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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Saturday… I actually got to sleep in til 10 am!!! Whoo Hoo! Been a looong minute since I had the sleep in mode kick. Still tired, and I had errands to run. Went up to the VA to pick up some waiting scripts, and afterwards decided it’s going to be a long time before I leave the house if I have to.

I swear I felt like some people were actively trying to kill me on the road for real… Had one guy, and I swear, hand to God, the guy was an Aborigine from Australia behind the wheel… Let me tell you, that face? Yeah, I mean you can sort of tell when you’ve got an ‘import model’ of a Black folk… this guy looked -exactly- like that “Elder” from that Crocodile Dundee movie… like for real-real… plus he couldn’t drive worth a shit… almost tore the front end off my car, and I had to fast-grab the Sausage Princess who was riding shotgun as Gretch is still racked in the bunk with a blown back.

Stood the car up practically on it’s nose… The doggo has a seat belt (can’t see it in the pic) but the way we stopped suddenly it wasn’t making a difference… She was utterly confused by the whole situation TBH.
She just usually rides and loves letting the AC vent right full blast into her face:

I will say I have missed her. She’s getting old-er, what about 8? 9? years old? Getting some gray around the muzzle. But, she does like her groceries AND a ride in the car. Only issue I have with her riding is she constantly wants to crawl into my lap when I’m driving. She’s always been mad-clingy… “Never stop touching/petting the dog” is a catchphrase around here.

The cat OTOH is a cat. Bob could care less if we were here or not, only that the water/food bowl is full AT ALL TIMES Slave!!! And that the Box O’Poo is freshly cleaned and maintained. Still, even though it was only a week this time, it was nice to get some fuzz-time with him.

Now, “things” in the World.
The more I’m seeing the absolute desperation of the Authorities at ALL levels doing it’s combined best to bury/hide/avoid releasing the Tranifesto of the Nashville School shooter has my antenna ringing. Add on the psychometrics of the language being utilized by the Crazy Folks out there, and a few other feelings I have, got me a solid hunch that yeah, the Tranifesto is a hot dumpster-fire that’s going to possibly kick a can of gas over onto an glowing ember, and the subsequent conflagration ain’t going to be pretty all around.

As to the psychometrics of the language… by what I’m saying there is the constant use of the word “Genocide” and even I’ve seen “Holocaust” thrown around in regards to the treatment of said-freaks and any and all anti-freakshow legislation, as well as the overall in general attitude towards the aforementioned Freaks.

The way they’re talking, and the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda are broadcasting with a compliant if not fully part and parcel of this “new normal” you’d think there were roving packs of Fundamentalist Christians with torches and pitchforks actively chasing down and butchering Trannies. Every single time (as rare as it is, even now) that a Tranny gets “murdered” they make it sound like the Dude (as it’s almost every single time a bio-guy involved) was dragged screaming from his/it’s house and given the Emmit Till treatment…

I recall one that was kil’t a few back in LA? Maybe San Fran? The initial reports made it sound like it was a Rabid Horde of Swastika Wearing SS Blonde-and-Blue Eyed Aryans chased down and then dragged this poor, defenseless Trannie out into the street and beat it to death with a pipe.

IRL? It was a ‘sex worker’ as the euphemism goes these days… (whatever happening to just calling a whore a whore?) It apparently was turning tricks, and the trick either didn’t know it was an ‘it’ and post-coitus, the perp was a leeeetle pissed off, and beat the Trannies head in with the previously mentioned pipe… good story on that later…

Reason that shit went away? Seems the perp was a fellow blaq dood, who took great insult having been serviced by another dood, and on his ‘discovery’ of this, he felt morally justified in beating the offending wannabe-broad to death. So, because of these uncomfortable facts and the fact that it clashed with the narrative, The Media, per usual, with a wave of the Magical Story Erasure Wand, the topic was dropped posthaste.

“It was Mister Black, in the Alley, with the Lead Pipe!”
No Shytte Aye?

Something is coming. No idea what exactly it is, but the utilization of extreme victimhood phrasing and words in order to garner a emotional response makes me wonder… I mean at no time (to my intel) have Trannies EVER been “Genocided”

Laughed at?
Discriminated Against?
Actively shunned as well they should be in a healthy normal society?
Fuck yeah.
We sure are no longer healthy nor normal by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, this country is more fucked up than a football-bat. Part of my going concern is that usually using the word “Holocaust” and/or “Genocide” gets a certain tribal groups’ panties in a serious twist.

This time around? Not so much.

Which raises other questions that’ll be left alone for now. I have a stronk hunch that the Nashville Nasty as I’ll call her went off waaay earlier than planned… maybe it had it’s period and the PMS made it crazier than normal… add in the fact that we haven’t gotten any word on the meds it was on, but I’ll make a bet with y’all that SHE (to dead-sex her) was on a bunch of hormone drugs, never mind psychotropics that the P-Shrinks seem to LOVE handing out like Pez (blame John Wilder for the Pez reference).

Thing is, they’re pushing faaar too hard when it comes to allowing the grooming and kidfucking. The UN just put forth a thing, whatever the fuck they call it… a referendum? stating essentially if you want to fuck kids, and the kids are cool with it, have at it. This ENTIRE issue is exactly what anyone with half-a-fucking functional cortex was warning about back during the gay marriage thing, i.e. INCREMENTALISM

“Love is Love” and all that rot…
I was fine with that.
They just couldn’t leave the fuck alone and kept pushing boundries
“Bake the Cake bigot”
Now it’s “Let us groom/mutilate/and fuck your children”
Or Else
That fucking pedo-choir even came out and sang a song about coming for our kids. And because people (as of now) have not taken up ‘active measures’ of a most decidedly violent nature it’s only encouraged them in the Public Square to keep on pushing.

Like all things, shit comes to an end.
Lots of observable, simmering hate boiling out there on both sides.
Thing of it is, even with the “Power of the State” and the GloboHomoCorp and it’s FUSA/ZOG minions, they’re -still- outnumbered. They also have been gutting the DotMil in pursuit of what exactly? No idea. BUT I do feel like they’re gearing up and manning up.

In fact, anyone notice that the Outlaw Blegg got nuked shortly after I had the revelation that the Burrito Goblin Brigade(s) that they’re importing are going to be the initial ‘front line troops’ in a Gun Confiscation/Enforcement action? Doing “The Jobs Americans Won’t Do?” Yep. Then add on the whole statements from MULTIPLE people to include the Putrefying Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den stating that “You can’t fight F-15s…”

Try this PURELY FICTIONAL scenario:
Part One: Someone… Not sure who, but it’ll be more than likely a wind up toy, a three-named Whytte guy with an AR. A fully programmed nutbar first class. He’s going to go full on berserk at a Tranny show, more than likely a VERY Public one… hell, to make it really work they have the Kidsmeller there with, oh say his Granddaughter? Nutter-Guy manages to get in, and ‘genocides’ the place. Double points if it’s at a Church. Manages to even off the “Big Guy” and his spawn.

Part Two: Queue a National Mourning Month, followed by the most draconian weapons laws ever dreamed of. After which, MANY states tell the FedGov to go fuck itself. Sheriffs and maybe a few red states worth of Law Enforcement refusing to enforce, ATF agents being arrested and escorted to State Lines, Fibbies being done the same way.

At which point the DotGov announces that because of the “willful rebellious attitude” of the States that just told Leviathan to go and fuck itself, that just by purest ‘cohensidence’ that there are LARGE numbers of prior Military New Immigrants who’re willing to “…step into the breach” and “…do the jobs that the rebellious and unlawful Americans won’t do…”

Part Three consists of then, proper justification having been now established, the now-Badged Beaner Brigades of Burrito Goblins, suitably equipped and armed up, will go out and start doing the Door-To-Door confiscations. Now, mind you since these fuckers are going to have the barest ability to understand the Constitution, never mind English and unfortunately from what we’ve seen have a proclivity for mindless rapine and violence, any bets that when they go on the 4473 Hunts that the occasional “collateral damage” will occur?

Me either

Then, Part the Fourth: You and I know that there’s going to be a LOT of dead motherfuckers by this stage. On BOTH sides. 5th Gen War, with a LOT of ‘blue hive’ cities erupting in apocalyptic levels of ultraviolence. The Ministries of Lies and Propaganda of course are going to be balls-deep in showing each and every massacre and hyping up the whole viewpoint of “Gun Owners = Rebellious Nazis” 24-7.

Once certain patterns are established, meaning the Burrito Goblins getting their heads handed to them, either metaphorically or IRL, as they show up to “enforce the law” the FedGov will either declare full-on Martial Law or that a Second Civil War is ‘offishully’ ongoing, thereby allowing the suspension of Posse Comitatus. Then it’s just a wee short step in having let the F-15s or A-10 loose with the intention of taking out entire neighborhoods, damn the collateral damage.
Napalming ‘rebels’ and whatnot… Of course that’s only one way I can think of it going… and that’s with just bullshitting with “what ifs” with Sapper.

What do you think?
Me? I’ma not liking it… it’s faaar too easy to see this becoming a reality.
Your thought? Let me know in the comments
More Later
Big Country

38 thoughts on “Random Stuff”

  1. They have weaponized the insane by convincing the trannies and their “allies” that anything less than super enthusiastic approval of their degeneracy is LITERALLY KILLING THEM. Words are now violence and these loons really believe it. When you have this many people who are at the point where they can no longer even exchange ideas without it being considered a threat to their life, things are going to get spicy.

  2. Yep, slow at first (already done) then all at once (soon).

    “The most terrifying force of death comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over. The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone.”

  3. There aren’t enough of them for a proper genocide. Best we can do is a cleansing.

  4. Georgie Sorrows did say that the destruction of America would be the culmination of his life’s work.
    Bread and circus circus divide and conquer has set the table and the imports don’t give a rat’s ass about some civnat horeshit.
    They know the illegitimate gov is on their side.
    Any society that elevates a Chicago bathhouse gloryhole server and his tranny beard to demigod status deserves everything it gets.
    Hat tip to the Tactical Hermit regarding Combat Effective.

  5. I can guarantee you that if they really do start using imported manpower to do confiscations the violent blowback will NOT be confined to just those doing the deed. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I remember Mike Vanderboegh, and his post about Clinton rules. Regime supporters get the bullet, too, just like supporters of Slobodan Milošević did in the 1998 Kosovo war.

    That means reporters from your local den of propaganda. That means your local gender studies professor. That means the local trans activist who is all over the papers.

    In fact, given the behavior of news media over the last decade, the media should be very near the top of everyone’s Local Accountability List (You DO have a local accountability list, right? RIGHT?).

    No publicity top cover will make the job of the confiscation arm much harder.

    1. History, odd thing that. To many ignorants don’t know it so that gene pool gets reduced. Which is a good thing.

  6. Big Country, awful glad you are back! I think your scenario is right on, with 1 exception, namely that there are not enough of the burrito brigade and not enough gunz to arm them with. That could change I suppose. I do know that heritage American Hispanics do not appreciate all the gauchos/wetbacks coming in, never did. The bleeding heart Hispanics do, but I think it is about money and power, and use the gauchos as pawns.

    Now is a good time to dope your stick. Iffn one cannot do 500 yards with irons, best get to steppin! And before folks start piling on about 500 with irons, if you all had a clue, you would not disagree. It is done all the time by folks just like yall. Just fuckin do it! The burrito bros will be issued gunz with giggle switches. And when you are being shot at, 500 yards seems pretty damn close!

    There are no scopes in service rifle! And use 77 grain pills! Or 175’s IYKWIM. F class sticks are difficult to fight with.

    And never forget to pick up the spoils. Burrito boys will not!

    Tom762 out!

  7. “”UN……….. if you want to fuck kids, and the kids are cool with it, have at it. ””

    Not around me. Not around me…
    731 will look like Boy Scouts and Choir Boys.

  8. I do not know how it will end. Pretty sure the beaner brigade cant fly f15s. Maybe a10s but we shall see.

    Things are going to get real very soon. What is happening now cannot continue.

  9. Had to laugh at the driving incident. You’ve just experienced a normal day in the life of an Aussie. You’re welcome.

    There’s something nefarious going on down here too.

    Late last year some “right wing conservative extremists” (Nathaniel, Gareth and Stacey Train) ambushed and killed four people including two young Queensland police officers in a remote town. (https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/drive/police-look-into-the-motives-behind-this-week-s-fatal-ambush/101773418).

    The whole thing stinks to the high heavens. Supposedly two brothers and a wife, who they seemed to share in some sort of weird sex triangle (according to the ABC – https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-12-15/qld-police-shooting-offenders-nathaniel-gareth-stacey-train/101766720), domestic violence, wild pigs getting slaughtered on local sports ovals, pig dogs mating in front of kids at school – the unsavoury stuff they claimed was going on sounded like pure leftist projection fantasy from the media. All backed up by quotes from “un-named locals speaking on condition of anonymity”.

    Clearly there was something VERY FUCKING WRONG with these people, but I have lived in remote communities for many years and while it’s normally live-and-let-live, the sort of crap in this article just doesn’t go on. It’s not tolerated, especially near children, and the locals deal with it – pronto. This article is some city-based hair dresser’s wet-dream fantasy of red-neck outback life.

    Despite video statements saying that it clearly wouldn’t have helped prevent this incident, all of our state police forces are now demanding a national gun registry.

    At the moment our registries are all state & territory based, and all have an extremely chequered history of unauthorised access, leaks of names & addresses, and organised crime gangs using it as a shopping list to steal legally held firearms from remote properties, etc, etc, etc.

    Recently the (left wing) WA government banned many larger calibre rifles (338’s, 28 Nosler, etc – https://sportingshooter.com.au/news/wa-bans-high-calibre-firearms-and-ammunition ).

    This week they have announced yet more restrictions in WA. The WA government are going to limit WA firearms owners to a maximum of five rifles, but don’t worry, target shooters will be allowed to own ten.

    The thing that is shocking to me is that no-one cares. We now have a “Labor” federal government, and currently “Labor” state governments in all states & territories except for Tasmania. “Labor” is the Australian flavour of leftist.

    The WA government will certainly force this through. The rest of Australia will point & laugh and say sucks to be you WA ! Hahahaha ! And then will sook like little bitches when it gets applied nationally a few years later.

    It’s the strangest thing to watch. Boiling the reasonable frog indeed.

    1. G’Day man… always nice to hear from a digger. One of my best mates back in the day was a guy from NSW.. a bit south of Sydney at a place Coogee (sp?) Beach? Lesser known than Bondi he used to tell me. Borna and raised in the family house just right off the beach… as he used to say, “An OG True Aussie Gangster” as his fam had been deportees from Jolly Ole back waaay in the ole days. We met and paired up and partied in Venice (Italy) and were the best-of-the-best for a long time… unfortunately, time and shit happens… I sure AF hope he ‘made it’ so to speak… he was a right good cobber. Fucker introduced me to a lot of what passed for “Oz Culture”
      Yeah, LOTS of shady shytte happening down in Oz… has been for a loooooooong time. Considering 90% of your whammezs are insane, despite teh hawtness, and the increased pressure to disarm y’all? Yeeeeeeeeeah, Get out whilst the getting is good. Love to hear from you bro! Appreciate the commentary!

      1. Hey BCE,
        Latest bullshit from Down Under for ya;

        > https://www.news.com.au/national/western-australia/could-have-been-so-much-worse-premier-on-school-shooting/news-story/abd0bb9f6adeb5a51232c301f6986e20

        Despite the fact that every step of the process of this school shooting (*the VERY FIRST school shooting I’ve heard of in Australia) was totally illegal and criminal, no-one was hurt yet this is somehow all the fault of licenced, law-abiding firearms owners and there are “too many guns in WA”.

        To me it sounds like there are too many WA citizens and not enough WA subjects.

        “You almost never think this would happen here … in Western Australia, in Two Rocks of all places … it’s the kind of thing you see on television in the United States.

        “We are moving as quickly as we can to dramatically reform our state’s gun laws … there are 360,000 guns in Western Australia; that’s way too many.

        Bill Bumhole pers comm – the Australian Bureau of statistics claims in the 2021 Census Western Australia (WA) has 2.7 million people. So 360,000 firearms in a population of 2,700,000 is supposedly way too many. Most firearms owners in my state of NSW own at least 5 guns. So 360,000 / 5 = very roughly 72,0000 people own firearms in WA.

        “A range of measures will be taken later this year to reform gun laws, but that’s secondary to what’s happened.”

        So roughly 72,0000 law abiding firearms owners in WA is waaaaay too many?

        Fucking leftists.

        What are they going to try to do now that WA citizens might object to eh? ? ? ? ?

  10. BC you are in deep shite right now. If you put your wee ones into a public school, they are going to be force fed the Globohomo agenda and you will have train wrecks on your hands. I implore you to get them into home schooling ASAP. Sure, drugs, diversity and the Rainbow folk will always be out there, but you want your kids facing them as adults rather than children.

    As it stands right now, if I saw some skinheads beating a Jew, a nigger or a faggot to death, I’d doff my hat and keep on walking. This crap is going to have to stop at some point. A strong man will come from the left or the right and put an end to it and it won’t be pretty. Even the centre leftist types are getting fed up. This shit is dividing families against each other…so a civil war over it is a slam dunk. I think they know it too, but they’re caught in a death spiral and can’t stop themselves.

    I’d be happy if the perverts just got back in the closet…

  11. It’s not going to be the Burrito Brigade that does the door to door confiscation and the killing. Nope.

    It’s the People’s Liberation Army members that have crossed the border, to the tune of between 500,000 and a million so far, that will be the face of the new Three-Letter-Army.

    Seriously, over 500,000 military-age ChiComs have crossed illegally. Why? If the glorious People’s Republic is so fucking great, why are they here? Only one thing comes to mind, and that’s to kill us all from the inside. And who’s letting them cross the border? Why, the PLA’s and the ChiCom’s own meat puppet leader, Ho Xiden himself.

    I wish this was just a ‘traumatic brain injury’ caused tin-foil hat conspiracy, but apparently I’ve got the blood of Cassandra in my veins and I see shit and connect wildly seemingly-unconnected dots into bitter predictions. Like after the night of the stealection I predicted, well, all of this. And was told by lots of people that I was delusional and took too many head hits and was wearing too much tin-foil. And yet here we are, invaded by PLA and PLA controlled mercenaries (aka: Mehican Cartels, seriously, who do you think is really controlling the cartels, mexicans? Bwahahahahaahahahahahaha… snort.)

    As to the Tranny Genocide, the Nazis killed gays by the boxcarload. Funny that. Nothing like a socialist to kill people. And the pattern of ‘Every Tranny killed is Genocide’ is something that the Homos refined. Remember Matthew Shepard? Poor little gay boy killed by evil Texan conservative Christian White Nationalist KKK Caucasian Separatists? Murdered for drugs and money. As in Matthew had drugs and money and was killed by other drug dealers for his drugs and money. But it was a hate crime because Matty was Teh Gey. Thus continuing the Homos push to make everything negative that happens towards gays about hate towards gays.

    Like the big gay nightclub fire in New Orleans, at the Upstairs Lounge. The media and the Gays all said anti-homo attack, of course. But, no, it was a jilted gay lover burning down the place with his ex inside. Move along, nothing to see.

    Just like it’s not about murderous blacks, it’s about murderous white people. Or all the black churches debased by racist graffiti or set on fire by anti-black forces, that all turn out, every time, to be fake attacks by blacks or someone wanting to collect on insurance (usually the pastor or whomever has the insurance policy.) Yet it’s all about white hatred of blacks, right?

    I hope to God that the whole unredacted manifesto is released. But if it does, it will get about the same traction as Durham’s report. Which means we all know, they know we know, we know they know we know, and yet they’ll get away with it yet again in getting their way while we suffer. Again.


    Ain’t nothing good coming. And the DNC and Ruling Elites are getting more and more frantic and more and more scared of us peons so the evil will double down in a geometric progression that will result in the 2024 elections being cancelled ‘for national security,’ and for ‘our safety.’ “Think of the Children, do it for the Children…”

    We so fucked.

    1. Let’s hope you’re right about “they/them” using the CCP types who’ve crossed the border. It makes them easier to spot and to weed out from the American Asians–who will know English fluently and without a heavy accent. Hint-hint, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

    2. You’re right on point, the thing about Cassandra was that she was gifted with discernment but cursed in that no one would believe her.

      It’s sad that what is so obvious to you, (and me) is so difficult for the normies to understand.

      As in my more detailed response.about this👇, the obvious question is why wouldn’t our enemies foreign take advantage of the border rendered wide open by our enemies domestic?
      Of course they would.

      The Big.Guy maybe even open up the border at the orders of his paymasters in Peking.

  12. This is so classic: get up in an adversary’s higher executive functions so you can fuck with them.

    So these people have paid media whores put together convincing imagery of invasion forces who are arriving Real Soon Now so that you’ll go out of your minds.

    You give them attention, time, and free rent in your heads by reacting like this.

    Stop doing that and start refocusing on what you need.

    Adopt the counter-insurgent’s playbook, recognize the insurgency’s moves for what they are, and plan accordingly.

    Consider some of the imagery that comes to your minds, such as that imported proxy army that’s going to go door-to-door to take your guns, at least according to your worst fears.

    They’re going to stand out like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Maybe they’ll dodge a few bullets, maybe they’ll create a few fear-inducing media whore hit pieces, but will they dodge all of the neighbors with cell phones coming out to record their faces, their vehicles, their tags, all of it on live streams, blogs, every Web host that’s OK to play?

    Your adversaries have already revealed who will censor this stuff, but did that stop Mister Cholowaffen’s brains blown out from becoming a viral image? No, it most certainly did not.

    It’s your country, fucking act like it’s still yours to have.

    Consider this as well: who else goes door-to-door in your neighborhood and you don’t give them a second thought? Who delivered during a police standoff this year? Who delivers your mail and packages? Who delivers your groceries? Who knocks on your door to sell you Girl Scout cookies?

    Final words? Candygram for Mister Mongo. 🙂

  13. Read Michael Yon’s stuff. Military age Chinese by the thousands are coming in. How about the above scenario with military trained Chinese infiltrated here on purpose for just this scenario? Operating under some quasi UN charter or some bs.

  14. There are, as you and I like to say, a shit metric fuck-ton of buried weapons caches for the foreign legions that will be the pawns of the Marxist violence revolution against the mega/ 2A crowd. But drumph has already shown his hand as the Hegelian diametric douchebag by fucking the J 6ers. He is the cunt Ying to the troon Yang. You’re correct with the shooting church/school-kids/troons, but add a little famine in there somehow and ur dead right,unfortunately. By buried I mean in warehouses controlled by the nigLM and Antifag brigades. We already got WWIII and pharmakeia stupor for the nig loving Christians, ergo add famine and troonie pestilence.

  15. Doesn’t help there’s 60K+ pounds of ANO3 MIA, either. What the hell’s .gov going to scuttle this time?

  16. I found matt Brackens ‘Enemies Foreign and Domestic’ – especially the first chapter – very scary. Even 20 years ago the attitude of Leviathan was present.

    Remember the 7 P’s – proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance – get on with the planning 🙂

    1. This! I was reading down waiting for someone to remember besides myself. The illegals will be given citizen status if they do the .gov’s dirty work for a couple of years. They will happily confiscate guns and anything else that catches their eye as “Law Enforcers”. They will descend on a victim/target in large groups groups (maybe hundreds). Because of this I have already spread out my guns and ammo to family and friends. They come to my house all they’ll find is three or four weapons. Read http://www.EnemiesForeignAndDomestic.com/ and https://www.americanpartisan.org/2020/05/when-the-music-stops-how-americas-cities-may-explode-in-violence/ and https://westernrifleshooters.blogspot.com/2010/07/bracken-cw2-cube-mapping-meta-terrain.html

  17. I read some interesting takes/had a good discussion with the twitter community right after the trans shooter business and this discussion of the manifestooo. Reports were floating around about how incendiary this manifesto is and why they couldn’t release it. I was really thinking intense on wtf words could possibly be that dangerous, especially in this day and age! My conventional thinking was this is full of all this ‘Christo fascist trans genocide’ crap and maybe some ‘lgbtq commie night of the long knives’ fever dream bs. Thing is this crap is already over twitter and Tiktok and everywhere else, so that seems anti climactic. A mutual suggested that the diary like part of the manifesto actually contains a ‘smoking gun’ hard copy writing implicating the fedbois in online grooming of a mass shooter. THIS is potentially explosive enough imo ( although not so much different from the revelations of the twitter files and the Durham report, we already knew the feebs are corrupt, it should be incendiary already but still nothing catches!?) So that’s kinda my 2 cents on the manifesto. I do think your assessments are spot on, trying to war game stuff over here leads me to similar conclusions. I mean I’m no military or Intel guy, just a blue collar old greaser. I don’t have a crystal ball. But SOMETHING ain’t right, and it ain’t been right for a while. I appreciate your blog Ser Big, I think it’s one of the best written blogs going. I dig your style.

  18. The enemy’s most powerful weapon is the aura of legitimacy they wear as they dance around in the skinsuit of what used to be America. Deprive them of that false aura of legitmacy and it all falls apart. Sure, they might still lash out with their foreign troops, but it will fail rapidly unless they can create a widespread impression of legitimacy. Meanwhile, political prosecutions, double standards for left/right, black/white, trannies and other faggots openly grooming kids, fbi/atf/etc. beclowning themselves, Beijing Biden, Ukraine laundry… all contribute to the crisis of legitmacy the leftist state is undergoing. Fan the flame of illegitimacy, so when they do send the beaner badge brigade around, no one not on the left will accept them as anything other than the scum they are. The things that are happening are short-circuiting Joe Sixpack’s normalcy bias. Once that is accomplished, it is a short step for Joe to regard the whole lot of the enemy as illegitimate. Make it happen in your own circles.

  19. The Red Chinese have probably sent brigades of Spec Ops into the US, probably numerous Iranian Quds forces and Russian Spetznatz as well.

    The Brandon border policy may have been a Cloward Piven Demo voter registration drive in intent.

    But once it became apparent that the border was wide open, I can’t believe that numerous countries wouldn’t be sending in members of their own militaries. Why wouldn’t they?
    And they won’t be following Brandon’s orders but Xi Pings, Putin’s, the gangs in Havana and Caracas, and the Mullahs in Tehran.
    And they’re probably not the only ones, virtually every country that has anti American intent, (and there’s lots of them) and can do so is going to import people into the US, even if it’s just a few squads of Venezuelan or.Cubano military personnel. Or even some Mossad types from.Israel, just to stay in the game. And many of them may not even be aware of the others
    Remember those two nimrod idiots who terrorized DC back in Ought 2?

    Or the chaos from the Asshat Boston Marathon bombers?

    Imagine the chaos if hundreds if actually trained Spetznatz or ChiCom Sec Ops were activated and started going after soft targets in the FUSA. Or both at the same time and independently.

    Remember that cheesy Chuck Norris movie Invasion USA?

    Sure it sounds a bit Fear Porney, but it’s exactly what the Germans tried to do during. WW2, albeit on a smaller scale when they landed some operators on the Beach via U Boat, but in that case they were spotted, arrested and executed.
    But to be clear, I’m not saying I disagree with your analysis of what the Obam/Brandon Regime has planned, it very well may be, but like everything else Brandon does, he’s going to screw it up, and while he is trying to make things worse for the actual Americans, it’s probably going to get a lot worse than he intends.

    I’m not s saying that this is going to happen. But it’s a possibility,

  20. Don’t forget the next Plandemic©. Ebola/Marburg/Smallpox, whatever, it’s a proven gamechanger, especially if it’s tuned for ethnicities thanks to the DNA samples they got from all those swabs.
    Luke 21:7-36

  21. What do I think?

    I think I’d like another crack at the BCEflammenwerferDIY page..

    Be a great thing to have around for burning brush or something.

  22. at this point in time. I would not put anything past these assholes. and just this past week 60,000 pound of basic boom stuff goes missing ? yeah, right. life as we knew it is gone. and you right about all of the
    lbqt whatever shit they have rammed down everyone throat to get shit started.
    the bit that pisses me off just a little is how much in they giving these freeloaders in bennies.
    like 3 k and up ??? I think that is 2 fold or more, crash the system and destroy the dollar.
    pissing off everyone that worked and paid into it is a bonus for them.
    you really should move away from there. head to the hills around Miss daisy.
    as you well know, people do not like walking up hill. and it is a lot easier to defend as well.
    anyway, try to stay safe down there on the flats. up here, we time our trips to town when most people are at work of school. last trip made after 4pm was a nightmare ! lot of stupid and road rage clowns out there. up here I only worry about deer and other critters that get on the road.
    keep stocking the shelfs, I don’t think it going to last past summer.

  23. Everyone comes with their own biases when they look at a situation. I like chemical triggers- the neurochemical basis of behavior- cellular switchboards that make changes. My first career before I ran away to sea to drive boats was spent mapping nerve receptors and turning their functions on and off.

    So testosterone is a critical chemical trigger for multiple aspects including growth, cellular evolution and programming, and switching… the side effects of testosterone in large doses- aggression, muscular growth, reproductive tissue genesis and development- those aren’t side effects at all, they’re PRIMARY effects that are downstream of the triggering and switching functions they cause chemically- think of an early stage fetus the day the heart starts beating- when we still have gills but no lungs yet. If the baby is going to be male, testosterone has to flip the on switch and direct some cells to split and build the new cells, and direct them to turn them into male parts. Along with all that, testosterone has to ensure that all the massive expensive energy spent on growth leads to enough life to allow the organism to reproduce- male instincts like aggression help ensure that. Luckily, the ancient, primative lizard portion of the male brain has a blueprint function too, that tells it what to do with testosterone- when and where to apply and what to do with it.
    When boys experience testosterone spikes, even with biological mechanisms in place to limit bad effects, their fathers still have t teach them to conduct themselves in such a way that they don’t kill themselves or someone else too often. Father/son conflicts teach young men to submit to dominance hierarchies, and to harness their aggression. When the father’s absent or too faggy to do so, or the mother interferes without the benefit of experience in managing aggression caused by testosterone- amplified emotions, the son fails to learn properly. This explains serial killers and school shooters (and add antidepressents with insanely unpredictable neurochemical cascade effects too!).

    Now take a biological girl with mental health issues, which always means there’s ALREADY a neurochemical imbalance already existing in her body. The girl wants to be a boy, and so a doctor throws a monstrous fuckton of testosterone at her in a massive dose, more than any boy ever experiences. The girl’s brain has NO FUCKING IDEA what to do when a powerful chemical trigger that has chemical, neurochemical and physical side effects. The female lizard brain doesn’t have a blueprint on what to do with all this testosterone. It normally uses a minuscule amount of the testosterone to manage a couple of cellular functions, and a massive dose of testosterone will flip some general switches that aren’t expected to get flipped, and some things happen like enhanced muscle genesis, hair growth changes, etc… ok, weird, but the aggression that gets created to help keep a man alive now hits the girl, and there’s no father there to force the girl into submission while she learns to harness the aggression. The girl has blind rages uninhibited by normal male behavioral limiters, no experience in the emotional control loss caused by testosterone spikes, and no pre-established dominance hierarchy to help her find her place before she kills someone. And the girl goes and shoots the fuck out of a school.
    Maybe we should talk about why we stopped making shemales do intensive therapy for years before during and after prescribing rage hormones to them. Imagine if we were as careful with testosterone as we are with HGH and other less powerful hormones. It’s insane that it’s harder for an adult athlete to get steroids than it is for a mentally ill teenage girl to get testosterone. That’s like banning gasoline but selling mail-order plutonium.

    1. Boys playing competitive and team sports is part of this development as is boys fighting.

      My brother and I had a few knock down, drag outs – it horrified my mom – but it is what boys need to do.

      Office Space is actually a good illistration of this. All of the white men think of the most extreme thing to do with their situation and then wind it back to what is socially acceptable, then gradually go back to the 1st option – except the protagonest who no longer gives a damn. If you haven’t watch that movie.

  24. Keep training, and keep up the PT. There’s plenty of work to be done, and people to train, and there’ll be lots of things to fix. Keep a weather eye on what’s going on, and keep the commo strong, but to a minimum. Just because it’s all going to hell, doesn’t mean you have to go with it.

  25. Yes, the smaller details may vary, but the basic framework of the plan (with all the imported military-aged males), should be obvious…probably the Chinese are gonna be in charge of the south of the border hordes.

  26. What is coming, I think, is the continued revelation of .gov corruption in larger and larger bulk. Americans will have their noses rubbed in it good and hard. Before the end of the year I believe we will see enterprising souls balancing the scales of justice as our “system” of justice is broken beyond repair. This will span the spectrum of .gov, media, Hollywood, and finance. You can feel the anger building. Couple that with financial destruction on a scale no one living has ever experienced and it’s spicy times indeed!

  27. I saw that a 30ton rail car of Ammo. Nitrate is un accounted for. That is 30x more than what was allegedly used for OKC. That could be used fir one hell of a black swan.

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