in your world)

        Who grants you better information than the “Twits of Twatter”? I recall you admit to getting some of your data from British Tabloid Rags like the Star. Really high quality stuff there, eh?

        Since you’re in a mouthy answering mode Aesop, please explain how you survived Marine Boot Camp with that thin skin and know it all attitude?

  11. Regarding PLA members here now in the US, there has been a huge upsurge of PLAish being caught and released or filmed crossing the southern Border.

    Canada has for years had actual PLA assets ‘training’ in Canada.

    This infiltration is a classic PLA tactic, only second to massive wave attacks. Both were used in Korea. Both were used against Tibet. Both were used against Vietnam (and those nasty little bastards handed the ChiComs their collectivist asses, much to the chagrin of the CCP and PLA.)

    And look at all the other crossers, 9 out of 10 are single military age men.

    I said it earlier this week or late last week, we are being invaded. And ‘nobody’ is noticing.

    And this has been going on for decades. Just look at the huge number of military age men and women from China who attend US colleges and universities. Here in Florida at one time the University of Florida was going to eliminate all US citizens from bachelor degree programs and only have BAs and BSs available to foreign applicants, from the CCP. And there was going to be a huge takeover of all other degree programs by ChiComs. It was so bad that I called it University of Beijing in Gainesville. I should know, I processed the records for foreign admissions for three friggin years. Mostly it was due to greed as UF could get paid 10 times more for ChiCom students than US students. Fortunately that shit got mostly shut down. But guess what? There were ‘monitors,’ political officers and PLA members sent to keep the rest of the ChiComs under control. Known active members of the CCP and the PLA. And nothing was done.

    And you know what? Pre-Covid March 2020 we got a huge influx of non-student ChiComs fleeing ComChina starting in September 2019 and starting to clog the emergency rooms at the local hospitals with some respiratory shit that wasn’t acknowledged until almost 4 months later.

    The CCP and the PLA have, since the early 80’s at least, had a presence here in these United States.

    We so fucked.

    1. Gawd, the Moderna has twice the spike protein encoding mRNA of the Phizer. Of course he may have more information on the circular DNA contamination that favors Moderna. Maybe he could tell us how many clot shots he has had.

      1. That would be zero shots, Trumpeter.
        And thanks a pantload for living up to Mahtomedi’s expectations.

    2. “I’d rather make shit up Aesop never said, which has Fuck-all to do with the topic under discussion, because most of the lazy and gullible fuckers here will believe it, rather than respond at an intelligence level higher than a syphilitic baboon.” – Mahtomedi

      1. Actually Aesop, I was the one that ASKED you what COVID shot you’d take, and you did indeed answer as that “syphilitic baboon” you’re slamming EXACTLY as he CUT and PASTED IT from YOUR SITE.

        But in fairness you also said you didn’t take a shot, giving your usual bombastic comment about throat punching any boss stupid enough to try to force that issue.

        Yes, I can cut and paste that from your site (unless your editing again).

        A few grams of humbleness, you’d actually be a decent fellow to share a beer and BBQ with.

        Again I wonder how your thin skin ever survived Marine Boot Camp.

        1. I mostly ignored Aesop and his self aggrandizing prose, until he suddenly proclaimed himself an anti-vaxxer. I remembered his words about his vaccine preference and also his statement that prison would be too good for those that refuse the vax. They should be killed, he said. A true fact.

          I simply confronted him with his own words more than a year ago. He backpedaled like Deon Sanders covering Randy Moss, cleating his own dick with every step. Claiming that his statement was just him being “cautiously optimistic” about said vaccines that were about to be approved.

          Aesop wonders what the “Fuck-all” my bringing this up has to do with the post. It’s just a friendly reminder to the dear readers about his utter lack of discernment, and rush to opinion, when it comes to the most important topics. His hero-complex clouds his thoughts.

          Humility is the beginning of wisdom, Aesop.

  12. Keep in mind that the Chinaman who tells you “no engrish” may very well understand everything you’re saying, and be able to speak English just fine. It’s a tactic to get the big noses to let down their guard and talk freely. Think about it, if a healthy MAM really is an infiltrator, he prolly was prepped. Some old asshole who’s lived in Chinatown forever, he might really not understand, but he’s less of a threat.

    TL;DR assume and act as if that Chinaman can understand you, even if he can’t.

    And no, big noses is NOT a slur against The Best People: Jews are just called Jews. Big noses refers to all white or Euro looking persons. No one says “round eye” — that’s made up by yppl. They say big noses or “foreigners”.

    In other news, the lack of self awareness would be funny if it were not so disappointing.

  13. Same thing happened here in Vienna during the war in Yugoslavia. There were groups snatching young men of Serbian or Croatian extraction and taking them over the border to fight. Of course, the distance and complexity is much less here.

  14. You dont have to be pro Russia to realize that this is an Ukrainian genocide brought to you by the usual suspects– plotocrat bankers of a rootless and cosmopolitan nature. All you have to be is awake and honest. But be, I am anti globalhomo… So go Russia for now.

  15. Instead of sending billions of taxpayer dollars to Ukraine, how about sending them all of the currently incarcerated criminals AND any of the usual suspects as they go about their daily lives committing crimes?

  16. Meh, just more untrained targets. Guess I will buy some more ammo.

  17. I live up on the High Line, so admittedly my “take” or perception of the Ukes v Rooskis is “tainted” by that. That said, I recall an old lyric:
    “I got troubles of my own, and you can’t (well, won’t) help me out, so take your meditations and your preparations and ram ’em up your snout”. It’s about like this, y’all are distracted by the shiny shit “they” want you to look at. Fuck that noise. Russia? Fuck them. Ukraine? Fuck them too. We have trouble up the gegeetz here and all the circle jerk b.s. is just that. Food processing plants here are “experiencing” unusually high numbers of fires… railroads are “experiencing” more derailments. Military age males from the entire planet are crossing the open border in record numbers. Food shortages, high fuel prices, empty store shelves… Politicians and TPTB want our firearms… but for fuck’s sake – Ukraine! Russia! NATO! And don’t forget to salute your local faggots and insane “trans” retards…
    Who among “us” honestly gives a shit about THIS country? Prove it.. Set the remote down and get busy. Soon it will be live or die here. Load mags.
    Store food. Get into a community of like minded folks. As Pete has said for YEARS: “there’s gonna be a fight… let’s win”.
    Losing cannot be contemplated.

  18. So what else is fucking new? TPTB is lying to us, they hate us, and want to fuck us over *AND* are apparently in bed with the OPFOR (in this case the Chicoms). You might as well tell us water is wet.

    IF you don’t want to fold like a cheap lawn chair, get on the box car, or get fucked in the ass in some other way because of this bullshit (like many did with the scam-demic), start thinking about what you’re gonna do to deal with it. Getting yourself healthy is a great place to start, which includes getting your mind right.

  19. Bro!!’ I can’t believe the range story.

    Just today was at the range in Houston. 3 chinese nationals rolled in and walked up to the pistol range. 2 males, 1 female. One of the males was wearing full desert syle camo with coyote combat boots.

    They appeared untrained as the range officer halted them and tried to give instructions on safe handling of weapon but they were not understanding him and things became heated as the woman was pointing her handgun all over the place she left the line and walked behind the range officer with her loaded .45. The officer expelled them a few minutes later.

    Totally bizaar situation. Never seen anything like it before.

    All the while one of the Chinese men the one not wearing camo was intently watching me, seemed very aware of my presence as I was keeping an eye on the situation. He didnt take his eyes off of me.

  20. Elderly falls stink on ice. I’m not nearly your size, and it sucks. Good luck on on you, brother. Bravo Zulu.

  21. BC- I won’t Dispute the evidence that Joe Chink is part of the (allowed by traitors) Invasion of the FUSSA, along with Juan Valdez and his Donkey – But, like all the past 30 Years’ worth of “UN Troops will be used to Confiscate Guns” hysteria (do you remember “Black Helicopters over America” ? ) …and I still don’t know how this Works, you know, from the standpoint of the Big ‘L’. Any ‘foreign troops’ let into the Country (by the (((traitors))). ) MUST HAVE active, Logistical support from the Local, State, and feral ‘government’ to function as a Military Force. Joomedia ‘propaganda’, Declarations of ‘Martial Law’, Food, Ammo, Vehicles, Comms, Intel, Etc., etc., ALL have to be Provided by traitors, in order for a ‘Foreign Occupation Army’ to be able to function for even a Week or so.

    It doesn’t matter how many Container Ships that Joe Chink sends to Frisco, LA, and San Diego Ports – Who is going to Unload them and Truck the Supplies to >wherever< ? What did that famous Samurai Warrior, Isoroku Yamamoto have to say about that? "Nobody could ever Invade America, there will be a Gun behind Every Blade of Grass."

    Sure, Joe Chink can send Sabotage Groups, but Real Sabotage can be conducted by remote, Cyberattck Troops from, well, Anywhere. You've probably read the articles where the 'Gun Confiscation Math' has been done; what's another million or so "Gun Confiscators" running around going to accomplish? Especially when they don't look like they are from Here? And, how do they "Operate" when the local Sheriff isn't going to 'support' them? ('cuz We Know where he Lives.)

    IMO, as soon as it becomes Obvious that the Regime is Using and Supporting Foreign Troops, it all comes Apart. At that Point, ANY and ALL 'government' becomes a Target (maybe with the Exception of Sheriffs who Repudiate state and feral government authoritay). I don't recall who Said It, but "When you are confronted by a Traitor and an Enemy, and only have One Bullet, use it on the Traitor.." I've got a LOT of Bullets…

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