DiveMedic for The Win!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So DiveMedic caught a minor case of a Wokester deciding she was going after him. Truly…

All because as a Nurse, he stated that he wasn’t going to feed a patients delusions:

Apparently, the back and forth got worse, as knowing DM in meatspace, he brooks no shit, especially from inferiors and not that I blame him. It -devolved- but then, well, she went full potato… (something IMO and other have mentioned, that she bares a passing resemblance to:

As Heartiste has been known to say “The phyzz knows all, shows all” or as others on Gab have pointed out “The nose knows.”

Her full potato mode was to call out to her fellow flying monkeys and try and doxx my man, and his blogg… all the usual leftist Antifag shytte. Problem is DM got right in front of it hard and fast… something she’s not used to anything being hard nor fast in her bedroom, judging by how stronk the soy flows through her husband:

Tough call..
“Teh Gheyface”
“Resting Pedo-face”
“Soy-Up! It’s the Code Word!”
(nice mole BTW… Jes Sayin’)

They live at -his- parents place, and if by what we’re seeing is true, they shitcanned her as her last screed at DM was about her ‘former employer’…

Guess she was less critical to the operation than her over-blown ego lead her to believe.

Gawd it’s gonna be a -fun summer- in her olde Manse methinks…

God I love it when a plan comes together.

Now, in other-other news,
Belarus got nukes now, which IMO wasn’t completely unexpected. The whole Krain Thang is so stupid, fake and ghey at this point, I’m surprised all involved aren’t infected with AIDs. Why not give them nukes? The Krain used to have nukes… Hell Cuba had nukes at one point…

Let’s make it really interesting and have everyone load up.

Speaking of getting loaded:

File under “shit Boomers will eat up”
Combining the HD Logo and Bud? Yeeeeah. I mean HD at this point is damned near as converged as all the rest. I did loooong ago a few bleggs back, a write-up of the HD shitshow bike “LiveWire”… an all electric bike that just purely fucking sucked by all reports. So bad that a 1981 AMF Sportster is a more-sought after model… and that’s saying something…

30k for an all-electric Harley Badged bike with a 70-120 mile range? And BTW: The classic “Harley Rumble”? It was literally recorded and is ‘played’ through integrated speakers…
So yeah, Boomverged would be a good term. Seeing Boomers are almost –the– only demographic who’s ‘into’ Harleys than any other at this point, never mind who can afford the overpriced ‘toys’.
Gone are the days of hairy bad-assed bikers…dinosaurs at this point. One Percenters? Like -gone- compared to years gone by. I mean yeah, The HA are out there, other ‘gangs’ but realistically? “Outlaw Bikers” are a thing of the past IMO… The Majority of bikers you DO see rolling are all Boomers and their wives on big, pricey weekend toys..

So it’s a natural for them to pair up…
Reality Check? It’s not going to work. The only time a Boomer who rides a Harley on the weekends like that drinks a Bud is when they stop off at a roadside dive bar that caters to these kind of groups… the majority of the county roads here in Florida, especially down Myakka way have these ‘biker bars’ that back in the day were probably real rough and tumble places… Borepatch, the QotW and Sapper went to one after a range day, and it was, as expected a Boomer-Oriented hole in the wall… cool, but still… nowadays?

Yeah… this’s the Dying Days of Empire.
And it shows.
I’ll be over here, watching it all burn
Big Country

54 thoughts on “DiveMedic for The Win!!!”

  1. HD is for retired accountants who can afford a $30,000 John Deere status symbol with all the overpriced $50 a shirt logo gear. The camo cans won’t fool anyone either from the brand who shall remain nameless for all time.
    A sibling went from Honda Interceptor to HD in retirement and he finally got over it after wandering around all summer.
    The huge Nike logo in the back windows of cars finally played out, Puma has the new trainers that look like Hitler!
    I remember thinking fake AF at the start of the COV-LARP with the dancing Tik-Tok videos and the movie footage of the alleged Italian emergency room.
    There was a hot chocolate nurse with the hat and the dreamy nurse C, the others were Ratchetts during the forged in hellfire tour.
    I think the choco fondled my junk when she had me cuffed to the bed, bwahaha!
    Tip of the hat to Bike Nurse and hang in there, don’t let them grind you down.
    FAFO for this pesty “nurse” with plenty of time on hand to look over blogs that shouldn’t even be on her radar.

  2. “ The whole Krain Thang is so stupid, fake and ghey at this point, I’m surprised all involved aren’t infected with AIDs.”

    Oh gawd. Has anyone seen General Aesop!?!? He hasn’t done a Kraine-Poast in a hunnerd years! HAR HAR HAR!!!😂👍

    Congrats to Divemedic. These sensitivity mobs get awfully careful when you know who they are and where they live. I’m glad you guys got out from under Blagger.

    1. Haven’t had to.
      Russia is a walking shit show. Day 400-and-whatever.
      Wagner did a POW trade behind Putin’s back.
      Pro-Uke Russians have pushed 8 miles into Russia; surviving Russian forces fled in all directions. Russian AFVs captured intact and driven back to Uke-land.
      Russian targets going all explodey all over, including the MoD in Moscow.
      Chechens revolting openly against Vlad.
      Meanwhile, after losing more troops in the last nine months than all US combat casualties from 1946-2023, Russia has mostly captured a 10-square mile rubble heap, their only advance on an 1100-mile front (making you finally right one day out of the last 300), and Peewee Herman and Pauly Shore have been sighted more times than the entire Russian Air Farce has been seen by anyone since last June.

      You can only point out their universal incompetence so many times before it’s just kicking retards.
      Which, conveniently, brings us back to you, Glen.

      You once vowed to stop talking about Ukraine.
      You should take your own advice, stick to things you know about (whatever that is; it must be something) and stop embarrassing yourself on this topic.
      Otherwise, people will notice.

      Getting away from Glen’s constant need to be a legend in his own mind, and back to the actual main topic, BZ to Divemedic for a public service doxxing of Fatty McButterface.
      Couldn’t happen to a more deserving oxygen-thieving bag of lard.
      The only thing better for that Karen’s lifetime education would be for her and her incel husband to show up at a riot, and get Moldylocks uppercuts to shake themselves back into reality.

      1. Hey Man.. Nice to see you in this here ‘lifeboat’
        Despite/Despot our agreement to disagree, and esp. in light that Glen -is- ostensibly ‘north of the border; and subjec to their supposed ‘just us’ system, I’ sayi give him a break and agree to disagree.
        If anything, go after that smarmy prick Bupkis.
        I’m tired and old… you youngin’s have at it aight? Just don’t leave no shit on the floor after aight?

        1. No prob. Had to wait for your addy to stabilize.
          Also updated your link.

          Glen will get off the hook when he learns to keep me out of his ass-flapping antics.
          He does that, and I’ll go back to happily ignoring him without any further thought, pretty much like every other day.
          Otherwise, friendly fire returned with a smile. And some WP, for tenderizing.

      2. Keep trying loser.
        Ukies toast, Vlad won. Own it, or end up in the dustbin of history like your leader potatoe joe and the ho.

    1. As opposed to overweight, soft (fill in the blank) with disposable income?

      Fuck is with you people and boomers?

      They eat all the best candy out of your trick-or-treat bags?

      1. No, it’s just that depending on the INDIVIDUAL as I’ve stated before, SOME of the boomer memes, rancor and whatnot is either deserved or NOT deserved. If you take it personally as part of the greater “Boomer Clan” then well, dunno what to tell you.

        MomUnit, for alllll her asistance and alllll her help over the years? I asked her about her upcoming Reaper Appointment… I just wanted to know what “the plan” is since FedBro married a member of the (((tribe))), and has subsequently cut me dead. Don’t care if -I- get anything… honestly… not about me… I was brusquely told that it was ‘handled’ and ‘not to make problems’ (which I wouldn’t) however, she then pointed out that “Her grandchildren wouldn’t be flying first class…”

        Shit like that is why Boomers are purely despised. THEIR parents set them up… went to the mats to make sure that THEY had comfortable and meaningful lives, preferably NOT having to worry about fianances.

        Any wonder why some people are really pissed at the Boomers in general? As it’s an OVERWHELMING common attitude… “I got mine, you suck and so fuck you and yours.”

        I grew up being railed at to get a job as a teacher, as both parental units did well EXCEPTIONALLY well doing just that… however, they never took into account that by the time -I- and -I- was ‘scheduled for my debut’ that the days of tenure were a thing of the past, and in fact and the reason I went into the Big Green Machine was I was offered as a teecher, a one year, non-renewable contract, year to year, with NO healthcare, no bennies and nothing UNLESS I completed a 5 year set of contracts… and even then, no tenure UNLESS I survived 10 fucking years of being involved as a teacher, in the Massachusetts Public School System and ALLLLL the libtardedness that involved

        Probably would have been one few times you heard about a teacher doing a mass shewtin’
        Jes’ Sayin’.
        So yeah, lot of the hate is justified.

        1. So Big Country. You are totally out of line. Just listen up. My Dad was nine when the depression hit. Was 20 for WW2. Went in. With everybody else. Came out. Saw everything including occupied Japan. Went on to live a life he felt was productive.

          He had two kids. Boomers? Fuck. We were happy. Warm, dry and fed.

          What did we inherit dollar-wise? Not much. But the two of us did ok, I guess. We are comfortable.

          So what the fuck is your problem, dude?

          You remind me of that psychopath challenging Michael Douglas (Falling Down). “Man, you got more!”

          You need to simmer the fuck down about the boomer shit. Or any other shit, for that matter.

          Everything about your life is on you.

          You and your bros want to be victims? Yah.

          Take that shit downtown.

          1. You got balls.. I’ll give you that.. sound just like my Boomer DeadDad “You are totally out of line. Just listen up”
            No, My house.. NOT YOURS

            All else after? Irrelevant. Get fucked. I have your IP… you want to keep coming here, fine,. otherwise, go and fuck yourself sideways.

            I -TRIED- to be nice… but oh no, you went and even PROVED MY POINT
            You get no further warning, nor consideration. Unless your next comment is an apology, you can fucking suck a dick and hiccup.
            Anyone else want to pile on, feel free.

        2. BCE, I’m about your age (early 50s) and I feel the same way about the Boomer Generation.
          I love my parents and In Laws (all Boomers) but you know that EVERY single one of them retired at 55 with a FAT pension and plenty of money saved up and paid for houses !

          They have had a FABULOUS life and retirement and know have or are soon to “check out”.
          But what have they left us their children and grand children ?
          Massive public debts paying for THEIR shit, NO pensions, 401ks in a shaky stock market and most likely NO or shitty Social Security when WE retire MAYBE in our late 60s (not 50s like them).

          Their parents the WWII generation were great people who never bitched, had it rough with the Depression and WWII but sucked it up and lived their lives. Their only sin was to spoil their kids the Boomers who fucked our Society up in the 60s as Hippies, brought in the Welfare State, destroyed the family with “anything goes” divorces and voted for tax cuts for them but massive debts to keep paying for the goodies for them.

          They are one of the most selfish generations to ever live and their children and grand children have to pay the check after they “kicked the can down the road” and now we are nearing the end of the road.

          1. I’m a boomer, born at the tail end. Grandfather was WWI and gassed by the Germans in the trenches and survived, Dad was Army WWII. I went into the Marines and it pissed him off no end. Mid 60’s and still working with no pension. My parents did NOT spoil me. If I got out of line, my dad’s belt came off in a hurry.

            Yes, MOST of the boomers are total assholes. I’m not taking exception to the commentary, but my point here is that we need to stop fighting amongst ourselves. Our beloved country is being destroyed from within. Let’s focus on those destroying it.

          2. “brought in the Welfare State, destroyed the family with “anything goes” divorces and voted for tax cuts for them but massive debts to keep paying for the goodies for them.”

            The first two belong to the “Greatest” and “Silent” Generations. LBJ was the beginning of the welfare state though you could argue for FDR. Conservative Republican Reagan signed the first “No Fault” Divorce law in 1969. The oldest boomers would have been 23, not usually in positions of power. Unless you count being drafted and sent to VN as a position of power. I don’t but then my dad was shipped off 6 weeks after I was born so me and mom got to live in a trailer parked in her family’s backyard garden plot. Living the high life baby!

            Of course in “modern” times No Fault Divorce started in 1757 in Prussia and in 1917’s Russia.

            Tax cuts and massive spending have been going on since the 80s.

            Hate who you want, but at least try to have the facts right.

        3. BCE, yeah a lot of hate is justified, but… (ban me and I won’t be offended, it’s true your house)…no need to start crap with your followers’ cuz you got mommie issues. Dude, we all do if we’re honest. Dunno about my very elderly parents inheritance, they don’t tell and it’s not my money (although I’m transparent with my son. After 20+yrs as an ICU RN I figured out I’m gonna die someday, so I’m open). He can inherit mine.
          EVERY generation has lots to hate, increasingly so over time.
          Today’z kids are gonna be uglier than anyone can imagine after what’s been done to them the last 3.5 years. This is unprecedented in world history. The ultimate taboo, pedophilia, is taking over and preying on children is demanded. They’re indoctrinated into the Gaia cult: humans are here to serve the earth, instead of the other way around (Genesis). Hence, depopulation (mass murder) is demanded.
          Long ago parents relinquished their authority and roles to public schools.
          Good thing is the kids today who DO see the truth (only via God) are gonna be incredibly bold.

    2. Coworker and his wife own 4. Two regular ones and 2 kitted out for touring. He figures those 4 bikes and his other toys is why he’s still working at 67.

    3. I think cops are still riding them too for pleasure. But yeah, it’ll be nice to see Harleys go away. They’re fine until they pull the mufflers off them, then annoying as a toddler throwing a temper tantrum.
      Seems like LGBTQ has been given a lot of authority. Why else would these massive corporations commit suicide? There are now LGBTQ corporations that issue social credit scores to corporations, and massive finance corporations (Blackrock alone has trillions of dollars under management) use those scores to decide which “socially responsible” companies to invest in.
      So, if you disagree with pedophilia, or “climate change”, you get blacklisted.


      1. On target. Exactly. But there’s more. The money people (don’t notice patterns, noticing is Hate Crime) are not merely refusing to INVEST in non-woke businesses, they’re denying loans, even if a company is sound by all normal metrics, based on ESG score.

        Now we are all Marilyn Monroe, and have to suck circumcised dick to be allowed to do our jobs.

  3. This one for alla yous seeing as I live in the Peoples Democrat Non-republic of Michigan. The last line of this article is pure dictatorship. Befehl ist Befehl (orders are orders) was the defense of the Germans tried for war crimes at Nuremberg. No sympathy then, none now.

    LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Mich. (FOX 2) – The latest piece of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s gun reform platform is now official – with her signature on a bill greenlighting so-called “red flag laws” also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders.

    They allow cops, mental health professionals and worried family members to get a firearm taken away from a person believed to be a danger to themselves or others.

    “We have heard too many times from those who knew a mass shooter who had expressed concern in advance about that mass shooter’s intentions,” Whitmer said earlier today. “We’ve seen situations where local police flagged someone or even spoke to them about their violent statements but weren’t able to take any further course of action.

    “With Extreme Risk Protection Orders we have a mechanism to step in and save lives.”

    But there are questions about the legality of the laws – with officials in places like Livingston County thumbing their noses at them.

    Sheriff Mike Murphy said last month he would not enforce the red flag program, saying there is a violation of due process.

    “If all the gun safety laws work so well, we wouldn’t have issues like Chicago,” said Colleen Quinn. “So, we are standing by our commissioners and our sheriff, we are very proud of them.”

    Quinn attended Monday night’s meeting of the Livingston County Board of Commissioners. It is a body that recently declared itself a “Constitutional County” meaning they will not back any laws that violate the Second Amendment in their view.

    “So I feel our commissioners did a great job, our sheriff, we are behind him 100 percent,” Quinn said. “And these laws aren’t going to move the needle.”

    Governor Whitmer was asked about local authorities who refuse to enforce the Extreme Risk Protection Orders.

    “I think that every prosecutor takes his oath to uphold the laws of the State of Michigan,” she said. “And that’s the expectation.”

    Here’s how the red-flag laws would work:

    A judge will have 24 hours to decide on a protection order once it is filed. If granted, the judge would have 14 days to set a hearing which would then give the red-flagged person a chance to prove why they are not a risk to themselves or others.

    Another layer to the enforcement element is, Attorney General Dana Nessel has said if the local law enforcement chooses to not follow through on a red-flag order, she will find someone with the jurisidiction who will.

  4. My Dad had a 1927 Indian that he rode until he went in the Navy in 1948

    As to that other person who lacked common sense, Karma will continue to shadow her for a while.

  5. I told him the bitch wasn’t gonna be hard to find. If I was in the AO I would have already fucked them sideways for the guy. I’m at that point in life. In fact I’ve been a busy dude as of lately. Accountability lists and all. Lot’s of locals here getting the sideways fucking finally. The list is long and the work is never done but it was time to settle some scores and make shit right. I feel better.

    Leave the phones at home.

    1. Hey. Shitstick. Boomers can’t drink beer. It gives us gout.

      Be nice to me. I have candy.

  6. “The Majority of bikers you DO see rolling are all Boomers and their wives on big, pricey weekend toys..”

    Maybe so, but don’t think for a minute that there aren’t plenty of old-school types still out there too. Hell, even around the Yuppie-puppie Heaven of CLT I can scarce go a few days without seeing five or six Black and White (ie, Outlaws M/C) patch-holders blasting down I-85. H-As are fewer and further between, but t’was ever thus. There are also numerous other M/Cs in the area, to include the Boozefighters, the Blue Knights (cop club), the Southern Gentlemen (O/L affiliated), the Buffalo Soldiers, the Twisted Brotherhood, and more.

    1. There are lots of outlaw motorcycle gangs and gang members out there. But they’ve gone undercover for the most part as actively acting like, well, an outlaw motorcycle gang will bring down state and federal law enforcement like flies on a corpse.

      They’ll put the colors on and ride their motorcycles to big biker events, but mostly they now look like you and me. Mom-vans, pickup trucks, all the way to 3 piece suits.

      There are hard-core gnarly ones still on the road, but for the most part you don’t see/don’t know who the outlaws are anymore.

      Lots of revenue from criminal enterprises and bilking the ‘boomer bikers’ has made them rich and wary.

  7. Well, BCE, you’re right. Your house, your rules.
    I don’t know what you’ve gone through to put a burr under your saddle about Boomers.
    But I’m here to explain my personal case, and maybe a few other tag along Boomers that have gone through the same.
    First, I ain’t retired yet. Not by a long shit.
    Second, I don’t ride HD. Not my style. I prefer 4Runners.
    Yeah. I’m a Boomer. Not my fault when I was born.
    And I’ve “got mine”. Earned every penny of it. Still working my tail off for it to pay bills and keep roof over head.
    And if others “have theirs” I don’t begrudge them if they worked for it and earned it.
    Hell, I’ll even donate a few shekels now and again if I have any to spare and I feel the cause is just.
    Not asking for any apologies, not expecting any.
    Any other questions? Depending on my mood, I may answer. Or I may tell you to fuck off. So play nice.

    President Elect B Woodman
    SSG (Ret), US Army
    Signal Corps

    1. PS. I forgot to add, I don’t drink American horse piss beer.
      I got used to The Good Stuff over in Germany. Ummmmm…..
      Nowadays, if I drink anything at all, it’s a nice (doesn’t have to be expensive) scotch whisky. And not to excess (a waste of good alcohol).

    2. Why the boomer hate? You murdered 1/3 of our generation. Without remorse.

      There are more reasons, but that one should be sufficient. That is, is boomers had the gift of introspection.

    3. MAn, ain’t you, nor yours like you… if you read my spiel, you’d see that MY issue is just how the majority of the Boomers (present company excluded) reflexively start call me out, in MY house, as if THEY have anything worthwhile to say. My folks? Pure Dee absolute Boomer Trash… love ’em, but being told to pick myself, work harder, and try harder, when therre ain’t no way to do so? Yeeeeah not so mucho.

      Being told by MomUnit, who, BTW happens to live on Kiawah Island SC… yeah THAT Kiawah, and being told that “Her grandchildren wouldn’t be flying first class…”??? Are you shitting me? I give a shit about anything for ME. She helped me when I needed it, and I’m good with that… end of story, however… the very fact that she’s collecting HER 30 year pension, and DeadDad’s 40 year pension ‘cos the cancer got him ‘while on active duty’ PLUS BOTH SS payouts? And to tell me she’s ‘broke’ when I know the house is paid for? It just irritates the fuck out of me. Spawn could use a leg up, but as I well know, due to the fucked family-non family I should say dynamics, “poor” FedBro (who’s collecting 70k a year at 100% disability from the Secret Cervix… poor poor him… whereas I get by on 80%from the US DotMil at $1800 a month….) is going to walk away with a multi-million dollar house, all the cars and all the ‘stuff’… and man, IDGAF about myself, but the fact that I produced her ONLY grandkids, and she’s essentially said she’s cut them dead? Yeah, that pisses me off. Better I don’t go nor acknowledge the funeral, as it’s set up, it’s to make me look like an ass, rather than celebrate her life, which is a damned shame, and may those involved burn in hell for their machinations…

    4. second on 4runners. sold my 89 to some guy who drove up with a trailer to get it.
      I have a 94 that I trying to get running again, almost there. little shit is always the problem
      do have a 2016 that I got end of lease that is a “mall wagon” has all the bells and whatnot
      but doesn’t have the guts like the old ones did. miss my old 89, 22re, 5 speed. would go thru anything.
      never got stuck with it. even when doing dumb shit in the woods, just kept going !
      bikes, I had. had a couple of hd- they sucked. had a Norton 650 I wish was still at home when I came back- dad sold the “damn thing” on me. the early Hondas where good bikes.
      don’t know anymore as it been 30 years or more since I was on one.
      got knock down a few times in life, so there a little I managed to keep as mine.
      sold what I could and move to the hills with what little I had left.
      have no love for blue cross, OPM or SSD these days.
      bit I think I have a good spot to watch it all burn down here.
      might have to get some popcorn to store for the show that is coming here soon.
      stay safe down there on the flats. I figure it going to get sporty by the end of summer, if not before the way shit going.

  8. The boomer bikers around here all drive their tricycles now. I’m sure they were tough in their day, but honestly, I don’t know how they don’t realize how childish they look on those stupid things.

  9. It’s not just HD and Transweiser, it seems all the brands/corps of ‘Murica have broken down and are just shells held up by Boomers and their inflated wealth made off the debt they’ve saddled future generations with and any time you talk to a Boomer, they know what the fukk they’ve done and they’re PROUD because they’re living large and think they’ll be gone by the time SHTF.

    Ford, Chevy, Ruger, S&W, Levi’s, etc. the fact is the products all fukking suck, they’re overpriced, and they’re all made in the USSA. 800sq/ft house on a postage stamp that’s made out of Styrofoam and costs half million bucks. You recently talked about some hooks to put on the bottom of AR mags that Magpul makes for $8.

    A fukking piece of plastic costs $8.

    Manufacturing in America has reached the bottom, apparently there’s only enough “pride” that can go around in the pride pie and the companies/corporations only seem to give a shit about the LGBT pride as there’s ABSOLUTELY no pride in a person’s work anymore. Most of GM’s income goes to pay employee retirement benefits, so to keep people buying their shitboxes they SLAP them together as cheaply as possible. I’m convinced that the Chevette of the 70s is better than a new Suburban today. Ruger can’t make a .22 single action shoot straight, their heavy AF SP101 is a holdover of 80’s clunkers, they feel like a brick, shit sights, shit triggers, shit polishing, sharp corners… and they’re $700 fukking dollars new!

    The sad part is that people delude themselves into believing it’s good, it’s made in ‘murica, it’s worth every penny and that mentality keeps feeding the pro-LGBT pride while the worker pride disintegrates and turns into a low self esteem/reaver mercenary mentality that leads to quality disappearing because dumb fukks with fat stacks are gonna buy the shit anyway.

    Pride? Who here goes out in their community and has any pride with what they see? If you’re proud to see antibiotic filled milk at $7 a gallon, poison chemical filled bread at $5 a loaf, a giant rainbow flag or Black Lesbian on every package of crap you buy, broken roads, cars that cost 2 years of wages to buy, houses that require 40 year loans to pay off, corruption in the highest levels of govt, then you’re probably high or stupid or likely both.

    There is nothing to be proud of in the country right now and when you have a nation full of people who lack anything to be proud of in the country you have a nation that is full of despair and anger, neither of which are conducive for prosperity.

    1. I hear Savage is still a decent brand for rifles. It’s still worth procuring a couple of funs and their food for later. Grabbing extra parts and barrels is a good idea too since frames and lowers for a few things are printable now, and with some projects, you can ECM a pipe to rifle it (though there should be a lot more people working on viable diy projects; there’s few with the time, knowledge and will).
      Point is, have things to cache.

      1. Can’t speak to Savage, but they are cheap. That doesn’t mean they can’t be decent, but I haven’t heard much about them nor bothered to look at prices lately. Not a bolt action fan, if I go with a bolt then I want something more power than .223 and if I do that the ammo costs more and weighs more.

        I also don’t have any fantasies of long range sniping.

    2. Cee my poast above about the lgbtq abomination.
      Y’all start attacking boomers, and they’ll have plenty to come back with on all the other generations. All have screwed up.
      Wait’ll you see what generation the current children are going to make, after being locked down, told their biohazard‘s, they’ve been mentally tormented worse than any other generation. They’re not gonna turn out pretty.

  10. As an aside, July 4th is approaching again. That old article on fireworks and fuses was good.

  11. Noting again that the chubsters talk ‘fat acceptance’ but EVERY TIME the avatar is slimmer than real life. Note the face next to the name and the fat face in real life.

  12. Man, I miss my ’93 Sportster 1200. It was highly customized. Looked like a Fatboy, but was smaller – and faster, and nimble. Bored out to 1380, lowered, Fatboy gas tank, all black and chrome. Road King air shocks for a smooth ride. Fast as hell – baggers with their bigger engines couldn’t keep up with me.

    It all ended when a wetback ran a red light, then made an illegal left turn in front of me. Tried to avoid him, but he kept on coming – if he’d tapped his brakes, it would have just been another near miss story instead of one about my bike being totaled and my wife having to take a helicopter ride to a trauma center and spend a month in the hospital and have her face rebuilt.

    Now, I drive an up-armored Nissan Xterra. Motherfucker hits me, he’d better be in something bigger if he wants to do any damage. Screw Harley. They have gone to shit ever since they put a boat guy in charge after getting rid of Willy.

  13. BC, no Harley love? LOL

    I did like my old Honda Shadow even though it was underpowered at 750cc. But it cost like $3k used. There’s no reason not to ride if you want to, and aren’t terrified of the old folks driving home from Church down here.

    That was a fun day with you and Sapper, and I enjoyed Peggy’s. It had good light for a biker dive bar.

    1. I second the Honda Shadow bikes are being good -at least the fairly early ones that I’ve known. I had a 750cc as my first bike, and upgraded to a 1200cc Shadow Sabre. It’s a beautiful bike that is fast, nimble, and easy on gas. I’ve had mine for years, and until the starter/generator went out (still saving for the repairs) it was as close to a zero-maintenance bike as I’d ever heard of. Oil changes and tire changes – and that’s about it. It was my daily ride (commuted to work on it) for years and put many 10’s of thousands of miles on it. With gas prices going through the roof since the current administration took office – I’m *really* wanting to get my bike fixed, the curvy back roads are calling my name. 😉

  14. Huh … scrolling through, I thought that pic was pre-op versus post-op until I read that part about Them being a Couple.

    So crazy people come in 2 packs.

    DiveMedic needs bigger bags of marshmallows.

    But don’t beat on the Hardly Ableson Boomertard crowd too hard, they occupy a necessary and respected position on the food chain as future organ donors.

    Once again, the Hand of God provides.

  15. BCE,

    Un related to the topic the main page does not show this article. If you go to the loud one it says no newer posts. Not sure what the glitch is

  16. Late to the response for the comment, but I’m with you BCE on the boomer situation. I’ve slowly been waking up over the last decade or so how screwed over us gen-xers are by the boomers. All I ever heard from anybody was “go to college, you gotta go to college, it’s the only way to get a good job”. Learned years later how much of a money laundering slush fund tuition and student loans is. It is a major part of what has padded boomer portfolios for the last 2 decades really. Fuckers don’t give a shit about anybody combing after them because they “got theirs”. Nothing else to worry about. It’s taken me quite a while to sort through the fact that the entire system has been set up for me to be a wage slave. Thinking I’m just working hard to make an honest living, while getting screwed out of the ability to save anything even while living within my means. And there won’t be any retirement for me. I’ll likely be working until the day I die because there’s no other way. I didn’t come from money or any kind of (((privileged))) background so I’ve got nothing but what I’ve scrounged for myself and my family. I honestly wish I had never gone to college. I wish I had learned to weld to to be a plumber. I know many who chose that path and are doing quite well for themselves without the baggage of college debts. I’m not encouraging any of my kids to go to college at all. I know at least one of my kids will likely end up working in some kind of demolition or heavy equipment operation. Forget all that degree nonsense.

  17. Is the ‘husband’ a she? No brow ridges, delicate bone structure, and a deliberate butch haircut to look more male.

  18. It may be a browser problem if you are using Edge (I had the same problem). Use a Chromium based browser like Brave and you should be okay.

  19. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

    Per the pic of the happy couple:
    Soy boi meat gazer grin

  20. Judging from the crowd at the local Harley shop yesterday, I’d say you’re dead wrong about the demographic. From early twenties to the 70’s (me). And we all got along wonderfully. Yeah, I’m a “boomer”, but grew up in the swamps near you, where a nickle was a fortune. Worked hard all my life; five years 13B40 50+ years ago, and now retired. Not as comfortable as I’d like, but it’s all about quality, not quantity.
    Love your show, but please watch for the ditches.

  21. On “Boomers,” etc. There has NOT been a good generation in the USA since the generation who conquered us some land from the enemies in Mexico. We Whites got to settle some of that land won (and stupidly paid for with money) from Mexico. Before that, the Southerners who fought againt duped Northern Aggression were a good generation. So, since the war with Mexico, every generation has ignorantly or cowardly helped jewry advance their control over us, flood our country with mud, pit Whites against Whites, and impoverish us into a population of renters instead of owners. That said, picking out one generation and only one generation to insult and blame is a lot like blaming the victims. jewry’s misleading and misteaching of our people is something we were all BORN into since at least 1860.

  22. B — 1952, mountains east of Sacramento, making me 72 in a few weeks.
    Grew-up on a farm, four grandparents lived next door.
    Every Saturday was a family reunion, pretty much everybody was a musician and singer.
    In addition to farm chores, I had three paper routes.
    1969, paid us$895 cash for my Kawasaki 500-Mach lll.
    Never finished high school, started weld classes at the junior college instead.
    1971, paid cash — us$888 — for a 1970 Harley Davidson at the Highway Patrol auction, never invested a dime more during two decades and a hundred thousand miles.
    1971 — completed Welding Fabrication school, built titanium submarine components in San Diego.
    Six worthless years with the Bureau Of Narcotics Enforcement aka Bureau Of Justifying Our Existence, bought junker houses, fixed them as rentals (in six years, over a hundred, but only forty simultaneously).
    Caught some time with an air-cargo outfit, acquired a half-dozen rugs during each stop in Turkey and Tehran.
    1979 — bought a restaurant, eventually owned four total, ten years of sixteen hour days, zero vacation.
    1989, sold the restaurant business.
    Fourteen years traveling Physical Therapist.
    2003 — my Very Significant Other got a devastating diagnosis.
    We immediately built our concept of an ExpeditionVehicle, sold everything, hit the road.
    Still have the rig, still full-time live-aboard.
    I established my Keogh (retirement plan for self-employed) at 21yo in 1973.
    I went too long on old tires, I went too long on general maintenance, every penny went into my retirement fund.
    In 1973, my pension was to pay us$1,000 a month at thirty years.
    2003, I was going to travel the world in style.
    Instead, we workkamp a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon.
    I supplement our meager existence by teaching knives and butchering in the Culinary Arts at the local junior college.
    Not much to show for my seven decades.
    But I have all my teeth, so that is a good start on the next seven decades.

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