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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Today’s post started as a late-nite poastage probably won’t be published until the AM. It deals with some more sanguine and useful information that can be used in your upcoming novel/screenplay/what have you. Granted, far be it for me to encourage various scallywags, neer-do-wells- and layabouts and banditry to take it upon theyselves to actually do such iniquitous deeds… oh no… For if –anything– at all, we’re good, law abiding God fearing deplorables.

So, with that alibi set up, let’s get to the meat and taters of the ‘meal’… since we’ve found out that “Rent-a-Hitman” is actually a gag website, well… one finds one’s options very, shall we say limited.

“HIPPA Compliant”

This poast is to help in shorting out certain aspects of forensics. Granted, we know that IRL it’s no where as good as they show it on “CSI: Whatever, We Always Bag The Bad Guy” but still… there are certain aspects that make life easier these days for law enforcement to nail some shmo to the wall, especially if they’re not careful. Little known factoid: The producers for all the CSI shows were highly encouraged to show CSI as faaaar better than it actually is, in order to maybe curb folks ideas about thinking about offing other folks… make them afraid that CSI would catch them out… pure propaganda Aye? Anyways.

Now, since these days, anything and everything can and will be used against you, and it’s probably going to fry you either way. Using “identity protection” what being a big biddness and a
And in that, well, certain “preparations” need to be done. I mean I already use a wallet that’s RFID proof so no one can ‘scan my cards’. It makes sense to do the same for yourself at the range.

Now, in order to do a LOT of what I’m about to write about requires a few things. One is making sure that he/she has the ability to buy stuff on the D/L or QT as they used to say… Wally World ‘rechargeable’ VISA gift cards work pretty well. but in this case, well, we’re not going that deep. As y’all know, I’m a reloader. I Buy brass on the regular, all over the country.

Interesting fact: You can buy pure brass… meaning it’s been collected from -wherever- it was, sorted, bagged, tagged and resold… like this:

Arm or Ally gives you the option to “SEND IT DIRTY!” meaning it’s essentially untouched THIS comes into play, but NOT in the way you think… anyways. Having a spare Barreled Upper isn’t essential but nice. New Barrel. New Bolt. You might even have a buddy of yours buy it for you ‘cos “…if my wife finds out I’m buying/building a new AR there’s going to be Hell to pay!!!”

What brohiem wouldn’t help out in such a situation?
So, reloadable dirty brass. Check.
And in a ‘former life’ it practically required a bunch of ‘stuff’… to include brass catchers… main reason a lot of us had them was we couldn’t afford, in the absolutely rare-to-impossible moment it might happen, IF we had to fire up outside of a Blackhawk door, it was too risky to have our brass maybe get sucked into the engines…so we had brass-bags… as seen here:

Now, having established that you can -catch- said fired rounds from the new barreled upper, one needs to make sure you have ‘sterile’ rounds to utilize.

Sterile you say? What is this ‘sterile’ of which you speak?

What I mean is rounds untouched by folks. “Clean” as in no fingerprints

For those of you who get it, get it… if not? Meh…

To get said-untouched new brass… well there’s lots of ways but my preference for this I like to hit the ‘out of town’ gun shows, pay in cash, and leave. In this case, purely for academic purposes I have a box of Turkish ZSR M193. What I like about that particular stuff is it’s M193, but also, the box comes in 30 round (one mag worth) Boxes, and the box is tightly glued shut on either end, meaning no one (that I know of) has has their grubby lil mitts on the bee-bees.

Now, this, with a STANAG 30 Round basic throwaway NATO mag. Again, ubiquitous to the max. Next stage is
Loading the Mag… THIS is where the rubber gloves come into play…

Good heavy duty disposable gloves. Basic surgical gloves I do NOT recommend as they tend to tear too easily and STANAG mags got sharp corners on them.

Once the mag is loaded, then you need to wrap the mag. Now, the pics I had Sapper shoot, and one one was uncorrupted… even then, it lost the rest of it… dunno why. BUT

You can see the end result of the ‘wrap’ I did on the end of the mag. I used packing tape, over the feed and then doubled it over on both ends, keeping my grubby paws off the brass and off the rest of the top of the mag.

Now, lots of people are going to be all screeching about hairs, fibers hell… some folks you just can’t please. BUT that being said I’m just offering up a way of showing you how to load up a ‘clean’ mag and have it available…

Now… remember that ‘dirty brass’ we had available? With the same care and such, you need to count out anywhere from 25-30 pieces of matching caliber brass and bag it up. DO NOT TOUCH THE DIRTY BRASS WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. To do so removes any and all use for it. Point of this here fieldcraft is to ‘throw the scent’ of anyone who might try to tie you to the scene.

And yeah, yeah, NOT the same mag… You don’t think I have only one mag set up in this fashion didja? So…

I keep the lil baggie of spent with the ‘liveshot’ sterile mag. If I find myself is a possibly compromising position and I happen to have my brass catcher affixed when said-‘issue’ crops up, well, hey now… I just had all my brass “collected” for me being a reloader, OF course I catch all my brass…(unless it’s that steel cased shit or polymer).

So, then it’s just me, the corpse and it’s about to go public. That’s when you take out you handy-dandy ‘free of your prints’ brass out and scatter it (preferably in a to-the-front-right area of the angle of shooting as an AR is wont to do). If you want to fuck with CSI and have the time to do it, you can even modify the range by scattering it at another distance, or even walk it around, making it alll sorts of willy-nilly confused.

Best part is, that ‘dirty brass’? It comes from all over the nation so any and all fingerprints pulled are going to be literally a buckshot spray on a map nationally. They probably won’t even be able to zero in on which place it came from, as brass, if you’ve ever watched the shows on how it’s gathered, repacked and resold, maaaan literally it could come from –anywhere

And if they happen to winnow it down to you? So what? I reload. I bought brass from dozens of online companies over the years…Fuck you, Prove it.

Another fieldcraft trick I like is when travelling, especially over the last couple of months (le sigh) I had to get my head scraped and trimmed. Couple of trips to the Barber shop. A few times I went in, and instead of getting a trim, I just poked around and left… asking to use the mens room is also a good feint.

Once in the john, I took off my shoe and dusted the hairs I’d picked up off the sole into another small baggie. Quite a bit of absolutely random DNA there to be had.

Granted if used, it’s going to make life a bit odd and uncomfortable for some normie, but hey, war is war, and camo is camo. Double points if you get female hair… lil ole Lady Granny hair… heh… even ole Gil Grissom’d have a meltdown over that one.

I mean really… leaving the scene, dropping a spare unused balaclava (don’t we all keep a spare floating around in a bag? I know I do… at $6 a half dozen on Ebay, you should too) with Granny Blue Hair’s hair (from Georgia) in it, with brass from an AR with the fingerprints of 3 different folks from 3 different states AALL with zero connection to one another?

I mean hey, not like any of this is actually going to be used. As things are right now, we’re facing the “Usual Suspects” and a summer that’s going to be as hot as, if not hotter that 2020.

Got that deep down feeling that ‘something’ is out there, it’s hungry and looking our collective way.

And, to just -bury- the boomer topic: Every. Single. Generation has its faults… no fucking doubt. HOWEVER if YOU have an issue and feel the need to mindlessly take up the pitchfork/torches and mindlessly defend YOUR particular generational group, then the problem isn’t with whomever ‘harshed’ your group… in fact I’m GenX… very little redeeming value as a whole… individually, there’ve been good ‘uns, and bad ‘uns, but as a whole? I don’t care… not my circus, not my monkeys.

What makes you care so much?

The NPC Roleplaying that ALL the boomers seem to do when they’re “attacked”? What the fuck is up with that? Why do YOU care so much if your ‘cohort’ of fellow travelers in your generational group is hated? Not that I hate individual boomers, but as a collective group? They’re pretty damned unlikeable. And by ‘getting offended’? As I’ve stated frequently enough, there’s a lot more problems out there…

I find the fact that such ‘individualists’ here and who read and comment on the blog here are so vociferous in defending ‘their group’ to the point of someone saying I have mommie issues… actually nope, wrong parental unit… but that’s neither here nor there… I just find it loathsome that she’d literally go out of her way to say she’s insuring that her grand kids will get nothing from her, and in light of just how fucked up the world is, and how much more it’s going to become, it seems spiteful somehow.

I mean how many MORE cars/boats/fine art and shit can an individual have? How many MORE trips around the world can you do? How much is enough where you finally sit back, and say, “OK, I’m good.”?

I suppose when that question gets answered, then enlightenment will follow? Who knows?

So, on that note, I’m gonna hit the shower

Big Country

26 thoughts on “Fieldcraft for Sunday”

  1. Without the root (cut hair from barbershop floor, no follicle), nuclear DNA will not be present.

    Some labs claim to have success extracting mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from hair shafts, but this DNA is not unique to individuals, but rather to maternal blood lines… so can only implicate whole families.

  2. So, why not visit a goodwill store, buy some used clothing, maybe hat, knit cap, light jacket. Be very careful in handling it, never wear it, leave it at the scene? Since we’re just discussing hypotheticals here.

  3. what brand is that brass catcher??
    and how (specifically) does it attach to the AR ?
    I’ve tried a couple and wasn’t satisfied with the results.

    1. Looks like a Caldwell. Attaches via the picatinny rail mount. They are handy to collect brass. They also make one that attaches with hook and loop straps. With a little practice, one can Afro American engineer one to strap around most weapons.

  4. And for fucks sake, don’t drop your exam nitrile gloves at a crime scene, you imprint on the inside and if you wipe your brass with your favorite garage rag, don’t. it will leave chemical and garage dirt unique to your garage. Don’t wash with Axe or other strong body washes, I apprehended a serial rapist on base because of his preferred brand of soap/body wash/deodorant. Smelled like a French whorehouse after a platoon’s three day liberty.

    One of an investigator’s creed: Look, Listen, Smell

  5. A good old revolver, the casings stay with you.
    A couple boxes of the nitrile gloves are in the kit, along with some NIB surgical masks for when they release the kill em’ all gain-of-function strain.
    The average Kwan of Chiquitastan doesn’t have enough on the ball to look for brass on the ground.
    The average donut molester minion of the state maggot isn’t all that smart, only detectives have a high IQ and CSI only comes out in high profile cases where someone got waxed.
    A best HS bud had an uncle who was the lead detective for the county just west of Capitol City and one night he stopped a desperado who busted out an actual M-16 and said not today John Law.
    He got away.

  6. The thing with hating boomers is that if they defend the co-hort, they are that which we hate.

    My parents are boomers, but not capital B boomers. Boomer hate does not apply to them, as they don’t exhibit Boomer behavior.

    1. You’re onto something there… there’s boomers, then there’s Capital “B” Boomers… the Capital B boomers are the most offensive in that they’re the ones who absolutely and unequivocally refuse to admit that they had a MASSIVE leg up over any and all generations and the “Bootstrap Boomers” being the most offensive ones of all… you know the types of which I speak… some of the best folks I know and have been frns w/over the years are boomers, allll small ‘b’ types…

      1. Just like the Jews some are of the synagogue of Satan, the rest are OK.

        How dare you call me a scallywag. Just kidding my dad use that word In a funny way referring to me and my brothers.

        Thanks for the info.

        May God bless all who served keep and comfort them may his grace and mercy be upon them, may his love abide in their hearts and minds that they shall have peace, especially those who showed the greatest love of all

  7. And be smart when disposing of things. The biggest thing is to act normally, which means don’t drive three counties away to drop stuff off. Incorporate driving around your area and know the garbage truck schedules and use them. Be careful though, as too many houses have security systems, along with too many businesses. So the garbage cans at the local parks or public spaces.

    Of course, this means don’t throw away that barrel at the local concert venue. Extractor or firing pin, yes, after beating the living dogshit out of them with a hammer not on your concrete floor (get a rail tie plate or fish plate, easily obtainable from your local semi-abandoned rail line.)

    Be smart. Really smart. See a section of hair-weave lying in the road? Pick up on Aisle 4, place in clean ziploc. Let Chiquita get popped for it.

    Unfortunately, due to 9-11, DNA analysis has made a huge leap in ability, and it’s only getting better, which means worse for you. Add to that all the ancestry sites that said they wouldn’t allow law enforcement to search their database, and DNA is not your friend.

    And for fuck’s sake, leave your damned cell phone home, or at work. Do it often so it creates a pattern of being in one place for a long time when they look for cell phones active in the area of the shooting. Make a habit of deleting all the calls all the time and be known for it.

    Same with vehicles. Be careful with your personal ride as that damned thing will rat you out to the authorities (if one of the newer ones with computers in them.) Either establish a normal routine of going to one place past the target, like a favorite restaurant or booze store or strip joint or a friend or whatever.

    Most importantly, trust no one. NO ONE. Not your wife, your dog, your cat, your best friend, your War Crime neighbor. Nobody.

    Shoot, strip, eliminate, change pieces parts, keep your shit clean. Don’t hide shit at your house. Don’t hide shit where it can be found. Best place to get rid of metal is dropping off a load at a scrap yard.

    If you’re going to burn stuff, get a burn barrel and a good leaf blower. Make sure there is a grill or grid or something to keep the trash off the burning stuff. And a grill or mesh to keep big ash and big stuff from flying out. By using the leaf blower to increase airflow, you’ll increase the operating temperature to melt aluminum levels of heat, which is plenty enough to destroy all clothing and gloves and plastic. (This is basically the setup of portable drug burners used by law enforcement for destruction of evidence, so, no, I’m not talking out of my ass.) If you can get a flame 10′ high, you’re cooking great. 20′ high and you’ll start slagging the inside of that 55 gallon barrel.

    And, of course, be known to burn your barrel once a month or so to not look suspicious that you’re burning evidence.

    Be cool, think ahead, don’t panic. Establish routines and maintain vigilance.

    And all of this, of course, is pure speculation and an aid to anyone trying to write ‘true crime’ novels…

      1. Glad to be of service. I’ve seen lots of stuff in a different way than you all vets. Seen stuff, noticed stuff, been part of stuff.

        Domestic activities are so much different than foreign activities. For one, Uncle Sugar is not going to be on your side, so no medics, no lawyers, no backups, no dustoffs, no resupply. You are on your own, no matter how many you are. Very alone. And that’s the way to succeed. Everyone is alone, everyone is fucking up Da Man and Da Power Elites. Death of a million cuts. Everyone’s a mosquito, everyone’s a warrior ant or a bee, sting or bite, enough bites, enough stings, enough venom or poison or parasites or diseases and the Big Body dies. Muhahahahahaha.

        This. This is what happens when they fuck a quiet normal man over.

        I just wanted to be left alone.

    1. Many of us here have DNA samples with The Man already, due to a cheek swab taken at boot camp, for remains identification purposes. So, for true crime story writing purposes, the exercise for the author then becomes how to manage not leaving DNA traces behind, should their titular hero be a veteran.

      Something that is intriguing to me is a little tidbit that was in the movie Sniper, with Mark Whalberg. The bad guys use paper patch sabot to load one of his bullets to preserve the rifling pattern. Seems to me an author with an eye for detail can have their titular hero use subcaliber bullets in paper patch loads to prevent rifling imprint into the bullet, thus making the need to dispose of barrels post shooting less necessary.

      Something for authors to noodle about on long, lazy Sundays…

      1. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

        There used to be (several decades ago – haven’t seen/looked since) sub-cal sabot rounds one could buy/make.
        The bullit+sabot collar traveled down the barrel, and the sabot collar peeled off within a short distance (inches? feet?) of leaving the barrel. Easy to find, pick up, and dispose of.
        Plastic of the time is unknown, so also unknown is how easy is it to scrub the barrel of hot melted plastic.
        For obvious reasons, Uncle Sugar figured these things to be DANGEROUS!! and so banned them.
        BUT…..with today’s 3D printers, and a harder plastic, how difficult would it be to reload a new set of sabot rounds?
        5.56 in a 308 case…..hmmmmmm
        Strictly theoretical, of course. For True Crime Detective story writers.

      2. Anybidy remeber this old Remington accelerator rounds.

        The sabot doesn’t ho very far and it obscure enough that it might be an option.

  8. Well that is the hell of it I suppose. They don’t need evidence anymore. If you look good for it, they’ll fab up the evidence and set the jew/media complex on you…and away you go! Or they’ll set up some Oaf Keeper, or Proud Boy or some other random retard or stubfart.

    Pick your targets men, and make those shots count if the time comes. They have a lot to answer for…

  9. The point above regarding used clothing pertains to footwear. Modern hiking/tactical boots leave pretty distinct and distinctive prints. Store will have a record of which brand you bought. Moccasins would leave just a blur and are quiet. Or buy used from charity store and then drop off in a collection bin. Wrapping feet in plastic bags or wrap to reduce possibility of dna collection would help

    1. On the footwear thing, some law enforcement agencies make a habit of photographing the bottoms of shoes at every arrest. Something to keep in mind if you have a prior.

  10. TWO THINGS: zsr ammo has been shown to blow rifles to pieces. don’t use, ever. and whatever you use toss the rest of it in the river. bonus: scratching the rifling, bolt face, etc won’t work. better to just ditch the entire top half. expensive but its your life. double bonus: bleach kills dna, doa.

  11. The last rounds crammed into a magazine get distinct marks on the brass from said magazine. And they are the first ones out. If you have not got a catcher and left your brass then also ditch the magazine. Remember, use new barrel, new bolt face, new firing pin and new mag for new work. Then go back to the old. For your crime novel. And the Fed has all military DNA and fingerprints and can get your concealed carry fingerprints. And a DC or NYC jury would convict and send a ham sandwich up the river at the request of any democrat or ugly woman that said you liked Orange Man Bad.

  12. Hey, the NCIS shows are mindless cotton candy entertainment.

    But anyone who ever crossed their path IRL knows the actual NCIS are the most hapless, hopeless, inbred, incompetent bunch of clodhopper Keystone Kops in existence. They’re so bad that if they faced the real A-Team from TV, they’d be the only bad guys Hannibal & Co. actually killed in all those shoot-outs.

    They make the BATFE look competent.

    That’s why TV shows making them look like a bunch of gee whiz high-speed low-drag operational operators operating operationally is such pure fantasy escapist entertainment. Because it’s slightly less believable than shows with people riding flying dragons, or featuring honest and competent politicians.

    If you’re going to play with old brass, to anyone who ever gets the chance, never pass up the opportunity, on visiting Dealey Plaza in Dallas, to pound in or bury any quantity of once-fired rifle brass head stamped 1962 or earlier, esp. 6.5 x 52 Carcano, at random points all around the area, a few inches into the ground.
    Give countless future generations of metal-detector freaks something to talk about.

    1. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

      You brilliant asshole!

  13. Why AR-15 brass?
    Could 22-250 or 22CM brass conflict the afflicted?
    Why AR-10 brass?
    Could .300WM or .300Weatherby brass afflict the conflicted?
    My next novel awaits the opinions of the esteemed co-writers

  14. Not sure I am a boomer. Never earned enough money and all my travel has been company related. Did get to Hawaii once but that was a fluke.

    Good Intel here, as usual. Aesop was trained well by the marines regardless of what glenflithie thought.

    No, something is coming, just not sure what. Had some little tough giving me the eye earlier today.

    Get your powder dry and a rifle handy.

  15. Hey, this fiction shit is fun! Let’s do some more!

    NCIS is a fun show, Abby’s even more fun, makes you want to show her how you put more POW in her Caf-POW.

    But worrying about forensics is really not where the real fun is at, mes amis.

    It goes down like this: your future employer has been running cover for you by making sure that you stay out of one of those entertaining “men and women of law enforcement” shows.

    You get to have a few legal-but-hard-to-justify toys, a few quasi-illegal toys, maybe some outright contraband, and as for your Three Dee Printarz, they don’t mind that you have enough PLA+ to print an exact scale replica of the Taj Mahal or enough plastic combatware to arm the entire Muj.

    That’s because they know how to turn the heat up on you, and when you finally fall to their Psychologically Enhanced Reprogramming Victim Enlistment & Recruitment Tactics (PERVERT) game, they just bring you into the fold, so to speak.

    All of those wonderful counter-measures with trying to fake out the forensics?

    Much obliged, saves them time covering your ass this time unlike some of the other times they’ve covered your ass for a lot less, good to see you’re finally working for your own keep.

    You see, the world has uses for people who have a strong sense of honor, integrity, and justice, but these people on the “hiring side” tend to stay on the side of “killin’ people who needed killin'” and that kind of thing.

    The psychological addiction some people develop toward “justified homicide” plays really nicely into the overall business model, in which you get to continue your new business as a Cleanup Artiste, with just enough local interference to keep you out of jails and just enough pressure to keep you in line.

    But that’s just the sharp tip of the whole enterprise, so if poppin’ bad guys isn’t your thing, maybe a little bit of Justified Surreptitious Entry is your bag?

    It’s the new DEI: Deception, Espionage, and Interception.

    Now you’re just a PERVERT on a new payroll.

    “We’ve got a Burn Notice on you, you’re blacklisted.”

    Well, damn, there goes the whole fuckin’ neighborhood, wonder how much time you’ve got, Agent 1/47th?

    Take it up with Management, they’ll grease the police and make it go away.

    How much of your Local Greasy Police Blotter is your local Pink Slip Roll.

    Like that’s a question.

    “Wind him up, he can’t stop, he’s wound up tight just like the clock that’s winding its second hand down …”

    It’s the one common factor, just like that song by Saga: charismatic gamblers are an investment strategy if you’re in black markets and black ops.

    What’s your hand look like?

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