OK That was LOUD and Trash

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
How do we know e’re back in Florida? When the normal 13:00-14:00 Mid-afternoon Monsoon comes rippin’ through. This time with good ole Thunderboomers. LOTS of thunder. In fact I’ve been in some rocket attacks that were quieter… then again that’s ‘cos a lot of them Iranian made 107s either landed in the soft mud of the canals or went “psssssshft!” instead of the more fatal “Kaboomy-boom!” on impact.

Seriously tho, couple of them lightening booms were loud enough, and more disconcerting raised the hairs on all in the house from the discharge. Bob-the-Cat looked extra ‘poofy’ and the Sausage Princess let us know of her displeasure through a bark-fest. She’s normally the stronk-silent doggo. ONLY barks at the doorbell or if we got infiltrators, and it’s not a ‘barks her head off’ but a tactical bark… one woof to let us know –something– is ‘out there’ sneaking and/or creeping.

She’s such a good doggo.

She’s also a designated and trained ammo bearer. Her lil Tac Vest is covered in Molle, and I have 4-4 mag pouches (two sets of 2 doubles)… total of 16 mags that can be strapped on, and she gets allllll excited to rig up… the weight doesn’t bother her at all. Even got a water bottle/canteen for her with a collapsible dish that goes in the pouch pocket.

But yeah, power was out, then it was on, then it was out, now it’s on. Not sure how I feel about that. The UPS I have keeps the ‘net running as well as the PC. I had gotten a nice APC UPS out of the trash (good scrounge) from a neightbor who was moving, that was still new-ish, just the batteries were DOA. I checked the warranty on it, and Yay! T’was still under warranty, so I got an RMA, sent it back and they sent me a new one.

A $400 Uninterruptable Power Supply mind you… big ole battery pack that keeps the juice running for those of you who didn’t know of what I speak. It’s the second one I’ve either scrounged and refurbed the other. My first just wore out due to age. Replacing it would have been quite a bit, but I was able to get the batteries it needed and a bit of elbow grease, some soldering and hey! Again, Like new and I can keep running for an hour +/- if we lose the primary.

Now then

Lots of talk about the Kraine. Seems that the Krainfeld hasn’t shown his face back in country IRL now going on one? maybe two full months? Word is folks are starting to realize just how far they were taken in, what with the cemeteries filled to overflowing with ‘heros’ and whatnot, all the dead laid at the feet of NATOs grand plan of grinding Russia down, even if it means killing all the Krainians in the process.

And at the current rate I do mean all the Krainians.
I have no idea where they keep coming up with replacements TBH. 100k here, a quarter mil since the start, never mind that 18 million plus took to their collective heels and did the bugout boogy and left when shit started getting ultraviolent. Krainfeld himself is still grifting to the max… I mean man, if’n I were him, I’d be looking for a non-extraditable country to hide in as the locals? Ask that Romanian dude how it went for him when his people got sick of his particular brand of shit?

Not sure, don’t care, but of all things to be said, I’m tired.

So yeah, worn out on the politics.
Told Gretch this weekend, we ain’t doing shit which got her upset… told her that we’ve done too much for far too long and I need a fucking break man.

I still have to unpack some stuff… order a dumpster get the garage cleaned out… there’s enough ‘stuff’ to do around here just on the norm, than to have her decide she needs to be entertained over this weekend. Fucking unreal…

So, if I miss a poast, don’t freak.
It’s been one of them months or three.
Holler atcha after a while

12 thoughts on “OK That was LOUD and Trash”

  1. I am surprised that you didn’t post a Michael Caine “Zulu” clip. The pile of indigenous people at the end is most impressive. It’s been a cold, damp and wet late spring here in deep Alabama. Must be that global warming that they speak of. BTW just a piece of marital advice, take the “Gretch” to dinner Saturday night even if it’s Mickey D’s Supper Club. It’s the thought that counts.


    1. Agreed (although Micky D’s is probably not your best bet).

      A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

  2. I was a LAN party regular in the early 2000s, and after watching my Windows 98 SE install shit the bed because of sudden breaker trippage, I always have my desktop on a UPS. I use Cyberpower ones now, APC quality took a sudden nose dive when they were bought out in 2007. I have all my IT stuff on a UPS, network switch, fiber modem, NAS, the works.

  3. UPS batteries tend to outgas carbon monoxide when they go bad. We had a gas leak at PreviousEmployer; it was the dying UPS.

    Just something to keep it mind.

  4. Heh. Love the Martini-Henry reference. I love the whole “sloshing them with Martinis” thing, which, of course, in these fallen days I have to actually explain the reference to the unedumacated idiots.

    Florida thunderstorms. You know Upstairs has you dialed in when you open the door and suddenly teleport 20′ back into the house because “KA-BOOOM” goes off right over you, shaking the house like it’s on an epileptic section of California, if you know what I mean. Love thunderstorms, as long as I’m inside.

    Enjoy the chill, man. You need it. Hopefully your lady will also chill.

  5. I’ve had good results with the “dumpster bag” thing from Home Despot. Costs ~$30, but they charge like $200 to come pick it up. The thing is, I found out by accident that our local municipal bulk trash guys will collect the bag for free if I just leave it on the curb like a couch or something (as long as it isn’t full of concrete or building demo.)

  6. Good to have you back. Take a break, world will still here when you get back, society maybe not.

  7. We could use some rain, the cooler weather with wind is welcome but no weather with the breeze.
    Player piano Zelensky already said that Amerikwan boys and girls will have to feed the meatgrinder for the CPUSA 51st state.
    Just found a Mr. Burns Biden DNC letter to a local true believer tossed in the ditch!
    They are a minority and that’s how we like it.
    Festive photo and lame form letter included, please send money.
    Tensions are at a rest for now as it hasn’t heated up with the humidity in the air where you can see it.
    Burn it all down summer will be a hot one and stay sharp out there during St. Floyd of Fentanyl day.

  8. I’d have some respect for them if they DID sing Zulu war chants (even though it’s the wrong kind of black African; then again all that bullshit about Swahili back in the 70’s or so? Also the wrong kind of blacks. Idiots.) But no, it won’t be Zulu, it’ll be more incoherent, mangled English. Gnome sane?

    UKR is not the 51st state. Fedgov has no respect for states. UKR is Our Second Greatest Ally.

  9. While (((zelenski))) punitively has ‘refugee status’ in Occupied Palestine, the way things are going, his (((homies))) might just throw him under the Bus, for propaganda value here in (((occupied))) FUSSA. Also now there are credible reports that the ‘Kraine’s Defense Minister got a Lobotomy, courtesy of the Russian Air Force…. Shell Splinter to the Brain, his Pronouns now are Celery/Lettuce.

    Animals in T-Storms? We get some Heavy ones here in the Virginia Piedmont, and you can see (and Feel) the ones with High Electrical Activity miles away. I always make a point to go in the Open Shed with the Horses if that happens, they come in out of the Rain, but then the Noise makes them Run in and out. My good Horse, Hobbes, is a 2,000-pound Dutch Warmblood (a Draft Breed) and as long as I hold on to him, he stays calm (enough) that the rest of the dozen schizoid Polo Ponies don’t get too Freaked Out. The Shed has a Steel Roof and Sides on a Wood Frame- the perfect Faraday Cage as long as you are not beyond the edge of the Open Side. Like the All-Steel Aircraft Hangars, a Lightning Strike on it is Harmless, and even Interesting – You hear the >BANG< of the Electromagnetic Force making the Metal 'jump' and then the Thunder is only an Echo as the Shockwave is moving Away.

    1. You do need a heavy grounding wire from the metal roof to the ground. Otherwise the current can jump from the inside of the roof to the ground, and anything under it that is conductive (you or a horse) can become the secondary lightening rod on it’s pathway to the ground.

  10. Must have a photo of Sausage Princess wearing the ammo vest!
    I gotta get one for my pooch!

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